He tried to fight me #shorts


  1. Rose Lynnn

    Rose Lynnn2 hours ago

    “ want me to fuck you up or what “ I love Mexicans !!😭😭😭

  2. kiki nfl star

    kiki nfl star8 hours ago


  3. Heavenly Moya Benavidez

    Heavenly Moya Benavidez13 hours ago

    This low key my dad😂😂❤️

  4. chancho Classic

    chancho Classic2 days ago

    Us mexicans don't fuck around like that huncho

  5. The Flash

    The Flash3 days ago

    He coulda threw him down .damn luckily it ended good

  6. Kevin Holt

    Kevin Holt4 days ago

    Take heed conduct your self with a new and improved american spirit,my nigga learn from that experience, switch it up and become a better man

  7. Trevor Tuz

    Trevor Tuz8 days ago


  8. soheilization sasani

    soheilization sasani9 days ago

    Its just one kind of people one should not mess with, men with doughters..

  9. marca lino

    marca lino9 days ago

    He must done see those guys back there even i know that a bad scenery 😂💯

  10. Truckload Ocho

    Truckload Ocho10 days ago

    Mexicans swea they tuff

  11. Sam

    Sam10 days ago

    Dad thinks he tough but doesn't know how many dudes his daughter called *DADDY!!*

  12. Paxton W. Stewart

    Paxton W. Stewart10 days ago

    🤣😂..”You want me to fuck you up Righteously!”...My ninja

  13. Alejandro Lara

    Alejandro Lara10 days ago

    That's a real chili in the street s cut

  14. Eric William

    Eric William11 days ago

    Humans will never learn, always got to make everything racial so 🌽!this young thug I'd actually a young business men who make a lot of money and is good tax paying citizen!

  15. Король Артур

    Король Артур11 days ago

    О чем они говорят?? Кто скажет?

  16. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams11 days ago

    Old skool ain't wit dat fuck shyt

  17. Jason DiNovo

    Jason DiNovo11 days ago

    That seems staged

  18. Cyndi Piek

    Cyndi Piek11 days ago

    That's cute ! Good Daddy!

  19. Jer Bear

    Jer Bear11 days ago

    Well she is 14 soooo he should of hit you anyways.

  20. summer bertram

    summer bertram11 days ago

    You do not want a father inlaw like that lol

  21. Darrion McGrew

    Darrion McGrew11 days ago

    If any of you had an uncle like this you can tell by his foot stance that he is ready to throw a mean pimp slap

  22. Pablo TrowDaddy

    Pablo TrowDaddy11 days ago

    Lol she already tricking. She over 15..

  23. Timothy Collins Guitar

    Timothy Collins Guitar11 days ago

    Hahaha. Awesome!!

  24. VWFamily Vlogs

    VWFamily Vlogs11 days ago

    See all the homies in the back waiting

  25. VWFamily Vlogs

    VWFamily Vlogs11 days ago

    This my daughters' dad all day thoo dont come fuckin wit someone lookin like that bout they kids lol

  26. c0braZ

    c0braZ11 days ago

    Damn....Nigga, Damn....Hispanic, Lol

  27. Ishmeal Jackson

    Ishmeal Jackson11 days ago

    OG ran out of Do u hear me now Young blood was about to get f## ckd up

  28. Khamiy McClain

    Khamiy McClain11 days ago

    I would of said she a respectful beautiful young lady

  29. Anton Calloway

    Anton Calloway11 days ago

    That's any real Dad reaction about his Daughter no matter the Race or where you from

  30. Wicked Beats

    Wicked Beats11 days ago


  31. Bob by

    Bob by11 days ago

    He was going to pay 30k to sleep with a 14yr old Spanish girl.. this is Epstein Clinton level balling

  32. Jaan Rudolph

    Jaan Rudolph11 days ago

    This dude needs a hiding

  33. JJB

    JJB11 days ago

    Fake boy Q

  34. r 830

    r 83011 days ago

    Hit him wtf

  35. Malcolm Hicks

    Malcolm Hicks11 days ago

    Old heads always tryna act hard haha

  36. Qwin vaughans

    Qwin vaughans11 days ago


  37. Ellie Maggert

    Ellie Maggert11 days ago

    That would seriously be my dad he is so overprotective

  38. SPLURGE Hooligans

    SPLURGE Hooligans11 days ago


  39. Rocky Marshall

    Rocky Marshall11 days ago

    Essay wasn't playin 😂😂

  40. Sensei Tubagoo 13 / subscribe to your sensei

    Sensei Tubagoo 13 / subscribe to your sensei11 days ago

    Fathers, love your daughters so they grow up to love and respect themselves

  41. Joshua Avila

    Joshua Avila11 days ago

    Do look like ms13 or cartle boy you about to end up in a bag chop up he that guy waiting for you when the show down

  42. Dylan Payne

    Dylan Payne11 days ago

    That man never smiled or took his off of him “Real mutha pukin G”

  43. Akicita

    Akicita11 days ago

    What a lame. Thinks money makes him somebody

  44. Robert Mac

    Robert Mac11 days ago

    So fake

  45. SoCal Longie

    SoCal Longie11 days ago

    Ignorant. Disrespectful. Thanks you tube. Diculys

  46. IZ Supreme

    IZ Supreme11 days ago

    This is probably the only real 1 he’s made

  47. Brandon Turner

    Brandon Turner11 days ago

    He would have been fucked up on site. No words just sleep little nigga. I wish you would have the balls to come ask me that

  48. Theo Theo

    Theo Theo11 days ago

    Go cut your fucking hair first, 2, talk normaly without pretending of being someone and go actually become someone useful. And the most important stop fucking provoking racism.

  49. Trevor Lujan

    Trevor Lujan11 days ago

    Eses don’t play 😂😂

  50. Kayla M Brown

    Kayla M Brown11 days ago

    That sounds like what my dad would do😂

  51. Kevin A

    Kevin A11 days ago

    Come around here showing money asking if you want it. Lmao him and his partner filming would wake up..... no money... film deleted-if the camera is left behind at all....

  52. SelfMade

    SelfMade11 days ago

    Bro corny as fuck. Why would he even step to her dad like that?

  53. Jacob Poucher

    Jacob Poucher11 days ago

    Moon cricket

  54. Joshua Pitz

    Joshua Pitz11 days ago

    This dude is a fukn idiot

  55. Samantha McBride

    Samantha McBride11 days ago

    This guy is so rude

  56. Lizzy L

    Lizzy L11 days ago

    Real fathers dnt let their daughters dress like that . Wanna be all protective lol

  57. Scott O'Shea

    Scott O'Shea11 days ago

    I would've told my daughter to turn her back while I stomped dude out and took his presumably fake money

  58. Alexa Galvan

    Alexa Galvan11 days ago

    the first dad be looking like the Cranberry juice guy

  59. Adam Chile

    Adam Chile11 days ago

    Homies in the back scopin hard!

  60. Raymond Johnston

    Raymond Johnston11 days ago

    Are we just going to ignore the fact she looks underage

  61. Sagar G

    Sagar G11 days ago

    That's why dads don't like clowns. 🤣 🤣 🤣

  62. ghost ghost

    ghost ghost11 days ago

    Fake and gay

  63. Chris

    Chris11 days ago

    “How about if I knock the *shit* outa you.” 💀💀💀

  64. mario duran

    mario duran11 days ago

    Hahahaha wrong guy to be messing with even if it’s a joke

  65. g g

    g g11 days ago

    This man a straight pussy

  66. Jay.1

    Jay.111 days ago

    Did you all notice how a lot of people in the comments was saying she look underage but they didn't say anything about the older man threatening a underage boy most boys are not even asking the parents can they date their daughter so if you can find one that have enough respect to ask you can they date your daughter you should consider yourself blessed

  67. Sugar Water Purple

    Sugar Water Purple11 days ago

    When the bottle started to switch hands he should’ve back away immediately!!

  68. Kendrick Alfonso

    Kendrick Alfonso11 days ago


  69. Sal Ochoa

    Sal Ochoa11 days ago

    I wouldn't let my daughter date a bitch either.

  70. Seattle Slim

    Seattle Slim11 days ago

    People always need to remember that you can’t get mad at someone’s reaction. If you do or say something to someone you get what you get. And on a similar note jus cuz you say no disrespect doesn’t give you a pass. To boot majority of the time when u say that it’s usually cuz u bout to disrespect them. Lol. Then boom bam bing 💥 reaction!!! Good luck young man and please think and be safe. I’d hate to hear something bad happened to you.

  71. fabulous legend

    fabulous legend11 days ago

    That's a real dad. For him his daughter is more important than Money. If I was in his place, then I would just punch this guy out, no time for talking.

  72. Edwin Hipolito

    Edwin Hipolito11 days ago

    She gone hit you wit a I'm 13

  73. saif ahmed

    saif ahmed11 days ago

    This creature is nuts

  74. faisal 11176

    faisal 1117611 days ago

    In my part of world we kill people who talk like this.

  75. Dijon Thomas

    Dijon Thomas11 days ago

    The dad is a OG you see his stance but he gave him a chance because it was ballsy


    PANA GWOMAN11 days ago

    Disrespectful though

  77. Alden Whateley

    Alden Whateley11 days ago

    I love this Dad!

  78. Eli Sanchez

    Eli Sanchez11 days ago

    Don’t mess with OG thug bro

  79. You Tube

    You Tube11 days ago

    People do almost anything for fame; this young man put himself in a situation where anything could have happened. You can tell she’s an underage girl.

  80. Eral Perry

    Eral Perry11 days ago

    He should've knew the answer by the Chuck Taylors!!

  81. Eral Perry

    Eral Perry11 days ago

    I'll answer for him....Hell naw you're black homie it ain't happening essay!!

  82. Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett11 days ago

    That bald Richard cranium ain't gonna do nothing.

  83. Shelf Cloud

    Shelf Cloud11 days ago

    Love this guy.

  84. stoned_canuck_theory

    stoned_canuck_theory11 days ago

    Another win for thug culture.....

  85. 20 20 Savage

    20 20 Savage11 days ago


  86. Anywhore

    Anywhore11 days ago


  87. Benny Moses ben

    Benny Moses ben11 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with you

  88. Alvin Orteza

    Alvin Orteza11 days ago


  89. gomez wardulus

    gomez wardulus11 days ago

    So is it changing it’s name too bitchboy

  90. Ali Naseri

    Ali Naseri11 days ago


  91. sr. xivi

    sr. xivi11 days ago

    How about if you make real videos

  92. bowshock galaxy

    bowshock galaxy11 days ago

    She not worth30band n my eyes,srry,fyi she a baby still bro,nasty dude frfr even playing round, that is so low,and btw no woman or person worth30Gs n my eyes,I'd rather go solo and spend or do right with that money,u so filthy rich why not help someone that really needs it,vet u get more likes and followers and feel better.. looking like a creep..nice first impression, nonsubscriber!

  93. Shawn Desouza

    Shawn Desouza11 days ago

    Lol thats a serious dad bro u could keep that money lol

  94. Barry fitzgerald

    Barry fitzgerald11 days ago

    This guy should be locked up


    ВЕК ДОБРА11 days ago

    Переведите на русский

  96. Seeking Perspective

    Seeking Perspective11 days ago

    She's like freaking 12! Wtf!

  97. Fire Fire

    Fire Fire11 days ago

    Be careful punk, Remember What would LA be without Mexicans

  98. Nik Ola

    Nik Ola11 days ago

    Bro don't do that with any one's Dad .

  99. Arran Robeson

    Arran Robeson11 days ago

    She look about 13 🤦‍♂️

  100. Commenter Five

    Commenter Five11 days ago

    Stop putting that filth on the airwaves!!!