AMD at CES 2021

Join CEO Dr. Lisa Su as she highlights AMD’s high-performance computing and graphics solutions portfolio and outlines the company’s innovative vision for the future of research, education, work, entertainment, and gaming.
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  1. Giri Lingga

    Giri Lingga52 minutes ago

    Intel : hold my coffin lake

  2. StaySic4Ever

    StaySic4EverHour ago

    Can't wait to see new laptops with new series.

  3. LoadingUser4

    LoadingUser4Hour ago

    hello, can i join the self complements?

  4. Matthias Hoppe

    Matthias HoppeHour ago

    More and more new products but nothing buyable... no matter you wanna buy gaming hardware, business pc/laptop or an HPE Proliant Server. I have no idea how you will manage this and im highly interested in the Q4 2020 / Q1 2021 quarter results (details)

  5. Franz Montales

    Franz MontalesHour ago

    I came here to see Hamilton and Toto 😅

  6. George Huang

    George Huang3 hours ago


  7. Drkrendle tv

    Drkrendle tv5 hours ago

    this is neat, imagine if could I actually buy one....

  8. Alan T

    Alan T5 hours ago

    Waste of time

  9. uzbek saikia

    uzbek saikia8 hours ago

    Good for you wearing Blue. Red is turning blue in pricing too.

  10. RL BK

    RL BK8 hours ago

    gpu: no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock... eta: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown...

  11. Iman Kurniawan

    Iman Kurniawan8 hours ago

    AMD truly bringing an immersive DRIVER on CES

  12. Oliver Yasay

    Oliver Yasay11 hours ago

    intel should consider shifting to being a motherboard creator instead of cpu, its amd time now.

  13. Mineplayerminer SK

    Mineplayerminer SK11 hours ago

    I don't see any comment from Horizon. 🙁

  14. Gevan Pantaleon

    Gevan Pantaleon13 hours ago

    Lisa Su: "Look at me, I'm Intel now."

  15. PC_GameWorld

    PC_GameWorld15 hours ago

    can you be my sugar momma

  16. PC_GameWorld

    PC_GameWorld15 hours ago

    wonder if she overclocks when clapping her cheeks

  17. James4555

    James455515 hours ago

    Almost the entire conference was CEO's patting each other on the back saying how awesome they are and how awesome AMD is and less than 5 mins of actual relevant information about Ryzen mobile! even then we got more info from PDF's than we ever got from this useless keynote.

  18. damysticalone87

    damysticalone8715 hours ago

    All the elderly in our world, you will soon be dead, not from old age, but from illnesses, diseases and their consequences such as accelerated, premature old age - death from illness - death from ignorance. I can >still< extend your life through the sharing of knowledge and its implementation, the earlier the longer. What I ask for, I have already written in my comments / posts - justice for me (money, rights, patent rights). Just so you know right before you died, the choice was yours.

  19. Stephen Barrosse

    Stephen Barrosse15 hours ago

    Dr. Su is the absolute best. Whatever your paying this woman, you should raise it. She has finally made AMD relevant again.

  20. SavageSKYE

    SavageSKYE16 hours ago

    Me with my vega 8 graphic. 😅

  21. Henrique César

    Henrique César16 hours ago


  22. Cherios

    Cherios17 hours ago

    39:22 When we said we wanted better drivers that's not what we meant lmao

  23. Israel Berrios

    Israel Berrios17 hours ago

    Where's Enrique from? He talks worse than I do and I'm latin american

  24. musk buster

    musk buster18 hours ago

    When the comment section of a company is open it either means they are the best or have the audacity to do even if not. here I think it's the first

  25. kezicss

    kezicss19 hours ago

    Can't stand how she doesn't look like a woman nor a man.

  26. himanipku22

    himanipku2219 hours ago

    "The new normal" is a cringy thing to say.

  27. Aurum Set

    Aurum Set20 hours ago

    Intel’s channel turned off the comment section. They are not listening to their consumers. 🤦🏻

  28. Nurcholis Aziz

    Nurcholis Aziz20 hours ago

    AMD GPU with Samsung Exynos Wow kalian akan menjadi sebuah enovasi yang TANGUH

  29. Shashank Tripathi

    Shashank Tripathi22 hours ago

    It was a super hero entry !

  30. Ins d

    Ins d23 hours ago

    Why she is wearning blue?

  31. Brian

    BrianDay ago

    guuh I thought this was gonna be one of those parody videos... then I see the channel is AMD lol booring

  32. Charlie

    CharlieDay ago

    Lmao only here to see the Lewis Hamilton part....Still doing Merc PR even without a new one must be coming

  33. Charlie

    Charlie7 hours ago

    @Rufus Pretorius Lmao the truth & reality is always so much more dull tho...Kinda makes sense the last contract of any top driver will always be the most complex/difficult one...they always said they could leave it late as March 2021 but will get it done

  34. Rufus Pretorius

    Rufus Pretorius10 hours ago

    I see the conspiracy wheels turning haha

  35. Harris Papadopoulos

    Harris PapadopoulosDay ago

    Btw freesync is still broken 😂, this is hilarious.



    After 14nm ++++++ intel changes ceo

  37. Granulated

    GranulatedDay ago

    Intel pant-suit... XD

  38. Agent Smith

    Agent SmithDay ago

    AMD: new stuff Intel: 14 nm+++++++

  39. Stefan W.

    Stefan W.Day ago

    Can a keynote be any more boring than that? I don't think so. You're the champions there too. How about making your products accessible for everyone who wants them instead ? I'm pretty much tired of seeing scalper prices for months now. Thanks again AMD

  40. Danie van der Westhuizen

    Danie van der WesthuizenDay ago

    The future looks bright, thanks to AMD innovation.

  41. Durvesh Patil

    Durvesh PatilDay ago

    Amd: we make but 0 availability. We make just for ourselves and youtubers. Rest of wait till next year

  42. LeviathanPriim

    LeviathanPriimDay ago

    49mins of CEOs saying 'thanks, what do you like about our product'

  43. Jeffrey Michael

    Jeffrey MichaelDay ago

    Juat go hard after Adobe for Photoshop & Premiere. Intel will be doomed then & there.

  44. PJ Flood

    PJ FloodDay ago

    Lisa please spare intel they have families

  45. Frankciscophil

    FrankciscophilDay ago

    Ngl, was hoping for news about a 5700x.

  46. Jr Wong

    Jr WongDay ago

    she is she is a legend

  47. Gvnady

    GvnadyDay ago

    Dr. Lisa Su: bla bla bla... partner... partner... partner... Chat: Out of Stock

  48. Vincent Wang

    Vincent WangDay ago


  49. Diego Leon

    Diego LeonDay ago

    no ryzen 300X so the people buys the ryzen 3600 overprice and sell the new one ryzen 5600x at high price

  50. Syed Kamranali

    Syed KamranaliDay ago

    i like AMD Graphics cards and Prossers

  51. StockList

    StockListDay ago


  52. James Rowland

    James RowlandDay ago

    Is AMD already pivoting from kicking everyone's ass to kissing it's own? Maybe I should take my profits and sell the stock.


    ZACK FAIRDay ago

    When you can comment on a video you know that shits got real. Intel i feel pity to you guys. Amd numba wan!!!!

  54. Mark Leonard Toledo

    Mark Leonard ToledoDay ago

    Intel is shaking rn

  55. Sam

    SamDay ago

    "Mom, it think i have corona" "It's that damn computer" The new AMD supercomputer: i gotchu bro

  56. Rocket Cob

    Rocket CobDay ago

    Lisa Su for President!!!!!



    This presentation should be on pornhub section under kinky. AMD stroking it's genitals to investors in a summary.




  59. kahfi bonboy

    kahfi bonboyDay ago

    umm excuse me, where's the stock of the last x series? it's been 3 months !

  60. F. Morello

    F. MorelloDay ago

    will be available this summer if we are lucky

  61. Farhan Yousaf

    Farhan YousafDay ago

    UofT, represent!

  62. Sexy Yoda

    Sexy YodaDay ago

    Lol who is here after Intel's CEO resigned?

  63. noob master

    noob masterDay ago


  64. kaiviti2013

    kaiviti2013Day ago

    Can you stop doing launches of products if you cant supply them ? AMD Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPUs launched in November 2020 is still unavailable to purchase

  65. Arya Winarto

    Arya WinartoDay ago

    booooom intel dead or is it?

  66. KurtGödel 100%Legit

    KurtGödel 100%LegitDay ago

    Hahaha you are funny

  67. Hayo Hitaky

    Hayo HitakyDay ago

    bended the knee to the chinese i see, your using chips made from a country they hate and u still support them disgusting.

  68. mmiikkeeb14

    mmiikkeeb14Day ago

    Maybe that's why the comments are turned off in Intel's ces video? 😅

  69. Divyansh Mehta

    Divyansh MehtaDay ago

    Can i upgrade my laptop cpu from ryzen 4000 series to 5000? 🤔 ....

  70. tora bounty

    tora bountyDay ago

    Stop kicking Intel there already dead!!!

  71. Methamphetameme McMeth

    Methamphetameme McMethDay ago

    Intel named their new processors Tiger-lake because they're about to go extinct.

  72. NJ Grant

    NJ GrantDay ago

    too many Canadians in this video i saw in person and now they are in? splendid. Wish them luck.

  73. Andro Coid

    Andro CoidDay ago

    Hey AMD .. ARM 5nm .. AMD ??

  74. Cloud Immortal

    Cloud ImmortalDay ago

    blue gang

  75. dafuqawew

    dafuqawewDay ago

    what we need Dr. Su is *Ryzen 7 5700X!* give it to us lol

  76. mrcorpz

    mrcorpzDay ago


  77. KurtGödel 100%Legit

    KurtGödel 100%LegitDay ago

    HAHAHAHA I saw it now!!! Someone fucked up there haha

  78. Jasper Skallow

    Jasper SkallowDay ago

    why is everything scripted these days? Where's the genuine explanation from an industry expert? -not some expressionless face reading off a everyone seems as soulless as Apple.

  79. mrcorpz

    mrcorpzDay ago

    intel never donated thei computer cuz theyare selfish

  80. Agent OOE

    Agent OOEDay ago

    Really needed to address the stock issue, and a 6700xt.

  81. SL HIT Songs

    SL HIT SongsDay ago


  82. Kudos Style

    Kudos StyleDay ago

    stock? STOCK!?

  83. Viewing Sky

    Viewing SkyDay ago

    i thought first woman come out was dr.lisa su :)

  84. Yousef Mohamed

    Yousef MohamedDay ago

    Its not" Who went Ryzen?" its "Who is staying Intel?"

  85. Shadow Night

    Shadow NightDay ago

    where is my fking rx6700xt/6600xt?

  86. Amean Abdelfattah

    Amean AbdelfattahDay ago

    AMD: Look at me Intel: Sure AMD: Look at me Intel: Sure AMD: I'm Intel now.


    CHRONICLE KAI14 hours ago

    @ТурбоТОП Yes, it always is from Captain Phillips

  88. ТурбоТОП

    ТурбоТОП22 hours ago

    is that from captain philips?

  89. Ilovegames K

    Ilovegames KDay ago

    Intel is just dead now

  90. Peter Higgs, Seems Legit

    Peter Higgs, Seems LegitDay ago

    You are a fool if you actually think that, they have almost endless piles of cash

  91. JrSyn

    JrSynDay ago

    this is epyc

  92. narsplace

    narsplaceDay ago


  93. vincents flow

    vincents flowDay ago

    i just bought shares for the vompany waiting for 100$

  94. vincents flow

    vincents flowDay ago

    whaaaat lucas film is here 😍😍😍🥰 this is the way

  95. johndee759

    johndee759Day ago

    Lisa Su is Boss!

  96. johndee759

    johndee759Day ago

    The Boss has arrived!

  97. J. Lietka

    J. LietkaDay ago

    Shes hot! Wheres my 3300?!?!

  98. Andro Coid

    Andro CoidDay ago

    Amd vs ARm

  99. Mou Ja

    Mou JaDay ago

    Hamilton 🤮🤮🤮🤮. I go buy Intel

  100. Peter Higgs, Seems Legit

    Peter Higgs, Seems LegitDay ago

    yeah, they spent half of the time speaking with people asking them why amd is great...

  101. michygeorg

    michygeorgDay ago

    We need real supply of CPU and GPUs, and mid/low range GPUs. That's all most people watching this probably even care about.

  102. TheOneStuff

    TheOneStuffDay ago

    Now that is a bussiness woman i want as president.

  103. Kaiser W

    Kaiser WDay ago

    Yo, Dr. Su! Love the new products and whatnot, but do you think you can focus on shipping the Ryzen 5000 CPU's? I ordered at launch (early November if you remember) through 3 different vendors and still nothing. Thanks!

  104. Jhonatan Haro

    Jhonatan HaroDay ago

    Que presentó ahora AMD

  105. Luke Gelsinger

    Luke GelsingerDay ago

    Dear Lisa, as a long time PC gamer and AMD consumer, I would really like to upgrade my Vega 56 to a Radeon 6800xt (even the non-xt) and my Ryzen 5 1600 to a Ryzen 5800x but I cannot find any stock at any retailer, even the AMD store, only scalped products being resold at 200% markup. I see that professional reviewers got samples, and miners got bots to snatch up cards. If you would just let me purchase one, I'd be more than happy to review it on every tech forum and on youtube. Thanks, Luke.

  106. Mortal Sphere DEMA

    Mortal Sphere DEMADay ago

    Lisa looks like an Asian grandpa and has the voice of a 30 year old woman
















  112. Peter Higgs, Seems Legit

    Peter Higgs, Seems LegitDay ago

    Worst Keynote ever

  113. Zup Luis

    Zup LuisDay ago

    dat video encoding performance looks lit

  114. ccateni 28

    ccateni 28Day ago

    Intel: Who are you? AMD: I'm you but better. Arm: I'm the future you but better. AMD: Yeah! Arm: Intel is so screwed!