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Dietlind Schirmer (AKA Schirmer Shoots) built this self-build camper over the course of 6 months in cold, wintery England. She has done an incredible job with this van conversion and I would say it's one of the best I've seen. The shower wet-room is really cool with it's stone wall like finish and the way she has managed to fit a fixed double bed, permanent dining area, bathroom, kitchen and hidden storage for two surfboards is ingenious. Not to mention the massive underfloor storage and hidden secret compartment! A must watch for anyone thinking of converting a van!
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  1. Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy2 months ago

    Thanks for watching! 📖 Get the Van Conversion Guide here: Don’t forget to Subscribe for more! Thanks

  2. Gena Harriman

    Gena Harriman18 days ago

    Yes please do you know that

  3. Jarrod Elias

    Jarrod EliasMonth ago

    Before I buy the manual for the build. What type of make and model van is this ? I didn't pick it up in the video. Thanks

  4. Samantha Hernandez

    Samantha Hernandez2 months ago

    I’ll buy it. Email me

  5. Torbjörn Lingöy

    Torbjörn Lingöy2 months ago

    Nate Murphy Hi. I ordered the book, payed it and then it disapeared. Can you send it again? Email: Thank´s :-)

  6. rexrecumbent

    rexrecumbent2 months ago

    You built this? with your OWN hands? bullshit! what's with all this I, I, I, ? you've maybe been at sea to long!

  7. Nicholas Kiehle

    Nicholas Kiehle50 minutes ago

    You are a dream... and your van is cool too.

  8. J H

    J H12 hours ago

    Oh. She meant the ACTUAL energy flow. Thought she was getting deep for a second 🧘🏻‍♀️

  9. Missbirdd

    Missbirdd15 hours ago

    Best van build ever. I saved this video for reference later. ❤

  10. mikelea50

    mikelea5019 hours ago

    Hi, Beautiful van! just wanted to ask do you get any interference from the panels or electrics when flying your drone from the roof of the van? thanks in advance!

  11. Ronaldo Mendes

    Ronaldo Mendes22 hours ago

    cuanto vale esta puta van?

  12. Philip Evans

    Philip EvansDay ago

    Stunning what a van, awesome

  13. Ines Olujic

    Ines OlujicDay ago

    Amazing!! She thought of everything. Looks great, has needed features, seems safe and well built, top job!

  14. Shevell Scott

    Shevell Scott2 days ago

    i love it i think i could live in their.

  15. Scott Douglas

    Scott Douglas2 days ago

    This video may give her some ideas.

  16. Abstin Ala

    Abstin Ala2 days ago

    You don't wanna know how many times I've watched this...

  17. Fatma Abdulkadir

    Fatma Abdulkadir2 days ago

    Good nice

  18. jacob weir

    jacob weir3 days ago

    Ok so just to add a little credibility to what follows... I’m a multi skilled tradesman, and as arrogant as it might sound, I’m pretty fucking good. The work interests me. I’m in absolute awe, the build is not just well executed but fucking flawlessly planned. It’s the work of a true craftsman, attention to detail, knowledge enough to have great decisions. Genuinely Now, this is the first ever big compliment I’ve ever paid on here... I’m blown away. You my lovely are awesome. Just so you know, I’m picking up my first project this weekend and spending Christmas converting it... stealing you’re idea for the floor for sure!! Anyhow... needed to say that. Carry on being brilliant. X

  19. Alex E

    Alex E3 days ago

    She did not stutter!

  20. Maria Betancourt

    Maria Betancourt3 days ago

    One of the best Vans

  21. M. A. Gonzalez

    M. A. Gonzalez4 days ago

    Cute and slender Also the van is fine i guess

  22. Cris Cristina

    Cris Cristina4 days ago

    Wooww..It is great build. Even if it is customised for her needs, it is usefull for all the others, GREAT INSPIRATION idea. Moreover, it gives you the impression of being home.

  23. Joyce Miller

    Joyce Miller4 days ago the texture the rope adds.

  24. Ex Pear Rocker

    Ex Pear Rocker4 days ago

    She has built a lovely camper and has beautiful feet, I think I am in love. 😙😙

  25. Will Evans

    Will Evans5 days ago

    Love this! She did a great job! Cant wait to give a bigger van a go. Sticking to caddys for now though haha

  26. Paulo Alheiro

    Paulo Alheiro5 days ago

    A gorgeous girl driving an amazing vehicle:)))

  27. Gérard Thomeczek

    Gérard Thomeczek6 days ago

    Only one word: BRAVO. It is really beautiful object. You are living your dream and it is fantastic. I am a fan.

  28. Rose Teh

    Rose Teh7 days ago

    why is she selling it?

  29. Stanislava Vlaykova

    Stanislava Vlaykova7 days ago

    The most impressive...

  30. Jonathan66

    Jonathan667 days ago

    Well done. Nuf said

  31. Pseudo Entertainment

    Pseudo Entertainment8 days ago

    Wow your my dream girl. Your design is beautifully thought out and constructed. Def best build ever!

  32. buggeroff

    buggeroff8 days ago

    Why are these types of videos always titled"solo female"? Is there something special about solo females vs solo males travelling in vans?

  33. d r2

    d r28 days ago

    Also, have you noticed they *all* are promoted as "the best" or "greatest" or some other superlative? Yeah, well... Yes many of them really *are* extremely good, but "best" or "greatest" is a matter of choice and taste and need. I am shorter and solo, so a cross-wise non-king bed is fine, but for a 6'4" person who is part of a couple, it would be a deal breaker. Etc, etc, etc... That said, I love, love, loved this van!

  34. John Oneto

    John Oneto9 days ago


  35. aso pol

    aso pol9 days ago

    Congratulation nice van , I'll also build one 👍

  36. Michael Christenson

    Michael Christenson9 days ago

    I think you did a very good job , this is so nice...when are you going to come pick me up😊

  37. lord Beerus

    lord Beerus9 days ago

    Damn im jealous sheesh

  38. Brad Proulx

    Brad Proulx10 days ago

    Love it. I hope to run into you surfing one day!

  39. Keith Field

    Keith Field10 days ago

    Nate what a girl you are you should be very proud of what you have achieved the van is amazing so much character you've given it, i like it so much if you havent already sold it id luv to im currently traveling but will be back in UK early 21 this my mail you can mail to let me know, keep up the great work along with your videos really enjoyable & good luck once you start on your 4x4 project . K....

  40. d r2

    d r28 days ago

    I hear you! If it weren't "wrong side drive" for me, I would have been a contestant in the bidding war - hahahaha! So many great ideas - many, many can be transferred to another unit. Niiiiice job!

  41. AverageAmandy

    AverageAmandy10 days ago

    How did you find your van?! I swear I have looked on every site, fb marketplace, etc and they are so expensive 😭😭

  42. Daphne Bondu

    Daphne Bondu10 days ago

    Your van is lovely. I really like your layout, especially the kitchen and shower areas. It’s like an apartment. Great job!

  43. May Tollsen

    May Tollsen11 days ago

    Wow! Might be late and beeing sleepy and looking true alot of Van life videos. But somehow.This made me tear up of happiness. This van is so nice and and good job building it. I been thinking about Van life for few weeks now. I didnt think about that much before. but more I look into it,more wanna try it out. What Im afraid of is beeing alone,and feel lonley. And what about if the van breaks down and need to be in fixed for few days oh boy..i might overthink things,But i cant help it. But again,i want to try it out at some point.

  44. Anna Korpała

    Anna Korpała12 days ago

    I really like the storages idea. Can you advise where you have a handle to the storage from?

  45. Chef K Smith

    Chef K Smith12 days ago van that I’ve seen yet!

  46. Kurt Cobains Shotgun

    Kurt Cobains Shotgun12 days ago


  47. Marco A

    Marco A12 days ago

    Cmon you haven't done all by yourself, im surprised somebody could believe it

  48. newchip35

    newchip3513 days ago

    This is one of the best conv I've seen here on YT.... everything seems super well thought out.

  49. Jacklyn Dougherty

    Jacklyn Dougherty13 days ago

    Came up us a recommendation, so glad it’s a amazing vlog thanks for sharing

  50. Ryder Andersen

    Ryder Andersen14 days ago

    You don't wanna know how many times I've watched this...

  51. Hayley Taylor

    Hayley Taylor14 days ago

    omg can i buy it

  52. Stephen Chow

    Stephen Chow14 days ago

    This is such a beautiful van. Everything looks great interior. One of the best I've seen so far. Great job!

  53. sandra stevens

    sandra stevens15 days ago

    This is the second van build that I have seen that I would use as a guide for building my own. Great work!

  54. Areeb Khan

    Areeb Khan15 days ago

    the best van ever seen

  55. Seamus F

    Seamus F15 days ago

    I only watched 3 minutes of it, up to the point when she said her friend who's an electrician connected the solar panels. This video is clickbait because it says solo female builds van, implying she did it solo, including the electricity. She says she doesn't know about electricity but then she shouldn't have put that title in the video. I hope someday I'll be able to find a video about a genuine solo female van builder. Looks like I will have to educate myself to the point that I do it all by myself including electrics (I'm a female). Then my video title would not be clickbait.

  56. Cookware Health Clubb Inc - Beyond Cooking

    Cookware Health Clubb Inc - Beyond Cooking15 days ago

    Thank you sooo much for sharing this. Your message of it being a journey and putting your heart and soul and best effort was so true and honest. Ps: you need a piece or two of Saladmaster Cookwares! 😉

  57. Fly Beep

    Fly Beep15 days ago

    18:02 THIS, so often this doesn't get mention, connection to the engine alternator to charge batteries. I'm pretty sure most van lifers do this but it hardly gets mentioned. Charging your batteries via alternator is way more effective than using your solar panel to do it (of course you would have to be driving). If you plan to live in a van and not drive with it often and you want to be energy independent, better look for a beefy solar setup (and battery capacity) in the 800-1000 watt solar range and 500 amp battery capacity. Btw, this is an expensive van.

  58. Fly Beep

    Fly Beep15 days ago

    Not a fan of an inaccesible cockpit. I would always want to be able to immediately be able to drive away in an emergency without needing to have to exit the vehicle in order to get to the steering wheel.

  59. Michael Bice

    Michael Bice15 days ago

    DO NOT GO TO AFRICA BY YOURSELF!!! I spent 95-97 fighting from Angola to Sierra Leone, you will be killed if you go to those areas.

  60. marci whitton

    marci whitton16 days ago

    Okay I'm pretty sure what I will be dreaming about tonight now.

  61. Texas P Renegade

    Texas P Renegade16 days ago

    and $150K later...

  62. V Rdsnper

    V Rdsnper17 days ago

    I’d love to buy your van if you sell. Beautiful ❣️❣️❣️

  63. John Paul Irvine

    John Paul Irvine17 days ago

    Wonderful! You and your van. You are an inspiration - thank you and I'm sure you'll have no problem selling!

  64. Michelle Stratford

    Michelle Stratford18 days ago

    What a stunning remodel!!

  65. Zandi Viljoen

    Zandi Viljoen18 days ago

    Eyyy south africa!! 🇿🇦

  66. letstalkapocalypse!!!

    letstalkapocalypse!!!18 days ago

    Love her philosophy

  67. David Devilliers

    David Devilliers18 days ago

    Nautical influence....

  68. Tiffany Beverly

    Tiffany Beverly19 days ago

    So well done. 👌👍

  69. Captain Sensible

    Captain Sensible19 days ago

    Best looking conversion I've seen by far..A typical South Africa...mystic and rune stone hahaha..good luck on Ur journey Bru. 😉

  70. No Name

    No Name19 days ago

    I DO NOT understand WHY..... anyone would tell everyone on the planet THAT you have a safe.... AND... where it is! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😬😳🤔

  71. No Name

    No Name19 days ago

    Doesn’t storing food under the floor get too hot from the road. Seems like the food would spoil....

  72. Mads Aqua

    Mads Aqua20 days ago


  73. apollion888

    apollion88820 days ago

    One of the most impressive builds I've ever seen. Well done!

  74. Mikey Boy

    Mikey Boy21 day ago

    You've put a tremendous amount of thought into it. It reminds me of aircraft design. Everything has a purpose. Well done!

  75. joe d

    joe d21 day ago

    A A A van I’ve ever seen & so beautifully homely.great job. 🌻🌾🍄💐

  76. Mariah's Map

    Mariah's Map21 day ago

    How do you pay car insurance without staying in one place? I'm asking because I will be living out of my car next year but will not have an address

  77. Bajeczny Julek

    Bajeczny Julek21 day ago

    I enjoy sooo much....amazing!!! ...and cant figure how, there is a bicycle in my bedroom- wich Im fixing over some weeks now... im so imprese and motivated thanks love

  78. Fleetwood Mac

    Fleetwood Mac21 day ago


  79. LastBlow

    LastBlow22 days ago

    Damn she owns this thing inside-out, great video! Keep it up.

  80. xangodango

    xangodango22 days ago

    'I have a safe here and I dont think anyone would think of looking there' ... errrrrr you just posted it on youtube lol. GReat van by the way

  81. Nicola Taylor

    Nicola Taylor23 days ago

    Great van

  82. Arrani S.

    Arrani S.23 days ago

    WOW. This is beautiful. I think this is my favorite. She did an excellent job. All of her hard work was worth the results.

  83. Dominique Di Carmine

    Dominique Di Carmine23 days ago

    “Fatties sit here...” 😆

  84. Fiona

    Fiona23 days ago

    I think it is so perfect

  85. Wit Siti

    Wit Siti23 days ago

    i love it you 're super girl. and it a the best camper van

  86. Barry Smalley

    Barry Smalley23 days ago

    Well done my sentiments entirely very good luck to you enjoy it

  87. Davin Tannahill

    Davin Tannahill24 days ago

    Why does it matter that she's a solo female? Are you implying it's a big deal when women do things by themselves?

  88. k

    k23 days ago

    bruh chill... take your medicines

  89. TheBodynsoul1

    TheBodynsoul124 days ago

    Beautiful! Wow! Such a well thought out amazing build - dreaming of the rain 🌧 on the roof 😀

  90. Lisa Fleming Philpot

    Lisa Fleming Philpot24 days ago

    Love the van conversion. The work is superb. However she's a turn off as a human being! Might want to work on your ego there girl!

  91. Dennis Brown

    Dennis Brown24 days ago

    Well done, did a great job on the shower.

  92. myvideos4now

    myvideos4now25 days ago

    Great review and nice installation with everything you did! Oh and btw, didn't want to forget to mention, where's your Chinese diesel heater again, lol!

  93. Su-Ellen Drennan

    Su-Ellen Drennan26 days ago

    Good work ,we think alike about the efforts we put into what we do, I watched the 70 year old women with her transit she designed and did a lot to put it together, clever lady. However, I noticed in her van and yours you both had one same idea to have your knives out on a magnet, exposed. I don't think I have ever heard of anything bad happening. For me, I would have them away in a draw! Cheers and safe travelling.

  94. KER JI

    KER JI26 days ago

    wow !

  95. Juf in de Natuur

    Juf in de Natuur27 days ago


  96. Josep Bru

    Josep Bru27 days ago

    Very nice work, and a nice picture of Chulilla too. Greeting from Valencia.

  97. j kanika

    j kanika27 days ago

    Best van I have seen,just perfect

  98. Antonio iñiguez fernandez

    Antonio iñiguez fernandez27 days ago

    This is seriously one of the BEST vanbuilds I’ve ever seen...EVER

  99. Virginia Douglas

    Virginia Douglas27 days ago

    well done dear and i do love your colour scheme

  100. Aziz Baziki

    Aziz Baziki27 days ago

    Amazing! Best van ever for my taste, that i’ve ever seen! 🙏👌🏻

  101. Steven McKee

    Steven McKee28 days ago

    The material that you used on the walls for the shower does it still smell like tar and does it get soft when it gets hot in the van or move

  102. Salva Seville

    Salva Seville28 days ago

    The Van design is awesome but that wine glasses may not support mountain roads hahahaha

  103. Ian Chameleon

    Ian Chameleon28 days ago

    Not really a practical setup for the vast majority of van dwellers, it's certainly prohibitively expensive. Nice to ogle at, though.

  104. Dustyn N.

    Dustyn N.28 days ago

    Thanks for explaining your electrical system. Great attention to detail. Safe travels & happy surfing.

  105. eMomoko

    eMomoko28 days ago

    I was very into this video until she displayed her snobbish attitude by calling people 'fatties'.

  106. John St Pierre

    John St Pierre28 days ago

    I tried to purchase your van conversion guide, but I can't get the order to go through. John

  107. Scott Converse

    Scott Converse29 days ago

    This is one reason why women should rule the world.

  108. Mugtree

    Mugtree29 days ago

    Hands down the best van build I’ve seen 👍👏👏👏