How To Fix a Printer

Today I show you how to repair a faulty printer. This troubleshooting method works on ALL models of printers and ALL types of issues. Printer won't print? Low ink problems? Printer showing an error? Unable to connect to your printer? Printer not connecting to WiFi? You name it - this video will show you how to resolve any issue you have - 100% guaranteed! Follow the step by step instructions and you'll be able to set up your new printer, diagnose any issues and fix them with ease all in a matter of minutes.
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  1. Aiden the great boi

    Aiden the great boi7 minutes ago

    Omg thank you so much! You helped me fix my printer!

  2. bartek kinda sus

    bartek kinda sus8 minutes ago

    Why is he always naked?

  3. bartek kinda sus

    bartek kinda sus10 minutes ago


  4. strxrn

    strxrn18 minutes ago


  5. SurvivalDudeGantvya

    SurvivalDudeGantvya23 minutes ago

    It works!!!!!!!

  6. Mustafa A. Rasheed

    Mustafa A. Rasheed23 minutes ago

    I don’t know but when I saw that egg image I’m like:-There has got to be some egg throwin?

  7. Nashawn Poole

    Nashawn Poole29 minutes ago

    congrats 16 miil!

  8. 68x8000

    68x800033 minutes ago

    my mom is gonna kill me..

  9. Hooman.

    Hooman.35 minutes ago

    Wat da phuk

  10. TYCOON spiders

    TYCOON spiders44 minutes ago


  11. Andrea bongiorno

    Andrea bongiorno52 minutes ago

    Hey dude how to Walk? (Video suggetion)

  12. leah Llanes

    leah Llanes56 minutes ago

    Ty it works now

  13. tinsku332 Xd

    tinsku332 XdHour ago

    So cool gotta try

  14. Colotheus

    ColotheusHour ago

    I rarely check his last videos to see that if he turned into an extual how to channel, he never disappoints lol.

  15. TCL Destroier

    TCL DestroierHour ago

    Where and how do u have so many eggs

  16. Mattia emma

    Mattia emmaHour ago

    boy you are wasting too much food you could in worst cases get sued but on my facts I wish you would stop making food a thing to make money thank you

  17. Axel Fishy

    Axel FishyHour ago

    Thanks!! I fixed my printer

  18. André do Universo 35!

    André do Universo 35!2 hours ago

    i don't doubt he did that because this printer is rubbish!

  19. Alex Mejia

    Alex Mejia2 hours ago

    Thx it worked for me (:

  20. Tommaso Zaccomer

    Tommaso Zaccomer2 hours ago

    Clickbait Very offensive to the poor people Useless Not working with colors Too much work Too many eggs wasted It's enough? 😑

  21. Kostas Notarithis

    Kostas Notarithis2 hours ago


  22. Try Hard Gang

    Try Hard Gang2 hours ago

    I don’t think he has a gf

  23. BIRD UP

    BIRD UP2 hours ago

    Old videos:basic showing taht ypu can easily do Now: *E G G*

  24. indra koplak

    indra koplak2 hours ago

    How to room tour

  25. Jevari Faulknor

    Jevari Faulknor2 hours ago

    it worked :D

  26. NoSe

    NoSe2 hours ago

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    Jorge Hernandez2 hours ago


  28. Aleksander Felkowski

    Aleksander Felkowski2 hours ago


  29. R - Xtreme

    R - Xtreme2 hours ago

    2 min silence for those who actually thought that he would show how to fix

  30. Poorav Sankhyan

    Poorav Sankhyan2 hours ago

    I wish I have some creative brain like you

  31. Mery Peña Barreto

    Mery Peña Barreto2 hours ago


  32. XxMary KamadoxX

    XxMary KamadoxX2 hours ago

    Thx👺 I dont have a car but i try with a bike lmao🤡

  33. x Shadow

    x Shadow2 hours ago

    oh it worked for me

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  35. Being Satyavadi

    Being Satyavadi3 hours ago

    Now i want to know how to fix a body?

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    Fach3 hours ago

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    rainy mochi3 hours ago

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  38. Umadevi Teegala

    Umadevi Teegala3 hours ago

    Don't vast things but funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Gonzalo Amaya

    Gonzalo Amaya4 hours ago



    HAVIISHA SACHDEV Moe4 hours ago

    Anyone notice that he drove without shoes-

  41. bildescu daniel

    bildescu daniel4 hours ago


  42. EliteClyder X

    EliteClyder X4 hours ago

    Caepa cool probably having nightmares

  43. -

    -4 hours ago

    I wanna see him make a tutorial call 'how to mess up your house' but show us how to clean up his house after filming a video for several hours(uncut) instead

  44. Anil Ag

    Anil Ag4 hours ago

    Me : asking how to fix a printer How to basic : first try to on and off your printer it is not working then take your car and drive on it then it not working throw some eggs on it....... Me : it is working yay........

  45. -_-

    -_-4 hours ago

    Canon be like ahh shit

  46. SantoryuPig

    SantoryuPig4 hours ago

    this worked man i finally printed my monke picture

  47. Justus

    Justus4 hours ago

    I did that

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    Adam Barny4 hours ago


  49. ACubeWithaHat

    ACubeWithaHat4 hours ago

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  51. Adam Barny

    Adam Barny4 hours ago

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    Adam Barny4 hours ago


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    jinx4 hours ago

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    ItzDragonix4 hours ago

    My stress is now gone thanks to you

  55. Kashyap Nandan

    Kashyap Nandan4 hours ago

    worst youtuber ever

  56. Clips of Gaming & Movies

    Clips of Gaming & Movies4 hours ago

    😂😂😂 Inkjet printer sucks.

  57. OP Bear

    OP Bear4 hours ago

    I think it is a fake video

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    Voxx4 hours ago

    He's the definition of rage 😂

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    toyota supra4 hours ago

    The Audi sound 🤣🤣🤣

  60. Ojas Kumar

    Ojas Kumar4 hours ago

    Eggs were always the solution

  61. Heya

    Heya4 hours ago


  62. M R

    M R5 hours ago

    You son of the bitch, You wreck printer 😠

  63. 홍배근

    홍배근5 hours ago

    how much egg is spent on this lol

  64. Aurora Naouly Nami _YAY!!

    Aurora Naouly Nami _YAY!!5 hours ago

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    Cometho GT5 hours ago

    Egg shop when they see HowToBasic walking in: Ah shit here we go again...

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  74. GreensIime

    GreensIime5 hours ago

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  75. Gamer or Gamers

    Gamer or Gamers5 hours ago

    This is more usefull then 5 minute craft not gonna lie

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    sami7852 ROBLOX5 hours ago

    I dont lIke this video But is funny dont Make food

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    Mr,z5 hours ago

    is he a psychopath?

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    HowToBasic: Posts a video. Everyone: Go straight to the comments section.

  84. Chun Yii Matthew Ho

    Chun Yii Matthew Ho6 hours ago

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    GACHA- SANT6 hours ago

    I m new to the channel when I watch this I m dying of laughter xdd that s why new follower :v

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    Krzys Krzys6 hours ago

    iPhone iPad iPhone 5S

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