PLAYING AMONG US IN REAL LIFE! If Everything Was Like Among Us! Funniest Moments By 123 GO!CHALLENGE

Have you ever played Among Us?
One of these guys is going to be the imposter…
No way you can trust anyone now.
Try to guess who’s the impostor!
Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Slunhse B Bunny

    Slunhse B Bunny41 minute ago

    I'm love yellow

  2. Jinkee Stlaurent

    Jinkee Stlaurent50 minutes ago

    Minecraft Minecraft one

  3. Jinkee Stlaurent

    Jinkee Stlaurent51 minute ago


  4. Mohammod Khadirul Islam

    Mohammod Khadirul IslamHour ago

    Can you do more among us?

  5. Mohammod Khadirul Islam

    Mohammod Khadirul IslamHour ago

    I❤️ among us and 123 go

  6. Nermen Moneer

    Nermen MoneerHour ago


  7. Nahol Chlela

    Nahol ChlelaHour ago

    Yellow is the impostor

  8. Zarifa Matin

    Zarifa Matin2 hours ago


  9. Alison Gonzales

    Alison Gonzales3 hours ago


  10. Bagege

    Bagege3 hours ago

    And you get you the listing

  11. abigail adebayo

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  12. Saiyan God Gogeta

    Saiyan God Gogeta4 hours ago


  13. Reshma Ramdass

    Reshma Ramdass4 hours ago

    I Love or video and games and I love the music of the game but the facts are so good for me and my name is Saraiya Ramdass

  14. Olivier Florvil

    Olivier Florvil4 hours ago

    Yellow is sus




  16. maro nana

    maro nana5 hours ago

    Knew it was yellow because i didn't see her do the right tasks

  17. Nicholas Lamban

    Nicholas Lamban5 hours ago

    O i was rong

  18. Sarmista Parida

    Sarmista Parida5 hours ago

    real Life among us is boring real Life call of duty is fun

  19. Lacey Gerard

    Lacey Gerard5 hours ago

    i knew it was her

  20. Tamara Phillips

    Tamara Phillips5 hours ago

    love amoug us#

  21. jade vincent estandarte

    jade vincent estandarte6 hours ago


  22. Joycelyn TV

    Joycelyn TV7 hours ago

    Part 2 pls

  23. Aurelie Burtea

    Aurelie Burtea7 hours ago

    The impostor is not blue is yellow!!!

  24. Aurelie Burtea

    Aurelie Burtea6 hours ago


  25. Minh Chi

    Minh Chi7 hours ago

    wow so collll 😻😻😻😻😻💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  26. Amel Sofovic

    Amel Sofovic7 hours ago


  27. Zainab Ishak

    Zainab Ishak7 hours ago

    i thought brown is the impostor. and i really sus brown. so i made a mistake 😅😅😅


    SARA ALSHAMSI9 hours ago

    I knew it was yellow

  29. Zion Dan Macailan

    Zion Dan Macailan9 hours ago

    ... stop saying with a toy gun i know it is a toy if it is real theres violence liquid then



    Yellow is soo pretty

  31. Mroit علي

    Mroit علي10 hours ago


  32. granie

    granie10 hours ago

    Wow, this is garbage

  33. Reyhan Kurt

    Reyhan Kurt11 hours ago


  34. Marcus Vinz Ona

    Marcus Vinz Ona11 hours ago

    I thought it was blue at the first but when i saw yellow with the dead body i know it was yellow

  35. Annette Ching

    Annette Ching11 hours ago

    I knew it was yellow!

  36. 3 sisters forever tatiana Christine tania

    3 sisters forever tatiana Christine tania12 hours ago


  37. Adek Rian

    Adek Rian12 hours ago

    Kalian jahat banget 123 go kalian buat aku jadi marah 😠😠😠😠😠😠😈

  38. Adek Rian

    Adek Rian12 hours ago

    Teganya alian kalo sampai ada video kayak gini lagi aku gak mau nonton ini lagi 😢😢😢 seumur hidup

  39. Adek Rian

    Adek Rian12 hours ago

    Aku gak suka 123 go omong us tolong hilang kan ini dariku sekarang karna vidio ini aku jadi nangis 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

  40. Mentwab Fekede

    Mentwab Fekede13 hours ago

    Nice game

  41. Ray Kwok

    Ray Kwok13 hours ago

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  42. DJ Rabbit studios

    DJ Rabbit studios13 hours ago

    But i really thought it was blue😂😂


    GAMING STAR13 hours ago

  44. Kelly Johnson

    Kelly Johnson13 hours ago

    can you do a nother among us game on 123go

  45. Among us EX

    Among us EX13 hours ago

    I have thats game


    ZARISH SAYED14 hours ago

    i know that yellow was an imposter i am proooooooo


    LEONG QI FANG CHLOE Moe15 hours ago

    I Like This Video, Because This Video Is Among Us.

  48. Putri Firda

    Putri Firda15 hours ago


  49. David murillo

    David murillo15 hours ago

    Ii thot3 it was blue so sus

  50. Gabriella Gonzales

    Gabriella Gonzales17 hours ago


  51. Gabriella Gonzales

    Gabriella Gonzales17 hours ago


  52. Gabriella Gonzales

    Gabriella Gonzales17 hours ago


  53. Gabriella Gonzales

    Gabriella Gonzales17 hours ago

    Gabby gabby gabby gabby gabby gabby gabby

  54. A.C. D.V.

    A.C. D.V.17 hours ago

    Wow lady Gaga on 123 Go

  55. Monkey Food Pranks VN

    Monkey Food Pranks VN17 hours ago

    when i play among us i always impostor lol

  56. Ayza Sheraz

    Ayza Sheraz26 minutes ago


  57. Camera

    Camera17 hours ago

    is blue colourblind or what?

  58. Camera

    Camera17 hours ago

    FUN FACT: they just made this cuz they noticed among us be BOOMIN popular on yt

  59. Yasmin Castaneda

    Yasmin Castaneda17 hours ago


  60. Fresia Avila

    Fresia Avila18 hours ago

    I knew that yellow was the imposter because she was there when green was dead

  61. ThePlankster69

    ThePlankster6918 hours ago

    i love among us

  62. Aaron L

    Aaron L19 hours ago


  63. amamah javed

    amamah javed19 hours ago

    I knew it was yellow

  64. Juvon Lindsay

    Juvon Lindsay20 hours ago

    3:46 😂😂😂😁😁😁😀😀😀😊😊😊☺☺

  65. Jesly nahomi Martinez baños

    Jesly nahomi Martinez baños20 hours ago

    Amon Gus es de abolico

  66. Sharifa Frederick

    Sharifa Frederick21 hour ago


  67. Olivier Ngala Kenda Junior

    Olivier Ngala Kenda Junior21 hour ago

    Geez! That’s a lot of wires!

  68. Mariah Garraway

    Mariah Garraway21 hour ago


  69. •butterfly vibes•

    •butterfly vibes•21 hour ago

    𝕒𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕘 𝕦𝕤 ;-;

  70. bincy shilo Varughese

    bincy shilo Varughese22 hours ago

    I have among us

  71. Zoe Deleon Melendez

    Zoe Deleon Melendez22 hours ago


  72. bincy shilo Varughese

    bincy shilo Varughese22 hours ago

    Me to because it was not brown

  73. Lamar Ismail

    Lamar Ismail23 hours ago

    Yes am now

  74. azin laila

    azin laila23 hours ago

    I know that yellow Julie is the impostor because yellow looks so spacious and weird

  75. Manju Yadav

    Manju Yadav3 hours ago

    @Martha nancy Ramirez the 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

  76. Martha nancy Ramirez

    Martha nancy Ramirez4 hours ago


  77. Catherine Howley

    Catherine Howley23 hours ago

    But when your a ghost you do have to have to do tasks

  78. Brachaharbe Baraka

    Brachaharbe Baraka23 hours ago

    i thought i was red actually so its not a big deal

  79. Hamza Gaming

    Hamza GamingDay ago

    Yellow was sus when brown saw him beside green body



    i thought blue was the inmposter



    I can tell it’s yellow because green and yellow where together and brown just saw the body

  82. Bhawana Ghale

    Bhawana GhaleDay ago

    I like crewmate

  83. Балапан Бал

    Балапан БалDay ago


  84. Emanuella Clerge

    Emanuella ClergeDay ago

    I know I don’t know yellow was the imposter I want to three go it was the pastor because she will she will get the Nerf gun and put water in it and that’s all I said about Julie Julie because I have been saying that this is not a game of want to do that this is fake this is fake prank that you did in winter time out but don’t know I’m not real sure how your parents are princess ever again so

  85. Tahreem Athar

    Tahreem AtharDay ago

    I like brown she is beautiful

  86. Maliyah Ross

    Maliyah RossDay ago

    Ya yellow

  87. Gunjan Raghav

    Gunjan RaghavDay ago

    Yellow was the imposter

  88. Gaurav Maheshwari

    Gaurav MaheshwariDay ago

    Like before like when the vid just started I thought it was brown but then it didn't take long to realise it yellow 😅

  89. muppet mode

    muppet modeDay ago

    I thought green or red

  90. Krish Gupta

    Krish GuptaDay ago

    i thought it was brown

  91. Jasmine Carbajal

    Jasmine CarbajalDay ago

    I think is blue

  92. waqas ahmed

    waqas ahmedDay ago

    yellow impooostor like whyyyy

  93. J Kim

    J KimDay ago

    werty asd Zxc

  94. J Kim

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  95. J Kim

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  96. J Kim

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  97. J Kim

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  98. J Kim

    J KimDay ago

    Oh no yellow was The imposter😨

  99. nginda Hiram

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  100. Swavy

    SwavyDay ago

    i thought it was blue

  101. Trendstergames

    TrendstergamesDay ago

    I already knew that Julie will be the imposter cause she was sus.

  102. jayaseelan gsk

    jayaseelan gskDay ago

    I was hoping green was the imos

  103. kitty corn

    kitty cornDay ago

    Wow I wonder why and who made AMONG US so popular!?!| I dont have AMONG US

  104. steve dimitriou

    steve dimitriouDay ago