We Caught a SEA MONSTER!!

In this episode of BlacktipH, Capt. Jason Boyll and myself catch a sea monster from the depths, a giant Warsaw Grouper, one of the rarest deep water groupers in Florida. This mysterious grouper species lives in very deep water and can grow larger than 500lbs! We found this grouper at a legendary place in the Gulf of Mexico called Pulley Ridge. Over the past three years, Jason and I traveled more than 1000 nautical miles to find one of these giants in the Gulf of Mexico. The grouper in this video was so massive that four grown men struggled to lift it!
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MASSIVE Queen Snappers and a Giant Hammerhead:


  1. Foreel Fishing

    Foreel Fishing20 days ago

    When I thought that blacktiph couldn’t catch bigger fish from the ocean... and here we are!

  2. Gii

    Gii4 days ago

    Check their live stream from today TOTAL clickbait

  3. Zain Zaid

    Zain Zaid12 days ago

    Me too

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    danialdi16 days ago

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    DALAGAN MANCING17 days ago

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  6. King bob 122

    King bob 12217 days ago

    That’s what was thinking too I thought that was the biggest fish out there

  7. ilocano adventurer channel

    ilocano adventurer channel10 hours ago

    Sir i whan new rod please

  8. Reinhard Krüger

    Reinhard Krüger15 hours ago

    It definitely won’t fit in the cooler

  9. Mikey Menser

    Mikey Menser16 hours ago

    How much did you pay for the rod and reel alone?

  10. Katrina Phillips

    Katrina Phillips20 hours ago

    catch and reliease?

  11. It’smarli Maldonado

    It’smarli MaldonadoDay ago

    I love how he just keeps laughing 😂

  12. Blake Mahley

    Blake MahleyDay ago


  13. Refan GL

    Refan GLDay ago

    Fish heaven

  14. Colton Silva

    Colton SilvaDay ago


  15. Colton Silva

    Colton SilvaDay ago

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    Colton SilvaDay ago


  17. Tezcan YAVUZ

    Tezcan YAVUZDay ago

    Excellant thanks you

  18. A A

    A A2 days ago

    Extremely awesome Good Job guys God bless you you fight it and you are the winners I love you BLACKTIPH FROM MOROCCO🇲🇦 WITH THUMBS UPS 👍👍👍👍👍

  19. Robert Brindley

    Robert Brindley2 days ago

    Your in my backyard buddy off the Caloosa

  20. Just Jets

    Just Jets2 days ago

    I thought this was clickbait at first but I gave it a chance. Boy I was wrong...

  21. 62cripple

    62cripple2 days ago

    Pretty sad....nice fish.....

  22. Rueben Harris

    Rueben Harris2 days ago


  23. Luke Henry

    Luke Henry2 days ago

    Haha when they finally get the fish in the boat: *slap da fish* 😆

  24. Amanda Buxton

    Amanda Buxton2 days ago

    He is problom dead by now

  25. Amanda Buxton

    Amanda Buxton2 days ago

    Just start aggressively hitting the fish animal abuse lol

  26. CradlePen

    CradlePen3 days ago

    How can a fishs' jaw hold up soo much weight when been carried?

  27. auzcan

    auzcan3 days ago


  28. Endy 8Ball

    Endy 8Ball3 days ago

    Why on earth, for a fish that was mentioned a couple times to being so rare, wasn’t it released? Catch and release to keep the population growing. I’m a angler, but that was sad to watch for such an incredible fish.

  29. Matt Standage

    Matt Standage3 days ago

    It was dead. Being pulled from that depth expands everything with air in it

  30. Abu Bakr Rashid

    Abu Bakr Rashid3 days ago

    You have just surprised me by catching this fish omg

  31. Ty H

    Ty H3 days ago

    not gonna fit

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  33. Reed Collins

    Reed Collins3 days ago

    This looks like such a good time

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    Kev Ant3 days ago

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  35. Felipe

    Felipe3 days ago

    Why did you kill It! Wtf

  36. Om Dut

    Om Dut3 days ago

    Ferry good

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    Tyler Delapaz3 days ago

    He big one

  38. jermaine hill

    jermaine hill4 days ago

    I thought it was 300lb

  39. ThatGuyTy FTW

    ThatGuyTy FTW4 days ago

    This might look super cool to everyone non educated but just to let you know he caught an extremely endangered species and kept it it might be the last 100 of them 🤦🏾‍♂️

  40. Lord Jeffery

    Lord Jeffery2 days ago

    @Tru Sinistre they actually are critically endangered but they no longer have protection so now they can be fished for and eaten

  41. Tru Sinistre

    Tru Sinistre3 days ago

    sorry but you're wrong. warsaw are not even threatened

  42. Keith Woods

    Keith Woods4 days ago

    i would have been really impressed if it was released alive....

  43. Matt Standage

    Matt Standage3 days ago

    Cant when their fished from that far they die no matter what

  44. NikosAndrianos

    NikosAndrianos4 days ago

    I thought that this was an endangered species

  45. NikosAndrianos

    NikosAndrianosDay ago

    @Adam Friend so with the new sonars these “monsters” don’t have a chance

  46. Adam Friend

    Adam Friend3 days ago

    it is

  47. elenakonsta

    elenakonsta4 days ago

    I think 300

  48. Ide Gas

    Ide Gas4 days ago

    Ide gas

  49. Jonathan Park

    Jonathan Park4 days ago

    So cool watching you kill a critically endangered species.

  50. WHATdaFUNK123

    WHATdaFUNK1234 days ago

    @5:00 what’s up with its guts already out ? Did you hook it’s insides ? And was it dead when you were bringing it in ??? Not on some vegan stuff but I’ve only seen bluegill and trout and know those things can be deadly with its spines but what a catch ! Also we have really big carp out in the Chicago/Indiana lakes that are like 3-5 long and look about 30+ pounds it’s be cool if you set up a camper and went on a road to small/ local lakes and take them on.

  51. Justin Brown

    Justin Brown4 days ago


  52. JB Mafija

    JB Mafija5 days ago

    "Warsaw" Its a Poland city 😶

  53. Matt Standage

    Matt Standage3 days ago

    And a missouri town lol

  54. Charles Woodbury

    Charles Woodbury5 days ago

    That's a hell of a fish he's hot to go at least 300 lbs

  55. Zach Steward

    Zach Steward5 days ago

    Jesus loves you.

  56. Tom Orme

    Tom Orme5 days ago

    Warsaw grouper - critically endangered, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. When there are no more, blame these guys.

  57. Where’s Sado

    Where’s Sado10 hours ago

    @Tom Orme that was 10 years ago buddy

  58. Tom Orme

    Tom OrmeDay ago

    @ChinoBandito Not true. Show your evidence. The IUCN says critically endangered, the NOAA says threatened. If you're not sure, err on side of "critically endangered."

  59. ChinoBandito

    ChinoBandito2 days ago

    They arent critically endangered theyre listed as not threatened.

  60. Tom Orme

    Tom Orme5 days ago

    Okay, what are you going to do with it? It would be neat to show people eating that fish, and what you're doing to make sure that species exists in healthy populations and ensuring the species is not shrinking in size because only the larger ones are killed by fishing. Please feel free to send links and info on that.

  61. Kaylin Goberdhan

    Kaylin Goberdhan5 days ago

    I thought that kind is grouper is endangered ?! yes it is i just searched it up EXPLAIN NOW

  62. Nidal Ali

    Nidal Ali5 days ago


  63. L2CB9

    L2CB95 days ago

    6:08 why do you guys punch the fish? The individual is alive

  64. haydengamz

    haydengamz5 days ago

    I love the fish bro but when it got in the boat jason tried to flex his musisuls but he didnt even chach the fish

  65. Rich Wood

    Rich Wood5 days ago

    I would be embarrassed if myself and three friends couldn't lift 300 pounds.

  66. Sp4rkx

    Sp4rkx3 days ago

    its very hard to lift that much weight straight up when you using a pole like that

  67. Steven Kitajima

    Steven Kitajima5 days ago

    I don't think saying "get him" times is going to help catch a fish

  68. Benjamin Bruce

    Benjamin Bruce5 days ago

    I didn't comment but i was honest to god saying 294. I thought it stopped at 290 for a quick sec tho.

  69. Eddie

    Eddie6 days ago

    Someone clarify for Me, as I have zero experience deep sea fishing. After this fish reaches a certain depth, his air bladder expands and he shoots to the surface like a cork?

  70. Vincent Connolly

    Vincent Connolly6 days ago


  71. JayGifted

    JayGifted6 days ago


  72. JayGifted

    JayGifted6 days ago

    It will

  73. pedro cortez

    pedro cortez6 days ago

    imagine the pain it went through as its insides were ripped out through its mouth

  74. KidRUmas

    KidRUmas6 days ago

    Why couldn't you just catch and release? Fish are becoming endangered due to overfishing, pollution, habitat loss, and climate change. There was no need to catch and cook. Hope she tasted good, I guarantee you felt some guilt...and you should.

  75. Bo Pitbull

    Bo Pitbull6 days ago

    For men in good condition can barely get it aboard what a beast

  76. Pat S

    Pat S6 days ago

    the dude giggling in the back ground need to pipe down

  77. Ethan Scott

    Ethan Scott6 days ago

    The fillets would barely fit in that cooler

  78. matycee

    matycee6 days ago

    you chuckleheads are waaaay to jacked about this. it's almost obscene and you'll never, ever be able to fathom why. fathom... see what I did there? and yeah, i hug trees

  79. Darius Wright

    Darius Wright6 days ago

    Darius wright Newton falls Ohio 💙💙💙💙💙💙

  80. MyNameIsNobody UwU

    MyNameIsNobody UwU6 days ago

    *Casually Slaps The Fish*

  81. Derek StGermain

    Derek StGermain6 days ago

    I think its 244

  82. Whiskey Actual

    Whiskey Actual6 days ago

    What type of boat is that? It's gorgeous

  83. Muhammad Saad

    Muhammad Saad6 days ago

    Big one Monster fish

  84. Parker Nicholas

    Parker Nicholas6 days ago

    Catch and release Richards

  85. Orion Walker

    Orion Walker6 days ago


  86. S160 2jayZee

    S160 2jayZee6 days ago

    5:00 min did its guts come out due to pressure change??

  87. Christian Frost

    Christian Frost4 days ago


  88. Jackson Burns

    Jackson Burns7 days ago


  89. Jackson Burns

    Jackson Burns7 days ago

    265 lb

  90. Lucien Vandegaart

    Lucien Vandegaart7 days ago

    What a blast. Glad noone got stuck from his swords. Jason seems like the funnest bro to get you there I can only imagine being there trip of a life time. Glad you could film it. That's the most positive fun filming I've seen in a long time. Bet he kicked you butts you didn't feel for a few days. Took some bone and muscle and youth in a quad and tractor to get it to the oven. Couldn't be happier for you folks. That's a bunch for sharing you experience of a lifetime. I would of had a heart attack at 69 years old. The blast of fishing lol for the happiness and joy. What a toad

  91. BlacktipH

    BlacktipH7 days ago

    Thanks buddy for the kind words! 🙏

  92. Dustin McDonald

    Dustin McDonald7 days ago

    What was coming out of the fishes mouth?

  93. Gunner Waldmann

    Gunner Waldmann7 days ago

    That would be NOOOO..

  94. Moises Sidauy Romano

    Moises Sidauy Romano7 days ago

    no you are not going to fit it in the cooler congrats josh

  95. bidoof -

    bidoof -7 days ago

    Imagine trying to hand line a Warsaw Grouper lol

  96. The Jace Ramdass

    The Jace Ramdass8 days ago

    Yes it will fit

  97. Yohancee Santiago

    Yohancee Santiago8 days ago


  98. Opkitt Katt

    Opkitt Katt8 days ago

    The fish is giant!!!

  99. Opkitt Katt

    Opkitt Katt8 days ago

    I loved you video!!!

  100. Sarah Williams

    Sarah Williams8 days ago

    I wasn’t closep

  101. Sarah Williams

    Sarah Williams8 days ago


  102. Ramzi Harun

    Ramzi Harun8 days ago

    This killing of exotic fish is not necessary.....is not that we are shortage of food!!

  103. Sea Shift

    Sea Shift8 days ago

    I wonder how old that fish was ?

  104. HappyMeal3177 bdjdjhfjdjs

    HappyMeal3177 bdjdjhfjdjs8 days ago

    7:43 me talking sometimes

  105. HappyMeal3177 bdjdjhfjdjs

    HappyMeal3177 bdjdjhfjdjs8 days ago

    I looooove you guys

  106. Chris Mas

    Chris Mas8 days ago

    Who makes that rod. That thing should have broke.

  107. Zynoveous Prime118

    Zynoveous Prime1188 days ago

    What was that pink thing coming out of the grouper? What that it's intestines? o.o

  108. Robert Crusader

    Robert Crusader9 days ago

    This catch is FAKE and STAGED. That fish was caught by someone else and just hooked on this line to reel in. Notice there is no activity by the fish as it is being photographed.

  109. BlacktipH

    BlacktipH7 days ago

    All of our fish are CGI 🤫

  110. Clive Narrsingh

    Clive Narrsingh9 days ago

    About 255

  111. Clive Narrsingh

    Clive Narrsingh9 days ago


  112. Amelie Kappes

    Amelie Kappes9 days ago

    I stand corrected

  113. Amelie Kappes

    Amelie Kappes9 days ago

    heck naw it won't fit you'll have to cut it up

  114. Hang Hang

    Hang Hang9 days ago


  115. Mel Wilson

    Mel Wilson9 days ago


  116. Chin Kevin

    Chin Kevin9 days ago

    So much better watching with 2160p😀

  117. Don Cale

    Don Cale9 days ago

    Reach back and slap that motormouth idiot and concentrate on the fish.

  118. NtheKnife318

    NtheKnife3189 days ago

    It’s a shame that you can’t catch and release fish like this. I understand that they would die just from being brought to the surface. That thing is probably 30 years old. The sport of catching something like that would be enough for me.

  119. Aerick Hendrix

    Aerick Hendrix9 days ago

    Here from lojos podcast