Browns vs. Steelers Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2020 Playoffs

The Cleveland Browns take on the Pittsburgh Steelers during Super Wild Card Weekend of the 2020 NFL postseason.
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  1. Hunter schwartz

    Hunter schwartz2 hours ago


  2. Ex-Amor

    Ex-Amor11 hours ago

    I have never seen a team crumble as the Steelers did.

  3. Jordan Bledsoe

    Jordan Bledsoe18 hours ago

    Waz up pit fans don’t jump on my teams nuts cause we whooped your ass in dec then the brownies did as well pit don’t have somethin called competitive stamina

  4. Tom Atkinson

    Tom Atkinson20 hours ago

    Bills Mafia was watching this one and you better believe we had huge grins on our faces watching all these titans fall this year. Browns gunna be a great rival, excited that we get to have the good teams for once. lol

  5. Doc Holiday

    Doc Holiday21 hour ago

    Afte this run, Kevin Stefanski 100% deserved coach of the year

  6. TheUrbanFiles

    TheUrbanFiles22 hours ago

    I love rewatching this


    XCVIRAREDay ago

    As a Steelers fan, I come back to this game from time to time for a slice of some humble pie. Good job, Cleveland.

  8. Nicholas

    Nicholas2 days ago


  9. Dante DiPasquale

    Dante DiPasquale3 days ago


  10. TTV BTW

    TTV BTW3 days ago

    The browns are a inspiration at this point

  11. KSI Olutunji

    KSI Olutunji3 days ago

    Anyone else keep on coming back to this video once in a while lmao

  12. Kadence May

    Kadence May3 days ago

    This is game reminds me of the scene from Spider-Man where Peter beats up the bully at his school

  13. Guts

    Guts3 days ago

    Wonder why this has a high dislike ratio. Lol

  14. Andres Majano

    Andres Majano3 days ago

    As a ravens fan I love seeing the Steelers suffer

  15. No name

    No name4 days ago

    What was the score in week 5

  16. bbc bbc

    bbc bbc4 days ago

    What did the Steelers ate 4 bfast.

  17. Ethan Playz

    Ethan Playz5 days ago

    As a bengals fan... This was beautiful to watch. Thank you Cleveland.

  18. Fanetø

    Fanetø5 days ago

    What if I told you 3 years ago the browns dropped 28 on the steelers in the first quarter

  19. Ethan

    Ethan5 days ago

    Any other Browns fans out there like me that like to come back here and take in the moment?

  20. Mawile M

    Mawile M4 days ago

    This was the best win in franchise history. While the Chiefs got smacked in the Super Bowl, the Browns got the most satisfying win of ANY team for a long time. Only the Buccaneers can argue this

  21. Perry Ellis

    Perry Ellis6 days ago

    Tell me again why the Steelers are even thinking about bringing Ben back for 2021 after seeing this and his last 5 games???🤔

  22. John Bruce

    John Bruce6 days ago

    Steelers are no longer a great football team. They were the most mediocre 12-4 team I've ever seen. The Steelers used to pride themselves on Defense. When is the last time the Steelers D won a playoff game? When's the last time the D even showed up in a playoff game? TJ Watt is a great young talent. He's not dominant. Neither is Heyward or Fitzpatrick. It used to be you were punished if you tried to run on the Steelers. From Earl Campbell, to Barry Sanders to Ladanian Thomlinson. You were punished. Those days are long gone. Of every team that made the playoffs in 2020, the Steelers had the worst defense I saw on the field. In 2002, the last time the Steelers played the Brown in the playoffs and won, that Steelers D must have been on the field for 40 minutes. Today Steelers fans cry if the D is on the field for more than 32 minutes. They were exhausted! They're having to do everything! The Steelers defense is overrated. Period. I don't care how many games in a row they have a sack in. It reminds me of AB in the Burgh and his streak of games with 5 catches. Because who cares about Championships anymore? We've got a streak going! 5 catches turned into no losing seasons and sack streaks! The last two Steelers games without a sack? Both playoff games. Both at home. Both blowouts. Both losses. Hundreds of excuses.

  23. BIG Wocky

    BIG Wocky6 days ago

    The most fun post season game to watch

  24. Generic UsernameHere

    Generic UsernameHere7 days ago

    The only thing that would’ve made this better was a pick 6. I refreshed my phone 3 times to see if 28-0 was real

  25. Ger BIl

    Ger BIl7 days ago

    FACTORY OF SADNESS IS OVER BOYS! You can’t get any more Cleveland than a factory shut down!

  26. God is Great

    God is Great8 days ago

    My only regret for this game is that I wasn't in the stands...I became a browns fan when I was 11 and they made the playoffs and we blew a 24-7 lead against the Steelers in this same game...this was like a revenge game for me

  27. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama9 days ago

    I have talked to Steelers fans and they like: wE wOuLd HaVe wOn iF thErE wErE nO iNtErcEptioNs

  28. meatlover101

    meatlover1019 days ago

    Steelers drove out of the playoffs with that corvette corvette

  29. E Music

    E Music10 days ago

    Thank you for making this video, its proof ben got paid

  30. Tyler P

    Tyler P11 days ago

    The cool thing about the Steelers losing to the Browns is that the Browns lost to the Chiefs and the Chiefs lost to the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl. Also the Saints, Bears, Rams, and Chiefs beat the Buccaneers, and the Rams (and Browns) lost to the 2-14 Jets. So I can confirm that the Steelers are the worst team of the 2020 season.

  31. Dayshaun Clayton

    Dayshaun Clayton12 days ago

    The dislikes are from Steelers fans

  32. Mike Timmer

    Mike Timmer12 days ago

    Was watching a movie and like whats the score? I check and like wow this is not close. What quarter? 1ST QUARTER DHSBANAJ

  33. T Brown

    T Brown12 days ago

    Who else is here to bathe in Squealer tears?

  34. Desmond Stewart

    Desmond Stewart12 days ago

    Browns almost blew it... But it was nice

  35. punk rock

    punk rock13 days ago

    the 2nd INT is the fault of the WR. went right thru his hands. 3rd INT didn't amount to any points for the browns. the defeense couldn't stop or even slow down the brown's offense early on

  36. Mealtime Warrior

    Mealtime Warrior13 days ago

    Steelers Week 17: Enjoy your victory, we'll see you next week. Browns the next week: Here we are!

  37. DS_Colbster

    DS_Colbster13 days ago

    To the guy in the comments who said the browns were missing key starters go look at the Steelers defense

  38. Josh89

    Josh8912 days ago

    you mad bro?

  39. DS_Colbster

    DS_Colbster13 days ago

    Why did I decide to watch this again

  40. Inferno1master YT

    Inferno1master YT13 days ago

    The 3k dislikes are the Steelers fans

  41. Ravens forever

    Ravens forever14 days ago

    Squealers fans can brag all they want about how they swept my ravens even though the refs helped them in both games but my ravens won a playoff game and they didn’t 😂😂😂

  42. Ravens forever

    Ravens forever14 days ago

    Squealers fans were talking all that 💩 once they started 11-0 even though they played like 💩 against bad teams and needed the refs to win some of their first 11 games. Then they lose to Washington, the Bills, and then the BUMGALS without Joe Burrow or Joe Mixon lmaooo, then they get a lucky win against the colts (with the refs help), and then they lose to the browns in back to back weeks 😂😂😂

  43. Zen4real fight man

    Zen4real fight man14 days ago

    and I thought the worst of it all was how does the center overthrow a six-foot-five quarterback it's just hilarious

  44. Zen4real fight man

    Zen4real fight man14 days ago

    I was at work and I already checked up on the game and when I saw it 28 to nothing Browns I was like what

  45. diegootter

    diegootter14 days ago

    Is it just me or did Treeter have a mask on in the middle of the game.

  46. diegootter

    diegootter14 days ago

    They kick the 49 yard field goal but punt the at the 39 yard line.

  47. Paradise Angel

    Paradise Angel14 days ago

    As a Browns Fan, I'm glad Pouncey got to play Long Snapper before he retired!

  48. MisfitsFiendClub

    MisfitsFiendClub15 days ago

    Watching that 1st quarter will NEVER get old 😆

  49. Prentice

    Prentice16 days ago

    This is more satisfying than a keg at a strip club Haha I'm lying 🤣🤣

  50. XDrang93

    XDrang9316 days ago

    Last time, the Browns were 0-3 against the Steelers in 2002-03. And now, the Browns went 2-1 against the Steelers in 2020-21.

  51. Jayden Zulhayir

    Jayden Zulhayir17 days ago

    The first full NFL game i ever watched and thats how the first snap of a game i ever seen happened?! Couldnt write it.

  52. Erik

    Erik18 days ago

    Fun fact. The browns have more playoff wins this decade than the Steelers.

  53. Alex The Football Lover

    Alex The Football Lover9 days ago

    No cuz the browns only have 1 and the steelers have more than that

  54. Zoravar Samra

    Zoravar Samra9 days ago

    ummm thats not true

  55. Brennan McKinney

    Brennan McKinney15 days ago

    Plus more playoff wins this century than the Bengals

  56. scott carter

    scott carter18 days ago

    The first quarter was just insane, and shoutout to Urinatingtree for making it so much more entertaining. "THAT'S RIGHT!!!! TWENTY SEVEN TO F*CKIN NOTHIIING!!!! WAY TO GOOO!!!!! GOOD JOOOB!!! CONGRATULATIONS YA F*CKED IT!!!!"

  57. Nick_ Overlord_3

    Nick_ Overlord_319 days ago

    That was fun to watch

  58. Hassan Abanur

    Hassan Abanur19 days ago

    The Pittsburgh Steelers are now the laughing stock of the NFL. May the legacy of failure never abolish Pittsburgh ever again. Amen

  59. Captain Spartan 04

    Captain Spartan 0415 days ago

    Nah that’s the Texans

  60. Joe D

    Joe D19 days ago

    Grown men crying in Cleveland. The best things I’ve seen in Cleveland football in 3 plus decades

  61. dj manning

    dj manning20 days ago

    Greatest night of my fanhood life

  62. The Lamb Sauce

    The Lamb Sauce20 days ago

    Had our way with them. That first quarter ass whooping was a sight to see. Those half rack of teeth Pittsburgh fans can crawl back their hole now

  63. to do

    to do21 day ago

    Honestly I was scared that the Browns would find some way to blow that lead.

  64. Cleveland BCI

    Cleveland BCI22 days ago

    Claypool running his mouth after last touchdown was hilarious😂😂😂😂

  65. Cleveland BCI

    Cleveland BCI22 days ago

    2:11 First non-Steelers lowlight.

  66. Cleveland BCI

    Cleveland BCI22 days ago

    Juju literally just bought a bright orange Corvette.

  67. Tony Ray

    Tony Ray23 days ago

    We Browns need defense, defense, and speed. Take a page from Tampa Bay


    OBNOX IOUS24 days ago

    Super Bowl champion Antonio Brown enters chat

  69. Stephen A Smith

    Stephen A Smith24 days ago

    Stiller football

  70. Bobby DeNezza

    Bobby DeNezza24 days ago

    Steelers beat themselves in this game

  71. Kelly Scott

    Kelly Scott25 days ago

    Go brownes we are GOOD

  72. MikeSG87

    MikeSG8727 days ago

    All it took for juju to get another 100 yard game was a team in prevent defence for 3 quarters and down its 2 best CBs

  73. Tacklecentral Fishing

    Tacklecentral Fishing27 days ago


  74. Sean Stewart Mervin

    Sean Stewart Mervin28 days ago

    how many other browns fans are here watching this for the 50th time

  75. B dog

    B dog14 days ago

    you know it

  76. CancelAnime

    CancelAnime21 day ago

    It never gets old

  77. Gaurav Ghose

    Gaurav Ghose26 days ago


  78. deson tripz

    deson tripz28 days ago

    Come on be honest who really thought the steelers were gonna win🤣🤣 since the score was 35 to 10 I already knew this game was over

  79. Browns 05

    Browns 05Month ago

    Repent Jesus Christ is king and coming

  80. Daniel Perez

    Daniel PerezMonth ago

    If there was no pandemic, people would be leaving the the stadium before the end of the first half. What a fiasco!!!!

  81. CG G

    CG GMonth ago

    I really hope NFL Network eventually uploads the full game as a Browns fan I really want the full game.

  82. vraj shah

    vraj shahMonth ago


  83. Wyatt Becker

    Wyatt BeckerMonth ago

    I could not believe my eyes when this happened. I am not even a Browns fan and this was so incredible to watch

  84. Edward Gaines

    Edward Gaines25 days ago

    Glad to see people still re-watching this bad boy!

  85. Zmay

    ZmayMonth ago

    I like browns

  86. Fuck You

    Fuck YouMonth ago

    Of course the NFL. Assigned this win

  87. Fuck You

    Fuck You26 days ago

    @WilliamNator wrong son I've watched NFL long enough to know you'll figure It out. Entertainment!

  88. WilliamNator

    WilliamNator26 days ago

    The first stage of grief:Denial

  89. ssjennie1

    ssjennie1Month ago

    Big Ben threw for 501 yards in a 48-37 lose wow

  90. Eden Perez

    Eden PerezMonth ago

    Best night in Cleveland browns history since opening night in Cleveland in 99

  91. Brennan McKinney

    Brennan McKinney15 days ago

    Perhaps Week 17 in 2002 is a close second?

  92. oldsouth31

    oldsouth31Month ago

    Jarvis Landry just plays at beast mode.

  93. Ed Crouse

    Ed CrouseMonth ago

    And how many rings do the Browns have compared to how many rings does Roethlisberger by himself as

  94. Ed Crouse

    Ed Crouse29 days ago

    @Chris Macola lmao

  95. dj manning

    dj manningMonth ago

    Since 2010 cle browns are 1-0 vs pittsburgh in the playoffs beat baker in the playoffs then you can talk 😁

  96. Dmeads 56

    Dmeads 56Month ago

    @Chris Macola championships are not the same as super bowls.

  97. Chris Macola

    Chris MacolaMonth ago

    Football did not start at the merger, it started well before that and it took shittsburgh over a decade to match the number of NFL championships Cleveland had at that point (they did not call them super bowls back then), and they still have not matched the overall total number of championships Cleveland has accomplished.

  98. Ed Crouse

    Ed CrouseMonth ago

    Well speaking as a Steeler fan for the last 40 years I can say one thing compare how many playoff rounds the Browns have been in as you how many the Steelers have been to

  99. Europa

    Europa25 days ago

    Living in the past

  100. Mac Damon

    Mac DamonMonth ago

    I guess Tomlin's feeling hella silly for yawning at the dawgpound

  101. jeffs1000

    jeffs1000Month ago

    how embarrassing. The Steelers are almost as embarrassing as Al Michaels.

  102. William Athas

    William AthasMonth ago

    I’m not a browns fan but this was one of my favourite games to watch because of all the trash the Steelers and their fans were talking

  103. Gotcha

    GotchaMonth ago

    Doo Doo Shi#$ Poopster

  104. Jag of Jokester

    Jag of JokesterMonth ago

    Brown's win. Steelers choke

  105. Pepsi Man

    Pepsi ManMonth ago

    I'm going to give one last Corvette Corvette before the super bowl. Steelers you could have had it all.

  106. Nowell Ona

    Nowell OnaMonth ago


  107. ixxgunnerx x

    ixxgunnerx xMonth ago


  108. ixxgunnerx x

    ixxgunnerx xMonth ago

    the stealer where playing good to . sucks tha got unlucky

  109. ixxgunnerx x

    ixxgunnerx xMonth ago

    wtf Happen Pittsburg!!!

  110. Just Driving

    Just DrivingMonth ago

    Benji retire and drink beer old boy 😆

  111. Accelerate TV

    Accelerate TVMonth ago

    We need to see more of Joshua Dobbs on the Steelers offense, it fits today’s play style, Roethlisberger is too old, send him to Indianapolis or Chicago!

  112. isaac madrigal jr

    isaac madrigal jrMonth ago

    0:06 I was so pissed

  113. Sincer

    Sincer24 days ago

    It looked like Steelers wanted them to score

  114. I play piggy God

    I play piggy GodMonth ago

    “The browns is the browns” - Juju smith schuster

  115. Mohamad Ervin

    Mohamad ErvinMonth ago

    Big topic 2021 can Ochocinco or T.O get hired for a Season & what team could use the dynamic duo? Even at their age alone of football fans wanna see veterans do the thought impossible.

  116. mikin lirou

    mikin lirouMonth ago

    I’m not even a Browns fan, but this is so satisfying to watch.

  117. Sooners203

    Sooners203Month ago

    Someone should do the first quarter highlights with Benny hill playing in the background

  118. Natalie Sgro

    Natalie SgroMonth ago

    Can’t have the brownies without the baker😌

  119. minij hooi

    minij hooiMonth ago

    This is the most I’ve ever rooted for a team I’m not a fan of.