2HYPE Thanksgiving Chopped!

The boys are back with another Thanksgiving Chopped!
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  1. JRC Stacks

    JRC Stacks6 days ago

    You should do a breakfast themed one

  2. Joshua BVHS2022 Corr

    Joshua BVHS2022 Corr24 days ago

    I can’t see 2hype the same way bro


    LANDYN BRUMLEY24 days ago

    if Kris was Cash instead of just talk to me it would be talk to me nicely from flight because that’s all of Cash’s videos

  4. Lucas Holm

    Lucas Holm26 days ago


  5. Avigdor Schmidt

    Avigdor SchmidtMonth ago

    The giants are winning Jesser HA

  6. Grayson Cornwell

    Grayson CornwellMonth ago

    Whoever made that jesser Michael jackson edit is a legend

  7. andytheweeb

    andytheweebMonth ago

    mitchell: making a joke me: not laughing mitchell: laughing me: laughing at mitchells laugh

  8. AA ron Roach

    AA ron RoachMonth ago

    Tbh I would just make the absolute worst thing on purpose

  9. Censordat

    CensordatMonth ago

    Hope Mopy is ok! Been a min since we saw him! Any updates regarding Mopy?

  10. Fight me

    Fight meMonth ago

    Who else noticed the hunter x hunter music in the background?

  11. DerpyLamb - Gaming & More

    DerpyLamb - Gaming & More19 days ago


  12. Bryce Fisher

    Bryce FisherMonth ago

    I think you guys should do more of these videos. They my favorite ngl. Like if you agree

  13. Daniel Robinson

    Daniel RobinsonMonth ago

    Microwave Gang🔥🔥💯Stand the Fuck upppppppppp

  14. Ryguy27

    Ryguy27Month ago

    Bruh they should really make a custom chopped championship belt and have the person defend it like once a month against top contenders!

  15. Fuzion._. Goat

    Fuzion._. GoatMonth ago

    i wanna see chef cassius clay cook

  16. spencer mason

    spencer masonMonth ago

    Microwave gang

  17. Eugene Video

    Eugene VideoMonth ago

    I'm really glad Zach didn't win

  18. Tyler Fearrin

    Tyler FearrinMonth ago

    The one time LSK actually cooks, he wins. Retire the microwave.

  19. sheluv._jojo

    sheluv._jojoMonth ago

    so where not gonna talk abt where mopie is at

  20. Connor Little

    Connor LittleMonth ago

    This cap bro

  21. Austin Pierce

    Austin PierceMonth ago

    Yo really pressed James called out green bean casserole

  22. Thomas Carmans

    Thomas CarmansMonth ago

    I miss mopi's bad cooking 😭😭😭😭

  23. Daniel Guan

    Daniel GuanMonth ago

    It’s sad mopi’s not there

  24. Silent

    SilentMonth ago

    Bro i thought im smelling jesser mac and cheese

  25. Kellan Isaacson

    Kellan IsaacsonMonth ago

    Stop the cap jesser

  26. Sean Sponheimer

    Sean SponheimerMonth ago

    Am I the only one who kept thinking the house was gonna burn down

  27. Quinn Brennan

    Quinn BrennanMonth ago

    let us see the whole video if u do christmas chopped. like no editing. just raw

  28. The MexiKid

    The MexiKidMonth ago

    They still haven't fixed the stove 😭😭😭😭

  29. Skullz 1

    Skullz 1Month ago


  30. Pablo Gonzalez

    Pablo GonzalezMonth ago


  31. Renzo F.N

    Renzo F.NMonth ago


  32. kian majzoubi

    kian majzoubiMonth ago

    Ay yo I have a theory I think that “internet provider” call was Ac his side ting, no way he would put that call in and not edit it out

  33. Coleman-_-

    Coleman-_-Month ago

    jesse burned himself like 5 times

  34. Blessed 2x

    Blessed 2xMonth ago

    They just cheated zack lol

  35. BangSquad

    BangSquadMonth ago

    Moochie need to go back to bed wake back up and get a hair cut ... 😳😳😑🤦‍♂️

  36. Edward Smith

    Edward SmithMonth ago


  37. Savagegamer935

    Savagegamer935Month ago

    So did I just see zack pick that pizza right out of the oven bare handed

  38. Ruben Shilman

    Ruben ShilmanMonth ago

    We’re mopey?

  39. Yargaf Fortnite

    Yargaf FortniteMonth ago

    Y’all should do more chopped videos

  40. seeni boyyy

    seeni boyyyMonth ago


  41. Lil Leu

    Lil LeuMonth ago

    chopped feat. couRAGE as a guest judge?😬

  42. NFM89

    NFM89Month ago

    *casually has the stove spewing toxic gas for 5 minutes*

  43. RandomGuy

    RandomGuyMonth ago

    if gordon ramsey sees this, hes probably having a goddamn seizure

  44. W & A

    W & AMonth ago

    Are y'all doing a Christmas one because I love these

  45. Dilenia Dilenia Pena

    Dilenia Dilenia PenaMonth ago

    you shoild do a freestyle were they cook what they want

  46. Z Man

    Z ManMonth ago


  47. Jonah Schottenstein

    Jonah SchottensteinMonth ago


  48. Its FS2DM

    Its FS2DMMonth ago

    Jesse out here ballin with the edible diamonds lol.

  49. MaddenMobile sansdm

    MaddenMobile sansdmMonth ago

    tbh the only thing that bothers me with these baking and cooking shows is how much they waste the food like they take two bites and call it

  50. Mr Fugazy

    Mr FugazyMonth ago

    You can’t really have a good chopped if zack and Jiedel aren’t competing against each other

  51. Matty Filay

    Matty FilayMonth ago

    nobody james:Kris's meal is not VISUALLY pleasing,but it LOOKS tasty. Im hella confused

  52. i like to sleep 10hrs a day.

    i like to sleep 10hrs a day.Month ago

    16:50 Background Music ;D

  53. DerpyLamb - Gaming & More

    DerpyLamb - Gaming & More19 days ago


  54. JakeyBOI

    JakeyBOIMonth ago

    BRO HAHAAHAHA 1:35 I nearly spit out the milk that was in my mouth

  55. Not Duxky

    Not DuxkyMonth ago


  56. Guadalupe Ortega

    Guadalupe OrtegaMonth ago

    It’s smack not slap

  57. 999Kréx

    999KréxMonth ago

    Do a cooking collab w/ 100 thieves

  58. The Swish Doctor ➊

    The Swish Doctor ➊Month ago

    Jesse just too good of a cook

  59. Josh Roth

    Josh RothMonth ago

    Yo where tf is the mafia

  60. Kristin Hall

    Kristin HallMonth ago

    Zacks nickname is Maine cheese from now on

  61. Qdizzle _6

    Qdizzle _6Month ago


  62. atr_tazerz

    atr_tazerzMonth ago

    1:36 im dead 💀💀😭

  63. LC17

    LC17Month ago

    Big shirt jiedel or... INIVATIVE JIEDEL!!!

  64. RudyySZN

    RudyySZNMonth ago

    Kris- "Microwave gang stand tf up" had me dying

  65. WsO Babies

    WsO BabiesMonth ago

    Something is wrong with 2hype

  66. Griffo

    GriffoMonth ago

    Sidemen Vs 2Hype 7v7 Cook off with Gordon Ramsey’s as host and judge

  67. Baday

    BadayMonth ago

    @Thomas Phan yeah me too cuz the do not cook what so ever lmaoo

  68. Thomas Phan

    Thomas PhanMonth ago

    Even tho sidemen my favorite I think 2hype got the W

  69. Seize

    SeizeMonth ago

    That would be the best collab ever

  70. Tyris Jones

    Tyris JonesMonth ago

    I couldn’t cook with that many people in the kitchen 😂

  71. Jerry Reyes

    Jerry ReyesMonth ago

    I’m high as fuck watching this and all they’re meals got me hungry asf

  72. Capitalizing On Dumb Money

    Capitalizing On Dumb MoneyMonth ago

    Mitchell looks like that lazy coworker everybody hates

  73. JbloomYT

    JbloomYTMonth ago

    Bro finally Zach did not win won

  74. Terrence Veal

    Terrence VealMonth ago

    I’ve watched 15:30 so many times, LSK is gold 😭😭

  75. Tj Twizzler

    Tj TwizzlerMonth ago

    I’d like to be the new 2hype chef I’m ten years old and I’ve been cooking for 5 years. This video hurt me inside. If I were them I’d cook the green beans in a skillet with some salt and pepper, then I’d cook the ground turkey with some parsley thyme salt and pepper. After I would boil the macaroni add a six cheese blend mix it then put in a glass pan set, cover with Pablo breadcrumbs crushed club crackers and some more cheese. Next I would cook the stuffing, then take the turkey off. I would take the macaroni out after 35 to 45 minutes. And done an amazing thanksgiving style meal with limited ingredients.

  76. Uptralz

    UptralzMonth ago

    You guys should add flight to one of these that would be amazing

  77. Gutta Gutta

    Gutta GuttaMonth ago

    Wtf how don’t jesse know how to cook ground beef I literally started cooking at 5 I’m 19 now💯


    BALLIN NBAMonth ago

    These boyz wild-BALLIN NBA On USlikes bless 2Hype

  79. Kudos

    KudosMonth ago

    All fun in games till @Gordon Ramsey reacts to this

  80. jermaine jackson

    jermaine jacksonMonth ago

    2hype takes a cooking class

  81. Raquan Pearson

    Raquan PearsonMonth ago

    Why does jiedel look like Larry bird

  82. Sightx

    SightxMonth ago


  83. X3D Zion

    X3D ZionMonth ago

    Zach should’ve won

  84. True Alpha

    True AlphaMonth ago

    If Jesser served me that I would literally Fight him 😂

  85. Tyree Johnson

    Tyree JohnsonMonth ago

    Yah too old to not know how to cook smh

  86. Wo Tang

    Wo TangMonth ago

    Zack try hard at everything

  87. Nicholas Astafiev-Holmes

    Nicholas Astafiev-HolmesMonth ago

    mitchells voice crack

  88. Alonzo Banford

    Alonzo BanfordMonth ago

    Dawg kris stirring the eggs with a spatula😂

  89. Xavier Romero

    Xavier RomeroMonth ago

    Did moochy say the n word

  90. it’s Lil Cheetah

    it’s Lil CheetahMonth ago

    "Kris's dish isn't visually pleasing....but it looks good" Jiedel 2020

  91. Iced Out Wall

    Iced Out WallMonth ago

    Jeidel: kris’s meal doesnt look visualy pleasing but i looks pretty tasty

  92. Eric Chege

    Eric ChegeMonth ago

    Microwave gang talk to me but talk to me niceeeeee

  93. Tyler Doney

    Tyler DoneyMonth ago

    #MicrowaveGang👌🏽🔥Stand the Fucc Up!! Let's goo Kris👌🏽🔥

  94. Max Films

    Max FilmsMonth ago

    Microwave gang

  95. Eric Chege

    Eric ChegeMonth ago

    Thank god moochie ain’t cooking cause 🥴

  96. Eric Chege

    Eric ChegeMonth ago

    Ground turkey really

  97. Nuke 2025

    Nuke 2025Month ago

    Anyone else hate it win kris wins like it just frustrates me idk why

  98. Finnian Scullion

    Finnian ScullionMonth ago

    Jiedel: “ I am proud of you kris” Kris: “ Thank you microwave gang stand the Fuck up” 😂😂😂😂😂

  99. j a m e s

    j a m e sMonth ago

    my guy zack seems too old to drink

  100. Adriel Israel Smith

    Adriel Israel SmithMonth ago

    no one killua is at 10:35

  101. Aeon Bamf

    Aeon BamfMonth ago

    I forget Mitchell is over 21

  102. laquez GamingOP

    laquez GamingOPMonth ago

    Where’s chef o nasty:(

  103. Joshua Alvarado

    Joshua AlvaradoMonth ago

    What happened to mopie??

  104. Athens Piechowicz

    Athens PiechowiczMonth ago

    Mitchell and james I to dislike green beans so I can relate

  105. Papa_Dre

    Papa_DreMonth ago

    10:57 “it’s not visually appealing but looks very tasty”