I bought a football team and hosted 1on1's to see who would make the team!
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I bought a football team and hosted 1on1's to see who would make the team!


  1. v Not Zae

    v Not Zae2 hours ago

    Check out my Highlights uslikes.info/house/mIWKprKdo5F-o9A/video.html

  2. JordynNoMike

    JordynNoMikeDay ago

    free buffet and number 6 imo

  3. Car Car

    Car CarDay ago

    WR/CB /TE/LB 2025

  4. Chris

    ChrisDay ago

    Just a bunch of holding from these db's lol jeez

  5. why not

    why not2 days ago

    Holding is real when it's comes to white boys Not fair

  6. Carson Child

    Carson Child2 days ago

    How much yall boys think this team cost?

  7. Cristian Alvarez

    Cristian Alvarez3 days ago

    @6:45 looks like he ded

  8. Frankie

    Frankie3 days ago

    If there was a ref you be seeing flags all day and qb be throwing them late balls

  9. Trunkssg ssg

    Trunkssg ssg3 days ago

    I wanna play football but i also wanna box ? I can die in both what should i do 😳

  10. Anthony Rez

    Anthony Rez6 days ago

    Y’all better start looking for some new dudes to throw the ball..

  11. Darrius Willis

    Darrius Willis6 days ago

    I Wanna Play


    JOHN DOE DA GREAT7 days ago


  13. Nemo Nemo

    Nemo Nemo7 days ago

    6:47 we ain’t gon talk about how the receiver looks paralyzed

  14. Korey Griffith

    Korey Griffith7 days ago

    God bless you all

  15. Coty Allers

    Coty Allers7 days ago

    yo lmao we all just gonna skip over bro who almost breaking his neck

  16. Bryson Jones

    Bryson Jones9 days ago

    dog if you dont get #6 you trippin

  17. Brady Ragan ;b

    Brady Ragan ;b10 days ago

    most them dbs just throwin hands and holding there was not many of them thta just out skilled or hussled the receiver

  18. SPLXSH7 FN

    SPLXSH7 FN11 days ago

    The person who gets the best workout it the camera man

  19. Axis pumpz

    Axis pumpz11 days ago

    I wanna join but I'm only 10

  20. cj lyons

    cj lyons12 days ago

    db’s are garbage

  21. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob12 days ago

    6 is a good receiver I say add him to the list

  22. T Diddly

    T Diddly13 days ago

    #12 was getting babied

  23. Seth Pruitt

    Seth Pruitt13 days ago

    “ he ain’t have no time on his phone and said 4.7” 😂😂😂😂😂😂sounds like sum a football coach would do

  24. victor segarra

    victor segarra16 days ago

    number 6 my boy

  25. Abel Herrera

    Abel Herrera17 days ago

    Idk bro that tryout was sus. QBs were throwin garbage and the DB’s was holdin a lot🤣

  26. Zerpex FC

    Zerpex FC17 days ago

    QB's were hella sorry, but 6 and green pants were shitting on everyone

  27. reoN

    reoN17 days ago

    QB's where selling


    PHANTOM SLAYER17 days ago

    Sorry d no matter what you do you gonna get zapped!!!

  29. marck99

    marck9917 days ago

    My boy jakobie was out there

  30. Vashonne Hemingway

    Vashonne Hemingway17 days ago

    Man those DBs are holding every route not impressed at all!!!! and the qbs were off lol

  31. geoditt42

    geoditt4218 days ago

    I guess Defensive Pass interference or Defensive Holding isn't a thing lol

  32. ALg Liiko

    ALg Liiko18 days ago

    Whoever throwing it trash

  33. Jay Miller

    Jay Miller18 days ago

    I didn’t see one DB 🤷🏽‍♂️


    BQUIETNOW YMCM19 days ago


  35. Jaquan Johnson

    Jaquan Johnson19 days ago

    Who tf be throwing the ball my man throwing ducks they wide open he throw late or under throw them


    BQUIETNOW YMCM19 days ago

    I did review my highlights for a beast of a D LEFT TACKLE


    BQUIETNOW YMCM19 days ago

    U used to play 2A Football my highlights are crispin salinas 3 of chilton highschool i was a D. END but my 40 4.9 secs at 245

  38. Demetrius Hines

    Demetrius Hines20 days ago

    The QB trashhhhh

  39. Treydonte Hill

    Treydonte Hill20 days ago

    Flash1️⃣4️⃣⚡️ in the lime green... fastest person there !! 😤🤧

  40. Carson Prewett

    Carson Prewett20 days ago

    44 was crazy

  41. Alec Hughes

    Alec Hughes20 days ago

    Never buy this guys merch btw random but I bought a sweater in November 2020 its April 2021 and my order doesn't even exist anymore apparently. Thanks for stealing my 86 canadian dollars.

  42. Liyah and You

    Liyah and You21 day ago

    I love ya D man but these boys trash😂😂

  43. ymetjuh

    ymetjuh21 day ago


  44. Camden Harris

    Camden Harris21 day ago

    6 and 44 on off

  45. YGB TrillPat

    YGB TrillPat21 day ago

    6 dat nigga a different breed 🐕💪🏾

  46. Fggft Dfgff

    Fggft Dfgff22 days ago

    He was not on him. He literally held his jersey.

  47. Chopperz Broz

    Chopperz Broz22 days ago

    everyone with the red

  48. C nation Rah boogie

    C nation Rah boogie22 days ago

    Penitentiary football 🤣

  49. TheShowOut TripzTv

    TheShowOut TripzTv22 days ago

    Dog........ All this holding defense is terrible as hell

  50. Rashod Reed

    Rashod Reed22 days ago

    Bro all these dudes suck like I ain't never seen this much holding in my life 🤦🏾‍♂️, this is part of the reason I don't really like football like I used to

  51. FeArDrIp

    FeArDrIp22 days ago

    They was holding a video

  52. Kandyee Smith

    Kandyee Smith23 days ago

    Where at ??

  53. Miguel Lopez

    Miguel Lopez23 days ago

    Destroying I will route you up no cap I’m bout mine I’m in la puente California hmu for more info

  54. Kelly Coleman Jr.

    Kelly Coleman Jr.23 days ago

    So the QB's were selling like crazy, the DB's were holding like crazy, and that dude got messed up just for Dee to say "TeN DoLlAr MoVe, FiVe CeNt FiNiSh"

  55. Corte7

    Corte723 days ago

    Number 6 and black Beanie are legit black Beanie could have had hella catches but he wanted to catch a body

  56. Corte7

    Corte723 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣dude wit the hat was fyin his ass up😭😭😭

  57. Courtney Cain

    Courtney Cain23 days ago

    Lol okay I was finna say the DBs not that good but they started to lock up no lie

  58. Nelson Nnadi

    Nelson Nnadi23 days ago

    Number 6

  59. Strive Master

    Strive Master23 days ago

    Why are the QBs throwing the ball too late they giving time for DBs to recover after getting beat


    GOATIFIED_ YSL24 days ago

    That 40 look long asab

  61. hubert bacon

    hubert bacon24 days ago

    QB's need to quit ASAP

  62. hubert bacon

    hubert bacon24 days ago

    fucking trash ass DB's holding on to the receivers like its their dad that left them and have the audacity to be like "incomplete all day, ClAmPs"

  63. Randumb S

    Randumb S24 days ago

    What happened to Mario #1 receiver in Florida

  64. Jesus Zues

    Jesus Zues24 days ago

    6 and 44. 6 great body control, 44 great footwork

  65. Supremenoahj

    Supremenoahj24 days ago

    6 for sure he was crazyyyy

  66. Elixty ___

    Elixty ___24 days ago

    What happened to his site bruh

  67. 0NFLARE

    0NFLARE24 days ago

    are you from Limon Costa Rica😪

  68. The Unforgiven

    The Unforgiven24 days ago

    I wanna see Deestroying spar a UFC fighter.

  69. Matthew Tankins

    Matthew Tankins24 days ago

    much support keep going bro

  70. tyler Manning

    tyler Manning24 days ago

    Is there no PI

  71. Everett Bateman

    Everett Bateman24 days ago


  72. RingSpun

    RingSpun24 days ago

    dang, this video is lit af! =D

  73. JONATHAN310 Productions

    JONATHAN310 Productions25 days ago

    Sorry as qb

  74. JONATHAN310 Productions

    JONATHAN310 Productions25 days ago

    Dam some of these guys are running like d line men

  75. Leonel Ochoa

    Leonel Ochoa25 days ago

    half these DBs just pulling the jersey and celebrating the incompletion

  76. 21

    2125 days ago

    Bruh I think there were more holds then catches in this 😂

  77. Jerod Hendricks

    Jerod Hendricks25 days ago


  78. Enrl. Ent

    Enrl. Ent25 days ago

    Comepition should keep ur same squad

  79. Enrl. Ent

    Enrl. Ent25 days ago

    Hey that was a good game dibs to owners and coachies

  80. Kody Harrison

    Kody Harrison25 days ago

    They all foul to much so none

  81. Nicholas Brown

    Nicholas Brown25 days ago

    Bruh, THE HOLDING in this one video.

  82. Li Le

    Li Le25 days ago

    This completely ass compared to first tryout

  83. jayy movin

    jayy movin25 days ago

    44 and 6 ngl should be ur first 2 starting receivers 💯🔥

  84. Abdul-Kareem Tanimowo

    Abdul-Kareem Tanimowo25 days ago

    I don’t know the rules of the league that they playing but I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to grab and hold a dab and be that physical throughout the whole route

  85. jace

    jace25 days ago

    6 and 44 need to be WRs and 5 needs to be a db

  86. Ykl Corleone

    Ykl Corleone25 days ago

    yooo Dee when are the tryouts for FCF in Cali area

  87. BBC InYourMum

    BBC InYourMum25 days ago

    can some one tell me the name of the song at 1:17

  88. Austin Lowman

    Austin Lowman25 days ago

    This needs to be in All American fr fr

  89. Andrew Rogers

    Andrew Rogers25 days ago

    Fight ddg and beat his azz

  90. 269 Yae

    269 Yae25 days ago

    If 24 not on that list you tripping💯💯

  91. JustCallMe E

    JustCallMe E25 days ago

    About 70 to 80% of those throws were 🚮 js. Either late asl or way off target.

  92. D J

    D J25 days ago

    8:22 my bro came a long way from Arena ball 🏈🙅🏿‍♂️🧢🗣

  93. iceyy playz

    iceyy playz25 days ago

    You should fight in the Tik tok and USlikesr fight you would win

  94. Blaze of Flames

    Blaze of Flames25 days ago

    6 was good

  95. Isaiah Crawford

    Isaiah Crawford26 days ago

    If yall needed dbs just say dat 😤

  96. Yung Yung

    Yung Yung26 days ago

    Sign da old head db who was lock-in shit down in da old fl 1v1s

  97. Trance IG

    Trance IG26 days ago

    This the Holding Olympics?

  98. Mike Szwak

    Mike Szwak26 days ago

    someone tell me the song in the beginning thats in like every video

  99. Colin Davies

    Colin Davies26 days ago

    LLSB he said😂

  100. SadBoy_Ricoo

    SadBoy_Ricoo25 days ago

    Long live the goat 🏁🦾

  101. Nathan

    Nathan26 days ago

    Damn, I used to watch your videos back when you were at a few hundred thousand subscribers. Saw a video on Facebook of yours and decided to check your channel again and DAMN! 3.3 million! So glad you're doing good. Keep it up