Most DANGEROUS Birds On Earth

The scariest, most dangerous birds in the world! From the brutal spurs of graceful waterfowl to the bone-dropping tactics of vultures
#10 Giant Petrel
Often referred to as Stinkers or Gluttons, the scavenging bird species near Antarctica have a nasty track record. Opportunistic to a fault, the Giant Petrel is known for not only feeding on the carcasses of deceased penguins and seals, but also laying an aggressive, boisterous claim to their food. Assuming a hostile stance with wings outstretched and eyes focused on any competitors, the Petrel scares away any that approach. Feeding on both land and sea, this carrion hunter also consumes fish, krill, and squid. This has caused them to become a pest among fishing vessels as the Petrel will follow these boats and pick at any meat remnants they can find. But just because they don’t often feed on live prey doesn’t mean they can’t threaten them. The giant Petrel has been seen assaulting emperor penguins, small seals, and even albatross, either blatantly attacking them or drowning them.
#9 Mute Swan
Renowned for its majestic beauty throughout its native region of Eurasia, the Mute Swan isn’t just another elegant waterfowl. Not one for small talk, this bird is often identified by its unique beak pattern and strange techniques of communication. Adults will use a mix of grunts, whistles and snorts to communicate with their young or threatening predators. As a swimming bird, they can typically swim away from any danger, but when push comes to shove, the mute swan shoves hard. Equipped with a large snapping bill and bony spurs hidden in their wings, they thrash their foes with brutal intensity. This is only compounded by their inherent territorial nature. One incident in 2012 demonstrated just how brutal they can be when a kayaker came under attack at a Chicago condominium’s pond. He was actually looking after the local mute swan population when a bothered swan knocked him out of his boat and proceeded to flail against him until he drowned.


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    I stopped watching at Lammergeier.. What utter and total BS.. A bird at the bottom of the food chain famously feeds on marrow from bones left by other predictors by carrying the bones high into the sky and dropping them onto the rocks below to smash them open to get at the marrow inside. This forms 85-90% of their diet.. the rest being small rodents, birds and reptiles.. This video claims they kill small children and sheep.. Talk about fake news.. No wonder our children are so dumb today with crap like this for them to watch...

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    Terrible list. The Lammergeier is absolutely not dangerous to about any living creature. It's a shy and easily scared scavenger, far from what its reputation suggests. Like, it's "dangerous" because it drops bones, probably the most inert animal tissue? And the Swan, Loon, Buzzard, Gull and Magpie might have had isolated incidents with humans, but that doesn't mean that they are dangerous. I mean, I could probably be smothered by a chicken.

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    "lammergeier" is not a great term for the bearded vulture because vultures get an unnecessary bad rep and "lammergeier" or "lamb thief" only serves to perpetuate that rep. Bearded vultures are not lamb thieves.

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