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0:00 - 1:20 Intro
1:20 - 1:45 The flavor mixes
1:45 - 2:06 What Classified taste like
2:06 - 3:00 Bubble Gum + Dub Mint
3:00 - 3:29 Hype + Faze X
3:29 - 4:52 WaterM & Cotton
4:52 - 5:53 WaterM & Bubble
5:53 - 6:20 Faze X & Dub M
6:20 - 8:18 Brenna Tries
8:18 - 9:40 Final Mix
9:40 - 11:30 Final thoughts
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  1. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock3 months ago

    Anyone get there's yet? What do you think it is?

  2. Moo Boy

    Moo BoyMonth ago

    I think it’s prickly pear

  3. Poshy's Gaming and Reviews

    Poshy's Gaming and ReviewsMonth ago

    I'm getting Hype Sauce, Watermelon and Cotton candy from it.

  4. Scar

    ScarMonth ago

    Sour watermelon. Tastes exactly like “ice breakers” the sour sweets

  5. Victor Baca

    Victor Baca2 months ago

    @victoria harvey yea brooo thats what i was thinking is starburst for sure !!!!

  6. joma Huntington

    joma Huntington2 months ago

    Strawberry watermelon bubblegum

  7. charr

    charrMonth ago

    Me: *reads title* Impossible

  8. Moo Boy

    Moo BoyMonth ago

    It’s prickly pear aka cactus fruit, which explains the pink color

  9. Nathan Vardaman

    Nathan VardamanMonth ago

    The first drink of classified I knew it was watermelon cotten candy. Because it has the watermelon taste and cotton candy sugary after taste

  10. trejkaz

    trejkazMonth ago

    To me, it tastes like pomegranate. I could accept watermelon maybe, but even rockmelon would be closer, in my opinion. Still, it feels way more like having a mouth full of pomegranate. Saying it tastes like gum is not useful because gum can taste like anything you put in it.

  11. Moo Boy

    Moo BoyMonth ago

    I am pretty sure it’s prickly pear, if you search the taste it’s similar

  12. Jpetty 12344

    Jpetty 12344Month ago

    I tastes like watermelon to me

  13. Hayden Cribb

    Hayden CribbMonth ago

    This shit is like a drug Lmao

  14. OffDew

    OffDewMonth ago


  15. Lego my matt

    Lego my matt2 months ago

    Try watermelon + twisted candy

  16. Dev I Smoke

    Dev I Smoke2 months ago

    I keemstarts bubble gum flavor

  17. Noël

    Noël2 months ago

    Honeydew Melon

  18. Ante Ujcic

    Ante Ujcic2 months ago

    mine will come on january 13

  19. thekillamon

    thekillamon2 months ago

    Mine just showed up after being lost in the mail for 2 weeks but I definitely get watermelon and cotton candy but I feel like there's something else too. I'm having a lot of trouble placing it.

  20. muhair saeed salim

    muhair saeed salim2 months ago

    i got water melon and fazeberry

  21. Logan McConnell

    Logan McConnell2 months ago

    I’m saying it’s Pink Starburst. Pop a pink starburst in your mouth right after drinking and tell me it’s different lol

  22. Dante Nubile

    Dante Nubile2 months ago

    this tastes just like strawberry trident gum

  23. Chronically Manda

    Chronically Manda2 months ago

    I thought maybe a plain bubblegum... thats what hubby and I think

  24. Sour Grapz

    Sour Grapz2 months ago

    Haven't heard anyone say pink starburst but I think it's almost exactly that flavor.

  25. TheSkyLife

    TheSkyLife2 months ago

    Soo... it's basically Watermelon Sugar? lmao kinda fire tho.

  26. victoria harvey

    victoria harvey2 months ago

    I just received my classified flavour and I really think it tastes like the red starburst candy. I would give them a try and then try classified.

  27. Ducky 5621

    Ducky 56212 months ago

    So my tub came today I wanna say its some sort of cotton candy with some other flavor I wanna some cotton candy gum or idk

  28. Mercanthony

    Mercanthony2 months ago

    I might need to try this for myself. This flavor is so mysterious and interesting 😳👀 Nice video btw homie 🔥

  29. F1r3 _

    F1r3 _2 months ago

    In my opinion it smells close to bubble gum but I cannot describe the taste

  30. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock2 months ago

    Thanks fam!

  31. specificharry

    specificharry2 months ago

    First thing I thought of was cotton candy watermelon. It is some sort of fruity candy

  32. Jesse Palmateer

    Jesse Palmateer3 months ago

    Just got mine and it’s seriously my new favorite flavor. I expected it to be good but good lord o was blown away! It’s like a creamy strawberry or something. So fricken good. G Fuel is bae

  33. Arammingbull1

    Arammingbull13 months ago

    I think it's like a bubblicious watermelon

  34. DrummerLove1992

    DrummerLove19923 months ago

    I think I have a good idea. It tastes like a pink starburst with a hint of cotton candy aftertaste

  35. XGN KraKen

    XGN KraKen3 months ago

    Try classified with milk, that is an easy way to determine if its a dessert

  36. Ethan Willhite

    Ethan Willhite3 months ago

    Just got mine and tried it, instantly knew what it was. Its 100% cotton candy bubble gum

  37. zarkthegreat

    zarkthegreat3 months ago

    Whats your backround on your monitors? Its super neat!

  38. Xcalibre Hates You.

    Xcalibre Hates You.3 months ago

    I’m still waiting for my bogo order. ;-;

  39. Joshua Gregory

    Joshua Gregory3 months ago

    Watermelon Bubblegum or Cotton Candy its similar to Juicy Fruit or Bubble Yum

  40. djdimi gaming

    djdimi gaming3 months ago

    I hope they release what the flavor is.

  41. Clixy Technology

    Clixy Technology3 months ago

  42. Clixy Technology

    Clixy Technology3 months ago


  43. Stefanie Monbrod

    Stefanie Monbrod3 months ago

    tastes like a lush ice vape

  44. Michael Eenhuis

    Michael Eenhuis3 months ago

    This was 11 minutes I'm never getting back😳😭😬

  45. Recon 1

    Recon 13 months ago

    Classified as basically a mystery flavor Reskin

  46. Ryan Loper

    Ryan Loper3 months ago

    What if you did 75% cotton candy 25% watermelon

  47. Ty Pitzer

    Ty Pitzer3 months ago

    I wanted something BRAND NEW. Not something that could be replicated by mixing current flavors.

  48. Ty Pitzer

    Ty Pitzer3 months ago

    The thought of it being Watermelon ruins it for me. Wish I hadn't bought two now 😔.

  49. Look At Life Studios

    Look At Life Studios3 months ago

    Mine comes in on Monday and I’m so Excited

  50. Yeldarb

    Yeldarb3 months ago

    I miss mystery😞

  51. Luo Lol

    Luo Lol3 months ago

    I orderd it the day it released and it says its still being shipped to the ups warehouse

  52. Zeus Lee

    Zeus Lee3 months ago

    The color of the dubmelon mint, cotton candy, and fazeX mix is the same as the classified. I’m thinking maybe that mix is what classified is.

  53. Zeus Lee

    Zeus Lee3 months ago

    Look at the color of the dubmelon, cotton candy, and fazeX. Its the same color as the classified!

  54. Kreefy

    Kreefy3 months ago

    Mine hasn’t even shipped yet... got Classified and Pewd’s flavor

  55. Caleb Huntington

    Caleb Huntington3 months ago

    It might just me a dub melon mint re skin because that was just vaulted

  56. AJ Campbell

    AJ Campbell3 months ago

    Ey yo shock I have a story for you - my phone told me my gfuel had arrived on Wednesday but once I got home from school I couldn’t find the package and it turns out my dad found it once he got home and now it’s confiscated. I don’t know if I’ll get my gfuel ever so RIP £40-50. To make it worse there was a 2 hour rant of my parents saying how bad energy drinks are and don’t forget - IM 18. Shock, since your a gfuel professional and a mature adult can you answer this question - Is Gfuel bad for you?

  57. lordassasen

    lordassasen3 months ago

    @AJ Campbell yeah I got an Xbox one now but yeah they sold it back when I was like 16 it was so dumb

  58. AJ Campbell

    AJ Campbell3 months ago

    @lordassasen sheeit thank you boi, ye I’m certain that gfuels well better for you than red bull and I’m assuming you managed to get your Xbox back 👍

  59. lordassasen

    lordassasen3 months ago

    I feel for you bro my parents used to be the same way, I came home one day to them selling my Xbox 360 without asking me because they thought I didnt play it. Gfuel compared to sugary energy drinks is WAYY better for you

  60. Ren1986

    Ren19863 months ago

    always leave a like for this top guy

  61. yam doitsh

    yam doitsh3 months ago

    great channel, just one question: what do you do with the remaining gfuel you make in the videos?

  62. C.A. Honeycutt

    C.A. Honeycutt3 months ago

    He donates it to the homeless.

  63. Atif Ahmed

    Atif Ahmed3 months ago

    I think you need to mix a bit of raspberry

  64. HubbaBubba22

    HubbaBubba223 months ago

    Tries the mint one first

  65. Steezy Trey

    Steezy Trey3 months ago

    Do you think they will re release cotton candy without the branding?

  66. Isaac Bell

    Isaac Bell3 months ago

    Awesome video dude you’ve come a long way from the beginning

  67. Pork Chopper

    Pork Chopper3 months ago

    My tub hasn't arrived yet. Based on how everyone's described the flavour though, I'd have to guess it's Watermelon Sherbet or like a Strawberry Watermelon Slushie.

  68. World of Fails

    World of Fails3 months ago

    Italian ice is ice cream but fruit? That’s a first

  69. World of Fails

    World of Fails3 months ago

    Ball bag flavor ?

  70. Carter

    Carter3 months ago

    I mixed faze X watermelon and bubble gum you should try that

  71. SPC_Vibez

    SPC_Vibez3 months ago

    Shock thank u for triying the bubblegum and watermelon mint together, I recommended it to u if u read it last vid!!

  72. Dillon Gibson

    Dillon Gibson3 months ago

    Bet it’s lush ice it’s been a crazy huge flavor for vape related flavors so I’m willing to bet that’s it

  73. Obito Uchiha

    Obito Uchiha3 months ago

    This is how many times he said mint 👇

  74. duklurd98

    duklurd983 months ago


  75. TeamOz

    TeamOz3 months ago

    Shock if im 12 should i have a half of scoop a day or half of scoop a week what should i do?

  76. halohaloband

    halohaloband3 months ago

    Just have a whole scoop a day man I've been drinking gfuel since I was 10

  77. Brandon Otto

    Brandon Otto3 months ago

    It’s either Cotton Candy / Lemonade or Cotton Candy / Light Grape

  78. Lil Flipz

    Lil Flipz3 months ago

    might have to get a tub now...sheeeesh🔥

  79. MoreKathool

    MoreKathool3 months ago

    Where I am from we call it water ice but we do also have Luigis Italian Ice

  80. Genetiqs

    Genetiqs3 months ago

    All I gotta say is “Lush Ice”

  81. Element

    Element3 months ago

    That’s what I thought DubMelon was but the mint is barely there 😭😂

  82. Ramen

    Ramen3 months ago

    I helped produced this flavor and indeed it is a mix of 2 flavors Kappa

  83. Erkkx ❤️

    Erkkx ❤️3 months ago

    Just got mine today.. the powder smells like capncrunch hahaha but the taste is like raspberry for me but I’ve only had 1 cup since getting it today..

  84. Erkkx ❤️

    Erkkx ❤️3 months ago

    @ReckLezz- NBA hell yeah brotha!! You’ll get it like Wednesday I bet ahaha

  85. ReckLezz- NBA

    ReckLezz- NBA3 months ago

    @Erkkx ❤️ finally it’s shipping

  86. ReckLezz- NBA

    ReckLezz- NBA3 months ago

    @Erkkx ❤️ where it says what u order all the way at the bottom

  87. Erkkx ❤️

    Erkkx ❤️3 months ago

    @ReckLezz- NBA wish ya luck! And both of those flavors are delish! Snow cone tastes a little artificial but not bad!

  88. Erkkx ❤️

    Erkkx ❤️3 months ago

    Dang man! They shoulda sent ya an order link! With bogo it says it can take up to 7-10 business days to shipout

  89. Bruh Meme

    Bruh Meme3 months ago

    I can't buy gfuel my parents think it's waste of money

  90. duklurd98

    duklurd983 months ago

    make some money

  91. ppom

    ppom3 months ago

    So what you’re saying is Classified is good?

  92. LilCuisine

    LilCuisine3 months ago

    Okay here me out. I’ve got these packets of pink starburst water flavoring and I just got my classified tub today. They are nearly identical in taste. Maybe do a side by side if you don’t believe me. But I’m certain this is pink starburst

  93. Rgo zoro

    Rgo zoro3 months ago

    Watermelon candy floss

  94. Joseph L

    Joseph L3 months ago

    Mine is coming dec 8th I can’t wait

  95. ReckLezz- NBA

    ReckLezz- NBA3 months ago

    What day did u order it

  96. Swishyy

    Swishyy3 months ago

    They stopped working with keemstar and asked themselves what they could do with all his left over flavor and they made classified

  97. Sculpz

    Sculpz3 months ago

    Snow cone gfuel is sooooo good

  98. SkateGame ScreamRepeat

    SkateGame ScreamRepeat3 months ago

    Wish I wasn’t broke I usually keep up with getting the new flavors but I’ve missed faze x blueberry lemonade and classified and I want all of those

  99. Pooserboy

    Pooserboy3 months ago

    Can you suggest me like 5 flavors I should get

  100. Instinct

    Instinct3 months ago

    @Pooserboy swap fruit punch for FaZeberry

  101. Pooserboy

    Pooserboy3 months ago

    @Aideen McEvoy 👍

  102. Aideen McEvoy

    Aideen McEvoy3 months ago

    Hype sauce, bahama mama, watermelon, fruit punch and cherry limade!

  103. Doc

    Doc3 months ago


  104. 2smooth 2

    2smooth 23 months ago


  105. Taste tester kid

    Taste tester kid3 months ago

    Answer dms

  106. Taste tester kid

    Taste tester kid3 months ago


  107. Taste tester kid

    Taste tester kid3 months ago

    On twitter

  108. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing3 months ago

    What a Great Video!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  109. Marcus Davis

    Marcus Davis3 months ago

    I really want a raspberry lime flavor

  110. Miss Dimples

    Miss Dimples3 months ago

    perhaps you're losing faith... maybe you doubt God's very existence trust me we've all been there when you can figure out what to do next just pray, God, let you will be done. because if you remember, all things work together for good (that means the good and the bad) to them that love God and if you remember that God has plans to prosper you those discouragements, doubts, and sad thoughts seem to fade away even as I write this I am going through a trial but when I think of the goodness of Jesus, let me tell you The most High, cares about you and I'm trying to remember too, and if you need some scripture for asking God questions go to Psalms 22, David really pours out His heart there. I also want to apologize on behalf of the person who gave Christians a bad name in your life they were wrong. and I'm so sorry. but can you remember also that Jesus loves you, even if the Christians aren't showing that Let me be the first to say JESUS LOVES YOU.

  111. duklurd98

    duklurd983 months ago


  112. Kristen Rodriguez

    Kristen Rodriguez3 months ago

    Love the short hair!!

  113. Erikas Sulcas

    Erikas Sulcas3 months ago

    Hey shock! Just to start off I love your content. And I'm not trying to Diss you but..... When you tried the dubmelon, FazeX mix you said it wasnt close at all but then when Melanie came in you said it was second place? So I sorta got confused and wanted to know if anyone else noticed it. Love your content tho and you inspired me to buy some gfuel myself thank you ❤️

  114. TJWreckless 83

    TJWreckless 833 months ago


  115. Harry

    Harry3 months ago

    I think people are trying to figure out what gfuel flavor is closest to classified vs what the flavor it is like maybe cotton candy ice cream or watermelon gum etc

  116. rxiot

    rxiot3 months ago

    loved the vid big fan!

  117. rxiot

    rxiot3 months ago

    @NcDonalds yeah it does!

  118. NcDonalds

    NcDonalds3 months ago

    GFuel has lead in it

  119. Ebony Cooper

    Ebony Cooper3 months ago

    I ordered my gfuel before this came out. Sad times

  120. strikt mint

    strikt mint3 months ago

    hey im a big fan and early love the vids

  121. Beast Mode

    Beast Mode3 months ago

    As soon as I saw this I said “it’s a secret though.”

  122. Lix is adopted

    Lix is adopted3 months ago

    do you think faze berry is a good flavor

  123. Stanima68

    Stanima683 months ago

    Good video shock!

  124. Moca2icyy

    Moca2icyy3 months ago

    Yo shock your my favorite USlikesr your the reason I bought gfuel

  125. Moca2icyy

    Moca2icyy3 months ago

    @ElectricShock dude no problem

  126. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock3 months ago

    Thank you dude

  127. sexypants1234

    sexypants12343 months ago

    Why use opaque cups for this type of thing? Genuinely curious, like the cups are cool I guess? I wanna see em tho lol

  128. Swishyy

    Swishyy3 months ago

    @ElectricShock tell your connections to hook you up with a dozen winter whites

  129. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock3 months ago

    I should definitely get more clear cups then

  130. LazyBandit

    LazyBandit3 months ago

    Trying to figure this flavor out is driving me crazy

  131. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenMonth ago

    100% its cotton candy bubble gum, and watermelon

  132. Noël

    Noël2 months ago

    Honeydew Melon

  133. Yeetsogodd

    Yeetsogodd3 months ago

    It’s strawberry/raspberry with a bit of watermelon mixed with a touch of mint

  134. Fbomb

    Fbomb3 months ago

    yeah it’s definitely a strawberry mint, tastes exactly like a pink starburst

  135. Christian Perez

    Christian Perez3 months ago

    Yoo dudeess

  136. Typical Bruh

    Typical Bruh3 months ago

    Mine is shipping and I am so hyped for when it comes.

  137. Elijah

    Elijah2 months ago

    @ReckLezz- NBA just got mine tastes like a candy I’ve had. Maybe Pink starburst not sure

  138. Marco !

    Marco !3 months ago

    @Elijah ohh ok I haven’t tried any of them yet they just got shipped but I loveeeee rainbow sherbet tastes exactly like it says hope you enjoy👍

  139. Elijah

    Elijah3 months ago

    @Marco ! No I mean in general I like both of those flavors. and I also ordered sherbet and classified

  140. Marco !

    Marco !3 months ago

    @Elijah Together?

  141. ReckLezz- NBA

    ReckLezz- NBA3 months ago

    @Elijah thx hope u enjoy urs too

  142. Brittni N

    Brittni N3 months ago

    Mine arrived today, can’t wait to try it

  143. K. Justice Benally

    K. Justice Benally3 months ago

    How is it? Mine arrives tomorrow I think

  144. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock3 months ago