Luna & Venza. Leopard & Rottweiler. Cats vs dogs

Dog and cat friendship. Black Leopard and Rotweiller playing in snow.
#Shorts #Leopard #Rottweiler


  1. robyn vasquez28

    robyn vasquez2812 minutes ago


  2. BakedandHectic

    BakedandHectic16 minutes ago

    I can relate sometimes they just come up and sit on your face they could atleast start a conversation first.

  3. Deirdre

    Deirdre17 minutes ago

    Somebody please knit them some sweaters.

  4. William Jones

    William Jones17 minutes ago

    About the size of my cat.

  5. Roger Green

    Roger Green22 minutes ago

    "I wonder if that warm balllicker will let me lie down on top of hi...nope. Oh well"

  6. PR FOX

    PR FOX29 minutes ago


  7. Дмитрий Беляев

    Дмитрий Беляев35 minutes ago

    Это шок друзья

  8. Samuel Elizondo

    Samuel Elizondo41 minute ago

    Teh fuq man!? Dass mah spines! -Rottweiler

  9. Shivang Verma

    Shivang Verma47 minutes ago


  10. Kari Gagnor

    Kari Gagnor49 minutes ago

    My goodness people it's a post about cute animals getting along why can't we for crying out loud! Stop the BS has nothing to do with what u are arguing about!

  11. Lloyd Joseph

    Lloyd JosephHour ago

    good vedio (support my little girl thanks)

  12. Egghead1818

    Egghead1818Hour ago

    There ain't no versus in this video, and I love it.

  13. Julien Bosquet

    Julien BosquetHour ago


  14. Gibbz Cpt

    Gibbz CptHour ago

    Imagine walking down the street with a leopard and a Rottweiler #Boss

  15. Jane Sutcliffe

    Jane SutcliffeHour ago


  16. Beidou Mihoyo

    Beidou MihoyoHour ago

    Leopard: *It's over Rottie! I have the high ground!*

  17. stan baird

    stan bairdHour ago

    I love cocaine 😜

  18. Guy Incognito

    Guy IncognitoHour ago

    Now that's a friendship that would've never happened in the wild, that was the coolest thing ever

  19. William Hartley

    William HartleyHour ago

    Snow leopard wardrobe fail

  20. Akosk Original

    Akosk OriginalHour ago

    Это где так красиво? Что за место?

  21. Jackson Five

    Jackson FiveHour ago


  22. Chico from Ph33nix

    Chico from Ph33nixHour ago

    That's a small ass rot

  23. bismark umbili

    bismark umbiliHour ago

    What's the name of that leopard?

  24. Desert Fox channel

    Desert Fox channel2 hours ago

    Why does it feel like we should be blaming Karel Baskin for this🤣

  25. Purpify

    Purpify2 hours ago


  26. NamelessTomb Productions

    NamelessTomb Productions2 hours ago

    Imagine that wild animals became domestic pets

  27. Real Antagonist

    Real Antagonist2 hours ago

    Ugh! This rock moves too much when I am trying to view the landscape. Stupid rock!

  28. Kay Gee

    Kay Gee2 hours ago

    That dog will be a meal one day.

  29. rotaryskratch

    rotaryskratch2 hours ago

    We just gonna ignore that nonchalant butt-sniffery?

  30. Silent Dhumuha

    Silent Dhumuha2 hours ago


  31. ComeAtMeBro

    ComeAtMeBro2 hours ago



    KAARL TRAVELSTEAD2 hours ago


  33. Scott’s Property Services

    Scott’s Property Services2 hours ago

    Rottweiler : did you smell the arse on that thing??😳

  34. shivam tiwari

    shivam tiwari2 hours ago

    Smells a$$ LMFAO

  35. Diffy 1991

    Diffy 19912 hours ago

    I just want to know where this is. It's beautiful

  36. DebiB62

    DebiB622 hours ago

    That would NOT be a leopard. Leopards have SPOTS. Panthers are black. Plus if that's a panther then it's quite young.

  37. Çрыч Møрдыч

    Çрыч Møрдыч50 minutes ago

    Panthers its a genus of felidae. He have lion jaguar tiger leopard. Black panthers its a melanistic jaguar or melanistic leopard. Luna have a spots - on 0:12

  38. Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat2 hours ago

    That leopards tail was so fluffy!!

  39. EveilNocturne

    EveilNocturne3 hours ago

    Where is it ?

  40. Nik Koss

    Nik Koss3 hours ago

    Black Amur leopard...? Amazing.....

  41. Елена Белова

    Елена Белова3 hours ago

    Какая красота.

  42. Christian York

    Christian York3 hours ago

    Dogs like wtf just happened? Leapord " I let you live..."

  43. I E

    I E3 hours ago

    зато под хвостом успел понюхать..

  44. Patrick Hall

    Patrick Hall3 hours ago

    Although it's domesticated it's outside and can go as it pleases. So one day if it's wild instincts kick in instead of them being in a house and attacking it's owner and go off and live its life usually doesn't happen but the cat has that choice personally I would prefer the company and having a dog as a friend.

  45. Jeff Hotaling II

    Jeff Hotaling II3 hours ago

    the lake is beautiful


    P3GASUS SAINT3 hours ago

    Straight up showing who’s the alpha😂

  47. Switchcraft 1

    Switchcraft 13 hours ago

    Majestic .

  48. RJ Simbulan

    RJ Simbulan3 hours ago

    one day he'll kill your dog out of instinct

  49. U731 Poochie

    U731 Poochie3 hours ago

    That’s amazing! You have something so special to witness!

  50. Rado 2A

    Rado 2A3 hours ago

    How is that dog so relaxed while laying in that freezing snow? Lol

  51. Chad Leedy

    Chad Leedy3 hours ago

    I'm getting a Ghost of Tsushima vibe with this scenery.

  52. Freedom Of Speech

    Freedom Of Speech3 hours ago

    All that space and he just had to flex his muscles. 😂

  53. Daniel Diaz

    Daniel Diaz3 hours ago

    Dog was digging for gold. Lmao 😂

  54. Air the Bear

    Air the Bear3 hours ago

    Who's life is this?

  55. Gypsy Bankrollz

    Gypsy Bankrollz4 hours ago

    His sniffs were on point I would say. Checking ain’t cheating. 😂

  56. Ribeye

    Ribeye4 hours ago

    What the hell!! That’s rad!!

  57. Connie Rods

    Connie Rods4 hours ago

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  58. RDGZ Unleashed

    RDGZ Unleashed4 hours ago

    Isn't that a panther. Guess who went to Hobbs high school

  59. Kris Shaw

    Kris Shaw4 hours ago


  60. Nicolas Arias

    Nicolas Arias4 hours ago

    Very nice

  61. gtfobuddy21

    gtfobuddy214 hours ago

    Dear diary, this is my 8th winter with the human im perfecting my craft next year snow will be red.

  62. Feedstraydogg

    Feedstraydogg4 hours ago

    Send me a baby??

  63. Orvile Knox

    Orvile Knox4 hours ago

    What?... Ok

  64. Daniel Bonilla

    Daniel Bonilla4 hours ago

    Were do live for free.

  65. STU377

    STU3774 hours ago


  66. Justin B

    Justin B4 hours ago

    The cat is like i finally found something the dog is useful for. Something to stand on while i view my kingdom

  67. micketkeong

    micketkeong5 hours ago

    Dog: I will bite you Leopard: I will eat you

  68. conservative_bts_army

    conservative_bts_army5 hours ago

    Everyone: sees big cat and dog and lots of snow Me: "Wow, wish I had that view outside my house"

  69. Mushmann

    Mushmann5 hours ago

    Leopard be like: Iam just gonna stand on you for a second

  70. musically high

    musically high5 hours ago

    Wow that scenery is beautiful

  71. Steve Regal

    Steve Regal5 hours ago

    What the shit ?

  72. Jeremy Cooper

    Jeremy Cooper5 hours ago

    In those circumstances the dog would be fucked

  73. Dylan Payne

    Dylan Payne5 hours ago

    Rottweiler would tear that ass up let’s be honest

  74. Ольга Степ

    Ольга Степ5 hours ago


  75. Florida Swamp

    Florida Swamp5 hours ago

    A black puma ?

  76. Mr. SelfDestruct

    Mr. SelfDestruct5 hours ago

    Ahhhh that tail !!!! I wouldn’t stop petting!!!!

  77. Robin

    Robin5 hours ago

    Man you got the best life

  78. Mike Film_마익필름

    Mike Film_마익필름5 hours ago

    Excellent photography..

  79. David Singleton

    David Singleton5 hours ago

    Where the hell do you get a leopard from

  80. Gregory Burris

    Gregory Burris5 hours ago

    Beautiful scenery

  81. Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson5 hours ago

    Where are they??? The location is so awesome

  82. Rexini Kobalt

    Rexini Kobalt5 hours ago

    russian mafia? russian mafia.

  83. Totti Brooklyn

    Totti Brooklyn6 hours ago

    Beautiful 🇲🇦🥰🇺🇸

  84. Seamus Warren

    Seamus Warren6 hours ago

    Beautiful landscape!

  85. luis martinez

    luis martinez6 hours ago

    Its trying to get the dog to cuddle with it do they can warm up. Cats will walk entwined during extreme colds.

  86. Javier Lopez

    Javier Lopez6 hours ago

    Where is this place?

  87. Eli

    Eli6 hours ago

    The dog's like "bruh can you not"

  88. POWER

    POWER6 hours ago


  89. Edwin Taylor

    Edwin Taylor6 hours ago

    Beautiful cat Where did you get the permit and the cat????? Admirers need to know

  90. Spider 2 Y Banana

    Spider 2 Y Banana6 hours ago

    What a view!

  91. HumbabaStudios

    HumbabaStudios6 hours ago

    The size and weight of that tail is INSANE

  92. พัชรินทร์ ไชยเดช

    พัชรินทร์ ไชยเดช6 hours ago


  93. Enrique Sánchez Robles xd

    Enrique Sánchez Robles xd6 hours ago

    Pantera de las nieves :0

  94. Donegal62

    Donegal627 hours ago

    😂😂 leopard uses rottie to get a better view. 😂😂

  95. B Thys

    B Thys7 hours ago

    Something about black animals and white snow is just very nice to look at.

  96. beld capristo

    beld capristo7 hours ago

    I've never seen a leopard so fluffy has it grown a winter coat ?

  97. Brandi

    Brandi7 hours ago

    Thanks for the step... I can see much better!🤣🤣🤣

  98. Lee Brewer

    Lee Brewer7 hours ago

    Beautiful cat.

  99. Link 24

    Link 247 hours ago

    I didn't know Rottweilers can take such low temps like nothing

  100. Brian King

    Brian King5 hours ago

    They descended from mastiffs that the Romans used to herd cattle over the Alps

  101. D. Cypher

    D. Cypher7 hours ago

    He's like: "...hey don't i know you?" *sniffs butt* *yeah i thought that was you, carry on..." 🤔😳😂😂😂

  102. Rob W

    Rob W7 hours ago

    That scenery is beautiful!!!