My insane goal of wanting to make 100 million dollars!

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  1. Oliver Skilbeck

    Oliver Skilbeck2 days ago

    there is more than 1 jeep 6x6

  2. Eastin Sorenson

    Eastin Sorenson2 days ago

    100MIL is like a lot and you can do stupid stuff and help capron and rydel

  3. Oliver Ball

    Oliver Ball3 days ago

    Sell each item of merch for 1 dollar more that what it costs to make, that way you make a profit and making it affordable for your fans, it's only a dollar profit per item but it's still a profit. Then after a while and your brand starts growing, slowing but steadily increase the price

  4. JookerSK

    JookerSK6 days ago

    I don´t think that should be a "goal" you would wanna achieve. If it will happen as a biproduct of your work, than it would be ok. Your goals in life should be more something related to having a healthy family, working on things you love .. not a finanial target :D That just makes you a Scrooge McDuck .. There are so many people soo obsessed by money with soo little empathy not realizing that if there are too many rich people , than in correlation with that there will be more people with not enough money to live at the same time.

  5. Billy Duck

    Billy Duck7 days ago

    Make a drift channel

  6. neveah hillery

    neveah hillery7 days ago

    1 like = hope for corey

  7. Sebastian Castro

    Sebastian Castro7 days ago


  8. Aiden Gutierrez

    Aiden Gutierrez8 days ago

    Corey you are my biggest I never look at any another USlikes person impression

  9. Cole Colberg

    Cole Colberg8 days ago

    Corey inspires me so much

  10. Lori Barnett

    Lori Barnett8 days ago

    @corey funk definitely want to here and see more. You are so inspiring and creative

  11. Robert Lozano

    Robert Lozano8 days ago

    This is heart warming

  12. NoobArmyRBX

    NoobArmyRBX9 days ago

    Do you have any advice for a small 60 sub USlikesr

  13. Nadia Johnson

    Nadia Johnson9 days ago

    Ask Hannah to Marry you

  14. Keaton-s-440 Yt

    Keaton-s-440 Yt9 days ago

    I want to meet you guys one day

  15. Hez Vanhoose

    Hez Vanhoose9 days ago

    That is not the first jeep 6 by 6 the Strad men has one his was the first

  16. Ams Marcus

    Ams Marcus9 days ago

    You should start a business

  17. Levi Norman

    Levi Norman10 days ago

    me and my friend oscar we love your videos i hope you reach the goal.

  18. Terri Watson

    Terri Watson10 days ago

    I just got hacked for the second time on roblox two years worth of playing and when I watch you guys I finally stopped crying Thankyou I like ve you so much Number one fan!!!

  19. Frostable

    Frostable10 days ago

    cory go for it and i know that you can do it!!!!!!!

  20. salina andrews

    salina andrews10 days ago

    wait am I bad luck, I was born in 2008...

  21. Camryn Goettsche

    Camryn Goettsche10 days ago

    Corey you can do it people will buy your rental cars I hope you can be a millionaire

  22. Hisham Kic

    Hisham Kic10 days ago

    Your gonna need to promote if you want money

  23. Tony

    Tony10 days ago

    we believe in you 😘😘

  24. Mikas Lemming

    Mikas Lemming10 days ago

    Hope you make it. Love you! You are the best USlikesr ever. Im so glad that i finde you videos and caprons videos. Funk forlife!

  25. Isabella Rose

    Isabella Rose10 days ago

    We are here for u Corey and we aren't fans we are family 💞

  26. Mark Sabal

    Mark Sabal10 days ago

    Haven’t watched u guys in a while but what happened to Charlie’s arm ?

  27. Hazer Does stuff

    Hazer Does stuff10 days ago

    Ask elon or bill gates

  28. Karen Leija

    Karen Leija10 days ago

    haw did charley brack his arm

  29. BLAZE ghost

    BLAZE ghost10 days ago

    I want to watch you succeed I've been watching you I've had 5 phones since I have know you I wish you the best

  30. Xman 1020

    Xman 102010 days ago

    can you create a cory and Hannah channel

  31. SNAP Tizzard

    SNAP Tizzard10 days ago

    I dont know what to say other than you are the best youtuber ever

  32. Tuxedo2005DB

    Tuxedo2005DB10 days ago

    Corey I love your goal I think you can do it your Corey and plz make more car vids

  33. Ki Foley

    Ki Foley10 days ago

    The moment when he was using the big fireworks I love the lil puff at the beginning 🤣🤣😂

  34. Daniel Fleming

    Daniel Fleming10 days ago

    Arrant you with bunker branding.

  35. daren chapeta

    daren chapeta10 days ago

    my bro

  36. Megan Sargent

    Megan Sargent11 days ago

    I love you corey !!

  37. Lauren Satterley

    Lauren Satterley11 days ago

    corey i have a good idea what about you fix cars or replace tires since you have so many keep on going because i believe that you can get to 100m

  38. sammy21star Beltran

    sammy21star Beltran11 days ago

    This video is amazing and Corey you are amazing just like your brother Capron ❤ ♥ You both are awsome with content and videos.

  39. Forrest Wilson

    Forrest Wilson11 days ago

    You know those rooms where you break k stuff you can do that with your cars like have a bumper car track and people would come from miles to see you and have a great time but it needs to be safe

  40. Vage Night

    Vage Night11 days ago

    you are my inspiration

  41. Landen Conner

    Landen Conner11 days ago

    Come on Corey you can reach your goal

  42. Valeria Aguirre

    Valeria Aguirre11 days ago

    you should buy a ( ford mustang RTR Spec 5 )

  43. Casey Wells

    Casey Wells11 days ago

    Love you Corey

  44. Kr!s

    Kr!s11 days ago

    Could you keep making videos like this but also upload videos of you working on your cars? I really want to see and learn more about your 240

  45. Charlie Joey Hawley

    Charlie Joey Hawley11 days ago

    I Love how Corey is so positive and tell us how he feels like

  46. Summer Bott

    Summer Bott11 days ago

    you are the best 😁Cory is the best of the best

  47. Chibuike Games

    Chibuike Games11 days ago

    Look I wanna buy your merch my dada money one my iPad and his so I wanna get it but I cant

  48. Isaiah Light

    Isaiah Light11 days ago

    You can do it I know you won’t fail keep going with you dream

  49. Simeon Trueblood

    Simeon Trueblood11 days ago

    I definitely want to hear all of what you have to say and I hope you're dreams come true, go for it dude

  50. midwest gro

    midwest gro11 days ago

    be the next garyvee bro fr, you need to mix you wanting a 100 mill with social media. Learn a niche like drop shipping real estate stocks and sell courses on them. All it takes 200,000 thousaand sales of a 500$ dollar course. Your viewers will be investors, renters, employees in the coming years (your audience is younger) so set the stone soon.

  51. shlumpty

    shlumpty11 days ago

    U should buy an apartment complex

  52. Jackson Trueblood

    Jackson Trueblood11 days ago

    Buy that car

  53. Liam Nicholson

    Liam Nicholson11 days ago

    wow what u said is inspirational

  54. Jacques Mostert

    Jacques Mostert11 days ago

    Coreys rentals


    DANTAE GRAY11 days ago

    I Love corey gril

  56. Ian Thompson

    Ian Thompson11 days ago

    Ok Corey will be the next Mr Beast...

  57. Liam Beeler

    Liam Beeler11 days ago


  58. Dakota Livezey

    Dakota Livezey11 days ago

    Hey btw The Stradman has a 6x6 Jeep as well and it is further along in build, Tanner Fox Has collaborated with him

  59. landon berencsi

    landon berencsi11 days ago

    to the people that disliked this video funk you

  60. Conor Pratt

    Conor Pratt11 days ago

    who just went and bought his merch

  61. andrew GECKO5

    andrew GECKO511 days ago

    u got this bro

  62. ItsYurBoy Cb19

    ItsYurBoy Cb1911 days ago

    Yes we would love to here the rest of your business ideas and how your going to make $100,000,000

  63. Brandon 1990richardson

    Brandon 1990richardson11 days ago

    I love the corvette merchandise but I can’t get it as postage is two expensive to the uk

  64. Ali A

    Ali A11 days ago

    The more money you have , more stress and worry you get !

  65. Max Thompson

    Max Thompson11 days ago

    who else agrees that corey needs to do a collab with strad man that would be the best collab ever

  66. Nath27

    Nath2711 days ago

    Go kart business cory, I'm telling you.

  67. ReD

    ReD11 days ago

    I have a video idea for a video

  68. Rigmaroll

    Rigmaroll11 days ago

    The BAC Mono is one of my favourite cars! Is awesome!

  69. alexia yau

    alexia yau11 days ago

    what happened to Charlie's arm

  70. Blaze Archibald

    Blaze Archibald11 days ago

    go and lision to bob proctor

  71. Isobelle Mack

    Isobelle Mack12 days ago

    If enyone is seeing this stay safe and stay healthy.

  72. Łøñę Wøłf

    Łøñę Wøłf12 days ago

    Now that's what I call motivation I wish the best of luck

  73. Bailey Byers

    Bailey Byers12 days ago

    Get a gtr

  74. Among us Kid

    Among us Kid12 days ago


  75. Charles Schild

    Charles Schild12 days ago

    Corey the stradman has a 6x6 gladiator that’s like a month away from being done

  76. Elsie Lambert

    Elsie Lambert12 days ago

    Omg Corey is amazing I really want to see more of what you goal is❤️❤️❤️

  77. Mikkel Korsgaard

    Mikkel Korsgaard12 days ago

    Go for it Corey🙂❤️

  78. Malthe H

    Malthe H12 days ago


  79. gameris 376

    gameris 37612 days ago

    cory in 3 years 1k spend on cars🚗

  80. Kai Harvey

    Kai Harvey12 days ago

    Corey is such an amazing person he is so humbel and such a nice guy. Corey Funk you can definitley make you goal hapen

  81. lol chungus

    lol chungus12 days ago

    you deserve 500 million bro

  82. Ayan khosa

    Ayan khosa12 days ago

    my family’s net worth is 500 million dorllers

  83. Ayan khosa

    Ayan khosa10 days ago

    scearch it up look up Khosa family net worth

  84. Ayan khosa

    Ayan khosa10 days ago


  85. SNAP Tizzard

    SNAP Tizzard10 days ago

    Is it tho

  86. Quintin Longmire

    Quintin Longmire12 days ago

    You should make a second channel all about cars your drifting car and all of that 🏎🏎

  87. Zach Wilson

    Zach Wilson12 days ago

    You should start your business then get into stocks and then make a savings account that can pay for your taxes

  88. Rlivia Vlogs

    Rlivia Vlogs12 days ago

    Hey Corey where you can put your mind to you can do it I have total faith in you you will be a millionaire😀

  89. Justin Ramirez

    Justin Ramirez12 days ago

    why was charlies arm broken or well that is what it looked like

  90. Porkchop

    Porkchop12 days ago

    I believe in you you can do it Corey

  91. Dodger Denning

    Dodger Denning12 days ago

    Corey you should read "rich dad poor dad" it's a really good book on how to become rich

  92. Logan Middaugh

    Logan Middaugh12 days ago

    Bro everyone that watches your videos would rent a car from you if they needed to and if they lived by you we got your back

  93. Christian Hunter

    Christian Hunter12 days ago

    I appreciate you man keep going follow your dream I used to be stationed in San Diego I’ve always wanted to run in to you just to say but I’m back home now I’ll support you from here I know you probably won’t see this but I’m with you through fail and success

  94. Critic Exotic

    Critic Exotic12 days ago

    Corey it makes sense, im the same way so i get what you mean!

  95. Karsen Dickson

    Karsen Dickson12 days ago

    this is some fun stuff to watch

  96. Wolf King

    Wolf King12 days ago

    U know u have most likely touched about 90 mil

  97. yeshua anzora

    yeshua anzora12 days ago

    I have the same idea and am only 13 and I believe you and you can reach your goal the way am gonna do it is by mma fighting

  98. Sean Sebal

    Sean Sebal12 days ago

    Corey please post so much about your business life

  99. Snowwhite gaming

    Snowwhite gaming12 days ago

    Corey: it might sound high but my goal is 100 million Me: omg same!!! And probably almost everyone else 😁

  100. Hunter Killer drone

    Hunter Killer drone12 days ago

    You should rent a Tesla cyber truck

  101. Joey Sykes

    Joey Sykes12 days ago

    What the name of the firework

  102. Steven Hirsch

    Steven Hirsch12 days ago


  103. Jack McKeon

    Jack McKeon12 days ago

    Share it Corey. I like your passion, because if matches my financial goals!