Minecraft Pizza Delivery

Minecraft Pizza Delivery
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BadBoyhalo delivers a Pizza to Dream at his house!


  1. Taylor Stafford

    Taylor Stafford4 minutes ago

    Only big brains noticed George and Sapnap messing around in the background!

  2. CwyRO

    CwyRO11 minutes ago

    The dirty side of my mind: oh sh*t

  3. Luke N

    Luke NHour ago

    Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do such a horrible thing.

  4. sajid bashir

    sajid bashirHour ago


  5. Lenie Fajardo

    Lenie Fajardo2 hours ago

    I see george in the background

  6. Sampanna Dhan Tuladhar

    Sampanna Dhan Tuladhar2 hours ago

    i did not get it

  7. Basically Me

    Basically Me2 hours ago

    I love how you can see George and SapNap’s names just bounce around outside

  8. Alisha

    Alisha2 hours ago

    George and sapnap in the back😂

  9. Adelaida Punzal

    Adelaida Punzal2 hours ago

    0:50 that is where he gets his nickname Big D

  10. Lunny

    Lunny2 hours ago

    He wanted to pay with Creepers! That's what happened, right? XD

  11. alg wolfgod

    alg wolfgod3 hours ago

    A large sausage mmm yes

  12. maybe

    maybe4 hours ago

    Speedrunning restraining order

  13. Lilly Flower

    Lilly Flower4 hours ago

    ayo wrong website 😟

  14. Sampanna Dhan Tuladhar

    Sampanna Dhan Tuladhar4 hours ago

    his name is in the roof . you get it clay

  15. The hutwatch Builder

    The hutwatch Builder4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who saw George and sapnap fighting in the background

  16. タンドラボーイ

    タンドラボーイ4 hours ago

    we can literaly see two idiots outside XD (just a joke lol dont take too serious)

  17. Matthew hollow

    Matthew hollow5 hours ago

    I saw George on the window

  18. horoz adam

    horoz adam5 hours ago

    Poor bad 😅

  19. Tommy Innits

    Tommy Innits5 hours ago

    This should be George but he doesn’t get away TwT

  20. C U P

    C U P5 hours ago


  21. shattered glass

    shattered glass5 hours ago

    🄴🅈👍🄴🅈😡 🄰🥵 🄴🙋‍♂️🄾🄷😶 🄰🙊 🄴🅈🦆🄰🐔 🄰🄷🤣 🄰🄷😎 🄰🄷🤡 🄰🄷😱 🄰🄷🥶 🄰🄷😈 🄰🤠 🄴🄷😒 🄾🄷😰 🄰🅈🤑🄰🅈😤🄴

  22. Charlie Strawberry

    Charlie Strawberry5 hours ago

    sapnap and george in the bushes

  23. boohoo crackr

    boohoo crackr6 hours ago

    * george and sapnap casually fighting in the background *

  24. Axolotl

    Axolotl6 hours ago

    Anyone else just binging these at 1-4 am?

  25. Galaxy Gamer

    Galaxy Gamer6 hours ago

    Gearge and sapnap in the back listening

  26. JoshNotJosh

    JoshNotJosh7 hours ago

    I like how george and sapnap nametags are just in the background

  27. parthasarathi nath

    parthasarathi nath7 hours ago


  28. Maddie Cassidy

    Maddie Cassidy7 hours ago


  29. thanhvy15599

    thanhvy155998 hours ago

    i love how georgeo and sapnap just in the background XD You can just see their name tag jumping around

  30. 1UPixel

    1UPixel8 hours ago

    "Dream, I *am* your father.." -BadBoyHalo

  31. Jenna Stanley

    Jenna Stanley8 hours ago

    Dream really got what he said, probably he asked. “ hey can you send your cutest delivery boy?

  32. erin zia shane mendoza

    erin zia shane mendoza8 hours ago

    Dream is GAYYYY

  33. Sharper

    Sharper10 hours ago

    I want a pizza with badboyhalo in it

  34. shattered glass

    shattered glass5 hours ago

    What would that taste like🤔

  35. Dalton Sankey

    Dalton Sankey11 hours ago

    I like how Sapnap and George are just outside running around the front yard the whole time

  36. R 473

    R 47311 hours ago

    This isn’t a beach this is a bathtub

  37. Derp Craft

    Derp Craft12 hours ago

    What does it mean

  38. ilyeditzz

    ilyeditzz7 hours ago

    Dream wanted the "sausage"

  39. Mike José

    Mike José12 hours ago

    wait that’s not how the original goes....


    KINGDXE XAM14 hours ago

    Wow that got weird

  41. Landed Jay

    Landed Jay14 hours ago

    I don’t get it

  42. Ryan Zhu

    Ryan Zhu15 hours ago

    is this manhunt practice?

  43. Lily yes_this_is_a_starclan_profile_pic

    Lily yes_this_is_a_starclan_profile_pic15 hours ago

    Plot twist, the payment was 5 straight days of learning how to do a perfect MLG

  44. jackGaming13

    jackGaming1315 hours ago

    And that is how you get a free pizza

  45. Xd429

    Xd42916 hours ago

    Can sombody explain this to me?

  46. ilyeditzz

    ilyeditzz7 hours ago

    Dream gave Bad the "sausage"

  47. Roblox king123 Sallakho

    Roblox king123 Sallakho16 hours ago

    Wew andjwncwnnmcwklx

  48. 1234ztgamer2 live

    1234ztgamer2 live16 hours ago

    lol when I watched this I got a pizza ad XD

  49. soinu foig

    soinu foig16 hours ago

    Bad and Dream- discussing about pizza payment George and Sapnap- Go stuPID OoOOOOOOOO GO stUUOPID oOOOOoOO

  50. Aquatically

    Aquatically17 hours ago

    I don't get it .-.

  51. Despise

    Despise17 hours ago

    "Do you except..." *turns around* "OTHER payments?" *turns back around*

  52. Mythic

    Mythic17 hours ago

    Some reason I think dream literally kidnapped George and sapnap and turned them in for pizza 🍕

  53. soinu foig

    soinu foig16 hours ago

    This was great

  54. DWAM

    DWAM18 hours ago

    I don't get it? What was he suggesting?

  55. gun cake07

    gun cake0719 hours ago

    Bad actually just saw dreams face reveal

  56. Karthik Gangisetty

    Karthik Gangisetty19 hours ago

    i dont understand

  57. Zoltan Adam-Muller

    Zoltan Adam-Muller19 hours ago

    it be poop

  58. Nathan Verschueren

    Nathan Verschueren19 hours ago

    Oh... dirty dream🙄😅

  59. Angel.Animates

    Angel.Animates21 hour ago


  60. darwin catibog

    darwin catibog22 hours ago

    Dream that kinda gay ngl]

  61. Moonshine

    MoonshineDay ago

    I can only just imagine what.......

  62. Ayesha Hossain

    Ayesha HossainDay ago

    I thought dream was homeless.......

  63. LanceCrushKita :D

    LanceCrushKita :DDay ago

    Dream be like free pizza

  64. idk idk

    idk idkDay ago

    Dream said all swear words at once to scared Bad

  65. JustPlayMope

    JustPlayMopeDay ago

    i saw sum name outside the door

  66. Xx ZELDRIS xX

    Xx ZELDRIS xXDay ago

    Me: *sees someone stalking Dream and the pizza man* Me: The camera man?

  67. Raze Yeetakis

    Raze YeetakisDay ago

    This was great

  68. Sphynx have Feelings

    Sphynx have FeelingsDay ago

    Badboyhalo delivered a THIN CRUST

  69. Savage Gamer

    Savage GamerDay ago


  70. Nuclear Steve

    Nuclear SteveDay ago

    I was trying to watch this but there was an ad for minecraft and the ad had u playing with sapnap and george

  71. ItsAmy

    ItsAmyDay ago

    The payment was Small give him a refund.

  72. Enrique Lucas Echauz

    Enrique Lucas EchauzDay ago

    and i saw that there is george and sapnap

  73. Bdog Marshall

    Bdog MarshallDay ago

    Did anybody else see George and Sapnap jumping around out the window?

  74. Fnaf_Cassidy Idiot

    Fnaf_Cassidy IdiotDay ago

    😂Who else saw George and snapNap in the background

  75. Kate Suguitan

    Kate SuguitanDay ago

    Me: Can Dream explain what is George and Sapnap doing?

  76. Luska Zueiro

    Luska ZueiroDay ago

    Dream you is?

  77. LEE JIA JUN Moe

    LEE JIA JUN MoeDay ago


  78. michelle

    michelleDay ago

    dream said a curse word

  79. _nnaruto

    _nnarutoDay ago

    Dream can always pay with his face C:

  80. Animefreak 4ever!!

    Animefreak 4ever!!Day ago

    Can you do this again but with George please!!!

  81. E

    EDay ago

    He was gonna pay in schlatt coin

  82. ChromeBroke

    ChromeBrokeDay ago

    He has armor on so he doesnt get brain damage from rewatching this video

  83. Sambobadger

    SambobadgerDay ago

    He turned around and drank a fire resistance poition, thus scaring bad into abandoning the pizza.

  84. Exotic Afton

    Exotic AftonDay ago


  85. Brandon Raymundo

    Brandon RaymundoDay ago

    What did dream do?

  86. michelle

    michelleDay ago

    he cursed and bad doesnt like cursing

  87. C Dawg

    C DawgDay ago

    Sapnap looking threw the window is so sus, tryna catch some action???

  88. Ryan Tanaka

    Ryan TanakaDay ago

    Wait what did dream do

  89. michelle

    michelleDay ago

    he cursed

  90. AshTheGoo

    AshTheGooDay ago

    Sapnap and Grog fighting outside. I mean it’s normal at this point so nobody realises it... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  91. Gnargles

    GnarglesDay ago

    im sure he just gave him a scary movie

  92. •Vibinq Nikki•

    •Vibinq Nikki•Day ago

    Dream be saying all the cuss words he could think of

  93. Owen Keyte

    Owen KeyteDay ago

    Who here also thought dream grabed his sword and said ¨this is your alternent payment¨ and started to run at him

  94. Boing doi . — .

    Boing doi . — .Day ago

    Escuse me as I cry in the corner

  95. mrbunny gamer

    mrbunny gamerDay ago

    What did dream do to make badboyhalo run

  96. mrbunny gamer

    mrbunny gamer5 hours ago

    Makes sense

  97. michelle

    michelleDay ago

    he cursed

  98. kwaksy XP

    kwaksy XPDay ago


  99. dd

    ddDay ago

    I think dream showed bbh something he didnt want to see

  100. ARTIST 14

    ARTIST 14Day ago

    i did not understand it....wil somebody please explain?

  101. michelle

    michelleDay ago

    dream cursed and bad hates cursing so he ran

  102. Selas Bessa

    Selas BessaDay ago


  103. Abubakar Abdullah Danjuma

    Abubakar Abdullah DanjumaDay ago

    Did anyone see the name tags at the window

  104. GUNDUM was the TANAKA

    GUNDUM was the TANAKADay ago

    Just a bit um... 𝙎𝙪𝙜𝙜𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚.

  105. Ezekiel Jordan

    Ezekiel JordanDay ago


  106. The Curious Virtuoso

    The Curious VirtuosoDay ago

    Did anyone wonder why George was in the background?

  107. vert blob

    vert blobDay ago


  108. TealLizardMan

    TealLizardManDay ago

    i am confuzzled what could ever scare badboyhalo?

  109. michelle

    michelleDay ago

    a curse word

  110. Ayden Gamin

    Ayden GaminDay ago

    That is so wrong! 😧

  111. Elif Bilgin

    Elif BilginDay ago


  112. ꧁ Gacha Janeen ꧂

    ꧁ Gacha Janeen ꧂Day ago

    I knew what was gonna happen when he said extra sausage 😭