Firing Up Jack Stand Jimmy's Nova !!!

In this episode we get James's Nova fired up after years of sitting we are bringing a legend back to life!



  1. Alex Lesch

    Alex LeschDay ago

    Sounds like you accidentally (or purposely 😉) made that 8 into 1 exhaust REAL close to equal length. Giving that "F1" sweet sweet sound. Gotta love it.

  2. Yeti8it

    Yeti8itDay ago

    That's just plain NASTAY sounding ...great JOB !!

  3. ben j

    ben j5 days ago

    its gonna be body panels on a custom triangulated fame.... think factory five.

  4. ben j

    ben j5 days ago

    ok last comment , i want james to build up a bad ass s14.... like he mentioned he had and talked about in a quick comment with kyle a while ago

  5. ben j

    ben j5 days ago

    tech question here: with all the pie cuts on the tubes, is air flow turbulence on the welds inside an issue ? or do you just make it bigger ?

  6. ben j

    ben j5 days ago

    james needs his own merch line. cleetus would still be fucking up 9 second cars without james.

  7. The Inventors of Nothing

    The Inventors of Nothing6 days ago

    Kinda cool that you upload up to 2160p60, when few have the monitors to watch.

  8. Todd Walls

    Todd Walls6 days ago

    James the Nova sounds killer and looks Awesome!!

  9. ThePeopleVerse

    ThePeopleVerse6 days ago

    @ 5:00+/- ..... my 65 won't start neither. I got a feeling it's something other than the battery. Could be though, it is sitting in the corner next to the engine...and the transmission...and the fuel cell. Yeah, ... maybe the battery. Ha

  10. DerbsMcBergs

    DerbsMcBergs6 days ago

    something something make the algorithm go boom

  11. wbball15

    wbball156 days ago

    Good Noise!

  12. ike peters

    ike peters6 days ago

    Those Novas is definitely ones of the prettiest looking hot rods ever !!!!👌

  13. Eric Kleven

    Eric Kleven6 days ago

    The damn GROWL that thing has when they rev it...

  14. Phil

    Phil7 days ago

    Is the block filled and is that a 5.3 or a6.0?

  15. Mark

    Mark7 days ago

    Flat plane crank LS??

  16. jeremy brooks

    jeremy brooks7 days ago

    I think this is my favorite right beside ruby

  17. Hyperstrike

    Hyperstrike7 days ago

    There is no such thing as "overkill". There is only "kill" with ever-greater confidence levels.

  18. richard Turk

    richard Turk7 days ago

    All these guys must be millionaires and making a killing on You Tube. Big fancy houses all these toys keep cropping up.


    CLARISSA FARMER7 days ago

    Cool as hell, sounds like a 20b rotary


    SILENT BOB7 days ago

    James taking video of the car idle like a proud father.

  21. MEL LOW

    MEL LOW7 days ago

    Bad ASS car!! Can't wait to see it run!!!

  22. randalljames

    randalljames7 days ago

    Tuna, I am your father.. . "Darth Maul"

  23. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford7 days ago

    dr tune deez nuts

  24. 1ST General

    1ST General7 days ago

    James's mother inlaw poor baby teething...James's wife no we have that figured out now it's methanol withdrawal when James gets home it'll be fine....psssss💨.....psssss💨 what's that ? It's a baby nitrous bottle cools their intake charge and helps with teething

  25. Bryce Lancour

    Bryce Lancour7 days ago

    I'm not up on racing regulations, but seems like fuel tank in the front is a big safety hazzard? Put the car into the wall and then you could have fuel dumping out all over the hot engine and exhaust.

  26. Brandon Greene

    Brandon Greene7 days ago

    Dude that thing looks sinister and sounds sooooo pissed off!

  27. MrGrimTheReaper

    MrGrimTheReaper7 days ago

    Mullet vs Nova incoming ? 🤔

  28. Bubba Kushington

    Bubba Kushington7 days ago

    Dayum James doing buh things ain't he.

  29. Dan

    Dan7 days ago

    On this episode of Dr.TuneEmAll, we show as much of Jackstand's neighborhood as possible...



    Man that is a SWEET ride!!!!

  31. chris hamilton

    chris hamilton7 days ago

    Love your channel, dude!

  32. Jeffrey Hopperton

    Jeffrey Hopperton7 days ago

    Wheres all the doctor tune em all merch? Or the jack stand jimmy merch

  33. Dr.TuneEmAll

    Dr.TuneEmAll7 days ago

    Link in the description

  34. Chase

    Chase8 days ago

    Hey I remember on Cletis‘s car they did something to the Holly dominator so when you cranked it it wouldn’t restart

  35. Jeff D

    Jeff D8 days ago

    The exhaust note sounds like it has magical scavenging resonance.....

  36. JesseFpv

    JesseFpv8 days ago

    James start a channel brother, if you do it I'll do it..

  37. Thom W.M.D.

    Thom W.M.D.8 days ago

    I like how James let's it hang in the air.... Yeah, he knows how to make coyotes pretty..... I'll finish, but can you make it fast... Lol

  38. Turbo John

    Turbo John8 days ago

    Brake clean for the win! Car sounds awesome!

  39. get wrecked

    get wrecked8 days ago

    So what happening with the 240

  40. Phillip Warner

    Phillip Warner7 days ago

    Wheelied it n bent the front up pretty good I think he's going tube front in the future

  41. Alvin High

    Alvin High8 days ago

    Bad Ole Deuce! I have a 62 2 door; no engine or trans just sitting for now.

  42. boneyardrendezvous

    boneyardrendezvous8 days ago

    Tune 'em Drall!

  43. Josh Owen

    Josh Owen8 days ago

    Im sure you'll never see this James but if you do and wanna part with your braced 9 inch housing when you switch reach out somehow

  44. Miranda Maher

    Miranda Maher8 days ago


  45. John PM

    John PM8 days ago

    Great to see the 'Stars and Stripes' in your neighbour's front garden!!! 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  46. Bear

    Bear8 days ago

    Ol Jackstand

  47. MrALTRD8

    MrALTRD88 days ago

    Sounds wicked!

  48. Nick Ferraina

    Nick Ferraina8 days ago

    Sounds really good

  49. Jan Strobach

    Jan Strobach8 days ago

    Cool video Jackstand!

  50. Indiana Hunters

    Indiana Hunters8 days ago

    Heck ya get to see jack stand jimmy on 2 channels!!!!!

  51. Junior 249

    Junior 2498 days ago

    That's a good looking unit...sounds good as well !!!

  52. Mr. Mediocre

    Mr. Mediocre8 days ago

    What lithium battery was that? Anyone know? Almost kinda looked like Cmax cells.

  53. Brenden Belcher

    Brenden Belcher8 days ago

    I've been waiting for this Jack stand jimmy time to getter right and get cleeter

  54. Tik-Tac-Toe

    Tik-Tac-Toe8 days ago

    Why doesn't he have a channel by now. It's always through someone else's channel.. DAMN JAMES GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!! JAMES START YOUR OWN CHANNEL!!!!

  55. iVtec4fun

    iVtec4fun8 days ago

    that camshaft tho

  56. Sean Creswell

    Sean Creswell8 days ago

    Sounds great!

  57. Philly Dee

    Philly Dee8 days ago

    That sound👌🔥

  58. Todd Clark

    Todd Clark8 days ago

    She is bad good job Jimmy

  59. Winnfield Customs

    Winnfield Customs8 days ago

    wholly fuck i can smell the monoxides thru the computer

  60. Brian Truck

    Brian Truck8 days ago


  61. Hyper Knight

    Hyper Knight8 days ago

    why doesn't he have his own youtube, that shit would be entertaining

  62. Freddy Muldoon

    Freddy Muldoon8 days ago

    A SM BBC in the 240 coming soon?

  63. dtvtechrp

    dtvtechrp8 days ago

    Nothing like sound of a nasty engine at idle

  64. Jason Jones

    Jason Jones8 days ago

    Jackstand Jimmy hat

  65. John Mccabe

    John Mccabe8 days ago

    Cal tracks



    100 k veiws again. Thanks for all the great content bro keep it up

  67. Matt Brooks

    Matt Brooks9 days ago

    Dr. Tunemall and James work together great but people saying James should start his own channel need to realize James already works his arse off and I’m sure running a major channel is very time consuming. So just enjoy all the channels you get to see all of these guys working hard

  68. Ethonixs

    Ethonixs9 days ago

    Don’t cut the floors on either

  69. thomsa1987

    thomsa19879 days ago

    That thing sounds NASTY! cant wait for you to rip it!

  70. MrFokdieANC

    MrFokdieANC9 days ago

    Tesla needs these batteries in the cars.. only need about two for land speed records

  71. cody copeland

    cody copeland9 days ago

    Currently on summit racing getting pricing for some exhaust cutouts after hearing this thing.

  72. Chester Callahan

    Chester Callahan9 days ago

    Dang she's a beauty!

  73. Napo leano

    Napo leano9 days ago

    The Nova was loving it's transplant and of course it sounds better than in the 240 :D What a badass looking car!

  74. Mihail Petrovici

    Mihail Petrovici9 days ago

    I know on some LS there was put a variable timing gear on the cam. I've never seen it beeing used, tuned like the 2js/k24. What's their story?

  75. Mihail Petrovici

    Mihail Petrovici9 days ago

    @Dr.TuneEmAll I was thinking that it maybe doesn't have gains because it reatards/advance the exahaust and intake at the same time. Thanks for the answer

  76. Dr.TuneEmAll

    Dr.TuneEmAll9 days ago

    I've played with it a little bit doesn't do a whole lot they did a good job optimizing it from the factory. When you do a larger cam in it though it's useless plus nobody makes a core to be ground on. Lt platforms use it some but most of the time they lock it out also.

  77. Gabriel Hernandez

    Gabriel Hernandez9 days ago

    Christmas tree still on the 240 🤣🤣

  78. Kurt Sumthinorother

    Kurt Sumthinorother9 days ago

    Couple of chicken 🐓 shakers haha that was funny af

  79. w. callens

    w. callens9 days ago

    We call the guy who delivers fish at home dr Tuna Mall...

  80. blkmustang007

    blkmustang0079 days ago

    afr's in the 4's ?? is this on meth ?

  81. Hawk of the North

    Hawk of the North9 days ago

    Sounds like freedom. Can't wait to see it on the track. Hope to see you in Michigan sometime.. James and Cleeter have to sign a T-Shirt for me in person still.

  82. Craig Leigeb

    Craig Leigeb9 days ago

    Bad Chevy II you guys!

  83. indi grace

    indi grace9 days ago

    I see a 240 Pro mod coming James.. Can't wait...

  84. Gary Sells

    Gary Sells9 days ago

    Did you put frame connectors in the Nova? And minnie tub it?

  85. charlie mcmillan jr

    charlie mcmillan jr9 days ago

    Sounds spicy! It sounds like it should, American Iron in American metal!

  86. ngh

    ngh9 days ago

    You need those rain flappers on your exhaust. You do love in Florida after all.... :-)

  87. zach moyer

    zach moyer9 days ago

    The quarter meant ingenuity what do you think it means now that it cant be surpassed on planet earth

  88. Jason Sapp

    Jason Sapp9 days ago

    When it comes back is gonna hurt some feelings ..HAHAHAHA

  89. Steve rebuilds

    Steve rebuilds9 days ago

    This is a racecar but it revs up like an aussie burnout car, nice I love how good it sounds

  90. Steve rebuilds

    Steve rebuilds9 days ago

    I love the way it sounds and how fast it revs up

  91. bonedigggss

    bonedigggss9 days ago


  92. Master Dub1

    Master Dub19 days ago

    That look from James when she starts to sound absolutely nasty 🤣

  93. Jason Fuller

    Jason Fuller9 days ago

    James world record stock block...John Doc saying. Lol

  94. Jason Fuller

    Jason Fuller9 days ago

    The 2 is bad ass James!

  95. richard coleman

    richard coleman9 days ago

    What year nova is this?

  96. bigaxthelm

    bigaxthelm9 days ago

    4.37 now I need to pee

  97. Sainthuck

    Sainthuck9 days ago

    Hope they r keeping him away from engine cranes

  98. Ethan Acevedo

    Ethan Acevedo9 days ago

    Sounds like methanol 🥵

  99. captlucky 23

    captlucky 239 days ago

    Make sure it's firing on all 8 before you tune it

  100. Baldyrocks

    Baldyrocks9 days ago

    that thing sounds awesome!

  101. Joaquin Mireles

    Joaquin Mireles10 days ago

    Can't wait to see that nova run

  102. Chan

    Chan10 days ago

    Switching to M1 with 220s also to start. Notice James runs no cooling system, wanting to ditch it also, but don't have a push car, how do the Temps look on James setup from the 240?

  103. Dr.TuneEmAll

    Dr.TuneEmAll10 days ago

    There not terrible push csr would be ideal but not totally necessary

  104. Billy Young

    Billy Young10 days ago

    James defiantly needs his own channel ...hes got more followers them most USlikesrs I watch because James was on your channel I'm sure Im Not the only one.

  105. nunya binis

    nunya binis10 days ago

    Very interesting, and I know nothing. We need some 'xplain'in.

  106. Leo Dabs

    Leo Dabs10 days ago

    I've got two little ones too, ask James hth he finds time to work on these with 2 kids?!