Lil Durk and Lil Baby Run Into Da Baby at Icebox While Filming 'Finesse Out The Gang Way'

Lil Durk and Lil Baby link up at Icebox with Jerry Productions to film a segment of the video for 'Finesse Out The Gang Way' off Durk's new album, "The Voice: Deluxe"!
While filming, Charlotte artist and superstar, Da Baby, stops by the Icebox showroom and chops it up with Lil Durk and Lil Baby!
Watch as these three mega-artists hang out with each other at Icebox!
*Music in this video is altered due to copyright protection*
'Finesse Out The Gang Way' Official Music Video Here:

Instagram!!! www. Icebox
Icebox Diamonds & Watches
3255 Peachtree Road NE
Suite #2
Atlanta, GA 30306
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  1. Jerry Production

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  2. Marcellus cox

    Marcellus cox11 hours ago

    Record the part where it reversed and reverse it

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    2K Swish4 days ago

    Ay take a break from these mainstream rappers, check my recent music shit underrated FIRE

  4. 600 is Squad

    600 is Squad5 days ago

    @Misa misa You dont know shit bout nothin

  5. Ivan Natureal

    Ivan Natureal5 days ago

    *Durk was in on Von $acrafice. The ones that seen the subliminal messages know what I'm talking about*

  6. Tommy2lit

    Tommy2lit6 days ago

    Bro I are fire 🔥

  7. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui56 minutes ago

    I love how Dababy greets people lowkey, he chill asl but lit when he needs to be.

  8. Aiden Arias

    Aiden Arias2 hours ago

    Da baby is wearing the mask heather wrong way😂

  9. Skuddie

    Skuddie3 hours ago

    Dababy be moving out there

  10. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui55 minutes ago

    Lmao u can see durks gun

  11. bpvliltiny mitchell

    bpvliltiny mitchell3 hours ago

    Lil baby the 🐐

  12. Karen Petel

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    Rip King Von!

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  14. Robin Masama

    Robin Masama5 hours ago

    Whats that intro song?

  15. Victor Chinonso

    Victor Chinonso5 hours ago

    Lil baby will soon by icebox ✊🏼

  16. K1LL-3VER Fox

    K1LL-3VER Fox5 hours ago

    Aye, that's sum big respect to lil baby for kickin' it an assumably working with him, that shows that he got weight on his name an he cares bout the city enough to keep things on the level around it so it doesn't also become a warzone ✊🏻 that's that bigger picture type shit

  17. Julian Q

    Julian Q6 hours ago

    I'm happy baby tested that vault first hell nah you ain't finna just close me up in there

  18. Cringee Vibezz

    Cringee Vibezz10 hours ago

    so errbody gon skip da fact dat we seen von ..😔😔🤟🏾

  19. Niyah_playz123

    Niyah_playz12314 hours ago

    6:20 lil baby face 😂

  20. JEMS 96

    JEMS 9616 hours ago

    2:38 nobody talking about durk having pink painted nails??

  21. M T

    M T18 hours ago

    New Episode Title: Icebox workers run into Lil Baby at Icebox

  22. Aerial Aced

    Aerial Aced20 hours ago

    Da Baby is like a wolf around dogs lol no one on that dudes mindset

  23. Paul Dieme

    Paul Dieme21 hour ago

    How I love ❤️ looking at rappers that don’t fight this is how they all need to be. They need to be friends do be there for each other not like fighting shooting one another killing one another you feel me

  24. RogueNinja isco

    RogueNinja isco21 hour ago

    That mumble rap go hard @3:04 - @3:23

  25. Corey Wilson

    Corey Wilson22 hours ago

    Lmao u can see durks gun

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  27. Konxeited Mai

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    What you edit with

  28. Jayden Brasher

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    “Ice box make my shit look 3d”

  29. Yah Ya

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    That man said lil baby above his family

  30. 장인식

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    The uppity snowflake progressively rhyme because uncle semiannually drain until a tacit plastic. better, curved destruction

  31. joseph Macchiello

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    that jeweler dude be kissing ass everytime a rapper walk in

  32. Isaiah Packard

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    you can tell icebox is lil baby home

  33. Sliyo Celeb

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    Uh woo woo

  34. Luxury Mind

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    geez, these guys talk fast

  35. Bree Berry

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    unity between these guys here is everything

  36. Bree Berry

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    I love me some icebox stay online since I be in Canada

  37. galaxy ui goku

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    Lowkey durk should sign with 4pf cause i never see nobody be around these much

  38. galaxy ui goku

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    🤣🤣🤣🤣 it not cold bro

  39. Hades CFG

    Hades CFGDay ago

    Dababy X Durk X Lil Baby 😳💰💰💰💰

  40. Josiahandmanman Ty

    Josiahandmanman TyDay ago

    They need ynw melly

  41. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu DragneelDay ago

    That beat in the intro slaps

  42. Damien Ramseur

    Damien RamseurDay ago

    The deafening clarinet ethically spark because mustard phytogeographically fit next a magnificent bomber. knotty, clean hip

  43. Chris Long stroke

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  44. Tommy Williams

    Tommy WilliamsDay ago

    Nobody is talking about how clean that Jason jacket is though.

  45. Max Hansen

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  46. Gaming With Tut

    Gaming With TutDay ago

    Durk got a glock ready to pop off💯💯

  47. KASIDI

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    Give me some baby im poor

  48. AFanLol

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    Da baby voice deep asl 😂

  49. Franco Tirador

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    Plenty of ice 🧊 over there tell the north-pool people they need to come down🥶

  50. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhDay ago

    At this point I think Lil baby just being nosey riding up and down y’all street and then when he sees a rolls Royce out there he pull up to see who there😂

  51. SpookyCereal

    SpookyCerealDay ago

    13:23 When your older brother takes you to get snacks.



    Them Three On Da Song Together Mannn 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️Needa Happens Soon

  53. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhDay ago

    bruh is lil baby wearing a h20 delirious jacket 😂😂

  54. Angelia Batista Hankerson

    Angelia Batista HankersonDay ago

    All them dimples in the room 🖤🤎

  55. littlefreshleek swag

    littlefreshleek swagDay ago

    3 hottest rappers

  56. 8th Hokage

    8th HokageDay ago

    "I know y'all don't play that shit.. man look at em he like man wtf"😂😂😂😂 lil baby funny as hell

  57. Denzelvc

    DenzelvcDay ago

    That's a whole lotta millions in 1 room

  58. Alexander Sidbury

    Alexander SidburyDay ago

    The guy in the gucci jacket looks like dababy

  59. AV4HXNNA

    AV4HXNNADay ago

    kinda wanna work at icebox now 😂 js to meet rappers

  60. Sebastian Pohl

    Sebastian PohlDay ago

    its sad that the world has come to the point where you cant even play a song in a video or stream even if you put the link or the name of the song in the vid or description. That is just so dumb. If you sing a song and your video gets recognition the video will get claimed. bs

  61. Try

    TryDay ago

    The reverse mask🤣🤣🤣dababy style

  62. bruh bruhbruh

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    baby goes to icebox like my dad goes to costco lmfaooo

  63. CB 15

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    What beat is that playing at 2:57 ??? let me know asap please

  64. asookiez playz

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    Do you mean lil baby bc you said Da baby

  65. Dominick Alexander

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    Aquí los latinos😎😁 👇

  66. SpazzDrxp YT

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    aye yall ncas realized durk pole

  67. Dallas Springfield

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    He called me broke 😂, I need to get my money up

  68. christian barcenas

    christian barcenas2 days ago

    bruh is lil baby wearing a h20 delirious jacket 😂😂

  69. cam

    cam2 days ago

    you gotta start doing more music videos in there.

  70. Mikey Mike

    Mikey Mike2 days ago

    “I need them Lil Baby prices” we all know Lil Baby got icebox rewards 😭 free buss on the 10th visit

  71. Svpreme Gamer

    Svpreme Gamer2 days ago

    you guys legit sell million-dollar stuff, are ads really neccasary

  72. GRiM

    GRiM2 days ago

    Must have been the same day they stopped traffic for an iPhone charger 😂

  73. YT_atlra _TTV

    YT_atlra _TTV2 days ago

    Bro the fakest music ever

  74. Марк Яровой

    Марк Яровой2 days ago

    Imagine Trump gets a custimised piece. lol

  75. tzunammi shadai

    tzunammi shadai2 days ago

    They done gave the wrong niggaz money... scrait dup....

  76. Christopher Cruz

    Christopher Cruz2 days ago

    Why does durk look scared in the car

  77. 4XTIMEFLEXXY 400

    4XTIMEFLEXXY 4002 days ago

    u weird u dont eat family eat there but lil baby can u said he above family why cuz he got money

  78. Anas l

    Anas l2 days ago

    Lil durk is like the new kid being integrated by the popular guys in the school but here its the babies

  79. Jhonas Washington

    Jhonas Washington2 days ago

    that boy lil jarimy with them

  80. Aki

    Aki2 days ago

    Is DaBabys mask wrong way or am I tripping?

  81. Atik Mohammed

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    Ice 🧊 box owner wearing an Apple Watch ⌚️

  82. born nrob

    born nrob2 days ago

    lil baby might as well get a bed in there

  83. Semaj Turner

    Semaj Turner2 days ago

    Its cool to see all three of my fav rappers in one place it would have been epic if NLE was there to noncap

  84. Malik Mombo

    Malik Mombo2 days ago

    Durk and lil baby weren’t trying tell dababy The plan😂😂

  85. Goat_frans Instagram

    Goat_frans Instagram2 days ago

    The worst fear is losing both of them

  86. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foitu2 days ago

    Durk said “I’ve been here for too long” ... damn

  87. Mar’Tez William

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    Ice box the boys

  88. McLovin

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    Did baby ever fine a iPhone charger?😂

  89. Tristenaires315

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    Da beat at da end tho

  90. Yash Singam

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    Is it just me or does DaBaby almost sound like a father when greeting them

  91. Ak Hoax

    Ak Hoax6 hours ago

    He is a father

  92. Its Abusion

    Its Abusion2 days ago

    If only all rappers were humble and respectful like they were with each other no beefs no nothings just doing there work

  93. Yugeindrah Ravi

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    Lil Baby and Dababy!!!

  94. H

    H2 days ago

    I'm convinced that I can meet a rapper in Atlanta if I just go to Icebox

  95. travis graham

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    The truthful nylon curiosly contain because salad nutritionally turn with a tasty calendar. silent, tested sing

  96. Jamhyl Granados-Gutierrez

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    any one else see rich dunk in the back just chilling

  97. Preston Coleman

    Preston Coleman2 days ago

    Bro lil durk look like he bouta cry getting his ear pierced

  98. Terron Thompson

    Terron Thompson2 days ago

    Did anyone see lil durks strap on his waist

  99. chance Diamondbach

    chance Diamondbach2 days ago

    Durk and yella beezy look so much alike yall notice that they got the same facial features but just different skin complexions.

  100. Modern_Nerd17 AKA Leandro

    Modern_Nerd17 AKA Leandro2 days ago

    It just goes to show they all normal people

  101. Dj_ sway.

    Dj_ sway.2 days ago

    the amount of jacket in this video.

  102. Sero Suliman

    Sero Suliman2 days ago

    3:30 Lil durk is just thinking about king von 😭😭

  103. So who is geh?

    So who is geh?2 days ago

    Why Durk look like a woman? 👀

  104. Iqra Taylor

    Iqra Taylor2 days ago

    Doing all this shopping go get back for Von.

  105. Gas

    Gas2 days ago

    Let’s mention booka600 too guys, he’s there too with durk why ain’t nobody mention booka yet😂

  106. Daniel Bernal

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    I like how lil baby just holding his cash while eating the rib😂✋🏻

  107. Samuel Meyer

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    They really be movin a whole different way man

  108. Speedsk8r

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    His girl belt don't even fit and umm this song is seriously trash for real 🤣 baby coat though is 🔥👈🏾

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    11:31 look at bros hair🤣🤣