P!nk, Willow Sage Hart - Cover Me In Sunshine (Official Video)

P!nk + Willow Sage Hart // “Cover Me In Sunshine” // Out Now!
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“Cover Me In Sunshine”

I’ve been dreaming
friendly faces
I’ve got so much time to kill

just imagine
people laughing
I know some day we will

and even if it’s far away
get me through another day

cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine

from a distance
all these mountains
are just some tiny hills

they keep living
while they’re just standing still

I’ve been missing yesterday
but what if theres a better place

cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine

La la la

cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine
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  1. P!NK

    P!NK14 days ago

    My baby girl and I recorded a song and made a video together!! We hope it brings you joy and sweetness and sunshine 🥰

  2. Kimberley Tatum

    Kimberley Tatum9 days ago

    thank you so much for sharing. she really is a mini you!!! love you 2

  3. Titanic Fan

    Titanic Fan13 days ago

    Ahww thank you so much! You too

  4. Gran Barrufet

    Gran Barrufet13 days ago


  5. Chamus Warren

    Chamus Warren13 days ago

    shes gawjus, P!nk love it youve got a very talented future pink

  6. Olivér Tóth

    Olivér Tóth13 days ago

    I just can't stop watching this. Soo amazing! Both of you are wonderful. I hear this song and I instantly get happier. Thank You so much!

  7. Kristina Radobuljac

    Kristina Radobuljac13 minutes ago

    I don't know how you guys are responding on this song ... i feel that it cleans my heart and soul ....this is something like a prayer....willow takes me back in my childhood and Pink is someone who saved my life few times with her songs ...literaly... they are pure love and beauty ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. k M

    k M35 minutes ago

    That little girl is sunshine 🌞. She is so beautiful. That smile and her fun energy have a light all their own. God bless her Lord. A family of beautiful hearts 💜 💛 💜 💛

  9. BOiLeR2012maKeR

    BOiLeR2012maKeR37 minutes ago

    Love. Love. Love! This song. I literally sit and listen to it on repeat

  10. Марина Викторовна

    Марина Викторовна38 minutes ago

    Обожаю! Спасибо!

  11. Noor Liyana Abu Talib

    Noor Liyana Abu Talib39 minutes ago

    Wow u changed so much! A good and better change. Love the song ♥️🥺♥️

  12. Pad jack

    Pad jack56 minutes ago

    please support pad jack channel Vancouver thank you

  13. TheSqueezycat

    TheSqueezycatHour ago

    Just beautiful xx

  14. Anne Mahoney

    Anne MahoneyHour ago

    Beautiful Momma,beautiful daughter. The song brings back the innocence of living. I love Willows hair style😀 we called that hair cut a pixie in my day. Willow wears it well.

  15. Kastile

    KastileHour ago

    When her daughter started singing at the end I got chills. I love this song so much

  16. I LOVE GOD, Do you?

    I LOVE GOD, Do you?Hour ago

    Good news: God is getting you back on your feet for the greatest comeback of your life. Tell! God, "Thank you"🙏💕

  17. I LOVE GOD, Do you?

    I LOVE GOD, Do you?Hour ago

    Really amazing, Whoever reading this, God knows what you are facing through, He heard your cry, He is going to deliver you Just trust in him. Amen.💕

  18. Julie Billo

    Julie BilloHour ago

    Perfect, beautiful made me smile. What a great duo you make Pink and Willow. You look like you have an amazing close loving relationship. ♥️♥️♥️

  19. Shiv Sixx

    Shiv SixxHour ago

    So sweet

  20. Amy Gill

    Amy GillHour ago

    So wholesome, brought some sunshine to my day

  21. Fred and Chris

    Fred and ChrisHour ago

    Petit partage musical 🎶🎵🎶🎵

  22. addie pritchard

    addie pritchardHour ago

    Thank you for this! I have been wanting to hear the whole song since the teaser on tiktok. The love between a mother and daughter is like no other. You two are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for the sunshine on these very dark days! I could not love this song or you both more. Excellent! Keep spreading your light and cheer. :)

  23. Lys Az

    Lys AzHour ago

    Motherwood best thing ever

  24. Jessy Lala

    Jessy Lala2 hours ago

    What a beautiful song & Video! 💛

  25. Samantha Murphy

    Samantha Murphy2 hours ago

    Bring on tbe Sun, come everyone, come have some fun...... this song/clip is lovely. These two are so beautiful😊💕 ( I was kinda expecting the horse to fart glitter,) it looked like a MAGIC day together, when all you need i the world is being together.

  26. Sally Coulls

    Sally Coulls2 hours ago

    I could go to sleep by this song 🥺🥺🥺

  27. Samantha Parker

    Samantha Parker2 hours ago

    💖💖💖🔥🔥💖💖💖 ...1 week ...4 million views 💖💖💖🔥🔥💖💖💖

  28. Laura_ Turni

    Laura_ Turni2 hours ago

    I Love this Song so ❤️😍

  29. Bo Christensen

    Bo Christensen2 hours ago

    what a beautiful song. you must be so proud

  30. katrine1979

    katrine19793 hours ago

    In the beginning- did I just see a hen eating an egg??

  31. Carina Lærkesøe

    Carina Lærkesøe3 hours ago

    just beautiful!

  32. Vickie Stracener

    Vickie Stracener3 hours ago


  33. Sheila :D

    Sheila :D3 hours ago

  34. P I

    P I3 hours ago

    I usually like pink but this song makes me puke🤢

  35. Carla Allan

    Carla Allan4 hours ago

    Love love love it! Such a fantastic singer Willow! You have such a amazing talent Willow!

  36. Kamkynti Thabah

    Kamkynti Thabah4 hours ago

    The song is ❤ and Willow looks exactly like you 😊

  37. Darlene Sanders

    Darlene Sanders4 hours ago

    Miss Sage Willow...plz keep your hair how you see fit...regardless of what the world may say...i think it's awesome...much love xo

  38. SuperCringe Studios

    SuperCringe Studios4 hours ago

    Glad to see you back, Pink

  39. Zig Field

    Zig Field4 hours ago

    ..And now that's forever. What a gift you and your daughter just gave eachother, and in turn, the world. We needed that. Thank you :)

  40. Jordan Opitz

    Jordan Opitz4 hours ago

    I'm 27 years old mainly listen to rap music well I can listen to anything but main thing you'll hear outta my speakers is some form of rap ... I've had this on repeat in my car for the last 2 weeks like going to the gym while I'm at work taking my kids to school and picking them up it is just a feel good kinda song and with everything going on in the world it sends a really nice message especially for those suffering from mental illnesses during this pandemic it shows the brightness in life the light in the dark times it's such a beautiful moment between mother and daughter and it just makes you sit there and think you know what life sucks a little bit yeah but everything will be all right she's absolutely right the world's been spinning since the beginning no matter what it will still be spinning at the end of all of this

  41. Dario

    Dario4 hours ago

    Son hermosas!!!

  42. Jackie Thomas

    Jackie Thomas5 hours ago

    Willow is so lucky to have a beautiful Mother, not because she is rich or famous but because she is real. 🥰

  43. Miss Jane

    Miss Jane5 hours ago

    This is an beautiful thing

  44. Tommy Reusse

    Tommy Reusse5 hours ago

    Aww, my mom would have loved this song so much.

  45. Elisabeth Obwaller

    Elisabeth Obwaller5 hours ago

    That's what mums (and of course dads) want for their kids - to cover them in sunshine ☀️

  46. Shirvel Bonacua

    Shirvel Bonacua5 hours ago

    willow already has her mother's raspy voice😍

  47. Spider_butler

    Spider_butler6 hours ago

    omg I love this song

  48. Judy Darcy EV

    Judy Darcy EV6 hours ago

    Love it ❤️❤️❤️😎🤠🍺👍🏼☮️

  49. gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs

    gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs6 hours ago

    This song ❤

  50. Alyssa Jackson

    Alyssa Jackson6 hours ago

    This is so cute. You have a very beautiful daughter and her voice is absolutely amazing. Wish you all the best.

  51. sarabi svosve

    sarabi svosve6 hours ago

    This just gave me peace. Thank you Pink

  52. olli Ich Bins nur

    olli Ich Bins nur7 hours ago


  53. Pork Chop

    Pork Chop7 hours ago

    0:20 Is that chicken cannibalism?

  54. Zehra Duran

    Zehra Duran7 hours ago

    Çok güzel ❤️❤️❤️

  55. M.

    M.7 hours ago

    this is so awesome! You became such a great mum! Your family ist absolutely awesome! Cool peeps :) I love it

  56. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre7 hours ago

    This song wasn't long enough! The chorus is so beautiful

  57. Don Collins

    Don Collins7 hours ago

    I cant stop listening to this song....how can i put it on Autorepeat??? anyone??

  58. Faith Walker

    Faith Walker7 hours ago

    That was adorable and uplifting! I love it 😻

  59. Frank Braun

    Frank Braun7 hours ago


  60. Frank Braun

    Frank Braun7 hours ago

    Soo Nice.Beautiful.Gaensehaut Pur

  61. Christina H.

    Christina H.7 hours ago

    TOO SWEET 🤍🤍

  62. Franziska Schmider

    Franziska Schmider7 hours ago

    It makes me smile and warms my hart. Greetings from Germany from Black Forrest. 😍

  63. Andrea Kaiser Tavora

    Andrea Kaiser Tavora7 hours ago

    Adorable ❤️ omg !!! Just the song we need .

  64. Pinkie Pie

    Pinkie Pie8 hours ago

    No thank you always listened to you to your voice great one of kind an cute daughter ! Prayers up an hold hope always good go up an is been protected always ! Live good

  65. Hokey

    Hokey8 hours ago

    I like the part where Willow murders the hen's baby right on front of them

  66. Bwen Luck

    Bwen Luck3 minutes ago

    @Hokey It's only the hen's baby IF the egg has been fertilized, which we can't know--so, there goes your argument! I can't believe you watched this video and THAT was your only takeaway? Do you eat eggs--if so, I guess that makes you a murderer too??? Please THINK before posting.... You're welcome.... ☺

  67. Dhruv Godase

    Dhruv Godase8 hours ago

    This is the cutest duet in history

  68. crackajack

    crackajack8 hours ago

    Your my hero pink. Love love love

  69. DimitriandRozaxx

    DimitriandRozaxx8 hours ago

    You literally CANNOT watch this or hear this song without smiling wide 💓

  70. Ross mathias

    Ross mathias8 hours ago

    Love pink's voice but the kid needs to work on her voice. It's horrible. At least pink should have done a autotune on it cause it just kills the ending with a bad voice.

  71. Suat Jonovic

    Suat Jonovic8 hours ago

    Soooo lovely. Left my heart here. Thank you P!nk for everything that you've been done and keep doing.

  72. Štěpánka Himmelová

    Štěpánka Himmelová8 hours ago

    Pure love

  73. Ali José Silva Bolivar

    Ali José Silva Bolivar8 hours ago

    So beautiful!

  74. ChikaLicious Dessert

    ChikaLicious Dessert9 hours ago

    Touching song. Your Daughter’s got skills. She’s so happy. 🔥🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽

  75. Philthemovieguy

    Philthemovieguy9 hours ago

    She has such a beautiful voice! What a pure and wholesome song + video! And catchy! The chorus has lodged itself in my brain and is playing on loop! Much love and God bless!

  76. Yaadman Gamez

    Yaadman Gamez9 hours ago

    I'm so sorry that we live on a planet where humans think that seeing a little girl and her mother enjoy a day out deserves a dislike.. man just reset this planet like for real...

  77. Bwen Luck

    Bwen Luck26 minutes ago

    @Yaadman Gamez Haters gonna hate--it's now the American way! Yeah, I don't buy into it either. "Love is still the answer!" 😉

  78. Ash G

    Ash G9 hours ago

    this song is my FAV i love it

  79. Hello Sunshine

    Hello Sunshine9 hours ago

    So talented, Just like her mummy! 💗




  81. Julie Braden

    Julie Braden9 hours ago

    Thank u Pink & Williow!! I needed this today. 🌞💖🌞❤

  82. Sebastian Baier

    Sebastian Baier9 hours ago

    WOW WOW and again WOW. I love this song so much. It always makes me happy. And your daughter can sing really, really well. She has such a great voice. The voice is so calming and yet beautiful. Your daughter really has what it takes to be a real singer like her mother. She should sing along in several songs because the voice is really, really great.

  83. Julia Polk

    Julia Polk9 hours ago

    You always seem to capture my heart right when I need a smile...and mini me is beautiful...hopefully one day you will read this and I hope you at least smile

  84. cirulike3

    cirulike39 hours ago

    Such a beautiful little voice 🥰💜

  85. Maranda Holmes

    Maranda Holmes9 hours ago

    I want to be a mom like you one day!! Thank you it made my heart smile 😊

  86. Julia Polk

    Julia Polk9 hours ago

    Go head yall 😍😍😍😘😘

  87. Gitanjalee Rabha

    Gitanjalee Rabha9 hours ago

    It's awesome.. Loved it

  88. noah jarvis

    noah jarvis9 hours ago

    This is so relaxing

  89. Siamtei Ralte

    Siamtei Ralte10 hours ago


  90. Joel Fernández

    Joel Fernández10 hours ago


  91. Josie D

    Josie D10 hours ago

    Aww you two beauties!!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  92. Gromit801

    Gromit80110 hours ago

    Willow’s gonna be fearless.

  93. EverythingisEverything

    EverythingisEverything10 hours ago

    How adorable is this video??? The song is just perfect as well!

  94. ryanxl

    ryanxl10 hours ago

    Pink do you remember the night you came above me and your sweat dripped on my face in the funhouse concert, i haven't washed it since 😍

  95. RIP RIP

    RIP RIP11 hours ago

    Mother & Daughter! Perfect! Awesome!

  96. Bonnie Wagner

    Bonnie Wagner11 hours ago

    You 2 are the cutest!

  97. Brianne Braud

    Brianne Braud11 hours ago

    She IS sunshine! Absolutely gorgeous and pure.

  98. Jeejee

    Jeejee11 hours ago

    Very nice song! Loved your music since I was younger! Such a beautiful daughter! Keep up the great work! 😊

  99. Aubrey Lynne

    Aubrey Lynne11 hours ago

    Your daughter doesn't have to sing. In comes to auto tune

  100. Aubrey Lynne

    Aubrey Lynne11 hours ago

    Fucking ridiculous. I know hitmen🤣😂

  101. Anna Jo2000

    Anna Jo200011 hours ago

    The kid cracked an egg at the chickens...Something that chickens gave birth to...fucking gross.

  102. Jeanette Mariam Rafiki

    Jeanette Mariam Rafiki11 hours ago

    My daughter would replay this allover to 😍😍😍🥰🥰❤❤❤

  103. Alexis Morrison

    Alexis Morrison11 hours ago

    That song is magical🌞

  104. Aubrey Lynne

    Aubrey Lynne11 hours ago

    I wonder where they are now...comfy inside a warm clean house with maids and drivers. Hart will never know a real life. Enjoy privilege you little shit

  105. Tired Wanka

    Tired Wanka11 hours ago

    Cool song, but what the hell @:20 lol did she just smash the hens egg and they started eating it?

  106. samantha Elias

    samantha Elias11 hours ago

    I've been thinking about you PINK

  107. Aubrey Lynne

    Aubrey Lynne12 hours ago

    She'll never know poverty. Bullshit. She should know hardship..poverty and sexual assault like us all