7 Cheapest ELECTRIC BIKES w/ Good Performance

Representing 7 Most Affordable Electric Bicycles That Come with Good Performance and Reliability.
01: Radrunner 1 electric utility bike - Power: 250 W (750 W peak), top speed: 20 mph, range: 25-45 mi / 40-72 km, weight: 64 lbs / 29 kg, price: $1,200
02: Schwinn EC1 - Power: 250 W, top speed: 20 mph, range: 45 mi / 72 km, weight: 56 lbs / 25 kg, price: $900
03: Swagtron EB12 - Power: 250 W, top speed: 16 mph, range: 28 mi / 45 km, weight: 36 lbs / 16 kg, price: $1,000
04: Gazelle Medeo T9 - Power: 250 W, top speed: 20 mph, range: 55 mi / 88 km, price: T9 Classic - $2,000 (Limited Offer) / T9 - $2,500
05: Townie Go! 7D by Trek - Power: 250 W, top speed: 20 mph, range: 50 mi / 80 km, weight: 48 lbs / 21 kg, price: $1,500
06: Giant Fathom E+ 3 - Torque: 70-80 Nm, top speed: 20 mph, range: 50-62 mi / 80-100 km, price: £2,000 ($2,700)
07: Yamaha Cross Core - Power: 250 W (500W peak), Torque: 70Nm, top speed: 20 mph, range: 30-50 mi / 48-80 km, weight: 43.5 lbs / 20 kg, price: $2,400


  1. Siobhan Michele

    Siobhan MicheleDay ago

    Why all electrical bikes well over priced it’s just ridiculous and they are mainly Chinese parts 🖕🤣one sec it’s Yamaha definitely spending 3 grand thank you

  2. Duelfuel

    Duelfuel4 days ago

    Sorry, what decade are we in concerning speed and distance?

  3. WatDaMattaForYou

    WatDaMattaForYou4 days ago

    It's pronounced aluminum, not alaminium.

  4. Russellprout

    Russellprout5 days ago

    5.25 Your wrong the girl is the most attractive part with that e bike.

  5. Robert Paulson

    Robert Paulson8 days ago

    Got my Ebike for $500 2 years ago and it runs fine. This is not an affordable friendly list.

  6. Darth Phaser

    Darth Phaser10 days ago

    I learned that I can buy a Bafang ebike conversion kit and put it on any bike.

  7. Stanley Wilson

    Stanley Wilson11 days ago

    You can get a rad rover cheeper

  8. Johann Bach

    Johann Bach15 days ago

    Automatic like just because you actually include the price in your description!

  9. Gary King

    Gary King15 days ago

    You say cheap high performance bikes, yet not one of these has a motor larger than 250w, or goes any faster than 20mph. There are plenty of more powerful, cheaper ebikes out there, with 500w or 750w that will do 28mph in this price range.

  10. Red Toberts

    Red TobertsMonth ago

    Battery rack bikes suck. Swing your leg over and bang,ouch, ......!!!!! Step through are acceptable but not my favourite.

  11. Gary Johnson

    Gary JohnsonMonth ago

    So, who makes the blue, click bait bike, you show on multiple posts!!!

  12. john biggins

    john bigginsMonth ago

    The novelty of a e bike interests me..

  13. Red Toberts

    Red TobertsMonth ago

    No novelty, they are awesome. Especially for hills.

  14. Glenn Brown

    Glenn BrownMonth ago

    Where do you get them fixed when they break?

  15. M E

    M EMonth ago

    Cheapest? LOL

  16. Ginny Berg

    Ginny BergMonth ago

    I love that you’re putting the prices with the bikes are there any other bikes that are under $1000 that you recommend I’m finding a lot of them on Amazon but wondering what they’re really like

  17. Benchmark

    BenchmarkMonth ago

    Affordable Electric Bicycles cost more than cars !

  18. jack hart

    jack hartMonth ago

    I have a smart motion catalyst, which is 4 years old It's been in the shop for months waiting for a part,as electric bikes are made in China now I think you're gonna have a problem with parts for any of them 😡😡😡

  19. Damjan Mladic

    Damjan MladicMonth ago

    Cube + bosch Performance xc and you are the Boss # kathmandu pro 625 👽👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


    FREE SPEECHMonth ago

    The fruity 🍎 commentary is Cringe - Can we find someone like Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings to do vocals

  21. Barb Blakey

    Barb BlakeyMonth ago

    Rad Runner 🙏🏼👍🏼❤️

  22. I-vlog

    I-vlogMonth ago

    That’s funny the radrunner was the first one mentioned. This is exactly the first ebike I’m buying when my stimulus comes in. It’s so customizable. I’m getting the center council, upgraded display, fenders, and passenger package. I’m going to get ape hangers and replace the handle bars. And spray paint a white star on the center council to mimic old wwii motorcycles. I think it’ll be a looker.

  23. Florence Hudson

    Florence HudsonMonth ago

    Settling up an investment that would benefit you is something one would be aiming towards. I wasn’t really a fan of online business because I have actually been doubting this all my life because I have been taken before by several scammers. But after my encounter with Luiz my prospective of online trade changes and I I’m now a millionaire from bitcoin.

  24. Tye Cook

    Tye CookMonth ago

    Just bought a radmission and love it!

  25. حسین رجبی

    حسین رجبیMonth ago

    Hello . I am a 52-year-old man. I want to buy you a good bicycle that I can ride on both dirt and asphalt. I am 178 and I weigh 77 kilos, and I am from Iran. How can I get a strong and full bicycle from you? Buy speed to go to both cities and nature. Can you send by mail?

  26. Andres Puche

    Andres PucheMonth ago

    Himo C26 all the way beats many in price in quality. ≥1000USD for a bike is just like inflated real estate hogs.

  27. tazhorse

    tazhorse2 months ago

    I bought the Giant and love it. Tried a few others and settled on the Giant.

  28. Peter Frazier

    Peter Frazier2 months ago

    E bikes are cheating. The future is not Athens. If Athens is the future then you are making the claim that the future is disease.

  29. Perfectjzman

    Perfectjzman2 months ago

    And they all cost 2 much. Guess I will keep saving😩

  30. Perfectjzman

    Perfectjzman7 days ago

    @TheCrib ty, I used the magic of credit cards to get something similar to the lectric off of amazon.

  31. TheCrib

    TheCrib7 days ago

    idk if your still looking for an ebike but if you are I guarantee you the lectric xp or lectric step thru wont disapoint you and it is only $899 right now

  32. Chris Tran

    Chris Tran2 months ago

    None of these hold a candle to Lectric in terms of power and value. Not even close.

  33. Chris Tran

    Chris TranMonth ago

    @Kit Not sure. Email them. lectricebikes.com/

  34. Kit

    KitMonth ago

    Where in the uk can you get one??

  35. vichy76

    vichy762 months ago

    I like the Yamaha (tuning fork company, motorcycles & pianos, etc) bike featured, Harley didn't have any entry as yet, they are working on several models.

  36. T A

    T AMonth ago

    Hardly Does-it-son (Harley Davidson) will probably weigh 100 kilos, 220lbs, and use technology from 1980s. Expect NiMH batteries while everyone else is using lithium, 'rubber against the rim' cable brakes, and a 'modern' Penny Farthing frame. :-)

  37. rob wells

    rob wells2 months ago

    NCM is a great ebike best money i ever spent

  38. CJ

    CJ15 days ago

    I agree. I have the Moscow plus and love it.

  39. Paul S

    Paul S2 months ago

    you guys are missing M2S Mountains to Sea electric bikes they are amazing

  40. Chris Walsh

    Chris Walsh2 months ago

    Yeah Really Cool !!

  41. MasterMech77

    MasterMech772 months ago

    The Ebike I am really seriously looking at buying: The Luna "Fixed" Ebike $1,750... Gates carbon belt drive CDX group set...500w Mid Drive...Torque sensor (no throttle)...36v 10s 2p Panasonic GA Cell 7ah (250 watt hours)...Estimated range 20 miles with average pedal input

  42. Realistic Clear mind

    Realistic Clear mind2 months ago

    They far from cheap. I guess it's because of the E-Bike hype many try to get rich fast. Bikes are already mass products and I'm sure the material is cheap. So what makes the bikes so expensive?

  43. Mike J

    Mike J2 months ago

    The battery and assist motor are the main reason. They don't tell you a replacement battery is $600-$800. If you can use this to replace your car for in city transportation, it's still a good deal. (no insurance, gas, maintenance...)

  44. Adventure Riders

    Adventure Riders2 months ago

    Quite limited... u didnt even mention bafang motor bikes which offer much ore performance for less price than these. This video is really not very well researched... loads of better bikes are missed

  45. Michael Powell

    Michael Powell2 months ago

    Why do the bikes have to look so weird? Why not a normal frame? Let me rephrase the question. Why do the "less expensive" e bikes have to look so weird? Looks like if I want to spend 2k I can get a normal frame.......

  46. Syed Javed Ahmad

    Syed Javed Ahmad2 months ago

    The best part is that you mention the prices, which makes easy for one to decide. Thank you very much. 👍👍

  47. K D

    K D6 days ago

    What do we have reckamrby

  48. jim wortham

    jim wortham2 months ago

    Thanks have watched a lot of eBay advertisements Etc you are one of the first to say estimated speed and range which is so important Premier prices are still Ludacris buy used Vespa scooter

  49. Red Toberts

    Red TobertsMonth ago

    You'll get exercise on an ebike and save fuel, and rego money. You'll just be a laughing stock on a Vespa waste of petrol. .

  50. Eleanore Rigby

    Eleanore Rigby2 months ago

    Where to buy the Radrunner? Who can help out?

  51. David Neily

    David Neily2 months ago

    Please make a 2021 list of the best eBikes for $1,000.

  52. Old Guard

    Old Guard2 months ago

    Love the Giant bike, all are cool for sure.

  53. JackBN

    JackBN3 months ago

    In an collision between a car and an ebike, which would prefer to occupy?

  54. Jerald Leung

    Jerald Leung3 months ago

    The reason is 20mph limit, 30 or above can kill ppl on impact. No number or insurance, how can trace the driver if accident occur, cyclist know it and ride off. In fact, E bike should be licensed.

  55. durdica mac

    durdica mac3 months ago

    How about most important thing cost of the replacement battery???????

  56. Stanley Browning

    Stanley Browning3 months ago

    RAD is still RAD in our book.....I thought I might have buyer remorse but NO instead I'm glad I bought a RADRunner e bike.

  57. Kit

    KitMonth ago

    Hey, can it support 2 adults going up a hill? 😀

  58. Rob Court

    Rob Court3 months ago

    Amazing! You managed to collect the MOST BORIN bikes ever assembled. All are class 1 bikes with a lame 20mp/H max speed. All looked boring and seem to be geared toward females. I for one will not choose a single one of your boring bikes.

  59. Carlos Massey

    Carlos Massey3 months ago

    Here's a list that helped me out. "whinyl.com/elctrb-guide/ In the end, I went with #3. 4:02

  60. BFB-DanceySteve

    BFB-DanceySteve3 months ago

    😂 Why did you pick that one? It looks daft

  61. Erwin Cado

    Erwin Cado3 months ago

    which is better, Ancheer Blue Spark or Ancheer Hummer

  62. karoluscamilius

    karoluscamilius3 months ago

    Those are the cheapest? 😭

  63. Tye Cook

    Tye CookMonth ago

    They're not the cheapest but some of the most economical models offered by reputable brands.

  64. Jacob Yahiayan

    Jacob Yahiayan3 months ago


  65. Perriey Interleud

    Perriey Interleud4 months ago

    Some of them cost more than R15 V3,some E - street bikes..etc..😂or

  66. Eric Lee

    Eric Lee4 months ago

    Great information! Thanks!

  67. Gig Pros

    Gig Pros4 months ago


  68. Dreadog

    Dreadog4 months ago

    This was the 7 cheapest ? sorry :)

  69. OC Vegas Property

    OC Vegas Property4 months ago

    1000 for a bike ain’t cheap, electric or not. Talk about not environmental or healthy. Environmentalist should pedal the damn bike, get some exercise and don’t use electricity and create more batteries.

  70. Human Being23

    Human Being234 months ago

    countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, srilanka, Nepal, Burma, where 70 percent of population lives under $2/day can only dream of these bikes which are considered as "affordable" in developed countries

  71. D DB

    D DB4 months ago

    For your consideration: I purchased the NCM Munich from Lyon Cycle in Nov. 2020 on Tuesday and got free delivery on Friday of the same week. Super fast processing. It was very easy to assemble and the quality and features are great for city and suburban riding. Very comfortable seat and handgrips. Very easy to operate. Price $879 Check out my unboxing, assembly and review of this electric bike at uslikes.info/house/hIGqu7Wit6eZma4/video.html Quality, performance, comfort, style, value, customer service and price make this a winner for urban/suburban electric biking. The open frame makes it very easy to get on and off for all. The rear wheel lock is a great feature but you still need a lock to attach the bike to something to deter theft. The bike is powerful and easy to operate. The first time you use it, you will be surprised at the quick take off and smooth operation! I highly recommend the NCM Munich and Leon Cycle

  72. Sumanth Jois

    Sumanth Jois4 months ago

    Great list!! Foldable Lectric looks pretty awesome. Also, You should try looking into Emojo Electric Bikes. It might deserve a spot in this list -- ebikegeneration.com/collections/emojo

  73. Satyakaam Katznelson

    Satyakaam Katznelson4 months ago

    No, all way too expensive

  74. Nekomeido

    Nekomeido5 months ago

    Pay over 1200$ and get a heavy E-Bike that has cheap mechanical brakes.

  75. Kathryn Gannon

    Kathryn Gannon5 months ago

    Why do people buy bikes and then have the seat at the wrong height? You should have your leg at full length when the peddle goes down other wise you are wasting your own energy.

  76. Leigh Rich

    Leigh Rich5 months ago

    LOL.. maybe big assed cities where you live atop one other. Us country hicks can use E Bikes too... ANCHEER 26 inch Electric Bike for Adults, Commuting Ebike with 12.5ah/12.2ah Battery, 500W Motor Electric Mountain Bike, and Professional 21 Speed Gears $650.USD at Amazone . 330 lb pay load to haul the pigs too..

  77. Racksity Entertainment

    Racksity Entertainment5 months ago

    Cheapest? 2700$ ? Are you kidding me ?

  78. Matthew S

    Matthew S5 months ago

    If you're looking for a well-built full suspension eMTB then check out: cyberbike.us/products/cyberbike-f-sport?variant=34741714976812 You cannot beat the quality and components on this $2499 quality bike! It's even a Mullet bike with 27.5 rear & 29 front! They're a new company just getting started & you will hear more and more from this company in the future!

  79. cvcoco

    cvcoco5 months ago

    Based on this list, the Lectric XP folding bike (not mentioned) seems to blow the list away for $1000. Im trying to learn and shop.

  80. ProjectionAgency

    ProjectionAgency5 months ago

    Have you checked out NCM bikes sold by Leon Cycle in Seattle? Great quality, great prices, great features and free shipping. www.leoncycle.com/ Check out my unboxing, assembly and review of the NCM Munich uslikes.info/house/hIGqu7Wit6eZma4/video.html

  81. chewpaeng12

    chewpaeng125 months ago

    Yamaha is pretty much like a land cruiser for bikes

  82. Ade2Bee

    Ade2Bee5 months ago


  83. William James

    William James5 months ago

    Too much talk, just get on with it

  84. Bart Chrest

    Bart Chrest5 months ago

    What’s your opinion on the himiway fat tire bike?

  85. Bert Brogden

    Bert Brogden5 months ago

    i,m thinking van moof s3 . any thoughts ?

  86. Kevin Burk

    Kevin Burk5 months ago

    do they charge going down hill?.....anybody

  87. Wayup North

    Wayup North5 months ago

    Schwinn gets my business.

  88. Eric Hunter

    Eric Hunter5 months ago

    Either the giant or the yamaha which ever fits my 6'6 in frame btr

  89. Komentator Youtube

    Komentator Youtube5 months ago

    I always like the folding bike. 🇮🇩👍😂

  90. tony kenny

    tony kenny2 months ago

    Samebike LO 26 battery stored in the frame and bike foldable , great value for money.

  91. Eisern Front

    Eisern Front5 months ago

    Don't support Shimano brands. I used to work there and they don't treat there employees well. Too many hard working employees are still temp for at least 4 years and haven't gotten full time positions coz they want to keep the labor cost down and their profits up like Amazon.

  92. kris ward

    kris ward5 months ago

    The gazzelle is by far the nicest bike for the price on this list .

  93. Joe O

    Joe O5 months ago

    You forgot to mention the LECTRIC bike. Tied with your least expensive bike. Top speed 28MPH! comes standard with rear rack, headlight and tail light, fenders, and disk brakes. 4 inch wide 20 inch puncture resistant tires, and folds in half. Hands down a better value than any of these.

  94. Kit

    KitMonth ago

    Where in the uk are they available? Can’t find it?

  95. Bill Admond

    Bill Admond6 months ago

    Very professional looking review, actually it looks like a documentary. Like other people have said right now there are so many choices and everyday new models ever. I bought a NCM Moscow Plus which is the best you can buy in its price range. Very solid and well built bike with a whooping 17Ah "brand" battery!

  96. Nico E

    Nico E6 months ago


  97. Paul Yuen

    Paul Yuen6 months ago

    I clicked when I watched "Cheapest" but $2,400 ain't cheap at all.

  98. Siobhan Michele

    Siobhan MicheleDay ago

    So true don’t fall for them scams wait 3 years they will be 300 most 😆

  99. Lomate *

    Lomate *5 months ago

    Your right dude 👍🏻

  100. NWforager

    NWforager6 months ago

    after riding ebikes few hundred miles you may YAWN at anything under 350watts and under 25mph

  101. NWforager

    NWforager3 months ago

    @Stanley Browning I believe its 15mph in EU and Canada

  102. Stanley Browning

    Stanley Browning3 months ago

    some places in CA and Europe don't allow e bikes going faster than 20 mph.....crazy as that sounds

  103. jerry bonilla

    jerry bonilla6 months ago

    Rad Rover and schwiin but don't know where to get help putting together , Live in a small beach town

  104. Kodiaxx

    Kodiaxx6 days ago

    Just put it together yourself. All you have to do is put on the handlebars and the front tire.

  105. Ray Brown

    Ray Brown6 months ago

    I am surprised it did not come with assembly instructions, if not go on line and maybe you can print it out. If you are not familiar with assembling mechanical products, now is a good time to start, you will be amazed at what you can do if you will give it a try!

  106. NWforager

    NWforager6 months ago

    any bike shop or search mobile bike mechanic . rad has assembly vids on youtube

  107. Ithad Beenso

    Ithad Beenso6 months ago

    9:24 We can't understand the blithering word when you mumble the name of the bike and symultaneosly don't print it BOTH times.

  108. hiroller27

    hiroller276 months ago

    Look into NCM brand bikes , great e bikes at very fair prices ,I own the ncm Moscow plus very happy with it

  109. Phil Indeblanc

    Phil Indeblanc6 months ago

    Schwinn, Hyper and Ancheer are at the least equal to most of these bikes at half the price, or less. Ebikes are the hottest thing now, and like Vegan food retailers are charging max price for the popularity and delivering just a basic item.

  110. No Name

    No Name6 months ago

    NCM should be here 🤦‍♂️

  111. Mohammad Tohidi

    Mohammad Tohidi6 months ago

    I'd rather sell my bike and get the Yamaha electric bike. It's not only the price that matters to me. The distance along with the battery quality and body design matter to me too as well. According to physics if you ride with your bike leaning forward, you can have less air resistance. This means a lot if you know what air and wind resistance is.

  112. Neil Caress

    Neil Caress5 months ago

    @Mohammad Tohidi Yes of course all those things: but they factors that are "built into the bike' that you are buying. I was referring to the 'external' things that affect the given ranges that are not always mentioned by every dealer. I often see bikes described as having a range of up to 75 miles, for instance, which is a purely theoretical best performance in 'eco' mode on a good road surface with no serious gradients and an experienced rider of 150-165 lbs and no head wind. Looking at the specifications for motor, battery capacity, style of bike, etc. anyone with awareness like yourself can judge whether it is a true indication of range. In normal life the range is far more likely to be anything from 30-55 miles.

  113. Mohammad Tohidi

    Mohammad Tohidi5 months ago

    @Neil Caress this also depends on how the weight is spread on the bike. The distance a these bikes can carry also depends upon the weight of each material, including steering, bike wheel thickness (which the the thicker it gets the more grip and friction is added), the climate, the bikes’ battery type and battery quality (e.g: which company made such battery).

  114. Neil Caress

    Neil Caress5 months ago

    Range is also dependent on power mode, body weight and loading, gradients, riding style, wind factor and braking and accelerating in town conditions.

  115. Jorge A. Amador-Hernandez

    Jorge A. Amador-Hernandez6 months ago

    Ok,ok,ok.... but I thought you mentioned something along the lines of "CHEAPEST" didn't you not?!?!? Maybe the schwinn bike it's the most closely to that statement... Me!!! I'm very happy with my ANCHEER AM1907....$615.00 usd(and hear this!!!(after I purchased it,the vendor that filled the order for Walmart.com... hifashion,mess up my order, then gave me an partial refund of $100.00 off the amount I paid) and Walmart sent me an eGiftcard for $25.00 for the inconvenience...now, THAT my friend it's one;if not ,THEE most cost effective, cheapest, decent quality built ebike out there in the market right now. I LOVE IT!!!

  116. David Phillips

    David Phillips7 months ago

    Top town and country bicycle

  117. Keith Dainton

    Keith Dainton7 months ago

    I have a fiido d2s less than £500 and its been great nothing wrong with the build quality.

  118. Jordin

    Jordin7 months ago

    Like the way they use the hot women for marketing Niceee

  119. Jordin

    Jordin6 months ago

    @Ray Brown ILL TAKE EM BOTH!!

  120. Ray Brown

    Ray Brown6 months ago

    I'll take the women you can have the bike!

  121. Dmitry Korotkevich

    Dmitry Korotkevich7 months ago

    As for me bicke by Yamaha is near to ideal e-bicyсle. Racing style handlebar if option is provided will makes me fan of this bicke, the price looking reasonable.

  122. Nathan Warner

    Nathan Warner7 months ago

    Pause at exactly 5:20, how perfect that woman's lower half is, such smooth legs with just the right golden tan colour, that thin waist but not horrible skinny thin and then her bum is the most perfect natural curve, you couldn't get a more perfect curve if you used a compass. no disrespect to the woman, I am a guy after all and it's natural for men to notice these kinds of things. Well most men anyway and i was just wondering if anyone else noticed literally the most perfect hourglass figured body

  123. Ray Brown

    Ray Brown6 months ago

    If they didn't notice they are either gay or blind, heck I am 80 plus and still adore looking at beautiful ladies rather than the fat ones that seem to be the majority now days???

  124. Nathan Warner

    Nathan Warner7 months ago

    Only thing though is her top half doesn't match and stand up too the perfection that is her bottom half. I'm not saying shes ugly but yeah definitely not the perfection that is from the waist down.

  125. Max Laguna

    Max Laguna7 months ago

    Yes 👍 4×4

  126. John Myers

    John Myers7 months ago

    Nice video as always! I bought the Ancheer electric bike from Amazon last week, and my life completely changed. It's incredible how easy it is to ride @t

  127. tony kenny

    tony kenny2 months ago

    @Jorge A. Amador-Hernandez Samebike LO 26 , bought for £775 good design with the battery stored inside the central rail, easy to put together and superb to use ,

  128. Phil Indeblanc

    Phil Indeblanc3 months ago

    @honky tonk What do you mean nope? I have both bikes and use them both. The Hyper from Walmart is great

  129. honky tonk

    honky tonk3 months ago

    @Phil Indeblanc nope

  130. Phil Indeblanc

    Phil Indeblanc6 months ago

    @Jorge A. Amador-Hernandez Hyper has one for $400 on sale now, and it is actually a great bike. Comparable to the Ancheer, maybe better in ways as the battery is in the frame.

  131. Jorge A. Amador-Hernandez

    Jorge A. Amador-Hernandez6 months ago

    I bought mine an month ago, and can not be more satisfied with the investment.. now that's thee most if not the cheapest, best performance ebike out there... isn't it

  132. Juan del Barrio

    Juan del Barrio7 months ago

    Schwins have gone up since I was a kid.

  133. Adam Walker

    Adam Walker7 months ago

    "CHEAPEST" wasn't even considered in your list. Stick to topic.

  134. WindRider USA

    WindRider USA7 months ago

    Perhaps "CHEAPEST" available doesn't qualify as anything reliable enough to recommend...

  135. Riitta Puhjo

    Riitta Puhjo7 months ago

    I've got Lectric XP. Why not review Lectric???

  136. APJ

    APJ5 months ago

    Lextric XP $899 delivered to your door, in the continental U.S.