The ball python we rescued is finally shedding!
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  1. Vanity Daal

    Vanity DaalHour ago

    Why would some one dump her

  2. Vanity Daal

    Vanity DaalHour ago

    She is so sweet

  3. Kadee Daws

    Kadee Daws9 hours ago

    such a calm snake

  4. Gabriel Ribas

    Gabriel Ribas12 hours ago


  5. bruna chati

    bruna chati18 hours ago

    This is just the sweetest snake. This poor girl.

  6. Amor Desdémona

    Amor DesdémonaDay ago

    I’m so glad she got better🥰

  7. Gonzalo Guerrasalinas

    Gonzalo GuerrasalinasDay ago


  8. Craftin' Me

    Craftin' MeDay ago

    She knows shes being well taken care of. She is such a good girl!

  9. Lea G

    Lea GDay ago

    You guys are awesome. Thank you for taking care of this poor girl

  10. Fallen Angel

    Fallen AngelDay ago

    Poor baby! I'm so happy she's getting better thru the process

  11. Morealz !

    Morealz !2 days ago

    I’m scared of snakes...and I find their beady eyes extremely gross...but here I am INVESTED in the recovery lol

  12. MrKevin486

    MrKevin4862 days ago

    Snek :D

  13. Hali Fleming

    Hali Fleming2 days ago

    She’s saying I’m ready for my close up mr demil.

  14. Brian Gullins

    Brian Gullins2 days ago

    My Ball python Dutches just passed. This makes me feel so happy to see her recover and take on new life! Dutches looked just like her.😌Such beautiful creations.💚

  15. D E L T A

    D E L T A3 days ago

    Snakes ain't one of my biggest fear but I'm still scared did them. But this beautiful snake has gained my heart. She's making me change my mind about snakes.

  16. Alina Jeknavorian

    Alina Jeknavorian3 days ago

    Wow! Thank you for taking care of this beautiful snake!! It’s so sad that someone just dumped their pet. Just like a dog or cat that a pet owner can’t take care of, the right thing to do is surrender to a shelter or something else.

  17. nic chin

    nic chin3 days ago

    She is really a sweet one

  18. Meghan Prince

    Meghan Prince3 days ago

    Her color looks better from the first video . i am not a reptile person but i love and respect all nature . thanks for being kind to her 😁

  19. Jermya the vlogger

    Jermya the vlogger3 days ago

    Congrats 🎉 you just gained another subscriber

  20. Zöe Bruce

    Zöe Bruce3 days ago

    Oh wow!! Shes such a sweetheart!! Such a cute face!! Poor baby but now shes be found and saved by two angels!! xxx🐍🐍💜💜🐍🐍xxx

  21. hannahkatebell

    hannahkatebell3 days ago

    She is so sweet. Anyone who could properly care for her would be blessed to have her.

  22. Sarah Grendell

    Sarah Grendell3 days ago

    What’s her name?

  23. Kate Ashdown

    Kate Ashdown3 days ago

    What did they say her name is? So cute & polite.

  24. Amu184

    Amu1843 days ago

    O wow, she looks so much healthier than she did in the first video. I'm really rooting for her. Btw, what are the red dots around her mouth?


    SETAREX WOLF17 hours ago

    I believe those are the heat pits she previously mentioned.



    Hope she's well fed now though

  27. Lyndsey Marie

    Lyndsey Marie3 days ago

    Awe. You 2 are amazing people. Keep that energy!

  28. Heather Clark

    Heather Clark4 days ago

    I didn't even know snakes could get ticks, so the first video when you found her really piqued my interest. Glad she's doing much better in your care! She seems to be very lovely and friendly

  29. Sania rego

    Sania rego4 days ago

    She got a good family

  30. Xion

    Xion4 days ago

    Oh hes a she. Poor baby. Ive gained a whole new love for ball pythons watching this. My first experience with a pet python it bite me in the hand and wouldn't let go. I will say the owner wasn't caring for it properly at all. He was text book buy then bored and release it kind of person. I know today it was just scared and had little meaningful interactions with a person who cared.

  31. Zoe Mac Pherson

    Zoe Mac Pherson4 days ago

    I'm sooooo invested in this, I'm so glad she is looking so much better

  32. konstanze rottinghaus

    konstanze rottinghaus4 days ago

    What did you name her

  33. ChristinaRenee Millz

    ChristinaRenee Millz4 days ago

    I love snakes! this just made me love them that much more.

  34. Rosalyn Lee

    Rosalyn Lee4 days ago

    I'm sure you get this a lot but you guys make an amazing couple! So much communication, consideration, inclusion and team work!! Amazing ❤

  35. Levaethan

    Levaethan4 days ago

    Also, is it just me or is she/he not a normal coloured BP? She's so light!

  36. Levaethan

    Levaethan4 days ago

    She's got a longgggg way to go but she's definitely on the right path. People may be wondering if she is blind, due to the fact that she's going through such a bad shed, and possibly went into a shed, over top of old skin that hasn't come off the eyes, which can also cause blinding. Looks like u guys got to her before that happened, thank god!

  37. Marissa Zavala

    Marissa Zavala4 days ago

    I wish I could adopt a snake like her, she’s so adorable! 😍

  38. Gera MotoZ

    Gera MotoZ4 days ago

    I like snakes, they eat mice and I hate mice, I hope she gets well!

  39. redhot

    redhot4 days ago

    Ohhh baby girl . Sending 💕 I wish people would quit intervening into animals worlds and trying to make money off of them. They're just money making objects to most people it's disgusting it's unnatural and it doesn't work out for the animal obviously

  40. Chuck Dameron

    Chuck Dameron4 days ago

    When do you feed it and what do you feed it

  41. Lucy Newton

    Lucy Newton4 days ago

    At the beginning of shading the snake is blind but as soon the scale come off, the snake can see.

  42. TheDoctor'sHenchwoman

    TheDoctor'sHenchwoman4 days ago

    she likely will have to be fed live rats. i know its near imposible to switch a live eater to frozen and there is no way she didnt eat living things while she was out. she doesnt look underweight at all.

  43. Kayjiira Art

    Kayjiira Art4 days ago

    I have a ball python myself and to just see that someone did this to her... it breaks my heart that someone would I do this to a poor animal.

  44. moon dowg

    moon dowg4 days ago

    It wont let me click on your channel??????

  45. Amber Jones

    Amber Jones4 days ago

    I hope whoever abandoned her see this video and realize the damage they caused this poor girl. I would never ever take my ball python out and just leave her. It is very important that they are always very warm. Im so glad that she was found by ppl who care.

  46. Crystal Burchett

    Crystal Burchett4 days ago

    What a sweet couple. Seems like a sweet and gentle snake. So cute seeing her all checking you and everything out. Thank goodness you could rescue her and thank you for what you do. God bless.

  47. Jazzminda Pinckney

    Jazzminda Pinckney5 days ago

    Thank God Miss Tick Tok is doing better! Tell her my class and our class pet snake Zoom says hiiiiii!

  48. Melissa Jongepier

    Melissa Jongepier5 days ago

    I’m so glad to see that she is much better. I felt so sorry for her.

  49. Rebecca Marsters

    Rebecca Marsters5 days ago

    Awww she is shy! 😍 I really am interested in how she is doing! 💜

  50. Random Things

    Random Things5 days ago

    I hope she is okay

  51. R R

    R R5 days ago

    I never thought I'd think a snake i as a sweety. I dont like snakes, but I like her

  52. Deanna Provost

    Deanna Provost5 days ago

    Poor girl, who can do this to a pet! She is so sweet!

  53. A.C. Castellon

    A.C. Castellon5 days ago

    I LOve anemials so im glad us ok


    HANNAH BEYERS THE RAnDom5 days ago

    I think she realised after you toke her home that you guys are helping her. She didn't bote or anything

  55. K1ttykat62

    K1ttykat626 days ago

    so ive owned reptiles for many years and i would like to know your guys views on soaking a snake. i think its helpful and useful to the snakes health but i was bashed on a snake video because forcing a snake to bath is abusive and stressful? ive never heard that as all my kids love the water. i just would like to know what you guys think

  56. Sky_ Ryder

    Sky_ Ryder6 days ago

    If only all the snakes was kind in this world i probably would have one


    ELI JIMENEZ6 days ago

    I don’t like snakes ether but I like that snake

  58. Dev VanDyke

    Dev VanDyke6 days ago

    Poor baby girrrl 💔 I don’t understand how you can get an animal and not feel responsible for it. I could never. I love my ball pythons so much. People don’t view them as sentient beings

  59. xnohardfeelings

    xnohardfeelings6 days ago

    I love this snake! 😍🥰 Not sure if this is the first injection you guys did on her, but if it was, the Vet said to switch sides of the spine each injection. ☺️

  60. Natalie Wojtala

    Natalie Wojtala6 days ago

    She looks so shy 😭😭 my heart is melting

  61. Kasel Kate Macaraig

    Kasel Kate Macaraig6 days ago

    Can you give her a name?

  62. leslie creech

    leslie creech6 days ago

    Not a snake fan at all but her coloring is absolutely beautiful, I'd love to get some nail polish in those colors. I subscribed just to see the post shed colors. Keep it up!

  63. Kayla Cherrie

    Kayla Cherrie6 days ago

    Her eyes are looking so much better. Love how happy and comfortable it looks now. I can't even imagine how much she would be suffering right now if you hadn't got to her in time.

  64. Claire Valdez

    Claire Valdez6 days ago

    I just came upon this video ! This story is wild ! Oh gosh. She’s such a beauty ! I would love to have one just like her 🖤 I hope she’s getting better.

  65. Trxppy Edits21

    Trxppy Edits216 days ago


  66. Allysha Hooper

    Allysha Hooper6 days ago

    God bless you guys

  67. Shekinah Hussain

    Shekinah Hussain6 days ago

    Does she bite though?

  68. Vedushka Rodríguez

    Vedushka Rodríguez6 days ago

    I don't like snakes, I hardly had any kind of empathy or something good to say about them, but this beauty has stolen my heart. She looks so loving and aware of the care that you are giving her, as gratitude. She is the only one that I feel enchanted with 😍😍😍

  69. Zerk

    Zerk6 days ago

    That’s what I was about to say I don’t like snakes I’m afraid too and that snake was so nice it didn’t even bite and it toungue was going like it was happy


    ELI JIMENEZ6 days ago

    She’s beatiful


    ELI JIMENEZ6 days ago

    I hope she is all right

  72. Mary nikolaou

    Mary nikolaou6 days ago

    Never thought I'd fall in love with a snake...

  73. Suruchi Rai

    Suruchi Rai6 days ago

    Thank god you guys found her , so happy she is going so well . Thankyou guys you are doing a great job .❤

  74. Alyssa Phillips

    Alyssa Phillips6 days ago

    What are you gonna name her or are you gonna wait to find out if your keeping her or not

  75. Bella Yoder

    Bella Yoder7 days ago

    I love snake's and she is so cute

  76. Dirpwolf

    Dirpwolf7 days ago

    She’s doing so much better. Thank you for being such compassionate people.

  77. oshane king

    oshane king7 days ago

    She is active

  78. Rosa Vlogs

    Rosa Vlogs7 days ago

    She is so cute!

  79. Lady Aries Serrano

    Lady Aries Serrano7 days ago

    She looks sooo much better! Beautiful snake. She knows and understands you both are helping her get better. Great update. 🤓🐍

  80. Michelle Miner

    Michelle Miner7 days ago

    SO glad to hear she's doing better! Just came across this channel and had to know what happened with her. It's very disturbing to think of what she went through and that are mindless or cruel people out there. Regardless the intent. Not cool.

  81. Spell Bell

    Spell Bell7 days ago

    Such a beautiful baby. So polite and calm despite the pain and suffering she's been through and the fact she didn't attack out of mistrust... I've heard snakes are actually super chill pets to have and seeing this just drives in that point even more... Slowly losing my fear of snakes

  82. Lock Pin

    Lock Pin7 days ago

    You should make her a beautiful warm nice enclosure bath her EVERYDAY and just leave her till she heals.

  83. Erin Keegan

    Erin Keegan6 days ago

    They're following vets advice, they showed that in the last video of this little guy

  84. cartergirl3of3

    cartergirl3of37 days ago

    Subscribing because we need more wildlife rescuers in this world

  85. Anne marie Currie

    Anne marie Currie7 days ago

    We don’t have snakes here and I’m so scared of them even though I’ve never seen one but I was an animal rescuer so appreciate what you are doing and feel for this little girl. Thank you for what you do

  86. SevenTailedWolf72 ft. BLACK*ROCK Studios

    SevenTailedWolf72 ft. BLACK*ROCK Studios7 days ago

    I subbed!

  87. Angelina Frank

    Angelina Frank7 days ago

    Happy to see she is now showing her cheeky side. 💚

  88. Julie Quigley

    Julie Quigley7 days ago

    Yes just saw on another USlikes channel that that exact same Snake, strangled and ate young young child . I don’t know why anybody who has any sense in their head would want own something like that chances of them eating your child. Fucking people are so stupid

  89. Florida's Wildest

    Florida's Wildest7 days ago

    And please keep nasty comments and curse words off of our channel. Thank you.

  90. Florida's Wildest

    Florida's Wildest7 days ago

    Ball pythons only get 4-5 eat and don’t eat children...🤦🏼‍♀️

  91. Sophia And Daniel’s World

    Sophia And Daniel’s World7 days ago

    @That Vegan Teacher now this is what an animal rights activist is not somebody singing some crazy songs but beside the jokes I hope the snake feels rlly better

  92. J K

    J K7 days ago

    I am so invested in this snake now

  93. Aiko Aika

    Aiko Aika7 days ago

    I’m not a huge fan of snakes but I’m so happy she’s doing well

  94. Eileen Ortiz

    Eileen Ortiz7 days ago

    PRECIOUS....God made her too.. God Bless you's❤️

  95. Syahira K

    Syahira K8 days ago

    Thank you for saving her😭 I don’t like snake but these videos just melt my heart 🥺

  96. Amanda Greco

    Amanda Greco8 days ago

    She looks so much happier now.

  97. yesii ore

    yesii ore8 days ago

    I don't like snakes I am really afraid of them,but that poor snake did not deserve all that pain

  98. Tyriek adams

    Tyriek adams8 days ago


  99. GoddessLove Remedies

    GoddessLove Remedies8 days ago

    She is so beautiful and happy! I'm so happy you were able to save her.

  100. autumn

    autumn8 days ago


  101. Crystal Beck

    Crystal Beck8 days ago

    Does the shedding take off the ticks?

  102. Vilene Royal

    Vilene Royal7 days ago


  103. Dee That's Me

    Dee That's Me8 days ago

    Does she have a name? Bianca is a strong name. Or Cleo for Cleopatra. She is a fight. You guy have taken such great care of her. She is a beauty!

  104. Rhiannon Fear

    Rhiannon Fear8 days ago

    For people who don't know, snakes are almost blind in shed because of the liquid that they secrete and their shed when they first shed is actually slightly damp to touch because of that too. Just a fun fact

  105. Autumn Martin

    Autumn Martin8 days ago

    I think that she knows you guys saved her and are going to take good care of her! Bless your hearts for doing what you do with these poor animals!