Mercedes EQS is the Most Luxurious Electric Car and it's Not Even Close...

The Mercedes EQS takes the electric car to another level.
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  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy6 days ago

    You thought this was luxurious...? Try this 😂 -

  2. LightningBoltSniper

    LightningBoltSniper13 hours ago

    @INSPIRING PERSON what are you replying to? im confused.

  3. OwnItG 4F

    OwnItG 4F15 hours ago

    Garbage airtag by apple.

  4. Kylen Ezequiel

    Kylen Ezequiel17 hours ago

    @Ishaan Jefferson yup, I have been using flixzone for months myself =)

  5. Ishaan Jefferson

    Ishaan Jefferson17 hours ago

    A trick : you can watch series on flixzone. Been using it for watching lots of of movies recently.

  6. Andris Ukstin

    Andris Ukstin18 hours ago

    @Kolos Kilyénfalvi dbebehgg

  7. coolstorybro

    coolstorybro4 minutes ago

    This looks like a dodge dart 😂

  8. George S

    George S7 minutes ago

    There is the garage of Batman!

  9. bummers

    bummers7 minutes ago

    Which car's door does not open up wide and stay in place? What kind of flintstone car have you been driving? Nice Mercedes video ads btw.

  10. Vishal singh sengar

    Vishal singh sengar9 minutes ago

    did anyone notice the color of glass on driver side vs rear passenger side? so thoughtful

  11. Erick & Lia

    Erick & Lia25 minutes ago

    RGB has invaded the car scene.. LOL

  12. Simeon Simeonov

    Simeon Simeonov32 minutes ago

    Why is it so ugly?

  13. Edy B

    Edy B44 minutes ago

    Don't video a car trunk using wide angle. Ever.

  14. Edy B

    Edy B46 minutes ago

    Those socks...

  15. Ajay Chamling

    Ajay ChamlingHour ago

    @Ajay Rai31058627 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏

  16. Stephen Benn

    Stephen BennHour ago

    Doug is gonna love this

  17. Santi

    SantiHour ago

    Dark night if you know what I mean

  18. Jean Q Nguyen

    Jean Q NguyenHour ago

    Looks like a night club within a car

  19. kaanchan Rajagopalan

    kaanchan RajagopalanHour ago

    Far better than the actual car reviews channel.

  20. Harsh Nerwani

    Harsh Nerwani2 hours ago

    Tesla : finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary

  21. Narang Tani

    Narang Tani2 hours ago

    Cluster phobic studio

  22. El Cattivo

    El Cattivo2 hours ago

    Designer: how do you want the light ambient to be? Mercedes: Yes

  23. Chinmay Lad

    Chinmay Lad2 hours ago

    He forgot to show what’s inside the hood.

  24. Joseph Lyon

    Joseph Lyon2 hours ago

    Disappointed at the low fps screens and movement/scroll lag.

  25. Nav Sabir

    Nav Sabir2 hours ago

    Funny thing is, this looks better than Tesla but won’t get the hype

  26. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Napoleon Bonaparte2 hours ago

    It's ugly.

  27. Newgeneration Nexus

    Newgeneration Nexus2 hours ago

    Nice video.

  28. Domingo Noynay

    Domingo Noynay3 hours ago

    Price range of this car must be crazy expensive. More expensive than Tesla.

  29. Tech Record

    Tech Record3 hours ago

    I love display LED so much look very nice

  30. Youtubɛ

    Youtubɛ3 hours ago

    Just give me an Uber in this thing.

  31. the max

    the max3 hours ago

    A bit like a Lucid Air

  32. krueger

    krueger3 hours ago

    Anyone else notice the Mercedes EQS looks like a Honda civic 2008 mixed with a ford focus 2015 ...

  33. Christian Espiritu

    Christian Espiritu4 hours ago

    Wooooooow @japoktine08

  34. Hamzeh Sabbagh

    Hamzeh Sabbagh4 hours ago

    Imagine the screen protector size for this display

  35. Alex Motion

    Alex Motion4 hours ago

    Interior Beautiful, Exterior as ugly as Toyota Prius!

  36. Rijhal Mune

    Rijhal Mune4 hours ago

    Hey nobody talked about top speed, battery up time, performance,this is more important.

  37. The_Filthy_Mcnastiest

    The_Filthy_Mcnastiest4 hours ago

    I thought the Lucid Air was going to have the market cornered. But once again Mercedes sets the bar and raises. Waiting to see how the Apple car stacks up.

  38. T

    T4 hours ago

    I wouldn't buy an EV car quite yet. think there's plenty of room for improvement and also currently the price is too high. they need to bring the price down if they want more people driving EV cars.

  39. Dylan Pyle

    Dylan Pyle4 hours ago

    nah ill stick with my honda civic lol

  40. XxKazxX XxxX

    XxKazxX XxxX5 hours ago

    Everyone talking about this car but I'm more interested in the car of the Future that's on the display looks stunning and sumthing Batman would have 😂...

  41. mohamad moukalled

    mohamad moukalled5 hours ago

    Looks like a Honda Civic 😆 bad ass car though

  42. Dong Nguyen

    Dong Nguyen5 hours ago

    This is the reason why I have never wanted anything else but a Benz.

  43. paulF1

    paulF15 hours ago

    Sorry man but you’ve got the chicken legs big time and those Simon cowell joggers pulled up to your chin...😂🤣

  44. RunCircusRun

    RunCircusRun5 hours ago

    How do you not mention price, or when it will be available in Canada??

  45. Si Señor

    Si Señor5 hours ago

    The pants just won’t cut it.

  46. BMW fan 110

    BMW fan 1105 hours ago

    OmG it looks like a dodge dart 🤮

  47. Chahat Singh

    Chahat Singh6 hours ago

    This mercedes looks really ugly

  48. Tom

    Tom6 hours ago

    I hope those doors sense the car next to it and doesn't smack into my car!

  49. Karim Ben

    Karim Ben6 hours ago

    You forgot to talk about the screen on the passenger front seat but overall it’s 🔥

  50. Cre8tive Cre8tion

    Cre8tive Cre8tion6 hours ago

    Why are you wearing such tall socks over pants?

  51. Thin Line

    Thin Line6 hours ago

    telsa 40k. Mercedes 250K.. no thanks

  52. EDDIE

    EDDIE7 hours ago

    Old technology. Lucid is way more advanced then this.

  53. rambow70

    rambow707 hours ago

    Interior: 10/10 Exterior: 5/10

  54. I am Chris morgan

    I am Chris morgan7 hours ago

    Also it looks like a glorified prius

  55. UnnoticedTruth667

    UnnoticedTruth6677 hours ago

    12:25 when he realized he almost got canceled.

  56. Kilur

    Kilur7 hours ago

    Wow! Mercedes should be big now

  57. wasap doc

    wasap doc7 hours ago

    If this comes with a pre built PS5 I will buy it.

  58. Henning Visser

    Henning Visser7 hours ago

    Imagine the fingerprints on that screen.

  59. wasap doc

    wasap doc7 hours ago

    Wow. Mercedes is ripping off Hyundai.

  60. michael stires

    michael stires7 hours ago

    Not really a fan of the exterior design..


    ROHIT RAWAT8 hours ago

    Tell me how the fuck are you renting batmen Garage?

  62. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon8 hours ago

    this makes me proud to see it finally =) we worked really hard for it =)

  63. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian Rodriguez8 hours ago

    The exterior is horrible but that interior....OMFG amazing. Can't wait till they roll out the SUV version of this in the US.

  64. David Davis

    David Davis8 hours ago

    All I can think of are rock chips in the glass😬

  65. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon8 hours ago

    Fantastic inside but the outside looks like a Honda

  66. K 9

    K 98 hours ago

    Nice video! i love everything about this car except for its front. I really dont like the shape of how its going down (view by the side). its kinda a thing of mercedes now that the front goes very low and it disturbes me a lot. Anyone else who can relate?



    It is safe to say that Mercedes Benz has flummoxed Lew . . .

  68. Williams Hobbs

    Williams Hobbs9 hours ago


  69. Evan Kalfman

    Evan Kalfman8 hours ago

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  72. Linda Garcia

    Linda Garcia8 hours ago

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  73. Linda Garcia

    Linda Garcia8 hours ago

    @Margaret Martinez her availability is sure and faster on What sApp messenger

  74. David Leizer

    David Leizer9 hours ago

    Interior is A1 but that exterior is just sooo soft. Just does not look good especially compared to the regular s class or even c class

  75. Sarkis Sheghamyan

    Sarkis Sheghamyan9 hours ago

    how did they got the car there?

  76. Brian Puente

    Brian Puente9 hours ago

    So if you are in a parking lot, and open the door automatically, will it hit the car next to you? Or does it have sensors to prevent this?

  77. Luke A

    Luke A9 hours ago

    I've watched this channel sense 2 million subs and loved the whole journey, however for a channel with almost 20 million subs its time for the production value to go up a notch. ie a stabilized camera rig and some better audio,.

  78. Blessed Boy

    Blessed Boy9 hours ago

    Im a car guy. And i hate the fact that playstation and phone reviewers are reviewing cars This electric cars thing is horrible

  79. Josh Couture

    Josh Couture9 hours ago

    Bout to start an auto detailing company with this microfibre cloth

  80. That no body

    That no body10 hours ago

    It a blend between Honda and Tesla.

  81. Sksk Sksk

    Sksk Sksk10 hours ago

    Ok but has it got fake exhausts

  82. Igor Chichkin

    Igor Chichkin10 hours ago

    WoW 🤩 after This tesla looks like 92 Toyota

  83. AJ

    AJ10 hours ago

    how many screens can you put in a car. Its driving like a portable stripclub with those lights

  84. Pank UniKarn

    Pank UniKarn10 hours ago

    Whats with the leggings? 😹 Do you even work out?! 😹😹

  85. DiAvanti

    DiAvanti10 hours ago

    Fantastic inside but the outside looks like a Honda

  86. Eric B.

    Eric B.10 hours ago

    WAAAY too much with the LED light ropes. Restraint is the better part of design - unless, of course, you're a Victorian interior decorator. jus' sayin'...

  87. PeterGregg

    PeterGregg11 hours ago

    I think waving your hand to block the view when trying to show the displays might not be the best choice? Lens distortion with the super wide angles is also a little distracting. Mostly nice video though 👍

  88. ken pumphrey

    ken pumphrey11 hours ago

    That's some crazy gamer RGB vomit all throughout the car.

  89. C N

    C N11 hours ago

    Like a Tesla, minus the nationwide supercharging network, and you have to steer it on the highway.

  90. Just A Moment with Brian

    Just A Moment with Brian11 hours ago

    God damn I hate Lou.

  91. Starkilla

    Starkilla11 hours ago

    God he’s so boring !

  92. Spider-Man

    Spider-Man11 hours ago

    It is ugly from the outside ngl

  93. FantasyNero

    FantasyNero11 hours ago

    This Car Should be on The Next Forza Car on Xbox Series S/X!

  94. Mathias Primdal

    Mathias Primdal11 hours ago

    Tech 10/10 - Interior 11/10 - Exterior 2/10...ugly

  95. Collin Aitcheson

    Collin Aitcheson11 hours ago

    It looks like the daughter of a Prius and a Tesla is going through the bedazzling phase.

  96. daryl wizzard

    daryl wizzard11 hours ago

    You actually had to flip the back seat down with your hand, I'm not impressed

  97. mahonyvideo

    mahonyvideo11 hours ago

    Mercedes Benz. The best or nothing.

  98. jakeM

    jakeM11 hours ago

    The passanger seat screen just being a weird square looks so outdated already

  99. Martin Kammerhofer

    Martin Kammerhofer12 hours ago

    Nothing, absolutely nothing is intimidating about this car. Looks as mean as a smart.

  100. Whatch Whatch

    Whatch Whatch12 hours ago

    My grandpa can't even work his iPhone! Good for the over older generation in this thing.

  101. ionutz voicu

    ionutz voicu12 hours ago

    the future is now !

  102. nikos-7-

    nikos-7-12 hours ago

    The wide angle really doesn't suit filming a car or is it just me?

  103. spiegel

    spiegel12 hours ago

    It's like you would have to take a 4 week course at a community college to learn how to use all the functions.

  104. Unbox Teraphy

    Unbox Teraphy56 minutes ago

    Plus one nine two nine five five two three three two four. My hotline.

  105. Unbox Teraphy

    Unbox Teraphy57 minutes ago

    Your profile and address of delivery

  106. Unbox Teraphy

    Unbox Teraphy57 minutes ago

    It's a promo going on

  107. Dead Gamer

    Dead Gamer12 hours ago

    6:00 lol the warp stabilzing

  108. Mac Richardson

    Mac Richardson12 hours ago

    Love the color scheme

  109. Money pedia1

    Money pedia113 hours ago

    Tesla to the moon hhhh

  110. Bo-Laurids Jähde

    Bo-Laurids Jähde13 hours ago

    Me: Looking at my wallet My wallet: Don't even think about it!

  111. omar hameed

    omar hameed13 hours ago

    man!!! what! now Tesla just look a total garbage near this! I can't believe it!!!

  112. Eagle Beast of Prey

    Eagle Beast of Prey13 hours ago

    Knight Rider becomes reality.... now we need last thing ... that car will talk to us...

  113. Syl M

    Syl M13 hours ago

    Tesla has left the chat💬 😅

  114. Mark

    Mark13 hours ago

    Can you imagine the cost when that car breaks. Oh and try bringing it to Jim's back yard garage in Northern Vermont for service. Lol

  115. Berke Bayraktar

    Berke Bayraktar12 hours ago

    If you are worrying about the cost to fix this car and about bringing it to Jim’s back garage. You simply can not afford that car, but hey me neither, that‘s why I don’t make myself look like a cheap ass on the internet.