The man put the old Donkey in a cage to the hungry Wolf, what happened next amazed everyone.

Wild wolves are very dangerous, despite their beauty and natural resemblance to our loyal friends, domestic dogs. But, surprisingly, these predators are capable of putting morality above their wild animal instincts. You don’t believe me? Just watch this video!
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  1. Olof F

    Olof F5 hours ago

    Very nice story. Do you have any sources for it?

  2. Bat Sio

    Bat Sio8 hours ago

    Remember Jesus chose the donkey to ride n talk to him as a friend, that will never go away from their blood donkey is a God first choice animal on earth.

  3. Mija Lindberg

    Mija Lindberg16 hours ago

    So cruel and so stupid man. Human are The worst shit in this world🤬🤬🤬....

  4. I lzzi DC

    I lzzi DC16 hours ago

    The wolf’s diet changed because of the daily fresh meat being fed to him. The donkey doesn’t register as food anymore- it’s just another animal for him that was caught and kept in a cage like him. The wolf visits the farm...well, because food there is free! No need to hunt. They still somehow think like dogs. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Mike Mal

    Mike Mal23 hours ago

    Wolf realized that donkey was pretty fucking big

  6. Susan Riley

    Susan RileyDay ago

    Animals know "old&sick", and usually will not kill or eat any animal in that bad shape. They have a "higher code" than humans. No surprise there.

  7. l wynegar

    l wynegarDay ago

    Disgusting who in the hell does this. Sickness at it's worst.

  8. simlie1

    simlie1Day ago

    I am from Albania and I have a much better story to tell about the friendship between a man and a wolf. A cleric told me that story that's why I believe it. Don't know how to make a video to illustrate the story and put it to USlikes.

  9. david davids

    david davidsDay ago

    What a sick human being To do a terrible thing He must be a animal

  10. Texas Rebel Country Cowboy

    Texas Rebel Country CowboyDay ago

    Wolf was trying to figure a way out to freedom. Wolf: Dang human lock me in cage Man puts in donkey Wolf: Dang this ain't no cage, it's an pen for when farmer comes to get his azz out I'm running out with the azz. So you see the wolf couldn't eat the azz because he seen it as a ticket to freedom.

  11. markmtbrider

    markmtbriderDay ago

    First off , animals were not created to kill one and other.....l suggest going to A.I.G. channel.

  12. Sennstrato

    SennstratoDay ago

    The human race needs to be wiped off the face of the planet. I wish covid-19 was doing a better job.

  13. Derrick Sinclair

    Derrick SinclairDay ago

    It was a act of God

  14. David

    David2 days ago

    asshole farmer........heartless...........why wolf didn't kill the old donkey .......more sense, heart and compassion with life creatures...........horrid farmer..........put him instead.......

  15. LiQuisha Bombtay

    LiQuisha Bombtay2 days ago

    The man wasn't necessarily cruel farmers face a lot of adversities because of nature. A wolf loose on your farm can draw a hundred hungry Wolves.

  16. Triple Win Lin

    Triple Win Lin2 days ago

    Should have put the man in the cage and let the animals all go free.

  17. Clint Hopper

    Clint Hopper2 days ago

    They were cellmates.

  18. Raman Janakiraman

    Raman Janakiraman2 days ago

    Karma & connection to previous life obviously!

  19. Buffy Gomez

    Buffy Gomez3 days ago

    Very cruel man

  20. DutchArmchairLeg

    DutchArmchairLeg3 days ago

    No. The wolf was not ‘created to eat the other animal’. Read your Bible and get a life, being born again is a MUST said Jesus, Joh3.✝️

  21. Manapo Rose

    Manapo Rose3 days ago

    Dot you think they will kill you

  22. Ransford Robinson

    Ransford Robinson3 days ago

    That is a mystery we can not tell

  23. Mike Wright

    Mike Wright3 days ago

    Animals give a fuck. Humans don't. Friend is my friend. No matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..........

  24. Samu Rai

    Samu Rai3 days ago

    The donkey hump the wolf on the first night

  25. Nancy Barber

    Nancy Barber3 days ago

    One is a pack animal and the other is a herd animal looks like they were lonely!

  26. Yashiek Dann

    Yashiek Dann3 days ago


  27. ya'Aqub halaluyahuah222

    ya'Aqub halaluyahuah2223 days ago

    Donkey said bro I haven't eaten in a minute and I'm pretty pissed...u may try your best to eat me but you better hope I don't kick your ass when you do! you bro!!

  28. derrick thomas

    derrick thomas3 days ago

    The wolf say he don't eat ass 😆😆😆


    WILLIAM RUSH4 days ago


  30. Jose Manuel Padilla Mancilla

    Jose Manuel Padilla Mancilla4 days ago

    Starts saying WILD WOLFS ARE VERY DANGEROUS wich is not a fact.. Wolfs do not attack. Wolfs are not dangerous, They are very social.... they stay as a pack, They are not a threat to any human at all...

  31. Kathleen Wilson

    Kathleen Wilson4 days ago

    Sometimes animals have more common sense and compassion than humans 🐐🐺❤💯‼

  32. AJMWhite

    AJMWhite4 days ago

    I smell BS

  33. Ogeti Reddappa

    Ogeti Reddappa4 days ago

    Wolf is intelligent and understood the pathetic and helpless state of donkey and wanted to be friendly with it. So he did not kill the donkey though it is needed to kill to survive.

  34. robert blunt

    robert blunt4 days ago

    I'm sure the junky show the wolf right off the bat who was boss a donkey or mule will kill a wolf and coyote and a minute

  35. Esther Oppong

    Esther Oppong4 days ago

    Why didn’t the farmer kill the donkey and feed it to the wolf?

  36. Duncan Lee Roy

    Duncan Lee Roy4 days ago

    His attitude changed when he learned he didn't have to hunt to be filled......viewing all the animals became second nature....while instinct of hunting was fading

  37. Bobi UG

    Bobi UG4 days ago

    Simple, the wolf needed company after all they where all in caged prison.

  38. rh1507

    rh15074 days ago

    I know little to nothing of the psychology of a wolf or a donkey. Both donkeys and wolves live in heards/packs of there own species. Of course I have no idea why the wolf didn't kill the donkey. I don't speak wolf or donkey so we can't have a get together to talk on the things in life. I'm happy that the wolf and donkey had a good get together and have survived that farmers actions.

  39. winston miller

    winston miller5 days ago

    The wolf didn't eat the donkey because it welcomed having a companion in its lonely cage. If he'd killed the donkey it's loneliness would have been magnified. Wolves are social pack animals who enjoy the company of other wolves. They acutely feel the lack of company when they're alone. Even the company of a serrogate pack animal, the donkey, was better than spending it's life alone. 🤗💕💖🤗

  40. Salome Ballena

    Salome Ballena5 days ago

    I guess they became friends because inside the cage they unnderstood that they were the same, victims.

  41. Danny Hughes

    Danny Hughes5 days ago

    Perhaps the Wolf was undergoing a transformation to become a Vegan.

  42. O Shadowz

    O Shadowz5 days ago

    Nobody listens to what I say...

  43. Julio

    Julio5 days ago

    Amaizing story! Me:without any reason hit dislikes 😄😄

  44. William Eichner

    William Eichner5 days ago

    The wolf didn't eat the Donkey because the donkey couldn't run away there was no Predator prey Instinct triggered

  45. Stephen Dekoning

    Stephen Dekoning5 days ago

    Animals stressed will forgo the instinct to feed, besides the fact that both old, where wolves are pack hunters generally needing each other to take large prey.. even then, donkey generally kill small groups of wolves when they attack, but both old wounded sick and possibly cold and starved. That added to both probably being abused as amusement by the guy, I mean if he was admitting at least at first to starving etc everything we do know..

  46. Bob Atwater

    Bob Atwater5 days ago

    Why do people cause so much pain to animals. This man (human) has no feels. I know things have to die for meat. But to make something suffer. U need to Realy look at yourself.

  47. Sophia Chandekar

    Sophia Chandekar5 days ago

    The worst animl on earth is human.

  48. Adam Muklewicz

    Adam Muklewicz5 days ago

    Wolf knew the real monster was a human

  49. Gheorghe Bicioc

    Gheorghe Bicioc5 days ago

    Humans are most dangerous animals in that world

  50. Jacqueline Henry

    Jacqueline Henry5 days ago

    Heard this before. Wish our government would lisen to us about the rights of the animals in this country XXX


    MAHESH SABALE5 days ago

    Animals don't eat their friends.

  52. Fedilia Gabriel Alberto

    Fedilia Gabriel Alberto5 days ago

    ..The Wolf and the Donkey are so old ...The Wolf Mybe Thinking that the Donkey is so old.The Flesh is so tough ..The Wolf a bit concern about his tooth..haha

  53. MrHank721

    MrHank7215 days ago

    the wolf was smarter than the man , and would not play the farmers game

  54. J Hall

    J Hall5 days ago

    Maybe it's just because the Wolf didn't eat @$$...😂🤣

  55. Jason Chau

    Jason Chau6 days ago

    Meanwhile in an alternative universe: A donkey puts an old man in a cage with a hungry wolf.

  56. Mohd Zac Isaac Abdullah

    Mohd Zac Isaac Abdullah6 days ago

    The man was cruel to starve the wolf for few days just so he could make a point and leaving the donkey to be kill just bcos the animal has no more purpose you could be more humane and guess the wolf are better in showing humane

  57. George Rivera

    George Rivera6 days ago

    The wolf could smell that the donkey was sick is the reason didn't eat it. Canines can detect illness and the health of it's potential prey.

  58. Olusola Olanrewaju

    Olusola Olanrewaju6 days ago

    Donkeys do guard flocks of sheep, so the wolf won't risk attacking a defender. Why do you think herders usually have a donkey around? It is for guarding the flocks.

  59. María Pequeño

    María Pequeño6 days ago

    Que asquete

  60. William Edwards

    William Edwards6 days ago

    i cant speak on wolf but ive seen ole donkey beat crap out of three coyotes so if I was a betting man might have been a pretty close fight and the wolf knew it I think that donkey had a Fighting Chance but still wrong of man but alot of people dont understand when they past them fields with cows there always donkey some where close that why to protect cattle

  61. Jeffery Johnson

    Jeffery Johnson6 days ago

    wolves are not apex predators. And plus they're more intelligent than what you think I'm not surprised at all

  62. Dragon Go

    Dragon Go6 days ago

    Because the donkey and the wolf became friends and they like to being friends I made a promise and the language

  63. K. D.

    K. D.6 days ago

    What a stupid story?! And what a stupid waste of time listening to this guy talking away. WTF is supposed to be the point of this story??? And don’t you just hate the intonations of this narrator? This is internet,USlikes bullshit.

  64. Jose M Pulido 2

    Jose M Pulido 26 days ago

    The wolf pro'ly did not kill the donkey because it was too old and its meat would not taste as good as the fresh meat of a young donkey, HA HA HA (Just kidding).

  65. Giridhar Rajagopal

    Giridhar Rajagopal6 days ago

    Recently in INDIA, a dog endured the whole night in a small closet Where a panther was also locked in. The panther never attacked the dog and just escaped later


    MARIE WILLIAMS6 days ago

    What a hateful bastard, the wild animal has more morals that that wanker. If it was in a civilised country that farmer would have been prosecuted.

  67. Scott Pickering

    Scott Pickering6 days ago

    The desire for freedom endures all, even the threat of hunger and death. There is no greater force in this world than the need to he free.

  68. Kulwinder Singh

    Kulwinder Singh6 days ago

    Animals have to do whatever out of necessity but Humans are just greedy there are many stories of man eating man.

  69. John Rutledge

    John Rutledge6 days ago

    The Chinese people will kill thier corrupt and evil leaders soon and become free .

  70. maritimer Man

    maritimer Man6 days ago

    Compassion is not restricted to humans, it's evident in nature.

  71. G. The Godfather

    G. The Godfather6 days ago

    Wolves like to hunt and chase! The wolf instincts would not kick in for a still animal as a donkey! The wolf probably accepted the donkey as an equal or pack mate.

  72. George Holt

    George Holt6 days ago

    The donkey may have been an old animal but they have three times the strength of a horse. The wolf most likely felt the donkey would injury him before he could kill the donkey, and they both would die. So out of respect the wolf showed respect for the donkey.

  73. Raczoon

    Raczoon6 days ago

    Opposing factions often come together in the face of a greater enemy. These are two pretty smart, social species, so it's not unreasonable to think they may have realized they had a common enemy. Maybe they just needed the comfort of an ally in these dark times. It's a beautiful thing that the resulting friendship persisted, probably to the end of one of their lives.

  74. Xhilla K

    Xhilla K6 days ago


  75. Rachael P

    Rachael P6 days ago

    Throw that effer in with the wolf. People can be disgusting

  76. Jonny Vos

    Jonny Vos6 days ago

    The wolf probably just didn't like donkey meat...

  77. shirley lake

    shirley lake6 days ago

    The wolf did not want to be alone in the cage.

  78. Terrie Phillips

    Terrie Phillips7 days ago

    I have a plan for an experiment. Put this ignorant owner in a cage with a 200lb primate.

  79. roger macleod

    roger macleod7 days ago

    coyote; not a wolf.

  80. Leonard Killgore

    Leonard Killgore7 days ago

    Nature can not create ANYTHING but God Almighty can!!!!

  81. Deb Reed

    Deb Reed7 days ago

    Man is the worse predator. They make war & kill people. They should eat what they kill,maybe man would stop killing.

  82. Feeling Good

    Feeling Good7 days ago

    I hope the owner got a good hiding for what he did excuses the POS

  83. Diane Bays

    Diane Bays7 days ago

    The man was a jerk. Tjey made friends with each other. Maybe the wolf needed companionship.

  84. Jesset Hollywood

    Jesset Hollywood7 days ago

    I would've put that man in the cage for a week

  85. Robert Newman

    Robert Newman7 days ago

    I just see a wild wolf and AOC. Evidently the wolf has no taste.

  86. Michael Grusing

    Michael Grusing7 days ago

    Looks like abuse to me.

  87. Alyxandria Ivannah

    Alyxandria Ivannah7 days ago

    I loved that wolf!!!


    RAGGO REGINALD7 days ago

    Tryna get views from other animals suffering. Making out this is such an amazing story ? It's just straight up animal abuse

  89. Ojnami S.

    Ojnami S.7 days ago

    @John 14:6 King James Version 6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  90. Shandon Coleman

    Shandon Coleman7 days ago

    I say put the evil cruel owner in the cage with the wolf and the donkey and let them both jump him and see how much pain they can inflict on him. This sub human was cruel to them both.

  91. gipi sol

    gipi sol7 days ago

    Gli animali devonovivere nel loro ambiente ,,,,,,,CAPITOOOOOOOO

  92. Gunnar Horpestad

    Gunnar Horpestad7 days ago


  93. Gerald Roy Panter

    Gerald Roy Panter7 days ago

    take the donkey out put hima in the cage

  94. Shelley Oxenhorn

    Shelley Oxenhorn7 days ago

    Wolf is better than Trump

  95. Shelley Oxenhorn

    Shelley Oxenhorn7 days ago

    Wolf is better than farmer

  96. liaquatullah Khan

    liaquatullah Khan7 days ago

    Five best qualities of 🐺 1. Wolf has one wife only 2. Wolf will never mate with his sister or mother 3. Wolf is the only animal who takes care of his parents in their old age till death 4. Wolf will never live in captivity 5. Wolf is called as pious son in Arabic 6. Wolves remember their dead ones for 3 months continuously

  97. kenneth mcclain

    kenneth mcclain7 days ago

    I DON'T believe you!!! This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. I'm suppose to believe this video when you throw in random pitures of canines? Maybe you need to learn the difference between a coyote and a wolf. Why do people keep trying to humanize animals? They do what they do despite having morals!

  98. denise bond

    denise bond7 days ago

    What an utter utter bastard! Poor animals ! ...dear God what a shit human !

  99. Faith

    Faith7 days ago

    Put the ass of a man in the cage!

  100. Joe Bandy

    Joe Bandy7 days ago

    If only that Wolf could talk, he straightened us out, who’s the hunter and who’s the game, there’s another side to animals we don’t understand

  101. Karen Brown

    Karen Brown7 days ago

    Very cruel people