Trying British Candy!

Trying British Candy! Today Jessica and Chris try candies from England. Yes! This is a new video made in 2020 and not one of those classic 2016 challenge videos. We were feeling nostalgic for the good old days, I guess :)
All of our videos are closed captioned and always family friendly.
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  1. A wolfs Night sky

    A wolfs Night sky47 minutes ago

    The powder in the dip dab is sherbert

  2. Nusrat Choudhury

    Nusrat Choudhury19 hours ago

    We use real sugar and milk in the UK becuase our dairy farms are closer to us and because of our countryside and farming and the history with cadbury is that they use real sugar and milk that makes it what it is.

  3. Megan The Gamer

    Megan The Gamer22 hours ago

    I'm British too!!


    SCOTTISH GKDay ago

    Question do Americans think British candy is just England 😂😂😂😂

  5. Becky Hay

    Becky HayDay ago

    Hi I’m from the UK, I just found your channel and this video. Glad you liked the chocolates, my favourites are Areo, crunchie and chocolate orange. Loved this video and I’ve subscribed to your channel. Can’t wait to watch some more of your videos and stay safe thank you 😊❤️

  6. bonnie bennett

    bonnie bennett2 days ago

    why did i get offended when they said that millions taste like washing liquid

  7. Cryptic_ narx

    Cryptic_ narx3 days ago

    Flakes ment for ice-cream

  8. Ghost

    Ghost4 days ago


  9. Lía Telli

    Lía Telli4 days ago

    wait no jaffa cakes no hula hoops no crunchies no twirly wirlys no millions no flake no smarties no MALTEESERS NO DIP DABS

  10. The odd job centre

    The odd job centre5 days ago

    We don't call it candy in the uk

  11. iiclxudydreamz

    iiclxudydreamz5 days ago


  12. iiclxudydreamz

    iiclxudydreamz5 days ago

    I love your guy’s honest opinions I’m from Scotland we also have American sweets in shops and they are amazing my favourite are the blu raspberry air heads ✌🏻✌🏻😗

  13. FuZionN Xen0

    FuZionN Xen05 days ago

    and ur also saying bueno wrong

  14. FuZionN Xen0

    FuZionN Xen05 days ago

    say caramel properly and say sweets not candy

  15. leo pugh

    leo pugh5 days ago

    It feels like a flex to say that I’m British after watching this video 😎🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  16. Amelia Jayne

    Amelia Jayne5 days ago

    Smarties are so different than m&ms ! 🤪

  17. C-JAYE's Life

    C-JAYE's Life6 days ago

    On the Jaffa cakes, we definitely lick all chocolate off (not sure about the citrus 🍊 jelly on head tho 😂) and we mainly have a flake with ice cream 🍦 (and sometimes just to eat 😆)

  18. Martin Maughan

    Martin Maughan7 days ago

    I’ve never seen the Jaffa cake head thingy and I’ve lived in England all my life

  19. kevin williams

    kevin williams7 days ago

    Schoolboy error taking the flake out the packet in one go

  20. Aimee-Rose Farrow

    Aimee-Rose Farrow7 days ago

    In England we eat flakes on ice cream and I’m from England and when you say who names things flake i found it hullerious and because we do and I was thinking to your self been there done that and I love you guys think you are the cutest

  21. gaming with Oliver

    gaming with Oliver8 days ago

    Flakes belong in ice cream

  22. Maci Coles

    Maci Coles9 days ago

    I am from Britain

  23. Chloe Davies

    Chloe Davies10 days ago


  24. cfowler7

    cfowler710 days ago

    We Brits take Crunchies for granted.

  25. Dora Vlogs

    Dora Vlogs11 days ago

    And yes the Jaffa Cake challenge is a real thing and I always win 😌

  26. multi gamer channel

    multi gamer channel11 days ago


  27. Engaging Athena

    Engaging Athena12 days ago

    1:12 they make these in my town!!! the factory is right behind my sisters house!!

  28. sickers

    sickers12 days ago

    I enjoyed watching this although it felt like I was intruding on your 'personal' time! :)

  29. Lacey Bamber

    Lacey Bamber12 days ago

    For the dip dab you added to much on so next only add a little, love you channel and videos keep up the good work on the videos

  30. Lacey Bamber

    Lacey Bamber12 days ago

    Also we have nerds in the uk as well

  31. Roblox Gamer

    Roblox Gamer12 days ago

    Is anyone annoyed Them - it’s just like Nutella Me:have you never had a kinder egg !!!

  32. Rayna

    Rayna12 days ago

    I don’t know why I get so much satisfaction from watching Americans get excited over sweets... BUT I LOVE IT🤣 You guys are great to watch!

  33. Lily-May’s Random channel

    Lily-May’s Random channel13 days ago

    Twirls are a cleaner version of flakes..

  34. Lily Ward

    Lily Ward13 days ago

    I have had every single piece of candy that you have tried in this video and we say sweets in uk

  35. Lily Ward

    Lily Ward13 days ago

    i live in uk

  36. stephen myers

    stephen myers13 days ago

    am i the only one cringing when they keep on saying everythik is like what they have in the US . when twislers have no taste and are like plastic

  37. Forty Ft. Road Studio TV

    Forty Ft. Road Studio TV13 days ago

    everything you had upto 9.45 is classed as kiddies candy in UK

  38. Alan Leys

    Alan Leys14 days ago

    You've got to try McVities caramel slices. Trust me. Also Jaffa Cakes have an interesting story... There was a court case, and 'biscuits' would get taxes higher than 'cake'. They proved it is cake... as cakes go hard when becoming stale, and biscuits go soft. Yet? They're always in the biscuit aisle. ;-)

  39. Mich W

    Mich W14 days ago

    When Cadbury make honeycomb it's a Crunchie but when you make it yourself we call it cinder toffee and would mainly make it for Bonfire Night, an event we have in Britain in November (I won't give you the full lowdown, it'll take forever 😩)

  40. Siena’s Asmr

    Siena’s Asmr15 days ago

    Millions are amazing

  41. Siena’s Asmr

    Siena’s Asmr15 days ago

    We also have m&ms in uk too

  42. one2onedietwithjoannequinn

    one2onedietwithjoannequinn16 days ago

    choc buttons are my fav im craving some rn

  43. Stanley Taylor

    Stanley Taylor16 days ago

    They say we name things cute when whats cute is we made our language and you say the words wrong

  44. Darcey Russell

    Darcey Russell16 days ago

    You do realise that SCOTLAND and WALES are part of mainland Britain aswell. It's so annoying that everyone just refers to England and not anywhere else

  45. Ysr Mahmood

    Ysr Mahmood16 days ago

    The flame is what you would have in cream.

  46. Mustafa M

    Mustafa M17 days ago

    Me watching to see what sweets to get tday

  47. Daisy_ldn_hk

    Daisy_ldn_hk17 days ago

    the powder is sherbet

  48. Lilly webster

    Lilly webster18 days ago


  49. molly Whittingham

    molly Whittingham19 days ago

    also the dip dab, the powder is sherbert and the millions arent bubblegum x also the brand caburys in the uk thrs a caburys world i love it there. Theres like chocolate fountains and lakes

  50. molly Whittingham

    molly Whittingham19 days ago

    ty im from the uk and i wish we had the usa sweets. Btw we dont call them candy, we call them sweets 💖

  51. Dan Giles

    Dan Giles19 days ago

    I make my own honeycomb here in the U.K. it’s so simple to make and doesn’t contain gelatine. I then smoother it with chocolate.

  52. Chloe Willetts

    Chloe Willetts20 days ago

    Great video keep it up stay safe

  53. lee s

    lee s20 days ago

    Love your vids lots of love from the uk

  54. Clive Dunn

    Clive Dunn20 days ago

    Glad you like guys. Cadbury's chocolate is the bomb!

  55. Lilly Berry

    Lilly Berry20 days ago

    I am VERY offend how he said that the Jaffa cake at the bitten was a light cookie

  56. Sahil Masood

    Sahil Masood22 days ago

    Your meant to eat millions like 10 at once

  57. Charles North

    Charles North22 days ago

    Why you call then candy there sweets

  58. Katrín

    Katrín22 days ago

    Isn't pescatarian just being a vegetarian? Cause I feel like eating fish and other sea creatures to sustain meet in one's diet is just valuing sea creatures less than other living things. Like saying; "Oh, it's okay I eat you little Dory cause you're just a fish." Idk, maybe that's just me.

  59. Taz Richards

    Taz Richards23 days ago

    I'm from the UK and when we have jaffa cakes we bite around the edge of the jelly and then peel the jelly out and eat the rest of the cake bottom and leave the jelly for last 😊

  60. splintercast

    splintercast23 days ago

    When did Smarties stop coming in the cardboard tube with the plastic lid that had a random letter printed on it?

  61. Snakeymf Snakeymf

    Snakeymf Snakeymf23 days ago

    That's cute. Cadbury used too be good until America bought it and ruined it. Also, *we* don't say things weird or "cute". English is our language, England/English. They're just proper English words. American English is like a cheap, crappy rip off. But I appreciate the nice comments from our fellow Americans about our language and our food.

  62. Euan Rennie

    Euan Rennie25 days ago

    Did any other brits see the flake disintergrating comming or was it just me! I literally wnated to say dont to that its gonna fall appart!

  63. Amber Briars

    Amber Briars25 days ago

    I’m from the uk and we have boxes of chocolate at Christmas called celebrations they have mini twixs Maltesers galaxy and galaxy caramel snickers Milky Way and Mars AND BOUNTIES and everyone leaves the bounties because there’s only like one person in each household that likes bounties I personally don’t as I don’t like coconut 🤢🤮

  64. Im in a screen

    Im in a screen25 days ago

    I’m half British I can confirm Also I pour the dib dab pounder in my mouth the Jaffa cake challange is real I do that so does my fam

  65. SlaughteRed Lamb

    SlaughteRed Lamb26 days ago

    So many innuendos while eating that Flake 😉

  66. Fortune Madueke

    Fortune Madueke26 days ago

    Crunchies is such a main chocolate in uk

  67. TRUEFEUX 321

    TRUEFEUX 32126 days ago

    u could've tried kit kat i suppose technically it was made in the UK first before nestle or any others

  68. CxmplexDaisy

    CxmplexDaisy26 days ago

    I am so triggered that she didn’t suck all of the white stuff of the lolly

  69. CxmplexDaisy

    CxmplexDaisy26 days ago

    I’m from the uk

  70. Dave of Yorkshire

    Dave of Yorkshire28 days ago

    No MSG (monosodium glutamate) or HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), we don't have high import taxes on sugar so we don't use HFCS. Natural flavours and colours... If you like rich chocolate try Belgian or Swiss, it tastes too much to me, British Chocolate is about right. You must love the vegetarian safe Walkers Crisp? Are Lays also vegetarian safe? Vanilla ice cream with the flake, over here it's called a 99. If you want a flake that doesn't fall apart get a Ripple. Bueno isn't strictly British, Kinder is German, and isn't Bueno Spanish and I think it's made by an Italian company? Aero can be orange, mint or 100% chocolate.

  71. Samuel Sharman

    Samuel Sharman28 days ago

    All of the annoying complaining English people in the comments, like yeah they’re using American English they’re American calm down.

  72. SSJ5 Gogeta

    SSJ5 Gogeta28 days ago

    Wait... Kinder is Italian...

  73. Hi

    Hi28 days ago

    “It tastes more real like more creamy and real” Cause it is darling 😂 (read that but in an English accent) Also in the uk having sweets and chocolate is a treat like we do not have it everyday like it’s more of a praise thing or a special occasion thing lol

  74. Beth Darby

    Beth Darby29 days ago

    Curly Wurly’s are best frozen!!

  75. Natalie

    NatalieMonth ago

    We don’t pronounce bueno like that, we pronounce is BOO-EN-OH

  76. Archie Perhaps

    Archie PerhapsMonth ago

    13:56 um I do the chocolate licking thing but I’ve never stuck the jelly to my head

  77. Kirsty Airey

    Kirsty AireyMonth ago

    You can put a flake in the Microwave and it won’t melt.

  78. Maya Harrop

    Maya HarropMonth ago

    nobody does the jaffa cake thing here

  79. Cadie Pugh

    Cadie PughMonth ago

    you need to peel your buenos to eat them properly

  80. Cadie Pugh

    Cadie PughMonth ago

    as soon as they went to eat the flake like lady and tramp i knewww what was coming and knew you’d regret that😭

  81. Smolsi

    SmolsiMonth ago

    chocolate buttons, truly the best

  82. Chlo Colvin

    Chlo ColvinMonth ago

    As someone from Scotland that has had all of these I love this video so much!

  83. Buddy’s Life

    Buddy’s LifeMonth ago

    Anyone else upset that the didn’t put drumsticks or Percy pigs in the package 🤧😑🤚📦

  84. Buddy’s Life

    Buddy’s LifeMonth ago

    Them dying because the flake goes all over them (us: embraces the messy of the flake) 😑🤚

  85. Isabelle Ridehalgh

    Isabelle RidehalghMonth ago

    In the UK we have this chocolate called dark milk by Cadbury’s so it’s not fully milk chocolate and not fully dark chocolate that you would really love and you should try order 😊

  86. Dale M

    Dale MMonth ago

    Watching you guys eat these candies on 0.50x speed is hilarious xD

  87. Cookie Pip

    Cookie PipMonth ago

    I’m British and just so you know the powder in the first sweet is called sherbet. And the brands of some of them the name is Cadbury and the challenge is like how I eat them but I don’t stick it to my head

  88. *•Queenie•*

    *•Queenie•*Month ago

    As an average tea person from stab city (aka London) it was painful finding out that Americans don’t have curly wurlys

  89. Floofy Kitties In The Summer

    Floofy Kitties In The SummerMonth ago

    THE FACT THAT SOME PEOPLE HAVENT TRIED THESE IS JUST- THEY ARE DELICIOUS edit: i was thinking that they were idiots this entire time. i mean, they got suprised by a CURLY WURLY

  90. Diane Harrison

    Diane HarrisonMonth ago

    Aero are lovely

  91. Diane Harrison

    Diane HarrisonMonth ago

    Bad boy lol x

  92. Diane Harrison

    Diane HarrisonMonth ago

    I love love hearts x

  93. Diane Harrison

    Diane HarrisonMonth ago

    Flake was literally a mistake that was made into to a bar to sell

  94. Diane Harrison

    Diane HarrisonMonth ago

    I guess it's a challenge, but I lick the chocolate off jaffa

  95. Diane Harrison

    Diane HarrisonMonth ago

    I think you're are the only ones I've watched who love jaffa cakes

  96. Diane Harrison

    Diane HarrisonMonth ago

    Crunchies are fab x

  97. Diane Harrison

    Diane HarrisonMonth ago

    Mr Ballinger you are correct about smarties M n ms are different

  98. Diane Harrison

    Diane HarrisonMonth ago

    Hahaha pulls out all your filling

  99. Diane Harrison

    Diane HarrisonMonth ago

    I love sherbert

  100. Diane Harrison

    Diane HarrisonMonth ago

    Do the us have sherbet?x

  101. Ben Davies

    Ben DaviesMonth ago

    They didnt have wispa need new friends who sent you stuff over there lads