Drama at the lot again today...
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  1. MotoBroo

    MotoBroo16 days ago

    End of the day.. a disagreement isn't worth fighting for.. Stay safe out there!

  2. Saul Perez

    Saul Perez2 hours ago

    All those fucken guys they are together that’s why they taking to much n you Alone bro 😎

  3. Neil Meleo

    Neil MeleoDay ago

    This people brought their kids to play on a road where motorcycles/dirtbikes drive. Then get mad when the people riding motorcycles are riding motorcycles. They are bad parents and stupid morons. Keep your kids at home and not have them in dangerous sitiations.

  4. Mac 504

    Mac 504Day ago

    LOL the guy said half of those guys of been in prison. So that makes them tough that makes him be able to fight LOL. Poor guy he a bitch.

  5. Dantheman Man

    Dantheman ManDay ago

    That’s the bs that starts and then leads to someone being killed! It wasn’t about the kids for them or they all wouldn’t be drunk with them there to begin with obviously it’s not a place for toddlers in the first place!!!!

  6. Xi Clipz

    Xi ClipzDay ago

    If it was me and my homies we would just beat they ass so they can learn

  7. Scott Who?

    Scott Who?Minute ago

    So these morons said none of us our legal but kept tryin to tell this dude what to do.

  8. Mort Jordan

    Mort Jordan6 minutes ago

    My man on the dirtbike did a great job at being the bigger person and a better man, Situations like these can escalate to very ugly and bad situations meaning death jail time assault all types of unnecessary stuff because of folks running their mouse being tough or acting tough I should say

  9. tom tamkins

    tom tamkins7 minutes ago

    All that room and you had to drive right through them tuffguy.... Then blame them....

  10. tom tamkins

    tom tamkins8 minutes ago

    Oh ya now there racist....

  11. tom tamkins

    tom tamkins9 minutes ago

    Go around troublemaker...are they supposed to stand in the bushes

  12. Stayinmedicated420 —

    Stayinmedicated420 —9 minutes ago

    How tf y’all not get mad I woulda started some shii tbh

  13. tom tamkins

    tom tamkins10 minutes ago

    Well you did try to drive into them....

  14. Enjoying the Show

    Enjoying the Show38 minutes ago

    At the end of the day those Peckerwoods were in the wrong for blocking the road.

  15. Bite Me

    Bite Me46 minutes ago

    Dude that sucked... You were trying and trying to just be cool and have your chance to say something, and they had there mind made up before you even got there.. that they were right bout something that hasn't even happened yet.. running there fukin mouth decided they were going to be just ignorant disrespectful aasholes and not even let you finish one sentence.. you didn't deserve any of that bullshit...

  16. Brian Schmitt

    Brian Schmitt52 minutes ago

    Why the runescape music at the end?

  17. russell379x

    russell379x53 minutes ago

    sucks for the kids having parents like that and a vet doesn’t act like that yeah i did 9 years in

  18. Mike Henderson

    Mike Henderson57 minutes ago

    I love you

  19. givenlife706

    givenlife706Hour ago

    They lucky I wasn't out there with you because I am the type of person that carries a gun on me and if I feel threatened being military train I will use my firearm

  20. Jordan Myers

    Jordan MyersHour ago

    Them girls that pulled up on that 4wheeler are bad ashhhhh tho

  21. Jamaal B

    Jamaal BHour ago

    Take us to that trail Let us run to the same people we will tell them put the kids in the car We will fuck them up

  22. Joshua orozco

    Joshua orozcoHour ago

    Again u when n lied to black dudes smh trynna make a fight your not gonna fight

  23. Joshua orozco

    Joshua orozcoHour ago

    8:47 n your fake u did got other people

  24. Joshua orozco

    Joshua orozcoHour ago

    1:49 u almost hit them n they acting hard no mtf

  25. jamaica na área

    jamaica na áreaHour ago

    Those guys are crazy kkkkkkk

  26. Starving Bruddah

    Starving BruddahHour ago

    Yeah they get drunk forget kids are there and run them over

  27. Starving Bruddah

    Starving BruddahHour ago

    They do that to wrong real gangster they get themselves and their kids shot up

  28. Matthew Scalf

    Matthew Scalf2 hours ago

    Lol, had some moron's do the same shit to me only they threatened me with a knife. Imagine their surprise when I pulled a .38 and stuck it in dudes face.

  29. dfcvda

    dfcvda2 hours ago


  30. Manuel Vallejo

    Manuel Vallejo2 hours ago

    Sorry but it would have been worth it lmao

  31. Mike Schwindt

    Mike Schwindt2 hours ago

    Grow the FK up

  32. IAm TheOnee

    IAm TheOnee2 hours ago

    Them guys need to be drinking they beer and standing around at their house. If you go to the lot it’s because you bout ride and stunt not start drama.... 🤦‍♂️

  33. jdfoder

    jdfoder2 hours ago

    Hard to play tough guy in crocs.

  34. Ghost Faced

    Ghost Faced2 hours ago

    Am i the only one that would've ran duck dynasty over for throwing a beer can after dude left like they wanted him to?

  35. Robert Woody

    Robert Woody2 hours ago

    Shoulda got your boys and pked some noobs and took their loot. Send them back to lumby!

  36. Nate T

    Nate T2 hours ago

    Where is that,is that Northport Fl???

  37. Buddy Martin

    Buddy Martin2 hours ago

    They bring little kids to a place where people ride atv's......they probably also go in Wal-Mart wearing pajamas and are on food stamps.

  38. Paul Padilla

    Paul Padilla3 hours ago

    The thing is why are they parked on the fucking road They have all that dirt to park on and for the kids to play with

  39. Drew Hin

    Drew Hin3 hours ago

    Guy on the bike was right all the way your a good guy

  40. Earlito 904

    Earlito 9043 hours ago

    Why the fuck would anybody have their fucking kids playing on a main road! Its not about the kids for them they are Drunk and want to fight! He did the right thing. I learned alot from this video! He son'd all them by talking and walking away made all them look stupid in front of their girls lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. Uncle.e

    Uncle.e3 hours ago

    They just talking out the ass.

  42. Jack Murphy

    Jack Murphy4 hours ago

    Real quiet when you pulled back up

  43. The Mighty Sagetto

    The Mighty Sagetto4 hours ago

    They started shit with him for one reason and that's because of who he was with . Play the video and listen to the people in the background

  44. Eric Bullock

    Eric Bullock4 hours ago

    First off all of y'all adults are drinking an driving that's illegal asf

  45. Manuel Sanchez

    Manuel Sanchez4 hours ago

    Runescape outro music?

  46. Chris Grant

    Chris Grant4 hours ago

    The kicker is.., Let's drink alot of Beers go ride your 4 wheeler's and put your child in danger.I appreciate them for being soldiers but don't take it to the next level.

  47. Hobby830 magallanez

    Hobby830 magallanez4 hours ago

    Trump Supporters

  48. I see you Zamorakidz1

    I see you Zamorakidz14 hours ago

    How could they all be military vets and be in prison huh

  49. Bobby’s Bearded

    Bobby’s Bearded4 hours ago

    People like him just wanna hear their side of the situation. Dude didn’t let you talk and when he did. He didn’t take anything in

  50. N Rico

    N Rico4 hours ago

    Notice how not one girl talked when the “military vets” talked.... smells like an abusive household to me

  51. Nolafan77

    Nolafan774 hours ago

    If your kids get hit, that's your failure as a parent. Its not my job to babysit anybody's child. That was about a bunch of middle age assholes wanna pick a fight with young people. As a 43 yr old I'm embarrassed that's my generation!!!

  52. BobE FPV

    BobE FPV4 hours ago

    its not legal for kids to play in the road thats for sure!

  53. Eric Tagg

    Eric Tagg4 hours ago

    They were proud of having been in prison and trying to fight. There wont be a civil convo with them ever.

  54. Jamala Foster

    Jamala Foster4 hours ago

    I would of showed him some caporia 😂💪

  55. BlackFish

    BlackFish4 hours ago

    Wow I sense some racism

  56. Carlos

    Carlos4 hours ago

    The second someone flips the veteran/army card im literally like oh fxxx off. I'm done.

  57. Nolan Anthony

    Nolan Anthony5 hours ago

    They swear they own that shit

  58. Alex Hilles

    Alex Hilles5 hours ago

    Could have avoided the whole thing if you just rode away and went around them rather than asking repeatedly to go through them. JUST GO AROUND THEM. Great video for views 🤦‍♂️

  59. Chris Feeley

    Chris Feeley5 hours ago

    Watch out for the kids playing in a dirt pile

  60. wishinifishin517

    wishinifishin5175 hours ago

    Glad that I live in a place where if someone said "bro" this many times they would be picking up their teeth with broken fingers

  61. Ernie Rodriguez

    Ernie Rodriguez5 hours ago

    Cool story bro

  62. 2jz4me

    2jz4me5 hours ago

    Don't care about anything you have to say, goober. Its not your road, it's not your kids road. Move your stuff and your kids you stupid imbeciles.

  63. Patrick Harris

    Patrick Harris5 hours ago

    Question? Why would you let your children play in a known dirt bike, quad play pit? Situational awareness didn’t kick in? Public intoxication isn’t legal. Instigating and you let a young buck question your military competency! C’mon Battle you fellows started this whole thing. The young Buck displayed more bearing than all of you! Unreal!

  64. Quoc Dwung

    Quoc Dwung6 hours ago

    Both ain't good for nothing

  65. legacy games

    legacy games6 hours ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the girls in Nike pros 😂😂

  66. Jerry Evans

    Jerry Evans6 hours ago

    You disrespect people then try to take the highroad and say getting your but spanked isn't worth it. Stop being a little twat.

  67. Daddy Savage

    Daddy Savage6 hours ago

    2nd someone says they tryin to fight aint no more words I'm goin in someone's shit. Too many people think they can be disrespectful and get away with it. They learn real quick

  68. Lachara Bluitt

    Lachara Bluitt6 hours ago

    Take your kids home if you don't like what's going on

  69. Smith Bros

    Smith Bros6 hours ago

    Smh old drunk punks

  70. Swapmeet sheriff Don Knott expert

    Swapmeet sheriff Don Knott expert6 hours ago

    Fake valor!

  71. James Campbell

    James Campbell6 hours ago

    See I would have had to throw whole shots around their whole little clique kids are already dirty thin to put up with that I would have gave them a reason to get hype I done had to mess up the whole scene if the windows were down in the car they been going home setting on dirt kids to.

  72. HDS Host

    HDS Host7 hours ago

    Tbh i was coming back with a gun💯

  73. Josh Swiger

    Josh Swiger7 hours ago

    I'm baffled..... Not 1 Trump flag on their truck

  74. Juju Beans

    Juju Beans7 hours ago

    If that's a place where you ride your off road vehicle's why are there so many people standing around


    WHO DA NEIGHBOR7 hours ago

    Bro you were completely in the wrong. Ride around them out of courtesy for their space . They got kids.

  76. Mario Gargalo

    Mario Gargalo7 hours ago

    They ask you to play on the dirt. You playing the bad dude. If was me i would kick the shit of you. Couldn't you just move to the dirt and keep doing what you doing? Lucky you i wasn't there

  77. Oo MVG oO

    Oo MVG oO7 hours ago

    You just got to read the area bunch of guys drinking protecting kids is not the fight to pick. Plenty of room to ride around and give space. Right call on finally letting it go and being the bigger person.

  78. hazel Hernandez

    hazel Hernandez7 hours ago

    I would of knocked that dude out one hit.dude with tattoos

  79. Derrick Drums

    Derrick Drums7 hours ago

    Anyone knows where "The Lot" is...

  80. Justin Goularte

    Justin Goularte8 hours ago

    It's called respect..

  81. Went Turk

    Went Turk8 hours ago

    Is this Titty lake?

  82. Tyler Moen

    Tyler Moen8 hours ago

    There at that spot with there kids drinking and getting drunk, causing problems. To then be drunk and driving there kids home afterwards. Haha some people just have no brains

  83. Ronnie Shirley

    Ronnie Shirley8 hours ago

    It's always fat dudes with beards🤣

  84. Wouldnt Youliketoknow

    Wouldnt Youliketoknow8 hours ago

    Military vets AND CONVICTS!!! what badasses! Lmfao losers

  85. teine15

    teine158 hours ago

    "half of us already been to prison" said the father of the year! "We're all vets out here" said his big man ego.

  86. Young Pac

    Young Pac8 hours ago

    Wasted my time, all that talking no smaccin and not one person got slapped

  87. Derek B

    Derek B8 hours ago

    Not worth it man

  88. jjsue dkvir

    jjsue dkvir8 hours ago

    Ummm maybe take the kids to a park instead of a mud pit

  89. JokerMasterYT

    JokerMasterYT9 hours ago

    "We have 4 little kid" they hate the quad and the cross, so why they have quad and Polaris cars etc. WTF

  90. Mike Owczarzak

    Mike Owczarzak9 hours ago

    Many reap the genetic benefits from life drawn from the gene pool, however these fools here are the result of using the gene puddle.

  91. Randal Chaves

    Randal Chaves9 hours ago

    Dude it's Florida.

  92. Floors2 Ceiling

    Floors2 Ceiling9 hours ago

    Your a standard up guy, they just want it their way and nothing else. Why they throw a beer can at you?!..as if they already made their mind up to fight.

  93. Joe Blunts

    Joe Blunts9 hours ago

    I don't want to sound like a Mr know It All but I heard military is supposed to protect the innocent and the weak. it looks like they were trying to pick on young kids riding their dirt bikes in four wheelers in a big open area

  94. YouTube r naz1s Censored by the gestapo

    YouTube r naz1s Censored by the gestapo10 hours ago

    Here's an idea,,,, DON'T STAND AND PARK IN THE ROAD...

  95. YouTube r naz1s Censored by the gestapo

    YouTube r naz1s Censored by the gestapo10 hours ago

    I had a barefooted guy try to start a fight with me. I was wearing boots. I stepped on his foot,,, HARD. Fight was over real quick....

  96. blunted60

    blunted6010 hours ago


  97. Robert Cox

    Robert Cox10 hours ago

    The guy with the sweet voice on the dirt bike was wrong put the dirt bike in the dirt it’s kids

  98. Mac Den

    Mac Den10 hours ago

    Fucking Bryce over there with the neck tattoos lmao

  99. Jake Becahrd

    Jake Becahrd10 hours ago

    I'd just dump the clutch an kick dirt up at em all lmao. Don't bring little kids to a off road park where things can go bad even if you been riding for years. That's like bringing kids to a skate park to play when there's a playground right next to the skate park

  100. Angel Garcia

    Angel Garcia10 hours ago

    Think they just jealous, if you noticed none of em can ride let alone wheelie a bike. I think id act like a little bitch too if i was such a big puxxy

  101. kahne adams

    kahne adams10 hours ago

    definition of trailer trash

  102. Matthew Edwards

    Matthew Edwards12 hours ago

    Honestly I would have told them to take ur kids to a water park bro fr I love how people use there kids to start drama I think there jealous they don't have a bike

  103. William Aiken

    William Aiken12 hours ago

    obstruction of traffic is also illegal lol. if it is a road. your kids don't excuse your neglect.

  104. Richard Eckhardt

    Richard Eckhardt12 hours ago

    We are vets, but we’ve al been to jail. Clowns

  105. Cashisking

    Cashisking12 hours ago

    They got kids with them that's the problem

  106. JoKeem NoaH

    JoKeem NoaH12 hours ago

    Lmao “my kids are playing in the road so it you are making a bad decision”