Draymond Green Ruins Warriors With Stupidest Ejection&Terry Rozier Crazy Game Winner !

GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
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  1. blacksunray8

    blacksunray84 days ago

    😂🤣🤣🤣😅😁😅🤣🤣The warriors bench at the buzzer beater🤣😅🤣🤣😅

  2. Die Hard Raider Fan

    Die Hard Raider Fan5 days ago

    "WAIT" was this the NBA Finals already how did I miss the playoff's ? WTF going on here?

  3. boy tipak

    boy tipak7 days ago

    Out green now

  4. andychris

    andychris7 days ago

    Warriors should do themselves a favor and trade him

  5. Daryl Henry

    Daryl Henry7 days ago

    Draymond Green is the most overrated played in the NBA and there isn't a close second

  6. J D

    J D7 days ago

    Is that a record?

  7. Prince Charmings

    Prince Charmings8 days ago

    That wasn't even a 3 point shot

  8. Tyler Frati

    Tyler Frati8 days ago

    That announcer has me so jacked up right now I’m about to run through a wall. And I’m in bed

  9. kobe 8

    kobe 88 days ago

    What if Lebron James is in that situation 🤔🤔🤔

  10. Gutsygamerz92

    Gutsygamerz928 days ago

    Donkey mouth at it again

  11. Trebor Robosa

    Trebor Robosa8 days ago

    Eric paschall is getting better, so draymond better be nice

  12. 1bacon man

    1bacon man8 days ago

    Bruh stupid draymond he sucks if they called a timeout it fine if he did not get 2 tec and no tec they score 2 and tie with a few sec to play and can still win but draymond yelled for no reason no cool for him

  13. Q4Life

    Q4Life8 days ago

    Tim donahue is still reffing these games?

  14. Go Time

    Go Time8 days ago

    Wouldn’t have done that if allay was there

  15. Garfield Curtis Jr.

    Garfield Curtis Jr.8 days ago

    Damn the bench was PISSED

  16. Shmurda Hat

    Shmurda Hat8 days ago

    The announcers are from WWF :P

  17. Ball Don't Lie

    Ball Don't Lie8 days ago

    Draymond think he is special.. You are not a superstar bruh.. They don't love you like that.

  18. MOBA Gaming NYC

    MOBA Gaming NYC8 days ago

    Sccary Terry for the WIN!

  19. MOBA Gaming NYC

    MOBA Gaming NYC8 days ago

    Too extra

  20. ADAM TV

    ADAM TV8 days ago

    when you are so hype but your so dumb

  21. immasoxfanbaby

    immasoxfanbaby8 days ago

    When u lack skills u become an mouthpiece. DG really dont belong in the NBA. I didn't know they invited reptitlians to nba games

  22. Spice 0o0

    Spice 0o08 days ago

    To understand Draymond Green POV the hornets called TO without any TO’s remaining which means that would be a technical foul against the hornets just like the famous Chris Webber story which would give GSW the ball and possession. However being up 2 with 9 seconds left was stupid to run your mouth clearly when Terry hit the shot which would have sent it to overtime and still gives you a chance to win the game.

  23. Dr. J 412

    Dr. J 4128 days ago

    Draymond... what a clown

  24. Jack C.

    Jack C.8 days ago

    I’m glad more knows this guy an idiot, how many time did he kick someone’s private and not get called, and didn’t he cost the Warrior a ring before they when out and got KD.

  25. Tone Bangerz

    Tone Bangerz8 days ago

    Happy for Terry. He's finally getting used properly

  26. Charles Reese

    Charles Reese8 days ago

    He was really mad at himself for tipping the ball to Hayward...

  27. JFkepZa 93

    JFkepZa 938 days ago

    Only one thing... Green is trash!

  28. Adam McFarlan

    Adam McFarlan8 days ago

    He cost the 73-9 Warriors a ring. This is nothing for him.

  29. littleman938

    littleman9388 days ago

    Very similar to how they lost the finals to the cavs. Draymond hot head cost them a chip, KD, and hopefully not his playoff chances

  30. Efren Gunan

    Efren Gunan8 days ago

    Draymon black not green

  31. Michael Iorio

    Michael Iorio8 days ago

    Been done with the NBA for years. It's turned in to a WWE event. No more skill, hardly any post up and defense. Sad. Glad to of been a teenager in the 80's. Best players ever. And teams. Not like this garbage now.

  32. Colton Moots

    Colton Moots8 days ago

    After roziers buzzer, Steve kerr about sent that ball to the moon! 😂

  33. Tbag Specialist

    Tbag Specialist9 days ago

    Its always Draymond that keeps fucking things up, just like the half court shot with 8 seconds against san antonio

  34. Doobidoo Bidoo

    Doobidoo Bidoo9 days ago

    Rasheed Wallace is really proud of his sons, Demarcus Cousins, and Draymond Green for following his footsteps in the Technical Calls and Ejection Department....lmao


    BIG MAN KAWHI FAN9 days ago

    I smell a trade

  36. The Most Unwanted Person

    The Most Unwanted Person9 days ago

    Thank you for making this video. It shows how trash the refs are. I don't understand why NBA letting this things happen.

  37. Romulo Ambay

    Romulo Ambay9 days ago

    draymond becomes the stupidiest and dumb player. .he should have learned to be passive and concentrate on winning. .dim witted to treat that game like in the finals. .kerr should remind him it's still in the regular season. .

  38. Joshua James

    Joshua James9 days ago

    All draymond do is complain it’s like damn relax

  39. Love_ Angel0483

    Love_ Angel04839 days ago

    It's a jump ball,so howcome theres a violation or a foul?its normal for any players to grab for the ball,sometimes becomes physical.referee is bias.

  40. Felicia Sherrell

    Felicia Sherrell9 days ago

    What Just Happened? A Timeout Call Against The Charlotte Hornets and Draymond Green was Irated And He Was Ejected For 2 Technical Fouls. That's Ashamed!

  41. Eric Richardson

    Eric Richardson9 days ago

    Draymond Green so overrated

  42. Felicia Sherrell

    Felicia Sherrell9 days ago

    What Just Happened? A Timeout Call Against The Charlotte Hornets and Draymond Green Was Irritated and He Was Ejected For 2 Technical Fouls. That's Ashamed!

  43. Itsme Forsure

    Itsme Forsure9 days ago

    I'm a celts fan and we miss T-Ro. I'm not surprised he hit the game winner. He never shied away from the big moment.

  44. El Hajj Malik El

    El Hajj Malik El9 days ago

    Even though I no longer watch the NBA, these moments are just not the same without the crowds.....

  45. Jaxon Elgie

    Jaxon Elgie9 days ago

    He said stupidest just say dumbest

  46. Jaxon Elgie

    Jaxon Elgie9 days ago

    Bro does this USlikesr know how to right?

  47. karlos mamaku

    karlos mamaku9 days ago

    Odell curry be like DAMN

  48. antlou123

    antlou1239 days ago

    Draymond green is the Dennis Rodman of this era.

  49. If it's in the Word Then it's in the word

    If it's in the Word Then it's in the word9 days ago

    NBA is played out and not the same....its like watching a pick up game at the YMCA

  50. keema315

    keema3159 days ago

    He a bigger crybaby than Bron

  51. Mario Nixon

    Mario Nixon9 days ago

    What did they win to make them celebrate like that?

  52. lovetownsend

    lovetownsend9 days ago

    That shot at end was ice cold~

  53. Mathew Calipes

    Mathew Calipes9 days ago

    Nonsense game hornets plust referee's

  54. JoshAllenyaDigg?

    JoshAllenyaDigg?9 days ago

    That shot remind anyone else of D-Wade? That was the older D-Wade fading away jumper ......so difficult but such a nasty shot! Rozier looked like he jumped so High in celebration after that , right in front of the Warriors bench no less. Rozier been BALLING out lately, this Hornets team is fun to watch!

  55. Bollywood_Tiller

    Bollywood_Tiller9 days ago

    As a Celtics fan...we deserve this after letting Terry go and Gordon to walk..

  56. Eric Knights

    Eric Knights9 days ago

    Draymond green is trash

  57. Don Carlos Sarino

    Don Carlos Sarino9 days ago

    Draymond make kd away to the warriors Draymond at 2019-2020 season he can't even make he's team to the good standing. Draymond this season. 2 times he make the warriors loss by making a wrong and big mistake. Draymond next season will be trade 😔😌

  58. Kesbie Antonio Perigua

    Kesbie Antonio Perigua9 days ago

    Green is like rondo.. good player that thinks he is a superstar too just coz he played with a couple

  59. Count Twoten

    Count Twoten9 days ago

    0:58 curry drops the towel pissed with drays dumb mouth

  60. Count Twoten

    Count Twoten9 days ago

    Cant wait to see warriors trade dray let see what he can do in other teams he’s a meme

  61. gervhin asor

    gervhin asor9 days ago

    Unti unti ko nang hindi nagugustuhan si Green 🤣🤣🤣

  62. TRO LLER

    TRO LLER9 days ago

    HOW SAD🤣🤣🤣🤣

  63. Julius Mendoza

    Julius Mendoza9 days ago

    So this Green has max contract also???

  64. Jumpydaddy 0875

    Jumpydaddy 08759 days ago

    Its either he will make or break you. Unless he learn how to phase and control himself, he will b a great help. I thought after winning a couple of championship will make him a player mature and well-phased but actually he’s an exemption.

  65. Latonya Smith

    Latonya Smith9 days ago

    He's too much sometimes... He gave the Cavs that championship they got.

  66. Kelsey Dickey

    Kelsey Dickey9 days ago

    It's time to trade Draymond green!

  67. SV DaGoat

    SV DaGoat9 days ago

    Rozier ballin with the Hornets

  68. Lance Marvey

    Lance Marvey9 days ago

    melo is a fun guy

  69. arwin silva

    arwin silva10 days ago


  70. ThePinoyMamba

    ThePinoyMamba10 days ago

    NBA has gone soft... yikes

  71. H20

    H2010 days ago


  72. King Harris

    King Harris10 days ago

    He put a target 🎯 on his back speaking out last week 💡

  73. 阿哲

    阿哲10 days ago

    trash green

  74. Tony L

    Tony L10 days ago

    Trash green losing games for his team again lmao

  75. Donaldo Martinez

    Donaldo Martinez10 days ago

    he's becoming expandable to the team...Too much ego stupid Draymond and thanks for another loss on your behalf!

  76. Darrall Henry

    Darrall Henry10 days ago

    When they going trade him frfr

  77. Jamal Mcphee

    Jamal Mcphee10 days ago

    They cheat worriors referees sucks

  78. Benjo Quejado

    Benjo Quejado10 days ago

    Green ruins everything from the start including Kevin durant...

  79. Ken Lombard

    Ken Lombard10 days ago

    Lol the announcer was more excited than Terry Rozier.

  80. Zac

    Zac10 days ago

    more ppl mad about this than about him ending the dynasty

  81. locked&loaded

    locked&loaded10 days ago

    Draymond- Hornets MVP of the game.

  82. Larry Graham

    Larry Graham10 days ago

    Video sound is low

  83. Simon Abel

    Simon Abel10 days ago

    Hornets are giving me 2018-19 nets vibes

  84. Victor Ortega

    Victor Ortega10 days ago

    Hornets got a good lil squad man! Im happy for em! Look like they having fun its whats all bout

  85. Sir Hoopalot

    Sir Hoopalot10 days ago

    Gotta love greens winning mentality, just have to.

  86. Taz _714

    Taz _71410 days ago

    Refs is Failed 🤦🏻‍♂️

  87. Roel John Bobis

    Roel John Bobis10 days ago

    Green need to be trade

  88. akuma

    akuma10 days ago

    lamelo's a bit too cocky recently he needs to be humbled

  89. Landon Harbour

    Landon Harbour10 days ago

    I think draymond is just a problem now fr fr

  90. Condy Loid

    Condy Loid10 days ago

    Lamelo is the happiest dude fr. Forget statistics, if u enjoying the game then u automatically a winner

  91. Boot Gambino

    Boot Gambino10 days ago

    Terry a all star fasho

  92. Mr. Kelly

    Mr. Kelly10 days ago

    Juan Toscano Anderson!!!

  93. Ben lagman

    Ben lagman10 days ago

    Plumlee is better than Draydumb Green.

  94. the one

    the one10 days ago

    i love lamelos reaction to the game winner

  95. Josh Wallace

    Josh Wallace10 days ago

    47.5 minutes?! Did he play the whole game up till that ejection?

  96. the one

    the one10 days ago

    they called timeout before Draymond even jumped to the floor, donkey

  97. Alex W

    Alex W10 days ago

    that's a beautiful win

  98. Hunter 02

    Hunter 0210 days ago

    I’ve been trying to tell people THE WARRIORS NEED TO GET RID OF DRAYMOND GREEN he won’t shut up

  99. Hunter 02

    Hunter 029 days ago

    @keema315 noooo curry is better passer than him all he does is talk trash and get ejected he proved it this game

  100. keema315

    keema3159 days ago

    Lol warriors fans seem to think the need him cuz of his passing 😂

  101. Not-_-Nando

    Not-_-Nando9 days ago

    Yeah, I agree. He's been costing us games and he's been getting lots of turnovers as well.

  102. Nate River

    Nate River10 days ago

    Those Lonzo passes tho

  103. Cameron Emmanuel

    Cameron Emmanuel10 days ago