I'm Pregnant !

Lord Farquad is gonna be a mom :)
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  1. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa154 days ago

    follow me on insta @simplynessa15

  2. cinthia martinez

    cinthia martinezDay ago

    LMFAOOOO sis took FOUR TESTS🤣🤣

  3. Rosilee Meverden

    Rosilee MeverdenDay ago

    You go honey!❤ I had pretty intense pregnancy symptoms until like 3rd trimester. Gurlll, I felt hella rough but after my little bean came out, I just fell in love😍 I kinda miss my baby bump but I'm 1 and done😂 anyways I'm so proud of you if you read this

  4. Anaje J

    Anaje JDay ago

    Can’t wait to see the baby congratulations 🎉🥳

  5. YouTube GOD

    YouTube GOD3 days ago

    Are you Jessie J?

  6. Gothic Necromancer

    Gothic Necromancer3 days ago

    I'm glad you're pregnant with my child.

  7. Max Mertes

    Max Mertes8 minutes ago

    Their gunna be a cancer 😭😭❤️

  8. Mrs.Meeseeks

    Mrs.Meeseeks17 minutes ago

    Lmao I miss that stage where my boobs got the pregnancy memo but the rest of me didn’t. Now I look like Winnie the Pooh

  9. Alina Rangel

    Alina Rangel36 minutes ago

    congrats! and thank you for being an influencer who understands their influence! hearing you time and again mention how you're staying home because we're in panorama makes me so happy. none of theses other youtubers know how to act. we love a responsible mommy-to-be

  10. doliio volay

    doliio volay58 minutes ago

    Fire 🔥

  11. Octavia Stalling

    Octavia StallingHour ago


  12. Michelle M

    Michelle MHour ago

    I’m getting flashbacks when I used to watch Nessas story times. And now she pops up preggos on my feed. Congratulations on your pregnancy! 💘

  13. doliio volay

    doliio volay57 minutes ago

    Good job 👌👍

  14. Marii Karii

    Marii KariiHour ago

    Congratulations 🥳🥳🥰💚

  15. Soot Tiger

    Soot TigerHour ago

    I just found out I was pregnant as well!! I'm due July 31st!!

  16. Renee A

    Renee AHour ago

    Congratulations! ❤️

  17. Taura Truitt

    Taura TruittHour ago

    just found your channel & i love it!!

  18. Fatima Perez

    Fatima Perez2 hours ago

    Wow u still exist lmfao

  19. Fatima Perez

    Fatima PerezHour ago

    You went Mia so long i was like omg😭😂😂

  20. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15Hour ago

    I’m not dead 💀

  21. ashlynn bickham

    ashlynn bickham2 hours ago

    MOMMA NESSA OMG congratulations!!

  22. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15Hour ago

    Thank u!!!

  23. Khadra Abeeb

    Khadra Abeeb2 hours ago

    Omg 😱 who is the father dude

  24. rosie MAKEUPx

    rosie MAKEUPx2 hours ago

    what the fawk i haven't seen u since u shaved ur head

  25. Sa'Diyah

    Sa'Diyah3 hours ago

    I’ve been following you for years (since I was about 15 - I’m 21 now) and to see how much you’ve grown is inspiring

  26. ISA .D.

    ISA .D.3 hours ago


  27. Yolanda Brown

    Yolanda Brown3 hours ago

    I have bpd too and an 8.5 month old son I was scared too but the more I think about it if he does inherit my issues at least I know how to help him

  28. Yolanda Brown

    Yolanda Brown3 hours ago

    Congrats Nessa I hope you have a safe happy pregnancy 🥰

  29. drenadream

    drenadream4 hours ago

    Congratulations love. Try to enjoy it as much as you can.

  30. Karmen

    Karmen4 hours ago

    I'm so happy for you Vanessa and I cannot wait to follow your journeyyyy!! But here's to all the other girls with baby fever that are waiting it out, cheers y'all 😂🍷

  31. Krusty Krissy

    Krusty Krissy5 hours ago

    i’m also 4 months pregnant rn🥰🥰

  32. Peyton Marie

    Peyton Marie5 hours ago

    So happy for you!!! Congrats Beautiful

  33. Too Sarcastic

    Too Sarcastic5 hours ago

    This is my first time too 😌 around 5 months and I'm having a boy.very excited to watch you through you're journey very exciting.i can not wait to go through this and not always feel alone

  34. dana

    dana7 hours ago

    aww Nessa I’m SO HAPPY. I knew it from that last video when you didn’t wanna answer that one question, *we ALL knew.* 😂 we could’ve been pregnant at the same time rn. well not completely the same. I was 8 weeks and 5 days last Tuesday but I lost the baby. it’s been HARD. but coming onto USlikes after a week or so and seeing this first thing, is making me so happy. I’m just happy for you! ❤️ motherhood is going to be challenging, and difficult of course, but you’re going to love that baby with all of your heart and soul and I know you will be a great mom 🥰

  35. cocoa ebony

    cocoa ebony7 hours ago

    praying for a safe delivery and sending my love and strength along ur journey 💕🥰

  36. Gabrielle Moorman

    Gabrielle Moorman7 hours ago

    Awe congrats Nessa!

  37. Denisa .p

    Denisa .p8 hours ago

    Who is the father ?

  38. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15Hour ago

    my partner

  39. Daisy Martins

    Daisy Martins9 hours ago

    wow i was noooot expecting this!! congrats!

  40. Catelyn Vans

    Catelyn Vans9 hours ago

    I haven’t seen you in forever 🥺

  41. Serenity Steph

    Serenity Steph10 hours ago

    it’s going to be a boy !

  42. Giselleskies

    Giselleskies11 hours ago

    everyone turning up pregnant, what’s goin on 0.o

  43. Cameron Brown

    Cameron Brown11 hours ago

    This is the most honest pregnancy announcement video I’ve ever seen in my life

  44. Meagan Smith

    Meagan Smith12 hours ago

    i feel like i’ve never seen you this happy omg 😭 congrats 💓

  45. Valeria

    Valeria12 hours ago

    If you're really pregnant, then congratulations! I just really hope you know how serious n huge of a responsibility it is to have a child. As long as you know that, more power to you huni n again, congrats!! God is good always n enjoy your journey!! 💯❤ 👶👶👶

  46. Brandy Herrera

    Brandy Herrera13 hours ago

    FINALLY SAW YOUR YT videos. 😭😭 Congrats 💗💗💗💗 hopefully he/she is born on my bday 🥳🥳 *JULY1ST*

  47. Universal Hobo

    Universal Hobo13 hours ago


  48. kinzie JFelix

    kinzie JFelix14 hours ago

    I just love how genuine and real you are about your feelings

  49. Amandaalexis

    Amandaalexis14 hours ago

    I’ve been watching you for years and seeing this makes me so happy 🥺but I’m so happy for you 🤍🤍

  50. Anjelica W

    Anjelica W15 hours ago

    Girl! I’m trying to process my pregnancy too, I can’t believe it 😭

  51. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15Hour ago

    Like we’re getting older but i still feel so scared to “grow up” in that way 😭

  52. Halle Jones

    Halle Jones15 hours ago

    it’s boy season so it probably is a boy!

  53. Maxwell Firth

    Maxwell Firth15 hours ago

    My nom had me at 24!

  54. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15Hour ago

    Same haha!

  55. Maxwell Firth

    Maxwell Firth15 hours ago

    Omg congratulations I totally had no idea! 🤯

  56. Eyebrows

    Eyebrows15 hours ago

    This was on my recommended feed and I don't really know who you are but congratulations😊❤

  57. bluemxxn 1

    bluemxxn 115 hours ago

    omg I’ve been watching you for so long !!! congratulations queen 💓💓💓

  58. hfarmer96

    hfarmer9616 hours ago

    One word epidural

  59. singingdiva3

    singingdiva316 hours ago

    Idk who told u it’s easy or made u think that cause lord it’s exhausting

  60. Tessa Golovich

    Tessa Golovich16 hours ago

    PS I had morning afternoon and evening sickness for my ENTIRE pregnancy. Once that baby is out it’ll ALL BE WORTH IT!! Good luck and happy pregnancy! ❤️❤️

  61. Tessa Golovich

    Tessa Golovich16 hours ago

    I am SO EXCITED you’re having a baby!!!!!!! I have a 12 month old and kinda fell off USlikes (because no time anymore lol). But now you’ll be making videos about the baby and I’ll def be keeping up for sure now! CONGRATS!!! 🎉 🥳👏🏼🎊🥂🙌🏼


    STEFANI LOPEZ16 hours ago

    This This is what I would talk if I were to get pregnant LMAOOOO

  63. SlayeddBy LaLa

    SlayeddBy LaLa16 hours ago

    Congrats 🎈. I just had my baby on New Year’s Day ❤️

  64. Myra Cooks

    Myra Cooks17 hours ago

    Congratulations girl so happy for you 💙💖💙

  65. Ashley Parker

    Ashley Parker17 hours ago


  66. MizzRivera86

    MizzRivera8617 hours ago

    Congrat's mama,I'm so happy for you!

  67. Maria Rivas

    Maria Rivas18 hours ago

    It gets worse!! Don't get me wrong I'm so grateful and happy and excited but pregnancy has been horrible. The symptoms are rough and the pain that comes omg. Hips, pelvis and back pain is intense. I'm 34 weeks rn and shes head down and punches around my pelvis area and it hurts so much. I absolutely love her movements but it hurtssss

  68. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15Hour ago

    OMG 💀 and i thought today was a hard day. I cant imagine three months from now 😭


    THE MYA MICHELLE’18 hours ago

    I loveeee when u postttttt

  70. 3 r 1 1 c

    3 r 1 1 c18 hours ago

    Omg omg congratulations 🎀💜✨

  71. emma s

    emma s18 hours ago

    this feels so whack. i remember watching you 5 years ago and just geeezz. time simply does not exist istg. much love, congrats babes :)

  72. Melonee Grogan

    Melonee Grogan18 hours ago

    congratulations!!!!! you deserve all the love & happiness

  73. Hope Beth

    Hope Beth19 hours ago

    Congrats 🥺💕 you’re gonna be an amazing mother!!

  74. Colleen Garlow

    Colleen Garlow19 hours ago

    You're SO GORGEOUS! Like a more natural Kylie Jenner 😊 Your baby is going to be beautiful just like you!

  75. J T

    J T19 hours ago

    Look up abt pre-eclampsia. So you're aware of it

  76. Stephanie Renee

    Stephanie Renee19 hours ago


  77. Manda Seg

    Manda Seg19 hours ago

    I’m 7months and 1 week and people say the 3rd trimester is so easy but I still feel sick and out of breath all the time!!

  78. Stephane Ortega

    Stephane Ortega19 hours ago

    I say boy !!

  79. Elizabeth Rivera

    Elizabeth Rivera19 hours ago

    All the unexpected people are pregnant like Kayla kosuga ? Idk how to spell her last name

  80. nittoburn4

    nittoburn420 hours ago


  81. Bugatti Ghetto

    Bugatti Ghetto20 hours ago

    The growth 😭 I’ve been with nessa since the kylie jenner lip challenge days

  82. AMBER- YAHsLadie144

    AMBER- YAHsLadie14420 hours ago

    Everybody getting prego lol benny and alondra preg too. Never really watched u and always seen drama stuff with you but i am so happy to see you happy and looking healthier! Congrats hun

  83. Aranza Aranda

    Aranza Aranda20 hours ago

    we are so happy for you!! ❤️❤️

  84. gnally b

    gnally b20 hours ago

    not to be nosy but im curious asf who the father is.

  85. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15Hour ago

    Watch my vlogs:) I’ve kept my relationship veryyy private since 2019 but he pops up

  86. Nayah

    Nayah20 hours ago

    I haven't been here in soooooo long...... CONGRATULATIONS: ) :)

  87. abby

    abby21 hour ago


  88. iPhone

    iPhone21 hour ago

    Omg I literally forget to watch u for like 3 videos and ur pregnant😭❤️

  89. Nia Huey

    Nia Huey21 hour ago

    😂ur gonna be a great mom.

  90. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15Hour ago

    Thanks 😂😭❤️

  91. Balie Brown

    Balie Brown21 hour ago

    I’m 2 weeks further than you and I’m so happy to be able to relate to someone. My symptoms havnt stopped AT ALL and I’m having a really hard oregnancy

  92. Madison Davie

    Madison Davie21 hour ago

    Congratulations! 👏 😄💖💖💖

  93. Rhiya Bhanaut

    Rhiya Bhanaut21 hour ago

    You were one of the 1st youtubers i ever watched!! Havent seen you for so long!!! Congrats xx

  94. I Z

    I Z21 hour ago

    awww I’m so happy for you, congratulations!!! wishing you a healthy pregnancy and a healthy delivery 🥰

  95. Jenn R

    Jenn R21 hour ago

    Aww congrats 🥰. I’m exactly as pregnant as you lol my baby’s due date is June 30 and yes I’ve been going thru it too. The nausea was supposed to stop already but here I am still feeling pukie and sleep all the damn time 🙄. We’ll get thru it 😊

  96. Kittie

    Kittie22 hours ago

    Do you have any name ideas?!! I’m 6 months pregnant with a girl and have no clue what to name her. 🥺

  97. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15Hour ago

    If she’s a girl her name is inspired by a character from gossip girl 🙈👀

  98. Cynthia Harris

    Cynthia Harris22 hours ago

    I'm screaming!!! I am sooo happy for you Nessa

  99. Latya Joseph

    Latya Joseph22 hours ago


  100. Tess Palmer

    Tess Palmer22 hours ago

    I just had my 20 week ultrasound and im exhausted and draaiined!!! So happy for you!

  101. Julia

    Julia22 hours ago

    The baby is gonnaa be a cancer gangggg🤧💜

  102. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15Hour ago

    Emotional gang 😂😭

  103. venusdime

    venusdime22 hours ago

    awwww i’ve been following you on here for so many years, CONGRATS BABY!! 🤍

  104. Joshua Parris

    Joshua Parris22 hours ago

    The way you light up and seem so happy when you are talking about this baby makes me smile 😌💙

  105. Danielle Chavez

    Danielle Chavez23 hours ago


  106. Erin Deluxe

    Erin Deluxe23 hours ago

    It’s probably a girl if you don’t know by now.

  107. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15Hour ago

    That’s what I’m feeling 😅

  108. Salmah

    Salmah23 hours ago

    wait what... i cant believe this omg

  109. Juaaababe

    Juaaababe23 hours ago


  110. Alli

    Alli23 hours ago

    I'm happy for the both of you ! I hope you have a wonderful day ! ✨

  111. Deeedeee

    Deeedeee23 hours ago

    Omg It’s so hard for me to imagine ur gonna be a mom😭 like guurll wtf😭😭😍

  112. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15Hour ago

    I KNOW💀

  113. chloe b

    chloe b23 hours ago

    i’m in shock. i’ve been watching you since 2017. this is insane and i’m so happy for you🥺 this is a completely new chapter i’m so excited !!!🤍🤍

  114. roz eta

    roz eta23 hours ago

    Congratulations babyyy😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤💎💎💋💋💋💋💋💙💖💙💖💙💖

  115. katie garrett

    katie garrett23 hours ago

    just came back to your channel and use to watch you religiously a couple years ago! i’m so excited for you and the growth i see!! have no doubt you’ll be a great mommy🥰

  116. celeste valentin

    celeste valentinDay ago

    I can see her as a boy mom

  117. Danise Pena

    Danise PenaDay ago

    Congratulations!!! 😭💕❤️ I’m so excited for you I just had my first 2 months ago and I love it! 🥰 pregnancy is hard for some (it was for me) and recovery may seem like forever but you’ll get through it ❤️❤️❤️ your feelings are valid and it’s okay to ask for help I realized that the hard way. You’re gonna be a good mom 💕

  118. Aubrey Mata

    Aubrey MataDay ago

    oooo mmmm gggggg congratulations 🥺🥺🥺🥺 💓💓💓 what a blessing

  119. Jerry Cruz

    Jerry CruzDay ago

    I know there’s like post birth depression and I really hope that doesn’t happen to our dear Nessa!! 🥺🥺 we love and support you so much!

  120. Simplynessa15

    Simplynessa15Hour ago

    I’ve been looking into it :) very scary! i plan on having some specialty docs lined up in case 🥺❤️