If you watch this puppy you will melt!

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  1. Cutest Goldens

    Cutest Goldens9 days ago

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  2. Marina Marcus

    Marina Marcus8 days ago

    One of the greatest dog breeds hands down!! 🐾💞✌

  3. Apanda Games

    Apanda Games11 minutes ago

    His teeth are really white

  4. Jenny Custan

    Jenny Custan45 minutes ago

    You heart theif now i don't have a heart jk

  5. Mason Borst

    Mason Borst4 hours ago

    I melted❤️❤️❤️❤️ so cute

  6. Tanuja Oza

    Tanuja Oza9 hours ago


  7. Laura Reyes

    Laura ReyesDay ago

    I have a golden retriever named Goldy. She had 5 puppies. And the dad is a wolf dog(Hybrid) The 5 pups are beautiful. The dad's name is wild.

  8. JoaquimRDAM

    JoaquimRDAMDay ago

    Melt because its to stinky to breath?

  9. Adrian Kissoon

    Adrian KissoonDay ago

    That dog has nice teeth

  10. Burned Noodle

    Burned NoodleDay ago

    my heart didnt melt

  11. Im Trash

    Im Trash2 days ago

    Hi, Now I'm a puddle of human flesh on the floor

  12. Alexa Ojeda

    Alexa Ojeda2 days ago

    It’s the smile for me !!!

  13. Fatima Abboud

    Fatima Abboud3 days ago

    I melted when I saw he / her

  14. TTealmeoo Mo

    TTealmeoo Mo3 days ago


  15. Tyrone Quiell Labarda

    Tyrone Quiell Labarda4 days ago

    I didn't melt

  16. Raciga Raciga

    Raciga Raciga4 days ago


  17. Flaming Gamer 812

    Flaming Gamer 8124 days ago

    I did not melt... I evaporated.

  18. Quarantine Hacks 101

    Quarantine Hacks 1014 days ago

    Congrats you got on my recommended 🥳

  19. Itz Zok

    Itz Zok4 days ago


  20. Maximus Just Roasted

    Maximus Just Roasted5 days ago

    Me who doesn't have an A.C at home **DIES**

  21. Aditya Kumar

    Aditya Kumar5 days ago

    This is what heaven means

  22. Life with SN

    Life with SN6 days ago

    Me:To cute to handle❤️❤️ My mom:what about your dog Me:speachless

  23. caramen puppy lover

    caramen puppy lover6 days ago

    Yep I melted like an ice cream

  24. Ilham Saeed

    Ilham Saeed6 days ago

    OH man God bless your pupy . you are fantactic careing loveing of animals for sure dogs specialy. im wonding if you have more than1dog alot puppys out there need home, love. they need some one like you fully of loves of dogs ? your beautiful puppy also he need companion will be nice?

  25. kimona

    kimona7 days ago

    Ok you got me my hearts just melted 🥰🥰

  26. Anonymous llama

    Anonymous llama8 days ago

    That is officially the fastest i have ever fallen in love with someone

  27. Bambi German

    Bambi German8 days ago

    Such adorable puppy luv 💞💕❤💓💞

  28. Rajkumar Henry

    Rajkumar Henry8 days ago

    And he is so intelligent 👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. Rajkumar Henry

    Rajkumar Henry8 days ago

    Omg so cute puppy i love it he is so cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗😊😊👍😍🤩🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕🐾

  30. Sarika M

    Sarika M8 days ago

    He is sooooooooooo cute yaar!!!!

  31. Prasanna Mapa Bandara

    Prasanna Mapa Bandara8 days ago

    Sooo cute Sooo adorable ❤

  32. Carter Casey

    Carter Casey8 days ago

    How do they get this cute omg

  33. SUSx

    SUSx9 days ago

    I melted!

  34. Keerthan G

    Keerthan G9 days ago

    I love you puppy

  35. Jackie Holley

    Jackie Holley9 days ago

    Bro you need to stop I’m bout to go into cardiac arrest over here bro, you gonna pay for my medical bill ... no, then stop posting these adorable ass videos

  36. Joyce Hill

    Joyce Hill9 days ago

    I had a Golden. He was gotten for my dad, but he became my dog. I miss him. I sometimes call my current dog (an American Bulldog) by my Golden's name.

  37. Dorota

    Dorota9 days ago


  38. poppie 98

    poppie 989 days ago

    Title was so true, I melted, so cute and adorable, ❤

  39. B. Chaney

    B. Chaney10 days ago

    That puppies teeth were so clean.

  40. Phill Walker

    Phill Walker10 days ago


  41. brexd

    brexd10 days ago

    i really hope i dont me

  42. Naren Sundar

    Naren Sundar10 days ago

    I am still a solid!

  43. srishti _

    srishti _10 days ago

    I am not melting i am alive!! my heart is melting.... Am i dead??

  44. Ann W

    Ann W10 days ago


  45. Christina Abalos

    Christina Abalos10 days ago


  46. Alice Mcdonald

    Alice Mcdonald10 days ago

    Oh my god I have four dogs two are there are Cocker spaniel is and one of them is a Shih Tzu mixed with a poodle and the other one is a shih tzu mixed with a Yorkshire terrier

  47. Rashmika

    Rashmika10 days ago

    My heart is melting quicker than a popsicle on a hit day

  48. Balakrishnan Subbiah

    Balakrishnan Subbiah10 days ago


  49. Shsh Bsbs

    Shsh Bsbs10 days ago

    Yêu thế

  50. Kris Helfferich

    Kris Helfferich10 days ago

    Don't feed dogs vegetables.

  51. Shirley Walkowicz

    Shirley Walkowicz10 days ago

    He's a little Tucker Budzyn.

  52. sallam ahmad

    sallam ahmad10 days ago

    me scrolling dow USlikes remended: hmm Me seeing vid: ohh Me watching vid and gets interested : IM MELTING HELP ME IM MELTING

  53. o a

    o a10 days ago

    my dog does the exact same things fr

  54. Shruti Sehgal

    Shruti Sehgal10 days ago

    So cute but sorry to say it’s not a puppy anymore

  55. Al Fiack

    Al Fiack10 days ago

    Lots of love there😊😊😊😊

  56. Enki Enlil

    Enki Enlil10 days ago


  57. GMM L

    GMM L10 days ago

    Ok we're all melted chocolate now I guess

  58. Elsa

    Elsa11 days ago

    Ok. I'm melted.

  59. Golden Daisy

    Golden Daisy11 days ago

    Aww, he is so cute! Looking forward for more videos ❤️

  60. Lucie - Roblox

    Lucie - Roblox11 days ago

    Omg 😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤

  61. Isabella Hernandez

    Isabella Hernandez11 days ago

    I won't to meet him 🥺

  62. Diane E

    Diane E11 days ago

    Stop with the music, it's distracting. Just take the video.

  63. AidenWasTaken

    AidenWasTaken11 days ago


  64. Twanna Winn

    Twanna Winn11 days ago

    Sooo cute🐶

  65. Gillian Webber

    Gillian Webber11 days ago

    So adorable😊 we had to take our dog to the vet to be put down today this just made me smile a little bit

  66. Iliana Cortes

    Iliana Cortes11 days ago


  67. Melissa Haggard

    Melissa Haggard11 days ago

    Oh my gosh! This baby is too adorable! ❤❤❤❤❤

  68. Megan R

    Megan R11 days ago


  69. Lynn Morris

    Lynn Morris11 days ago

    Beautiful baby doll!!!🥰🥰💕💕🐾

  70. Rainalot

    Rainalot11 days ago

    Showed this video to the snow in my driveway. I can leave for work now.

  71. Aiden McCarthy

    Aiden McCarthy11 days ago


  72. Ama Jayne

    Ama Jayne11 days ago

    I melted😢

  73. Fabulous Ferret

    Fabulous Ferret11 days ago

    The title does not lie. I melted.

  74. Victoria Jimmy

    Victoria Jimmy11 days ago

    This dog be having better teeth than me😢

  75. Gina Field

    Gina Field11 days ago

    Aw. Now I miss my labby

  76. Mocha Demon

    Mocha Demon11 days ago

    *Give me ur dog.*

  77. BlackPantherCZ Blacky

    BlackPantherCZ Blacky11 days ago

    cute i love puppies and dogs 💓😍 sweetheart golden! tiny 🥺🥺🥺💞

  78. Allis Studio

    Allis Studio11 days ago

    The second last ones cute

  79. Mup and me

    Mup and me11 days ago

    I'm now liquid

  80. Mike Techam

    Mike Techam11 days ago

    Soooooooo cutee

  81. maria ivette díaz méndez

    maria ivette díaz méndez11 days ago

    Adorable ♥️

  82. just for me

    just for me12 days ago

    I mean, you can actually tell by the dog's teeth, how loved he is by human parents.

  83. Zeebra 911

    Zeebra 91112 days ago


  84. Natasha Kumbhare

    Natasha Kumbhare12 days ago

    There should be a disclaimer.. I melted and now my family needs to carry me in a jar.....

  85. Remya Sreejith

    Remya Sreejith12 days ago

    Awwww so cute

  86. Stacy Joyner

    Stacy Joyner12 days ago

    Cutie 💓 pie

  87. Abigail Johnson

    Abigail Johnson12 days ago

    Very white teeth.

  88. Danish Da Wolfie

    Danish Da Wolfie12 days ago

    My heart is already melting of cuteness

  89. Kendyn Samuels

    Kendyn Samuels12 days ago

    It hits different with the song

  90. krishnasree AV

    krishnasree AV12 days ago

    Damn,his teeth is whiter than mine!😂

  91. krishnasree AV

    krishnasree AV12 days ago

    I love all the golden's ears, they're so floofy!🥺

  92. catharine morais

    catharine morais12 days ago

    Beautiful little one 🐕❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. mrbobjrsrv

    mrbobjrsrv12 days ago

    I have melted. I am now a puddle of mudd

  94. Texad Ellison

    Texad Ellison12 days ago

    So cute

  95. Maria P

    Maria P12 days ago


  96. Bhavesh Chamoli

    Bhavesh Chamoli12 days ago

    My heart it's in liquid form. It's so cuteeeee

  97. Benjamin Freyman

    Benjamin Freyman12 days ago

    Every dog makes you melt. And just think. Jesus loves us so much that he made them just for us. Kindest man God ever !

  98. Hope, health , happiness

    Hope, health , happiness12 days ago

    I just can't help myself, i am an adorable doggie!😊

  99. Tan charlotte

    Tan charlotte12 days ago


  100. JD Vera

    JD Vera12 days ago

    I read it as "If you watch this, the puppy will melt"

  101. tryger235 jankowski

    tryger235 jankowski12 days ago