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Anime House 5 has finally arrived! With new characters being introduced, this installment gets pretty hectic!

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  1. RDCworld1

    RDCworld123 days ago

    Anime House 5 ! Yall we put alot of work into this one! we hope yall loved it! i know this sounds crazy but 300k Likes thumbs up guys! theres no limit We love yall! the singer (Toasty) in the opening and ending her info is in the description! go check her out! Also Support our sponsor and our merch ! helps us make more videos of the best quality! download the game!

  2. Nate McFly

    Nate McFly7 days ago

    You guys should add daquan to the next anime house 5

  3. Raheem Collier

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  4. Kongee The King

    Kongee The King21 day ago

    you guys got people thinking shinji adventures is real and if it is then damn Netflix need to stop

  5. Jit Raw

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  6. Kuroh Yatogami

    Kuroh Yatogami23 days ago

    Muda muda muda muda

  7. A.C Nugget03

    A.C Nugget03Hour ago

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  8. Mamba94

    Mamba94Hour ago

    The credits were fucking tight, shout out from Houston dawg

  9. Criticxzy

    Criticxzy2 hours ago

    Anime house 6 cartoon villains vs anime villians

  10. Rey Tea

    Rey Tea3 hours ago

    Cartoons wouldve won if they didnt nerf alien X but thats so good. Rewatching this like 10th time

  11. DeerDaBallGod

    DeerDaBallGod3 hours ago

    anime house 6

  12. My Husband

    My Husband4 hours ago

    Man really caught me off guard with that sponsor

  13. My Husband

    My Husband4 hours ago

    These video are the best, you guys deserve all the love you get and I wish you the absolute best

  14. PhilosoWolf

    PhilosoWolf4 hours ago

    From beginning to the end this was 🔥 man! The little cameos from characters like Danny Phantom and others really pumped me up. And the fact that you turned us back to the topic of L’s murder by gathering some of the smartest characters in anime was surprising. One reason why this series is so good is because you guys keep introducing anime characters and shows to those who don’t know of them. And the acting and special effects are top tier especially for a USlikes vid. Y’all’s hard work really be paying off for sure!

  15. youssif abunowar

    youssif abunowar7 hours ago

    If jojo characters were in here lol.

  16. pro gamer

    pro gamer7 hours ago

    Can you guys make a video about which animes has awesome side characters from power to character development, no antagonist or protagonist in your back and forth video?

  17. Terren Huang

    Terren Huang8 hours ago

    alien x got smacked wtf

  18. Ttv_Y4M1 l

    Ttv_Y4M1 l9 hours ago

    you wanna tell him imfao i'm dead

  19. America

    America9 hours ago

    Daaaammm that's a good cliffhanger

  20. XcreovB

    XcreovB10 hours ago

    The intro is really good.

  21. 843 Made Zy

    843 Made Zy10 hours ago

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  22. BJ Allen

    BJ Allen11 hours ago

    Yo Lyte be hooooot! 😡😡😡 Big mad Everytime lol

  23. Shade Lord

    Shade Lord12 hours ago

    alien x claps goku he can very literally erase goku in less then a nanosecond

  24. Shade Lord

    Shade Lord12 hours ago

    if you add giorno with ger anyone who attacks gets clapped

  25. itachi Uchia

    itachi Uchia12 hours ago

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  26. Dirty Junsah

    Dirty Junsah12 hours ago

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    troy ford12 hours ago

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  28. Sifre

    Sifre12 hours ago

    wow you guys really outdid your self+

  29. jamec johnson

    jamec johnson12 hours ago

    the deku got me dead

  30. NotScummy

    NotScummy13 hours ago


  31. rockOkilla7

    rockOkilla713 hours ago

    That shitvwas lit

  32. taniwa08

    taniwa0813 hours ago

    If this is the anime house for the top anime’s, then where’s Usagi from Sailor Moon? Where Ryuuko from Kill La Kill? Where Moroni from Ghost in the Shell? Where Sakura from Card Capture Sakura? Shit, where Clare, where Nana and Nana, where Panty and Stocking at?! In other words, where are all the girls at???

  33. Hoops for Life

    Hoops for Life15 hours ago

    Hit the free throw Mark

  34. E

    E16 hours ago

    6:02 is that devilman? The one in the middle

  35. Chariot Requiem

    Chariot Requiem16 hours ago

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  36. SiliconFix

    SiliconFix16 hours ago

    Yo yall should have CalebCity, Longbeach Griffy, H&SH brotatoes and Cilvanis guest star as some of the villains yall haven't put in the series yet.

  37. Eastcoasttop Fishing

    Eastcoasttop Fishing16 hours ago

    This was fire

  38. Christian Jones

    Christian Jones17 hours ago

    I just noticed this now but they had Ben play Ben 10 and I think that’s funny asf😂

  39. Fabian Aguilar

    Fabian Aguilar17 hours ago

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    JusJoexKing18 hours ago

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  44. JAMAL 172

    JAMAL 17218 hours ago

    I miss the Mugen appearances

  45. Ninja_Gamer 6913

    Ninja_Gamer 691318 hours ago

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  46. Kazmere Johnson

    Kazmere Johnson19 hours ago

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  47. Kiindo

    Kiindo19 hours ago

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    Tishawn Williams20 hours ago

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  56. Ascent Ace

    Ascent AceDay ago

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  57. Ethan Morgendal

    Ethan MorgendalDay ago

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  58. RNSRen 888

    RNSRen 888Day ago

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  59. RNSRen 888

    RNSRen 888Day ago

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    Boruto looking down in disgust ☠


    COMIC FILMZDay ago

    Yall doing boruto dirty

  62. Cronic-Does'nt-Care

    Cronic-Does'nt-CareDay ago

    they should add levi in the anime house lol

  63. PhilosoWolf

    PhilosoWolf4 hours ago

    Anime House 6 you never know RDC’s unpredictable but it’ll be 🔥

  64. Arbri Bogdani

    Arbri BogdaniDay ago

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  65. Gorgeous Zoldyck

    Gorgeous ZoldyckDay ago

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  66. Adrian Parra

    Adrian ParraDay ago

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  67. Preston Claxton

    Preston ClaxtonDay ago

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  68. Deca

    DecaDay ago

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  69. Ben

    BenDay ago

    Would've been dope if they added Itachi uchiha. I wonder if he would be in the villain or anime house🤔. Maybe a double spy or something.

  70. Tobirama Senju 「Edits」

    Tobirama Senju 「Edits」Day ago

    YOOOO I LOVE THIS SHIT SO MUCH!!!!!!! Also does anyone know where i can get the knifes that thorfinn has?

  71. Danni K

    Danni KDay ago

    I tend to skip openings in anime’s because they always spoil future fights or characters that haven’t been introduced yet and I know this isn’t a anime this is anime house lol and I love the opening.

  72. error

    errorDay ago

    This the best series ever is in my top tier

  73. mmanzanozr1

    mmanzanozr1Day ago

    What's crazy is bug bunny would fold all the anime house, toon force is no joke. Bug's warps reality crazy

  74. Flawless Victory

    Flawless VictoryDay ago

    Idk what it is but y’all sleeping on inuyasha. The show is legendary way before demon slayer. Ask any Japanese person they probably seen Inuyasha more than most anime.

  75. Mark Michaels

    Mark MichaelsDay ago

    Man you guys just do not disappoint. Laughs all the way through. Great job.

  76. CAC

    CACDay ago

    3rd time watching this

  77. Z James

    Z JamesDay ago


  78. Bert286

    Bert286Day ago

    Love the series, wonderful job, I am a big fan. The only critique I have is that there is a bit too much action and not enough comedy. Anime House has always been a series I loved for the comedy between different anime characters but it seems like that took a back seat to action and editing in this episode. There were some hilarious moments but they were kind of sprinkled in among the action scenes.

  79. J

    JDay ago

    0:42 - Dollarstore LUDAAAA

  80. Tabankaman

    TabankamanDay ago

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  81. Jonmel Davis

    Jonmel DavisDay ago

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  82. nintendonarutofan

    nintendonarutofanDay ago

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  83. DouglasGW

    DouglasGWDay ago

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  84. Mello

    MelloDay ago

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  85. FeAr_ The Phantom

    FeAr_ The PhantomDay ago

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    MrLogicDay ago

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  87. FeAr_ The Phantom

    FeAr_ The PhantomDay ago

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  88. MrLogic

    MrLogicDay ago

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    JyaanDay ago

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  90. Fan Gasm69

    Fan Gasm69Day ago

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    mafiaseargentDay ago

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    1nvdDay ago

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    Batfreak11Day ago

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  96. widley pierre

    widley pierreDay ago

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  97. Hawaii Scatpack392

    Hawaii Scatpack392Day ago

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  98. mack allen

    mack allenDay ago

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    PureDay ago

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    KennyImmerseDay ago

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  103. Dio Brando

    Dio BrandoDay ago

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  104. Donovan Thurman

    Donovan ThurmanDay ago

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  105. Erik Pascali

    Erik PascaliDay ago

    The intro is so fucking good wtf. My favorite parts are light panning in and then looking at the camera, the villains walking and Aizen pushing his hair back... and of course L and light facing each other. This whole thing is just fire. You guys really KILLED it on the production this time. Looking forward to more of this.

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    Lamar Halsey17TvDay ago

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