Why Hasn't This YouTuber Been Stopped?

We have a troll who is stuck in the days of 2008 still thriving by on the principle of brigadier other content creators, the kind of cringe that you just can't even laugh at. Thanks for watching!
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  1. Johann Brando

    Johann Brando45 minutes ago

    I love you Muta ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  2. taylor

    taylor56 minutes ago

    i like his vids what did he do edit: i didnt know he played fortnite delete his channel youtube all jokes aside fuck people that are toxic to other streamers for no reason

  3. ericLT21

    ericLT21Hour ago

    Oh yeah yeahhhh

  4. EL Ranchero420

    EL Ranchero420Hour ago

    Leave max alone hes really funny for no reason im sorry I love you as much as I love him๐Ÿฅบ

  5. Kai

    KaiHour ago

    i only know max bc of penguinz0(Cr1TiKaL) and my god, max has done so much damage and youtube just flicks it off like its a bug or smth, like come on yt... at least discord is attempting but like even discord is just handling it horribly, like everything else they handle.

  6. salad on steroids ranch dressing

    salad on steroids ranch dressing2 hours ago

    I have some good news for you

  7. GreenboiInc

    GreenboiInc5 hours ago

    literal disgusting human being im happy his channel is gone

  8. Poochi Gang Lads

    Poochi Gang Lads5 hours ago

    Honestly I used to be a big fan of Max, but what he did was terrible and I canโ€™t even defend him at this point. I hate how his stans are defending him like their lives depend on it.

  9. IndianaCoomer

    IndianaCoomer6 hours ago

    Maybe you should try getting a job

  10. shock 87

    shock 877 hours ago

    I'm too lazy to change my profile picture

  11. TheChoogoo

    TheChoogooHour ago

    Not a problem dude. After all it isnt technically a max original pfp

  12. Edric Lucerne

    Edric Lucerne7 hours ago

    "You can't live off ooh yeah yeah forever" is now my favorite quote

  13. Xzert

    Xzert9 hours ago

    Oh yea yea

  14. Zekrom

    Zekrom10 hours ago

    pretty sure that all that gfuel in the back could get u high

  15. fruity patoodie

    fruity patoodie10 hours ago

    Maximilianmus more like cringe man

  16. ลผonk

    ลผonk10 hours ago

    Muta and Crit1kal are the yin and yang of USlikes

  17. ahmad

    ahmad11 hours ago

    oh no his fanboys are backing him up in replys

  18. Pxrspective

    Pxrspective12 hours ago

    His content was really funny, tf do you mean

  19. Cringe Boi

    Cringe Boi6 hours ago

    @Pxrspective Cry me a river edge lord ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. The man bullies people online lmao. What a loser, glad he's gone now

  20. Pxrspective

    Pxrspective6 hours ago

    @Cringe Boi says the guy who has name cringe boy

  21. Cringe Boi

    Cringe Boi7 hours ago

    Maxamillon or whatever his name is a loser lol. Guy has no life

  22. Mattadork

    Mattadork12 hours ago

    i understand that you don't want people to give this guy any attention but this dude has done some legit fucked up shit from what i have heard, and from what moistkritical has shown, he has broken several laws, this dude needs to be arrested and charged, blackmail is a crime, a serious one at that which he has done, and so is giving death threats to a specific individuals as well as telling people to give death threats to specific individuals( i believe these count as 2 different crimes not just 1 that encompasses both) we need to find out what city this guy lives in and give all evidence to local police, literally this guy should be locked up in jail for the disgusting stuff he has done.

  23. mr spyde

    mr spyde11 hours ago

    can you just call the sweden police in his area, people already dox him, tell them that max(i don't know his real name) broken several laws, that's it! :3

  24. Mattadork

    Mattadork12 hours ago

    this isn't about cancel culture, or just some "drama", this dude is literally a criminal and we shouldn't let him get away with it so easily as to "not give him attention".

  25. toofpayst รถ

    toofpayst รถ14 hours ago

    He deleted his channel bois, his dumpster fire channel is gone

  26. furious potato

    furious potato14 hours ago

    good news

  27. Washed Lime

    Washed Lime15 hours ago

    Maximillian fans are the kids who screech in class

  28. Eternal Grey

    Eternal Grey15 hours ago

    most of his viewers are children half of his content is garbage and yet dude has 1mill must be children around 10-13 Kill the leader they all spread like cockroaches

  29. Joseph carrillo

    Joseph carrillo16 hours ago


  30. Cringe Boi

    Cringe Boi7 hours ago


  31. I have C O M E

    I have C O M E16 hours ago

    All that for a drop of clout?

  32. YetAnotherGamer

    YetAnotherGamer17 hours ago

    Anyone Watching This Brilliant Specimen Of A USlikesr At 8:00 AM ?

  33. Rube Goldberg zz_zz

    Rube Goldberg zz_zz17 hours ago


  34. Alexandre Mead

    Alexandre Mead17 hours ago

    Whenever I see people whinge about being banned I'm reminded of an old idiom and can't help but feel smug.

  35. TheBoiAngle Bruh

    TheBoiAngle Bruh18 hours ago

    He deleted his account

  36. Birq

    Birq19 hours ago

    I was actually on Maxโ€™s side when the whole thing was popular and now I feel dumb. Also, his friend, a small streamer on USlikes shit on me and said bad shit to me and a bunch of other people for no damn reason.

  37. YO TENGO

    YO TENGO19 hours ago

    maximillion more like maximillionbraincells lost tbh

  38. Dead Man

    Dead Man19 hours ago

    "What he do this time?" *le clicks*

  39. Yogesh Kandare

    Yogesh Kandare20 hours ago

    69k likes on this video. *N O I C E*

  40. Unlucky

    Unlucky20 hours ago

    Maximilian was very cool shut up

  41. Unlucky

    UnluckyHour ago

    @qwerty5shulb can't be cool if he doesn't have a channel now can he?

  42. Cringe Boi

    Cringe Boi7 hours ago

    No one cares edge lord. The fool got his channel deleted ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  43. qwerty5shulb

    qwerty5shulb19 hours ago


  44. Adam

    Adam21 hour ago


  45. shing fan chan

    shing fan chan22 hours ago

    FBI open up! Isn't this guy's action against the law from what I heard of? Someone could sue him for what he has done.

  46. Jayden Dan Dominquez

    Jayden Dan Dominquez22 hours ago

    shouldn't this dude be arrested

  47. 8MoonKnight8

    8MoonKnight89 hours ago

    He also admitted he has cp

  48. 8MoonKnight8

    8MoonKnight89 hours ago

    FBI is investigating him now

  49. TikiBear97 E

    TikiBear97 E22 hours ago


  50. JaydonDoesStuff

    JaydonDoesStuff23 hours ago

    69 likes, nice

  51. EnderoftheEnd

    EnderoftheEnd23 hours ago

    0:32 "correlation" my dude

  52. I Am The Law

    I Am The Law23 hours ago

    2008 was the best time for the internet

  53. notatroll

    notatrollDay ago

    my other account got banned for "hateful comments" LOL that account was made in 2014 dogshit website

  54. notatroll

    notatroll20 hours ago

    @Techn0way i made an appeal but knowing youtube they are going to do jack shit

  55. Techn0way

    Techn0way20 hours ago

    @notatroll Damn. They also have a really annoying AI moderating the comments, cant even be snarky. So lame...

  56. notatroll

    notatroll20 hours ago

    @Techn0way either that or someone report botted me for no reason

  57. notatroll

    notatroll20 hours ago

    @Techn0way it was an old account too 2013 or 14

  58. Techn0way

    Techn0way21 hour ago

    Your yt account?

  59. Techn0way

    Techn0wayDay ago

    Lol he criticizes this guy for messing with other content creators while his only content is taking jabs at other content creators. The hypocrisy. Hows that hurt butt from when you tried to get Ethan canceled btw? Poopoo face

  60. Bloody Evolution

    Bloody Evolution40 minutes ago

    SOG isn't like 1% as bad as max, SOG doesn't threaten people.

  61. 8MoonKnight8

    8MoonKnight89 hours ago

    You absolute troglodyte, heโ€™s not threatening to kill peopleโ€™s family and bullying them off all social media big boy, might wanna check your facts

  62. Randy

    Randy19 hours ago

    Lol poopoo face

  63. Techn0way

    Techn0wayDay ago

    "cringe that you can't even laugh at" So you?

  64. AyooItsFleet

    AyooItsFleet14 hours ago

    Your mad

  65. Jotaro Kujo gun

    Jotaro Kujo gunDay ago

    He's the reason why some potential people to become a successful youtuber not become a successful youtuber -_-

  66. This guy

    This guyDay ago

    ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† I love you muthahar. No homo. ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘Œ

  67. kite man

    kite manDay ago

    "He called me a pedophile. I mean he's not wrong but he has no evidence." -Max "There is no potential of this being a joke whatsoever, it makes so much sense for him to say this seriously AFTER he knew leaks were made of his discord, it's like knowing the sky is blue" - idiots

  68. BigSpaceMan

    BigSpaceManDay ago

    Hes gone for good now

  69. Chrysippus of Soli

    Chrysippus of SoliDay ago


  70. Reiiz

    ReiizDay ago

    FBI probably tracking him now if the news he gathering pedophile on his discord channel b4 ever reach them. Whether its intentional or not, he let them shares many times and let it happen everytime.

  71. Captain Matias Torres

    Captain Matias TorresDay ago

    what even is this 'oh yeah yeah'?

  72. Sketch Pen

    Sketch PenDay ago

    U Kno what they say "20 dollars is 20 dollars"

  73. Danny Mckenzie

    Danny MckenzieDay ago

    There is the term "youtuber", which has many connotations, it is a word of many uses, but my interpretation is that it is a title which conveys anyone who uploads on youtube regardless of the manner in which they do so choose . It has spawned other words such as viner, redditer, and tik toker. But, the ones who invoke those words do not call someone who uses other sites twitterer, facebooker, instagrammer (this one is borderline because they prefer "influencer"... whatever that means "one who influences, persuades, or coerces others for personal gain, usually in contrast to their publicly stated values and morals"..... lol..... ), twitcher, or any other part of the web based societal spectrum called "media". And then there is 4chan, where they (a huge network of individuals with a variety of ideas and varying levels of socioeconomic status who generally choose to remain anonymous and autonomous at all cost) are widely referred to, by the same people who minted the phrase youtuber, as a racists, neo nazis, scum bags and so on and so forth, not 4channer, b/tard, or memer. But, you dont see a true counterpart to this, because the counterpart is referred as either a network name, like CNN FOX etcetera, or on the micro scale journalist, specialist, so on. So, the "ists" have chosen their new "er", time is truly moving forward.

  74. plain toast

    plain toastDay ago

    oh yeah yeah

  75. Zadecc

    ZadeccDay ago

    nice to see you made a shitty replica of critikals video.

  76. Shalom Gentiles

    Shalom GentilesDay ago

    Nothing he did was too extreme really. Just compare it to like, your average cartel or those discord servers where people kill their siblings in video calls. This isn't much.

  77. Shalom Gentiles

    Shalom Gentiles2 hours ago

    @Randy Maybe don't die and leave your wife behind?

  78. Randy

    Randy19 hours ago

    What about that time that he made his fanbase harrass that one girl who's loved one just died?

  79. Djtroby44

    Djtroby44Day ago

    The only reason I knew Maximilian was from his 13 Rare fnaf screen vids lmao

  80. Silver8392

    Silver8392Day ago

    Hitler of USlikes

  81. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph StalinDay ago


  82. Sky Meme

    Sky MemeDay ago

    I love maximilianmus

  83. Je Suis Anonyme

    Je Suis AnonymeDay ago

    Then you'd love a therapist!

  84. Aliza

    AlizaDay ago


  85. Adam WaZzA

    Adam WaZzADay ago

    Your cool , so i wont judge you for the blatant copy off Charlie.Haha ill also watch it again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  86. ใ€ŒYui ใƒšใ‚คใƒณใƒˆใ‚’้ฃŸในใ‚‹ใ€

    ใ€ŒYui ใƒšใ‚คใƒณใƒˆใ‚’้ฃŸในใ‚‹ใ€Day ago

    what did he do this time....

  87. Billyboi

    BillyboiDay ago

    This guy also unfairly took down Metro3ds' youtube channel

  88. ghost smoke

    ghost smokeDay ago

    Bro I luv ur vids but max is a legend no doubt. Dat oyhyh isn't funny but other den dat he is sick

  89. cappuccino 19

    cappuccino 19Day ago

    @Bloom in Space boom, roasted!

  90. Bloom in Space

    Bloom in SpaceDay ago

    Youโ€™re the reason birth control exists.

  91. peq23 24

    peq23 24Day ago

    Someone once commented "POV: You're sitting on Muta's lap" on one of your videos and it's almost impossible to ignore that now...

  92. Manny

    MannyDay ago

    He makes trolls look bad

  93. The Young Geezer

    The Young GeezerDay ago

    Imagine being in the same room with this guy

  94. Papa Tomaru

    Papa TomaruDay ago

    The real "Oh Yeah Yeah" moment is Max deleting his own account.

  95. ClipZ

    ClipZDay ago

    It's called being a troll

  96. Bobbies1

    Bobbies1Day ago

    Don't compare us to that degenerate

  97. MarcLloydz

    MarcLloydzDay ago

    At the point where you are affecting someones life itโ€™s not trolling, itโ€™s harassment. Imagine if a big youtuber with his fans is harassing your mom/family constantly and making her life hell, would you be mad? Or do you think โ€œitโ€™s just trollin bro hehe XDโ€

  98. Wolfy ;-;

    Wolfy ;-;Day ago

    that makes no sense

  99. I survived Covid. Thats all.

    I survived Covid. Thats all.Day ago

    Yo, I think your light bulbs went out

  100. TobiCozy

    TobiCozyDay ago

    anyone who was/is a fan of max or sub or like any of his videos are simply retards

  101. I am become Death

    I am become DeathDay ago

    "I killed his family for a prank"

  102. Nope -

    Nope -Day ago

    he said they post cp for a meme

  103. SastaEminem

    SastaEminemDay ago

    His voice is so satisfying to the human ear

  104. Andrei Secan

    Andrei SecanDay ago

    2:33 genuinely couldn't stop laughing ๐Ÿ˜‚

  105. General Grievous

    General GrievousDay ago

    is his camera focused on his g-fuel and not him? XD

  106. cappuccino 19

    cappuccino 19Day ago

    The camera likes the g fuel tower better

  107. GreaterSociety

    GreaterSocietyDay ago

    Am I the only one who cant stand that dudes profile pic?

  108. ThePLAYUZ

    ThePLAYUZDay ago

    If you think MaximilianMus is toxic then you have never heard of GS Raider

  109. Randy

    Randy19 hours ago

    It kinda looks like they both make the same kind of content

  110. cappuccino 19

    cappuccino 19Day ago

    At least he isn't as popular as maximilianmus

  111. RabRac

    RabRacDay ago

    1:03 Right!

  112. Simon Ghoul

    Simon GhoulDay ago

    I hope Mutahar actually says why unlike most of these idiots, I mean it's not that hard Edit: he did, and that's why I love the guy. Great take on this, please bring dark web videos back somehow

  113. Rigo Hurtado

    Rigo HurtadoDay ago

    Coulda been the best troll ever ruined his own career

  114. G. G.

    G. G.Day ago

    Loved his videos, shame he was a weirdo

  115. zac

    zacDay ago

    I used to watch his videos when he would throw and be toxic in overwatch did not know about all this shit he does now

  116. chemical

    chemicalDay ago

    So has everyone and they momma hoped on this kids case?? Like fam๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€ max is dead as shi leave him alone youโ€™re literally giving him more fame and perseverance to keep doin this, itโ€™s what he wants attention and heโ€™s getting it

  117. Aidan A.

    Aidan A.Day ago

    The abomination is gone brothers. Rejoice!

  118. Brian Bryan

    Brian BryanDay ago

    Years ago he kept his toxicity on fornite and fps games and uploaded the videos as content. Sad to see him miss use his audience like this. Thank fod i stopped watching before rhe discord shit.

  119. pinkman231

    pinkman231Day ago

    He will just reinstate his channel in the next like 25 days or something

  120. jakanz

    jakanzDay ago

    this is the only person i will allow to be cancelled.

  121. Vincent the 2nd

    Vincent the 2ndDay ago

    I just now noticed that the stack of GFuel behind him is gradually getting taller the more videos he uploads.

  122. Rmembxr

    RmembxrDay ago

    I used to love his videos, I didn't know he was this much of a dick

  123. Perry Eanes

    Perry EanesDay ago

    I honestly found the oh yea yea meme so fucking annoying

  124. Bob Network

    Bob NetworkDay ago

    MaximilianMus was a vegan fighting for animals right and critikal just ruined him for no reason at all

  125. Randy

    Randy19 hours ago


  126. IDontKnow

    IDontKnowDay ago

    I hope youre joking

  127. Yeong KaiWen

    Yeong KaiWenDay ago

    *PROVE IT*

  128. Big Boi

    Big BoiDay ago

    That makes no sense ๐Ÿ˜‚

  129. Neko Koshaichi

    Neko KoshaichiDay ago

    0:37 Overanalysis as fuck

  130. lingus dingua

    lingus dinguaDay ago


  131. lingus dingua

    lingus dinguaDay ago

    Oh yeah yeah yeah

  132. Modern Zombie

    Modern ZombieDay ago

    Phobics ists and isms. Cool sounds like a nonissue and someone saying things to get under your over sensitive skin you steet shitter.

  133. Randy

    Randy19 hours ago


  134. Im not trying

    Im not tryingDay ago

    โ€œmAx gAnGโ€

  135. Captain cosmopolitan

    Captain cosmopolitanDay ago

    So he cancelled him because his stream got raided? Yes he is an awful person but still tho

  136. Dexter

    Dexter2 days ago

    The guy who ate his own shit was a neo nazi And he ate his own shit I mean come on ๐Ÿคฃ

  137. Ted Ragus

    Ted Ragus2 days ago

    What do people get from telling their fans to go bully someone?

  138. Volt

    Volt2 days ago

    โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž