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🎵 Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license Lyrics:
[Verse 1]
I got my driver's license last week
Just like we always talked about
'Cause you were so excited for me
To finally drive up to your house
But today I drove through the suburbs
Crying 'cause you weren't around
[Verse 2]
And you're probably with that blonde girl
Who always made me doubt
She's so much older than me
She's everything I'm insecure about
Yeah, today I drove through the suburbs
'Cause how could I ever love someone else?
And I know we weren't perfect
But I've never felt this way for no one
And I just can't imagine
How you could be so okay now that I'm gone
Guess you didn't mean what you wrote in that song about me
'Cause you said forever, now I drive alone past your street
[Verse 3]
And all my friends are tired
Of hearing how much I miss you, but
I kinda feel sorry for them
'Cause they'll never know you the way that I do, yeah
Today I drove through the suburbs
And pictured I was driving home to you
And I know we weren't perfect
But I've never felt this way for no one, oh
And I just can't imagine
How you could be so okay now that I'm gone
I guess you didn't mean what you wrote in that song about me
'Cause you said forever, now I drive alone past your street
Red lights, stop signs
I still see your face in the white cars, front yards
Can't drive past the places we used to go to
'Cause I still fuckin' love you, babe (Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh)
Sidewalks we crossed
I still hear your voice in the traffic, we're laughing
Over all the noise
God, I'm so blue, know we're through
But I still fuckin' love you, babe (Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh)
I know we weren't perfect
But I've never felt this way for no one
And I just can't imagine
How you could be so okay now that I'm gone
Guess you didn't mean what you wrote in that song about me
'Cause you said forever, now I drive alone past your street
Yeah, you said forever, now I drive alone past your street


  1. maxi

    maxiMonth ago

    When the song doesn’t teach you how to drive 😞

  2. Hypocith

    Hypocith4 days ago

    i feel you bro 😔😔😥😥

  3. Bella Diaz

    Bella DiazMonth ago

    teaches you how to be depressed tho .3.

  4. l

    lMonth ago


  5. Olivia Heart

    Olivia HeartMonth ago

    Lmfaooooooooooooooo 😂🤣😅😇

  6. Maidelin Ramos-Molina

    Maidelin Ramos-MolinaMonth ago

    Right 💀

  7. Philippine Vlogs by Den and Ava

    Philippine Vlogs by Den and Ava21 minute ago

    i love this song its like a little sad tho

  8. Ellianna Davidson

    Ellianna Davidson2 hours ago

    The best song ever

  9. Relic CM

    Relic CM2 days ago

    Her voice is eh, but her writing is on point.

  10. Julianna Adanza

    Julianna Adanza7 days ago

    my brother is telling me to stop listening to this song HE DOESNT KNOW HOW I FEELLLL

  11. JM Woodruff

    JM Woodruff9 days ago


  12. Bahar Kuran

    Bahar Kuran10 days ago


  13. Bahar Kuran

    Bahar Kuran10 days ago


  14. Layla Gardner

    Layla Gardner10 days ago

    why can i relate alot. me and this one boy liked each but we felt it was best to stay if he would stay in the town that we live in. my nieghbor was fostering him then adpoted. Everything was going great but over 3 years i asked if he could come with me to this place but he would always say not today. then a blonde girl comes and he goes with her. It really hurt.

  15. Loser_mia_123

    Loser_mia_12311 days ago

    This is hit!!😂🖤

  16. Sofi Paramita

    Sofi Paramita11 days ago

    *was it just me or have i heard this somewhere-*

  17. Sirine D

    Sirine D13 days ago

    When people think that the song is called Song 👁👄👁

  18. Lex•

    Lex•13 days ago

    𝗶-𝗜-𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 ;-;"

  19. ajsistemas ajsistemas

    ajsistemas ajsistemas14 days ago


  20. Evelyn Garcia

    Evelyn Garcia14 days ago



    DARIELY LEDEZMA15 days ago

    i know driver licens igts a good song like fr

  22. Sophia Faith

    Sophia Faith16 days ago

    I remmember my grandpa😭

  23. Alondra Mora

    Alondra Mora17 days ago

    I love the song ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  24. fun with gg

    fun with gg17 days ago

    This reminds me of the time my crush rejected me he tricked my heart and made me depressed for a long time but I mean I’m fine now because he likes me and I like him this is a lovely song a

  25. kyla wylie

    kyla wylie20 days ago

    so like this song came out right before me and my gf broke up and i think it was planned

  26. the emperor of chicken nuggets

    the emperor of chicken nuggets22 days ago

    this song reminds me of someone I've recently lost... it breaks my heart but makes me remember the good times we've had together... 😖

  27. Sara Gomes

    Sara Gomes23 days ago

    só vim pq uma menina cantou no tik tok e eu achei lindo🇧🇷❤

  28. aya rawand sleman

    aya rawand sleman23 days ago

    I lost someone 9 mounth ago this song remindes me of him😔😥

  29. redbex_yt

    redbex_yt24 days ago


  30. Olivia Lol

    Olivia Lol28 days ago

    I love this song

  31. APR Productions

    APR Productions29 days ago

    I found this on tiktok.. Soooo goood❤

  32. Semone Lennon Hair

    Semone Lennon Hair29 days ago

    Beautiful song, so beautiful

  33. Katie Largesse

    Katie LargesseMonth ago

    Love this song

  34. april malfoy

    april malfoyMonth ago

    I thought it was clean and put it in the car and now I’m grounded 😀🔫

  35. I I

    I IMonth ago

    This shit ain’t sad

  36. Jf Gevero

    Jf GeveroMonth ago

    Went here because of tiktok’s Ms.Everything!! Check her version of this song!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. Sandy Buendia

    Sandy BuendiaMonth ago

    I made a cover of this song hope y’all can check it out!

  38. jadesxmixer

    jadesxmixerMonth ago

    Me and my boyfriend aren’t even broken up but this reminds me of him is that a sign

  39. Kajen XBL

    Kajen XBL25 days ago

    No, just means that you’d hate to lose him

  40. jennifer price

    jennifer priceMonth ago

    This song hits me hard

  41. Bella Diaz

    Bella DiazMonth ago

    besides the heather part hehe "i just can't image how you could be so okay now that I'm gone" hit hard

  42. Amari Atkinson

    Amari AtkinsonMonth ago

    This song makes you get in your feelings

  43. 3SH000L

    3SH000LMonth ago

    Remix :) uslikes.info/house/aIin1JtqsIFnqNQ/video.html

  44. Jonah Smith

    Jonah SmithMonth ago

    just listen to it in the shower so no one can see your tears 🌚

  45. Oikawa's milkbread • 20 years ago

    Oikawa's milkbread • 20 years ago14 days ago

    Good idea

  46. Angel Burns

    Angel BurnsMonth ago

    I never cry to a song.I love this song 🎵

  47. Stephania :v

    Stephania :vMonth ago

    Aquí esta el comentario en español que necesitabas :(

  48. Pierruno

    PierrunoMonth ago

    Nice 😍🔥

  49. Crazy Lyrics

    Crazy LyricsMonth ago


  50. h3qvxn

    h3qvxnMonth ago

    So good and sad 😔 😭😁😌

  51. Charlie

    CharlieMonth ago

    Knowing this song was made wile she was driving in her car is cool. She told us that on her tiktok btw.

  52. Matt Adams

    Matt AdamsMonth ago

    I love it

  53. Audrina Ramos

    Audrina RamosMonth ago

    I love this song so fricken muccchhhhhh

  54. Antonio Perotti

    Antonio PerottiMonth ago

    This give me memories of a person that doesn’t exist and it’s making me cry-

  55. Nara Nara

    Nara NaraDay ago


  56. Essential juice

    Essential juice8 days ago

    10x worse when they actually exist

  57. Logan Cox

    Logan Cox15 days ago

    this may sound stupid to some people but it might be a memory of your past life of you or a friend, I have those a lot, I once heard a song then remembered meeting a friend and then I died from something but after looking around her name was Jane and I was able to find her address after I told her I used to know her she was so happy then talked about what I looked like, she died last week so it hurts me just talking about her but maybe its just that. you never know. also have a good week and dont be afraid to say if your not happy. :)

  58. Erika Zamudio

    Erika Zamudio15 days ago

    Welll i know this song in tik tok like if you do

  59. Sandra Iracheta

    Sandra Iracheta24 days ago

    Anime character?

  60. Kai Jackson

    Kai JacksonMonth ago

    You can really hear the pain in her voice 😔😔

  61. Macy Alderson

    Macy AldersonMonth ago

    i’m recommending this song at my school dance...

  62. Olivia Heart

    Olivia HeartMonth ago

    I love this song her voice tho is it so nice I love it 🥰 I am in love 😍

  63. Bonny Baker

    Bonny BakerMonth ago

    I cried when I heard this song it really summed up my friend ship with my ex bestie she just left and it still feels like my heart is trying to heal after months later 😖

  64. Adriana and Vincent

    Adriana and VincentMonth ago


  65. tru fom

    tru fomMonth ago

    Pay attention to your driving , please.

  66. Mxchi_boba

    Mxchi_bobaMonth ago

    This song makes me feel like I just got dumped...

  67. Maya Schmeltz

    Maya SchmeltzMonth ago

    love this song!!

  68. XxFqllen StarsxX

    XxFqllen StarsxXMonth ago

    Who else ended up balling their eyes out , because this song reminds them of bad times 😞😭, even though it’s a great song

  69. the loyal family

    the loyal family14 days ago

    Me it made me miss my grandma

  70. maddog gamer

    maddog gamerMonth ago


  71. Jads_So_ Enigmatic

    Jads_So_ EnigmaticMonth ago

    Nah this song is simping too much

  72. Mickell10 Cookie :3

    Mickell10 Cookie :3Month ago

    @Hollie Jones same

  73. Hollie Jones

    Hollie JonesMonth ago

    I'm in a secure relationship and it STILL made me cry

  74. Starry0909

    Starry0909Month ago

    R y’all crying too while listening to this song Bc u can relate SO MUCH. 👉🏽👈🏽🥲🥺

  75. Tigergirrl

    TigergirrlMonth ago

    This song is so relatable and beautiful and very unexpected!!

  76. DNF King

    DNF KingMonth ago

    This song sounds like a dumpster on fire rolling down five flights of stairs

  77. Aislynn Kageyama

    Aislynn KageyamaMonth ago

    This song made me realize who I actually love..💞

  78. Anyi sup

    Anyi sup13 days ago


  79. Dino_Nuggies_ForLife12

    Dino_Nuggies_ForLife12Month ago

    When you have a good singing voice and nobody congrats you and they just love the song.

  80. renren q

    renren qMonth ago

    LMFAO, not you guys listening this song and still not having your driver’s license ✋✋✋


    POSITIVITEAMonth ago

    Exposing me for whaattt?

  82. azyelia

    azyeliaMonth ago

    @Tina & Lydia RIGHT

  83. Tina & Lydia

    Tina & LydiaMonth ago

    it’s not my fault i wasn’t born in 1893 🙄🖐

  84. renren q

    renren qMonth ago

    @Kevin Gilbert I’m just joking around 💀💀, while you listen to this song and be sad. At least you’ll have something to laugh at.

  85. Kevin Gilbert

    Kevin GilbertMonth ago

    It’s an amazing and u can’t tell people that they can’t listen too it cause we don’t have what she has it

  86. Hi Hi

    Hi HiMonth ago

    This song should have been in the vampire diaries when it starts with the red lights lyrics

  87. Alexis Gabriel

    Alexis GabrielMonth ago

    I love this song

  88. Mary Obruk

    Mary ObrukMonth ago

    this song is soooo good especially for a new year, this song is so good and makes me cry

  89. sopi

    sopiMonth ago

    Bye this song is keeping me alive in 2021 😳

  90. wEiRdO

    wEiRdOMonth ago

    This song is so sad but good!

  91. Avery

    AveryMonth ago


  92. Sdionisio Oof

    Sdionisio OofMonth ago

    Y’all crying over this song and most of y’all don’t even have your learners permit

  93. I I

    I IMonth ago

    FUCKING FAX this shit ain’t even sad

  94. Mia Fusca

    Mia FuscaMonth ago

    Lmao I’m 4 years too young

  95. Perla Garcia

    Perla GarciaMonth ago


  96. aka Remake

    aka RemakeMonth ago

    That sound like ass

  97. TÜNA

    TÜNAMonth ago

    Why y’all like this song? I wanted to see what it was and it’s Garbo 🤮

  98. Emma Arts

    Emma ArtsMonth ago

    @TÜNA it's about her being heartbroken because a boy she loved promised that he would be there forever now he's with the blond chick that always made her doubt so yea, and plus she didn't post it for it to get hate I get that you don't like the beat but still.

  99. TÜNA

    TÜNAMonth ago

    @Emma Arts yea I right I don’t understand it what does it mean I just don’t like da beat

  100. Emma Arts

    Emma ArtsMonth ago

    bru- you say that when you probably dont even get the point of the song

  101. Monica Latcha

    Monica LatchaMonth ago

    It definitely hurts to hear the lyrics and I really feel them but it also gives me hope because I know there are teenage girls feeling the same way all around the world and that we’re not alone heartbreak is part of life

  102. Abdulrahman Mohamed

    Abdulrahman MohamedMonth ago

    This song hella a$$🤣🤣

  103. tvd

    tvdMonth ago

    @Spider man? can't respect another person's opinion?

  104. Spider man?

    Spider man?Month ago

    like how your breath smells

  105. PenguinLover

    PenguinLoverMonth ago

    Listen I love Olivia but I don’t get what all the hype is about! Like it’s not the worst song I’ve heard but it’s most definitely not the best

  106. Crypt_Reaper TV

    Crypt_Reaper TVMonth ago

    Why did I actually think this was going to be good, obviously it’s gonna be bad if the Cheeto girls listen too 😂

  107. Crypt_Reaper TV

    Crypt_Reaper TVMonth ago

    @Spider man? depressed ya no this for girls who r “depressed” bc some guy devin didn’t let her eat his ice cream stfu


    EVAN LASKEYMonth ago

    This song should be played at the end of those love movies

  109. Jads_So_ Enigmatic

    Jads_So_ EnigmaticMonth ago

    Please dont

  110. sam c

    sam cMonth ago

    the only song that suits my voice really well lmao

  111. destiny acevedo

    destiny acevedoMonth ago

    when i first heard this song i cryed my eyes out and couldnt stop

  112. destiny acevedo

    destiny acevedoMonth ago

    @Jads_So_ Enigmatic its is but u know alot of people simp tho but she simping hard

  113. Jads_So_ Enigmatic

    Jads_So_ EnigmaticMonth ago

    I'm not sure but to be in my honest opinion it's a head ache with all her simpin about a guy

  114. Mynamejisoo.o

    Mynamejisoo.oMonth ago


  115. Grimmer

    GrimmerMonth ago

    This song isn’t even good what are y’all tripping about 😐

  116. Grimmer

    GrimmerMonth ago

    Lara Jawwah it’s just not good whatsoever. It’s just a breakup song. If you “cry” to this song then stfu 😐

  117. Mickell10 Cookie :3

    Mickell10 Cookie :3Month ago

    People have different taste

  118. tvd

    tvdMonth ago

    @Sammy The Simp yeah it's kinda boring lmao

  119. Sammy The Simp

    Sammy The SimpMonth ago

    @Lara Jawwah what’s so good about this song

  120. Lara Jawwah

    Lara JawwahMonth ago

    U have no taste then

  121. 100k subs without any videos Challenge

    100k subs without any videos ChallengeMonth ago


  122. Alex .teehee

    Alex .teeheeMonth ago

    i wanted to see what the hype is all about lmaoo

  123. tvd

    tvdMonth ago

    overrated, honestly don't really like it but it's okay

  124. GlossyCassi *

    GlossyCassi *Month ago

    It’s overrated

  125. Corben _88

    Corben _88Month ago

    Thought it was gonna be better :(

  126. Kevink24martinez

    Kevink24martinezMonth ago

    Fr lmaoo

  127. Yani Hern

    Yani HernMonth ago

    I’m not surprised or interested

  128. Dylan -

    Dylan -Month ago

    I never even heard this song before

  129. PenguinLover

    PenguinLoverMonth ago


  130. Rap Samurai

    Rap SamuraiMonth ago

    It's pretty new

  131. yup yup

    yup yupMonth ago

    i’m in love with this song

  132. Kelly p

    Kelly pMonth ago

    Omg this song make me cry😔❤️

  133. Katie Garcia

    Katie GarciaMonth ago

    Best song ever

  134. Pedro Thebeast

    Pedro ThebeastMonth ago

    This song trash

  135. Naomi Anglin

    Naomi AnglinMonth ago

    @kayla bug Umm u litterally get tourtured in hell. HELL ISNT FUN BRUH u brainwashed or sum bcuz if u actually think u have fun in hell ur out of ur dang on mind. U get chased by demons there is a lake of fire u get seperated from all ur family and friends ur suffer for eternal life.

  136. kayla bug

    kayla bugMonth ago

    @Naomi Anglin u have fun with God, I'm gonna be in hell w all my best friends, playing poker with the devil, and drinking as much as I can and doing as many shots as I want

  137. Lara Jawwah

    Lara JawwahMonth ago

    @Pedro Thebeast exactly so pls Don’t hate on liv

  138. Pedro Thebeast

    Pedro ThebeastMonth ago

    @Lara JawwahI personally think I’m bad at singing but this is trash in my opinion

  139. Pedro Thebeast

    Pedro ThebeastMonth ago

    @Lara Jawwah if I were to be trash I would not be able to use a electronic device so I am not trash

  140. Miya Nation

    Miya NationMonth ago

    This my new favorite song 💕🥴

  141. Adam G

    Adam GMonth ago

    This song is actually written about Zac Efron's relationship with Olivia in Highschool the Musical.

  142. Kara Muah

    Kara MuahMonth ago

    Nah it’s abt josh-

  143. Skyler Smith

    Skyler SmithMonth ago

    zac efr- fucking pardon


    THE JAMSTERSMonth ago

    No I think its about Joshua

  145. Ma'Rya

    Ma'RyaMonth ago


  146. Sophia Nolan

    Sophia NolanMonth ago

    I love it new fav song 😍 !!!!!!!!!!

  147. Z.A.C Candelaria

    Z.A.C CandelariaMonth ago

    I love this song

  148. DanGrilter Jasmin

    DanGrilter JasminMonth ago

    2021 start up this song

  149. Kuso_

    Kuso_Month ago

    When u just finished reading Suna x Reader “Driver License” 😃I’m okay

  150. Rubi

    RubiMonth ago

    To the people asking who wrote it it's on Tumblr by f3itansgirlygirl

  151. Yandere Opal

    Yandere OpalMonth ago

    Ayo send the link- 💀💀💀💀

  152. RiceIsYummy

    RiceIsYummyMonth ago

    Wait who wrote it I wanna read it now

  153. whr3z

    whr3zMonth ago

    hold on who wrote it i wanna read it dkjdkajds

  154. Sophia Nolan

    Sophia NolanMonth ago

    Right hahahah🤦🤦😂

  155. babybop224

    babybop224Month ago

    her vocals are amazing but this song is a little stalkerish lol

  156. Sammy The Simp

    Sammy The SimpMonth ago

    @babybop224 explain how Big Bang theory created the world go

  157. babybop224

    babybop224Month ago

    @Sammy The Simp actually not on something. explain god created the world but theirs proof of people on before they said people were created . false made up just like mormon faith

  158. babybop224

    babybop224Month ago

    @mila teresa " im in my car on your street", "i go to the places we use to go " "i bet your with that blonde girl i was worried about" if you dont find those lyrics stalkerish you are probably 100% a stalker.

  159. mila teresa

    mila teresaMonth ago

    how does this song sound stalkerish🤨

  160. Sammy The Simp

    Sammy The SimpMonth ago

    @babybop224 none existent? Ur on something

  161. Ogechi Onyedum

    Ogechi OnyedumMonth ago

    You can literally hear the pain in her voice.

  162. Ophelia Rathmore

    Ophelia Rathmore14 days ago

    it literally breaks my heart :(

  163. Ali Kokkanti

    Ali KokkantiMonth ago

    @Azure woahhh ur voice is so goodd

  164. Azure

    AzureMonth ago

    "guess you didnt mean what you wrote in that song about me" BROKE MY FKN HEART. I know these comments can be annoying but if you’re into this I did a cover of ‘Drivers Licence’ and I would love love love if you checked it out! uslikes.info/house/d4qpu5dou4RvZtA/video.html xo

  165. Tiktoker Lives

    Tiktoker LivesMonth ago

    My fav song!!

  166. Naomi Anglin

    Naomi AnglinMonth ago


  167. shelby taylor davila

    shelby taylor davilaMonth ago


  168. Faith

    FaithMonth ago


  169. Jamie Somerville Liddle

    Jamie Somerville LiddleMonth ago

    I love this song

  170. Naomi Anglin

    Naomi AnglinMonth ago


  171. Isabella Hoks

    Isabella HoksMonth ago

    i have the song on for 4 our en do homework

  172. jasmin ciruela

    jasmin ciruelaMonth ago

    Wow 17 Hours ago

  173. Asma Atif

    Asma AtifMonth ago

    Best song ever

  174. WhosLED

    WhosLEDMonth ago