The Return of the GRAU META! (2021)

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  1. 905 Young Shoota

    905 Young Shoota10 hours ago

    The Grau is like the M4. Its always been reliable and always been good even after the nerf.

  2. Andrew Larcom

    Andrew Larcom8 days ago

    The Grau never went anywhere in my opinion it’s always been beams since day one I haven’t stopped using it lmao

  3. Andres Yadriel

    Andres Yadriel9 days ago

    swagg the only type of dude to call the train a “bus”

  4. Cramy Vibez

    Cramy Vibez10 days ago


  5. matt wit the sharingan

    matt wit the sharingan12 days ago

    This is a fire mac 10 gameplay next time do the grau maybe?

  6. Hamza Naghwai

    Hamza Naghwai14 days ago

    The guns i have grue and mp5

  7. jxck

    jxck15 days ago

    I’m using the an94 atm with mp5 or with kar98

  8. Big Saucy

    Big Saucy17 days ago

    Swagg's Grau Attachments Commando Foregrip 60 Round Mags Tempus 26.4" Archangel Monolithic Suppressor Tac Laser

  9. Hub Gamer

    Hub Gamer18 days ago

    3:48 lol they got away in the bus that’s a subway

  10. Noah Langley

    Noah Langley18 days ago

    what camo is he using and how do you get it

  11. nicolas juvera

    nicolas juvera19 days ago

    Anyone know the outro song?

  12. The PlayStation Gamer

    The PlayStation Gamer28 days ago

    Swagg is so good almost every gun expect maybe the crossbow is good

  13. Ivori Crawford

    Ivori Crawford28 days ago

    Krig 6 my secondary is a Mac 10

  14. Ana Alvarez

    Ana AlvarezMonth ago

    They always get bot lobbies and swagg my pc has the same graphics card


    BLACK PANDAMonth ago

    I personally play with grau and HDR

  16. Dat Hippie Will

    Dat Hippie WillMonth ago

    Advanced warfare music

  17. Xx- Choppa- xX

    Xx- Choppa- xXMonth ago

    You Mac- 10 class setup is good

  18. sidney sumner

    sidney sumnerMonth ago

    try stoner and cw mp5

  19. Aqua Yt

    Aqua YtMonth ago

    personally cr 56 is gonna become meta

  20. Diego Alvarez

    Diego AlvarezMonth ago

    They went in the bus 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Raze

    RazeMonth ago

    What’s the class

  22. Clutch Da Goat

    Clutch Da GoatMonth ago

    im rockin the amax mp5 ngl

  23. Daniel Gamez

    Daniel GamezMonth ago

    Do you guys notice every game he always gets a ffar

  24. Ethan Lewis

    Ethan LewisMonth ago

    13:52 WTF is that

  25. legend01

    legend01Month ago

    dont forget abt them cr 556 and the m13s

  26. micky andualem

    micky andualemMonth ago

    At this point I just skip to the end for the class setup lol

  27. alan

    alanMonth ago

    Idk why but I’m using the QBZ-83 rn no scope

  28. blaK

    blaKMonth ago

    Tbh I used the grau a few days after the Cold War integration and it just didn’t kill people fast enough, Very disappointing 😕

  29. mylotundinho

    mylotundinhoMonth ago

    My God! The Grau is back for real! VLK and commando foregrip equals ZERO RECOIL! It has even less recoil than the kilo meta and hits harder!!

  30. isaiah chavez

    isaiah chavezMonth ago

    Like please

  31. Dirty vincent

    Dirty vincentMonth ago


  32. Yusuf Martinez

    Yusuf MartinezMonth ago


  33. Anthony Ivey

    Anthony IveyMonth ago

    This is Mac 10 gameplay

  34. kaiser2324

    kaiser2324Month ago

    The only reason why many still use it is cause its very easy to use and accurate

  35. Bixente Shyla

    Bixente ShylaMonth ago

    Do u play claw on controlller

  36. Justin Wright

    Justin WrightMonth ago

    Street sweeper shot gun and the r700

  37. CT

    CTMonth ago

    Yoo swagg you need to try mp7 end kar98k

  38. Haztic.

    Haztic.Month ago

    Man gets more kills in warzone then i do in multi 🤔

  39. N3WP0K3

    N3WP0K3Month ago

    New video of the main weapon but swagg over here mostly uses the opposite weapon beside the one he choose just for a win

  40. T Streb

    T StrebMonth ago

    AN-94 is pretty good (all ranges) and I think is potential new meta for MW guns. I also have a Grau setup which I think is perfect for medium range options, but my favorite setup right now is the FFAR (medium to close range) & SP-R/Kar98 (long range).



    do finishers only

  42. Hcav101 303

    Hcav101 303Month ago

    M4 m16 grenadier monolithic 60 round mags commando fire grip vlk with t pose reticle mp5 integral monolithic barrel sleigh of hand 45 round mags 5mw and merc fore grip

  43. Nik A

    Nik AMonth ago

    I'm using the A-max and mac 10 and got a 30 kill game

  44. Robert Niculescu

    Robert NiculescuMonth ago

    I’m saying use the Finn bro

  45. shecravegello

    shecravegelloMonth ago

    am I the only one rocking a Ram-7 with a MAC-10?

  46. Doug Panton

    Doug PantonMonth ago

    "They all went in the bus" lol

  47. Harper

    HarperMonth ago

    i got 16 kills with the grua and it is back

  48. Z3US

    Z3USMonth ago

    Return of grau and killing enemies with mac10 seems legit

  49. Mustafa M

    Mustafa MMonth ago

    the title is about grau and you use SMG more than using grau XD

  50. Z35TMA5T3R

    Z35TMA5T3RMonth ago


  51. Tom Neirynck

    Tom NeirynckMonth ago

    FFAR and MP5

  52. Guess who ,

    Guess who ,Month ago

    I never left it lol

  53. Chronic Sky

    Chronic SkyMonth ago

    and also I realized he basically used the Mac the whole game. how is the Grau meta if you barely even used it

  54. ArikwithanA

    ArikwithanAMonth ago

    Grau has always been good.

  55. Brady Murray

    Brady MurrayMonth ago

    M4 and Kar98

  56. Lewis Pointon

    Lewis PointonMonth ago

    What’s his secondary

  57. Rick Zielecki

    Rick ZieleckiMonth ago

    I don’t know what gun to use

  58. Kyan Chu

    Kyan ChuMonth ago

    3:46 my man called the train a bus lmao

  59. Angelito hernandez

    Angelito hernandezMonth ago

    We used it 2 ms olagi

  60. Angelito hernandez

    Angelito hernandezMonth ago

    Me and my friends brought the gray back

  61. seby what u doin'?

    seby what u doin'?Month ago

    Yo can u try a pkm loadout cuz the pkm is very powerfull and acurate using the vlk

  62. Yusuf Kaya

    Yusuf KayaMonth ago

    Swagg carrying the team not gonna lie🙌

  63. Tahres Lila

    Tahres LilaMonth ago

    You should have let the dad lay behind that wall. I felt sorry for him getting clapped from a cracked sweat after a hard work day.

  64. Patricio Torres

    Patricio TorresMonth ago

    try the an 94

  65. Joseph Freeman

    Joseph FreemanMonth ago

    All I see is a bunch hate under swag video . Go get some $

  66. Big Facts

    Big FactsMonth ago

    Swagg inspired me to become a sweat god, we are not worthy😓

  67. C cadena

    C cadenaMonth ago

    Why does swag an the other guy call each other baby an papi an that pink headset bruhh yall so gay for each other 🤣😂

  68. Buk Lau

    Buk LauMonth ago

    This was an excellent MAC-10 gameplay

  69. _sav._.

    _sav._.Month ago

    “He was an unhappy dad” 😂




  71. Oli

    OliMonth ago

    Use amax and mac 10

  72. xnodubsx

    xnodubsxMonth ago

    Is it bad if I’m still using a kilo? I mean I’m still getting kills with it

  73. Tomas Moran

    Tomas MoranMonth ago

    i never stopped using the grau

  74. Acholite

    AcholiteMonth ago

    if you have no smgs to use i would recomend the uzi it pretty good ngl

  75. Hunter Bashans

    Hunter BashansMonth ago

    GRAU IS META * uses Mac 11 most of the game

  76. Pnut Butter

    Pnut ButterMonth ago

    try the m13 with mono suppressor tempus marksman commando foregrip and VLK optic and 60 or 50 round mags its like the new dmr

  77. Vixfiy

    VixfiyMonth ago

    i am using amax and mp5,kar and ffar, kar and iso, kar and mp5 and then ram and mp5

  78. EBG Games

    EBG GamesMonth ago

    The ranger on the amax is better

  79. Cash Gaming

    Cash GamingMonth ago

    drake stop going to the studio and get on wz

  80. Damien Deliteris

    Damien DeliterisMonth ago

    Used it last night for the first time in awhile. Absolutely fried with it. Still no recoil at all lol

  81. DyvrcST

    DyvrcSTMonth ago

    yoo swaggs try the fennec that gun beats the mac 10 an diamattes

  82. Save Dave05

    Save Dave05Month ago


  83. Moses Tsegaye

    Moses TsegayeMonth ago

    You should try the CR-56 AMAX and an SMG of your choice

  84. Studiotrapsounds

    StudiotrapsoundsMonth ago

    im using the ISO smg its a straight beast in warzone.

  85. James Meyers

    James MeyersMonth ago


  86. Cory Klein

    Cory KleinMonth ago

    The fact that he was NOT using the Ranger foregrip and had ZERO recoil lets me know 100% he is using a Cronus

  87. Cakey Supreme

    Cakey SupremeMonth ago

    Everyone knows how to build that grau tho

  88. Neenull

    NeenullMonth ago

    Man i use AS VAL and the SPR 208

  89. MrStiiwii

    MrStiiwiiMonth ago

    Ay Swagg what's your strike pack settings?

  90. Dincyl

    DincylMonth ago

    I’m rocking the AN-94 with the mac-10 I might make a vid on it

  91. Mamba

    MambaMonth ago

    im using M4 And AK47U

  92. The nine grind

    The nine grindMonth ago

    M13 old faithfull

  93. Spartan Fifa

    Spartan FifaMonth ago

    I got the same problem till yesterday when i used the ak 47 mw again, shreds quads with 30bullets

  94. Jxzno

    JxznoMonth ago

    Swagg use the AS VAL IT GOT A BUFF! 30 round mag, sight of hands, the 3rd barrel no optic and commando forgrip and the stock the 3rd one this class is broken but little bit of recoil

  95. Nile Toliver

    Nile ToliverMonth ago

    Rock that M13 telling you. It melts for some reason

  96. Ade Harris

    Ade HarrisMonth ago

    3:45 they all got in the bus 😂😂

  97. SoldierMow

    SoldierMowMonth ago

    love to see it, finally Grau is back :D

  98. Oh My

    Oh MyMonth ago

    they all went on the "BUS" ? you mean train bro

  99. Syko Brazyy

    Syko BrazyyMonth ago

    Am I the only person that gets triggered when the don’t pick up a clear ass armor satchel



    THE UNHAPPY DAD COMING UP THE STEPS U KILLED WAS MAD😭😭😭😂...&bruh my guru won’t unlock just my armor for tha gun