'The Simpsons' Predicted Ted Cruz's Cancún Escape

Turns out ‘The Simpsons’ predicted the Ted Cruz Cancún scandal, too.
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  1. David Calhoun

    David Calhoun22 hours ago

    Plot twist: the simpsons are from the future and trying to warn us

  2. Ash

    AshDay ago

    I remember seeing a post once that the simpsons predict everything because they do everything They’ve had 30 seasons full of bits, most political stuff has been covered at some point

  3. T W

    T W2 days ago

    Lying T.E.D. An Embarrassment to my Republican Party

  4. Carolyn Elliott

    Carolyn Elliott2 days ago

    Hmmmm there were a lot of politicians on vacation. Let’s pick on one hahaha

  5. rob mieremet

    rob mieremet3 days ago

    NOW THIS is not news, it's satire, and off the worst kind, Childish and pathetic.

  6. John Akridge

    John Akridge3 days ago

    Imagine getting brainwashed by slander Propaganda

  7. John Akridge

    John Akridge3 days ago

    Pure Propaganda!!

  8. John Akridge

    John Akridge3 days ago

    This is slander!

  9. Austin Ngure

    Austin Ngure3 days ago

    Ted Cruz must resign!!!

  10. ArmaBiologica35

    ArmaBiologica353 days ago

    The Simpsons doesn't predict anything. It's just that society has become so absurd it starts to look like a parody of itself.

  11. carmineglitch

    carmineglitch3 days ago

    Are you fkn serious, and how many democratic representatives, mayors, and senate members went to Cancun or on vacation during their states moment of crisis? New York, Cali... tell me how many again

  12. lamaison tokyo

    lamaison tokyo3 days ago

    Well, your politicians are greedy, cronyistic, cynical self-centered shameless people. Caricature that as much as you can, they’ll end up doing it in real life anyway.

  13. Oliver Farfan

    Oliver Farfan3 days ago

    No they didn't, it just shows when a disgusting person takes no responsibility for anything and yet is incharge of a public office. Vote Cruz out.

  14. GNR Forever

    GNR Forever3 days ago

    At 2:31 Loved that you added a a quick flick of Ana from TYT she's awesome. YOU ROCK!!!!

  15. Dale Gribble

    Dale Gribble4 days ago

    I always make sure to avoid walking through political news conferences when aimlessly playing my steel drum

  16. Debbie Marquis

    Debbie Marquis4 days ago

    The writer for this show is a time traveller..

  17. Eris Cyl

    Eris Cyl4 days ago

    NowThis doesn’t cease to disappoint. I knew the “predictions” would be dumb and unimpressive, but I wasn’t ready for this.

  18. Rich Sackett

    Rich SackettDay ago

    Boo hoo snowflake. Don't melt.

  19. joliecide

    joliecide4 days ago

    Simpsons did it!!!

  20. Pushkar Bhide

    Pushkar Bhide4 days ago

    Simpsons writers just chillin out, feeling like the founding fathers

  21. Akashes Klay

    Akashes Klay4 days ago

    Imagine voting for a wall to separate Texas and Mexico, but then fly to Mexico when Texas becomes unbearable to live in because a blizzard visited for the week.

  22. Branzone

    Branzone4 days ago

    Great accents by the cartoon characters. 😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Jerome FitzRoy

    Jerome FitzRoy4 days ago

    So Biden is President Lisa?

  24. Ken Brown

    Ken Brown4 days ago

    in all fairness, simpsons has been running long enough to predict almost everything.

  25. OrlandoMusic

    OrlandoMusic5 days ago

    It wasn't a scandal in any sense

  26. Aegis Kay

    Aegis Kay5 days ago

    He was telling the truth when he said "There is no collusion between me, my campaign and the Russians". He never even met his campaign team.

  27. Peter McGill

    Peter McGill5 days ago


  28. Johan Bee

    Johan Bee5 days ago

    They only predict a politician would do this, which isnt much of a surprise. Pretty much shows problem exist way beyond, just that social media is bigger now.

  29. lizard king777

    lizard king7775 days ago

    The simpson just do there research before they make an episode

  30. Athena

    Athena5 days ago

    I don't think the writers predict the future, thats silly. They're obviously writing the future on magical paper.

  31. Luis Rivera

    Luis Rivera5 days ago

    This is a reach. Do better Now This

  32. ShaveThis

    ShaveThis5 days ago

    Enough already, lol. The simpsons does not 'predict' the future, it's fake nonsense news.

  33. Jack Ophelott

    Jack Ophelott5 days ago

    "A dingo ate my baby", ironically turned out to be true.

  34. b s

    b s5 days ago

    Did they predict cuomo

  35. Asturias Celtic

    Asturias Celtic5 days ago

    Why aren't they specific and say a Texas Senator named Ted Cruz will abandon the state during a statewide freeze and blackouts for Cancun in 2021. They are really trying to hard to convince us they are prophets. Prophets are never wrong and Simpsons have thousands of years and thirty years of false predictions

  36. Ben franklin jr

    Ben franklin jr5 days ago

    Anyone else get click baited like me?

  37. Taz Rich

    Taz Rich5 days ago

    The Simpsons are on point about everything.... Somebody for the Simpsons got a Time Machine.... cause they been on point....🤔🤔🤔🤔

  38. La La

    La La5 days ago


  39. Hanna Mäkelä

    Hanna Mäkelä6 days ago

    The Simpsons are the Shakespeare of our age! :)

  40. Asturias Celtic

    Asturias Celtic6 days ago

    Nice vague interpretation

  41. ArgChica

    ArgChica6 days ago

    We should just stop with the videos of the Simpson's "did they predict it". Yes!! Of course they predict everything..duh!! No question. The writers sold their souls long ago for the one power to predict all the stupid things...well all stupid things stupid people do😂😂😂 Why they will out live us all😂😂

  42. Hirnlego999

    Hirnlego9996 days ago

    Not exactly a prediction, things like that happened then and happen now. Some politicians are just a-holes through and through.

  43. Steeldragon

    Steeldragon6 days ago

    Whoever created this is a very stable genius indeed 😂

  44. Jimmi Stone

    Jimmi Stone6 days ago

    Spotify: Jimmi Stone


    BDFFRNT6 days ago

    Telling you bro someone needs to get groening talking...

  46. Irwin Murphy

    Irwin Murphy6 days ago

    Let's be honest, what hasn't The Simpson's predicted yet?

  47. Gordon Schnick

    Gordon Schnick6 days ago

    Some of these are reaching.

  48. Heed the Seen

    Heed the Seen6 days ago

    Groening is a contemporary gospel, others being Rob Zemekis, Carl Sagan, and MJ.

  49. Asturias Celtic

    Asturias Celtic6 days ago

    People in power have been doing this for centuries. It was rumoured one of the Romanovs fled to Mexico

  50. r21 93

    r21 936 days ago

    Not everything the simpsons does is a prediction

  51. Steve Sibaja

    Steve Sibaja6 days ago

    Yes the Simpsons Predicted Ted Cruz's Cancun Scandal

  52. Joseph Yeo

    Joseph Yeo6 days ago

    Might have predicted, or inspire the actions

  53. Gregorio Prescott

    Gregorio Prescott6 days ago


  54. kick moji

    kick moji6 days ago

    They didn't predict anything, politicians have been doing this forever.

  55. Brynjar The Warrior

    Brynjar The Warrior6 days ago

    Most shameful period in America. USA is no longer seen as an example for other countries.

  56. Whoknowsuknow

    Whoknowsuknow6 days ago

    Probably just portraying things that have happened before. Even our Prime Minister went to Hawaii during the bushfires here last year. Having said that, it's the same episode which has already 'predicted' a few things about 2020/21.

  57. Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez6 days ago

    Lol. It’s just predictable, people are horrible

  58. Meme T

    Meme T6 days ago

    They should've include dates when Simpson aired and when the event happened

  59. Lilia Chan

    Lilia Chan7 days ago

    Pretty soon nobody will read the Nostradamus almanacs.

  60. tom my

    tom my7 days ago

    Calling Ted a 'slimy politician' is insulting to slimy politicians.

  61. Nostradamus

    Nostradamus7 days ago

    How is this predicting anything?

  62. whobitmyname

    whobitmyname7 days ago

    The Simpsons writers aren't clairvoyant, they just write political punchlines that are satirically over the top... It just so happens that Republicans have sunk so low that satire actually describes them accurately now.

  63. Julian Sandoval

    Julian Sandoval7 days ago


  64. Geo Gmz

    Geo Gmz7 days ago

    No kidding I live 1 hour from the border and I had to go to Mexico to actually get Gas after the storm.. Yes, I paid 3 something the gallon but at least I fill up all my vehicles and left some stored just in case..

  65. The Voodoo Child

    The Voodoo Child7 days ago

    Seth McFarland could never (he tries tho)

  66. The Emir of Jaffa

    The Emir of Jaffa6 days ago

    Mayor McCheese

  67. Gordon Schnick

    Gordon Schnick6 days ago


  68. The Voodoo Child

    The Voodoo Child7 days ago


  69. Wilsonio The Great

    Wilsonio The Great7 days ago


  70. Isaac Oliveros

    Isaac Oliveros7 days ago

    *MacFarlane 😂

  71. bluntman305

    bluntman3057 days ago

    Who ever believes the Simpson predictions are autistic.......

  72. Alain Carrillo

    Alain Carrillo7 days ago

    Vote the cuban Canadian out of office, pinche cubano traidor.

  73. Nick Amenta

    Nick Amenta7 days ago

    Did he really say asbestos is good? Wtf people common.

  74. Kyle Adams

    Kyle Adams7 days ago

    Guys, the segment where President Lisa is discussing with her cabinet about the budget crisis was making fun of the then popular third party, the Reform Party, whom Trump gave his support at the time. Don’t rely on the Simpsons predicting future events, life is filled with coincidences and surprises.

  75. ꧁༒Geneva ༒꧂

    ꧁༒Geneva ༒꧂7 days ago


  76. spliter227

    spliter2277 days ago

    poochie died on his way to his home planet

  77. Kieran H.

    Kieran H.7 days ago

    I need to rewatch this show, there’s so much I probably didn’t understand when I watched this in middle school.

  78. Kurt Langberg

    Kurt Langberg7 days ago

    This quickly dived into apophenia: setting patterns where patterns don’t actually exist.

  79. pres1dentkang

    pres1dentkang4 days ago

    A perfectly cromulent analysis.

  80. Samuel Ehrhardt

    Samuel Ehrhardt5 days ago

    True. Ted Cruz is still a sad excuse for a leader though

  81. OttomanOsman

    OttomanOsman7 days ago


  82. Ritalin StuntedGrowth

    Ritalin StuntedGrowth7 days ago


  83. krepnata kadara

    krepnata kadara7 days ago

    The Simpsons and ONN aren't oracle, US just make them all real

  84. Asturias Celtic

    Asturias Celtic7 days ago

    Jamaica is not Mexico

  85. AurONE The4thsideof3isone

    AurONE The4thsideof3isone7 days ago

    No. These were more like editorials for the time. No matter how things seem, it does not mean someone controls or decides our futures, they don't. The only ones who create the futures & everything in it are everyone who's here now. 🐦

  86. Ricky Tavix

    Ricky Tavix7 days ago

    The 🅱️apitalist hellscape is quite predictable. Yes.

  87. Jackie Lewis

    Jackie Lewis7 days ago

    That man don't want to deal with y'all that's why it went on vacation he said it is what it is 🥶🥶🥶🐕🐕🐕

  88. Serena Bee

    Serena Bee7 days ago

    It’s called predictive programming

  89. Brib

    Brib7 days ago

    🤣😂🤣🤣 too accurate

  90. M A

    M A7 days ago

    Great video edit but those are not predictions, it is common sense and simple logic describing those people in the senate and presidency as it has always been...

  91. John Smith

    John Smith7 days ago

    they are portraying the very human behaviors. so either way you look at it, life imitates art and art imitates life. the Simpsons just articulate them well.

  92. T MB

    T MB7 days ago

    Ah! Q is the Simpson's writers...

  93. Adam Katzenberg

    Adam Katzenberg7 days ago

    I'm not sure to laugh about this or cry

  94. R1_Rebe1

    R1_Rebe17 days ago

    The simpsons need to stop.

  95. ChakiaMan93

    ChakiaMan937 days ago

    Build a wall around Ted Cruz.

  96. lillithdv8

    lillithdv87 days ago

    Some has a time machine and they ain’t sharing... not cool! Ai caramba

  97. Anthony Jaimes

    Anthony Jaimes7 days ago

    Even the SAME VOICE & SAME PERSONALITY as Ted’s. Goodness gracious 😳

  98. Beautiful Realist

    Beautiful Realist7 days ago

    The Bahamas is not Cancun, Mexico.

  99. 티미 Timmy

    티미 Timmy7 days ago

    3:54 - there's a suspicious break in that sentence...

  100. pkflyers

    pkflyers7 days ago

    This is such a stretch lmao

  101. Erina Nagasawa

    Erina Nagasawa7 days ago

    When your series spans decades with Hundreds of storylines: you "predict" lots of things.

  102. AkaiAzul

    AkaiAzul7 days ago

    Good satire becomes difficult to distinguish from reality.

  103. Ryan Adair

    Ryan Adair7 days ago

    Ugh, those aren’t predictions just coincidences.

  104. Meh

    Meh7 days ago

    Using a cartoon as a playback doesn't make it a prediction

  105. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Gabriel Rodriguez7 days ago

    Um who cares if Ted Cruz went to Mexico.

  106. daniel neubecker

    daniel neubecker7 days ago

    @Gabriel Rodriguez 53% of texas voted for trump. texas is starting to change, the old republicans are dying and the younger people are becoming old enough to vote, and i can tell you because im one of those people who live here in texas that the majority are on the left.

  107. daniel neubecker

    daniel neubecker7 days ago

    @Gabriel Rodriguez yeah, a texas trump appointed judge blocked biden’s 100 day deportation ban executive order.

  108. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Gabriel Rodriguez7 days ago

    @daniel neubecker Texas flips blue OMG you must be joking, it’s never going to happen since ICE is still deporting illegals 😂😂😂😂

  109. daniel neubecker

    daniel neubecker7 days ago

    @Gabriel Rodriguez clearly you don’t know anything about texas’ energy, because renewable energy makes up a tiny percent of the state’s energy. texas gets its energy mostly from nonrenewable sources like natural gas and oil and has its own power grid, because the stupid republicans think that operating their own power grid instead of being interconnected with other states is smart. terrible republican leadership in texas, can’t wait to see it flip blue someday.

  110. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Gabriel Rodriguez7 days ago

    @daniel neubecker Hmmmm Andrew Cuomo is in hot water about the nursing home scandal. Texas is dumb enough to have renewable energy. Let’s keep on building the keystone pipeline.

  111. Geoffrey Rosado CERTIFIED BOSS

    Geoffrey Rosado CERTIFIED BOSS7 days ago

    Yea but it wasn't an escape from texas. He said it was a mistake and Ted's not the senator

  112. Gamersoldier100

    Gamersoldier1007 days ago

    Love the Simpsons!!!

  113. I’m HueMan keep your colors for Crayons!

    I’m HueMan keep your colors for Crayons!7 days ago

    Nothing is a conscience on this show called Planet Earth! We the audience are the dumb ones, but the actors and directors are sitting back laughing!