DEADLY Lure To Catch Spring Walleyes!

Today it is Shelby and I and we are fishing Green Bay for big spring walleyes! In this video we begin the day fishing a variety of presentations and end up fishing Hair Jigs after a very slow start to the day. I talk about when I fish a hair jig for walleyes as well as how I fish a hair jig for spring walleyes. Spring walleye fishing is in full swing and I hope you all are getting on the water and finding some fish.
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Reel Used - Piscifun Carbon X 2000
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    Al GrayDay ago

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  2. Retro Man

    Retro Man3 days ago

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  6. William Batdorf

    William Batdorf14 days ago

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  7. julie Schropp

    julie Schropp16 days ago

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  11. Joe Runde

    Joe Runde23 days ago

    If you haven’t already check out “Kit’s tackle” hair jigs out of Helena, MT. They’re tough lures and work great for me.

  12. Ken Gehrke

    Ken Gehrke24 days ago

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    William VarmaMonth ago

    Hi Tom, thanks for sharing a wealth of information. I have two questions- 1. I miss a lot of walleyes while reeling them or netting them. What could I do differently? 2. Any suggestions for night time colours and lures?

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