Led by James Harden’s 23 PTS, 5 REB and 11 AST, the Brooklyn Nets defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 109-98. Additionally for the Nets, Joe Harris added 21 PTS and Kyrie Irving recorded 16 PTS and 7 REB in the victory. For the Lakers, Lebron James tallied a game-high 32 PTS, 8 REB, 7 AST, and surpassed 35,000 career points.
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  1. comptonproduction

    comptonproductionDay ago

    will Labron trade the whole team after this beat down?

  2. Mark Marino

    Mark MarinoDay ago

    Best player: James Harden 👇

  3. Kuya BERT Tv Official PWD

    Kuya BERT Tv Official PWDDay ago

    Please suport kuya bert tv official ang vlogger na pWD tnx idol keep safe always God bless you all

  4. Beth Zarin

    Beth Zarin2 days ago

    Let Gasol out effective immediately. Get the Goat McGee back. I want to watch his Vlogs with Lakers.

  5. Ondo Kenneth

    Ondo Kenneth2 days ago

    New version of Harden

  6. john calangi

    john calangi3 days ago

    When these two teams meet in the playoffs: "LeBron needs help."

  7. Arrian Dixon

    Arrian Dixon5 days ago

    Harris may wanna reclaim his “3pt championship throne” #ManOnFire 🔥🔥🔥


    JIMMY. MUSIC6 days ago

    Yabang ng LAL wala pala binatbat sa Net...

  9. Cloud Redgrave

    Cloud Redgrave6 days ago

    8:47 hahaha lebron baited

  10. Denzel Washington

    Denzel Washington7 days ago

    I love it

  11. Denzel Washington

    Denzel Washington7 days ago

    They got destroyed

  12. John Cedric Camacho

    John Cedric Camacho7 days ago


  13. Jackson Savarese

    Jackson Savarese7 days ago

    I would rather have 2k commentators if they are the same people they just sound so bord rn

  14. The GoldStandard

    The GoldStandard8 days ago

    🇨🇳 🤫

  15. deng dela torre

    deng dela torre9 days ago

    I miss so much 90's NBA

  16. Marq V

    Marq V9 days ago

    Thank you and God bless.

  17. Frank Radcliff

    Frank Radcliff9 days ago

    Folks still watch this crap? Bye

  18. Daniel Riddick

    Daniel Riddick10 days ago



    BIBLE DEFENDER 14410 days ago


  20. Chase Love

    Chase Love10 days ago

    King James🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Ming travelling The world TV

    Ming travelling The world TV10 days ago

    “Im the greatest player in the world”-lebron :)

  22. Uɴᴅᴇʀʀᴀᴛᴇᴅ

    Uɴᴅᴇʀʀᴀᴛᴇᴅ11 days ago


  23. thatguytim

    thatguytim11 days ago

    This proves lebron is not the goat without davis u see that now

  24. rusty hankel

    rusty hankel11 days ago

    The nets are really good but so boring

  25. poch vincent oporto

    poch vincent oporto11 days ago

    No AD no win. Lebron cant carry a team.

  26. henry tisoy

    henry tisoy11 days ago

    yehhh,,7 games,,,i ike

  27. Kyrie Irving

    Kyrie Irving11 days ago

    We’re not even at our final form

  28. Yuan Yohan

    Yuan Yohan12 days ago

    LBJ is getting old

  29. Fertile Maple

    Fertile Maple12 days ago

    Kyle Kuzma getting MVP

  30. Marcus

    Marcus12 days ago

    I don't really fuck with LeBron but I wanna see him smash on that nigga Harden. He don't deserve a ring this year.

  31. W I N D

    W I N D12 days ago

    Where are the white players. The nba now has many players that resembles giants from attack on titan. Especially that player who has a mono brow like ernie of sesame street. Id have nightmares should i watch this present nba

  32. Tree 02

    Tree 0212 days ago

    Why don’t you tell white players to get good? They wouldn’t close out white players from the nba my guy. They’re just not better than African American basketball players lmao.

  33. Rjm Swag

    Rjm Swag12 days ago

    This a good match up

  34. zombie pig mincraft

    zombie pig mincraft12 days ago

    dude the nets were ballin


    ERIC BROWNING13 days ago

    Regular season vs playoff basketball is a whole different story. Don’t be fooled people.

  36. FireFist Ace

    FireFist Ace13 days ago

    Lebron vs James

  37. jp abad

    jp abad13 days ago

    Idol lebron panalo nio po idol ko po kayu

  38. I Change My name

    I Change My name13 days ago

    I watched the game between LA and Wizards. The Nets cursed is working so Good and Lebum is getting exposed why he's a goat.

  39. God of cricket game GOCG

    God of cricket game GOCG13 days ago

  40. Tuneinwithjosh

    Tuneinwithjosh13 days ago

    Waiting for flight to react

  41. Trueanimefan __

    Trueanimefan __13 days ago

    Im 36, im 36 why is it everybody vs me im not thanos😂😂😂

  42. James Harden

    James Harden13 days ago

    Yoooo LBJ cmon trade yourself 2 come 2 Brooklyn

  43. Lozer Gaming

    Lozer Gaming14 days ago

    lakers is super noob sikeeeee....

  44. Omer Khan

    Omer Khan14 days ago

    Was anyone else's video glitching every 2 min like it went white for a millisecond

  45. Daniels Música

    Daniels Música14 days ago

    Lakers going on a 2 peat

  46. John Doe

    John Doe14 days ago

    Can’t believe the lack of defense on Lebron. He’s doing average moves and he’s scoring at will. NBA is so soft!

  47. ᴀᴇɴᴢɪ ?

    ᴀᴇɴᴢɪ ?14 days ago

    8:53 where are you going dud?

  48. Nick Cisneros

    Nick Cisneros14 days ago

    I don't see the Lakers winning the Finals without Rajon Rondo... Howard & McGee leaving, there will always be a big man similar to them... but Rondo was really the facilitating GOD they needed

  49. Lyserg Diethel

    Lyserg Diethel14 days ago

    tf why lakers jersey is blue?

  50. Troy Bradley

    Troy Bradley14 days ago

    They called the defensive foul on the guy who was outside the line and stationary and LeBron ran into him! That should’ve been an offense of foul on labron

  51. Raheem Myers

    Raheem Myers14 days ago

    3 of the top 10 players in the league is just unfair.. plus pure shooters around them smh. This is a cheat code of a super team. These predictable finals are getting old and once again kd weak ass taking the easy route.

  52. Tod Tatney

    Tod Tatney14 days ago

    Stfu lebrons always had other all stars save his punk ass. LebronS the reason for superteams Now!

  53. Clark John Bernardino

    Clark John Bernardino14 days ago

    8:48 🖤

  54. Anand

    Anand14 days ago

    It's clear now, AD is the man, not the self proclaimed bleating 🐐...

  55. Charlie Garbo

    Charlie Garbo14 days ago

    yeah best defensive team is a piece of cake.

  56. J. Sherman

    J. Sherman14 days ago

    Basketball without a court mic ... is it really basketball

  57. Rodney Valleja

    Rodney Valleja14 days ago

    Just shows that lebron is nothing without AD.

  58. MCGreen TV

    MCGreen TV14 days ago

    Marc Gasol so Horrible at defense,

  59. Rides Pilipinas Motovlog

    Rides Pilipinas Motovlog14 days ago

    No match 😅

  60. Sonnel Umali

    Sonnel Umali14 days ago

    Lebron, AD, Nobody...Nets in 5!!

  61. denmark loft Tv

    denmark loft Tv14 days ago


  62. denmark loft Tv

    denmark loft Tv14 days ago


  63. denmark loft Tv

    denmark loft Tv14 days ago


  64. denmark loft Tv

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  65. denmark loft Tv

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  66. denmark loft Tv

    denmark loft Tv14 days ago


  67. Huegene Francis

    Huegene Francis14 days ago

    Lakers wear the loosing color uniform . THEM look so unconnected. Gold is a special color with a special attraction. You must see it .blue among with black as the stronger color blue adapt black and can be overlooked when passing the ball and cause a turnover. easy players do not use to Team up in tha color .when they wear blue them play poorly the last 3 time .they had more turnover than points in the first quarter. And also in third quarter the turnover continues then their bad spacing and bad shots.Lebron being older set the and with AD out did not mean them should loose these games Ball handler missing .K K was great and can be very reliable . most games win with the Gold blue create dullness . .

  68. Sona Rubin

    Sona Rubin14 days ago

    The lakers were helping way too much

  69. Arlen Sayuth

    Arlen Sayuth14 days ago


  70. FantabuLees

    FantabuLees14 days ago


  71. Brian Patterson

    Brian Patterson14 days ago

    I hate the fact that the Lakers got rid of Javale McGee and Dwight Howard

  72. Korgm3 Kronos

    Korgm3 Kronos14 days ago

    Nets champions 2021

  73. Rara Sardua

    Rara Sardua14 days ago

    No CAP, but wherever Nash goes. As player and now a coach. The offensive rating is #1 or #2

  74. Ppye TV

    Ppye TV14 days ago

    Wheres the hitters of brooklyn

  75. lilmarque1

    lilmarque114 days ago

    Brooklyn going all the way. I don’t think no team will be able to handle the big 3 healthy. Nets vs Utah

  76. dino ninety two

    dino ninety two14 days ago

    man lebron really tried. his team is so trash

  77. Tod Tatney

    Tod Tatney14 days ago

    Thats lbjs fault

  78. femarfid666

    femarfid66614 days ago

    lachina james sucks

  79. John Shelby

    John Shelby14 days ago

    Im looking for bronsexuals, why they so quiet 😂

  80. Tiktok xciqt

    Tiktok xciqt14 days ago

    Just give lebron a good pg and a healthy pf Lakers will beat the nets anytime they want to

  81. Nel Aplacador

    Nel Aplacador15 days ago

    Brooklyn defeated the some stronger team in NBA includes lakers, clippers, warriors and many others while there defeated by weakest team includes raptors, wizards and cleveland

  82. Rapid Apple

    Rapid Apple15 days ago

    The standing refrigerator curiosly extend because bagel worrisomely multiply below a abhorrent legal. rampant, supreme retailer

  83. AllBizz

    AllBizz15 days ago

    Without Davis the Lakers only lose by 10. Hmmm

  84. Abraham Corona

    Abraham Corona15 days ago

    At 850 that's just kyrie saucing up the "King" nothing to see here .. insane handles !

  85. Issa Latar

    Issa Latar15 days ago

    Marc Gasol and I would even say Montrez feels so out of place with the lakers man

  86. Boogie Man SoSa

    Boogie Man SoSa15 days ago

    Where AD at?


    KAMERON BECHARD15 days ago

    lakers are still better

  88. Wickerman

    Wickerman15 days ago

    Dont forget he's also a lazy defender. Lebum had to be pushed by his OWN teamate into playing defence. And to think people actually compare this guy to the GOAT Michael Jordan.

  89. KingJay TL

    KingJay TL15 days ago

    What are you doing here?

  90. Wickerman

    Wickerman15 days ago

    Man lebrons fadeaways are pretty ugly when compared to the goat MJ and kobe

  91. KingJay TL

    KingJay TL15 days ago


  92. ハーレクインです

    ハーレクインです15 days ago

    Lebron can't really win without another star on his team lmao

  93. Anthony Pena

    Anthony Pena15 days ago

    The grumpy brochure optically rub because uzbekistan admittedly amuse on a highfalutin animal. elastic, savory patch

  94. Gun Man

    Gun Man15 days ago

    Congratulations to Nets! Harden, you are going to have 3-peat starting this season. Screenshot this! You are welcome!

  95. kenneth mahana

    kenneth mahana15 days ago


  96. Nicholas Yang

    Nicholas Yang15 days ago

    I wonder what happened to AD cuz they need him. They do better when AD is playing.

  97. KingJay TL

    KingJay TL15 days ago


  98. connor fischer

    connor fischer15 days ago

    Dude kyrie and harden are working so unselfishly this team is gonna be so great

  99. Bucephalus V.

    Bucephalus V.15 days ago

    It feels so good that Lakers is not going to have it this year.

  100. Noah Brown

    Noah Brown15 days ago

    Never seen blue uniforms on the Lakers that was weird

  101. Kevin Jordan

    Kevin Jordan15 days ago

    Lakers season dead

  102. lodi dudz

    lodi dudz15 days ago

    start crying lebron..

  103. Derek Kilibarda

    Derek Kilibarda15 days ago

    How is that a blocking foul on Harris

  104. Greater Universalism

    Greater Universalism15 days ago

    Join me

  105. steve zen

    steve zen15 days ago

    CoViD19 NBA Champion (fake champion) was dropped like a potatoe!

  106. KingJay TL

    KingJay TL15 days ago


  107. D B

    D B15 days ago

    Tge scary part is...we all know KD is the best player in the league and the nets won this game without him 👀

  108. KingJay TL

    KingJay TL15 days ago

    Let’s see when they both healthy

  109. Melvin Jacobs

    Melvin Jacobs15 days ago

    No defense in the NBA and these video game scores makes current NBA basketball seem phony. I don’t like it. No defense. It’s BS

  110. KingJay TL

    KingJay TL15 days ago

    There is defence