The Wildest NBA Facts No One Has Ever Told You

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    11:31 you spelled Erving wrong lmao

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    lebron padding his stats his way to GOATness

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    does anyone know if lebrons double digit points in continuous games streak is still going?

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    5:04 ".... that's just a Theory, a BASKETBALL Theory"

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    at least you mentioned his name last... too many times you left him off the dust.

  19. Luke Majors

    Luke Majors4 days ago

    Haha draymond’s winning percentage is going 📉 this year

  20. conch .

    conch .4 days ago

    I hate LeBron but as a basketball savant, I already knew he had the record. Look at all these casuals bragging in the comment section lmao. But good job LBJ

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    yeah kids, we are witnessing the best scorer in the NBA history - think about that

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    I don't believe that pistol pete "fact" for a second

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    Broooo lease update the current consecutive double digit games of LeBron

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    This was hard!!!!!

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    MJ still the GOAT

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    I was about to say "lol LeBron isn't here I'm not really surprised because of the way he playing sometimes and his unluckiness" then see ACTIVE > LEBRON 928

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    How about Nate Robinson, blocking bigs

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    the instrumental astroworld just hit diff

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    Zeepip13 days ago

    It would have been so fire if he just zoomed out and showed Lebron at the end without saying there is one missing player

  35. John Neville

    John Neville13 days ago

    Awesome video. Clearly, Yao Ming was inducted to HoF just 14 years after his rookie season so that the NBA could make more $$$ from its fans in China. Thanks for the stats.

  36. freshandmintyiam

    freshandmintyiam14 days ago

    Draymond for sure isn’t on this list anymore

  37. MrBlack Gaming Channel

    MrBlack Gaming Channel16 days ago

    mike has played 160 playoff games and has 5900 points lebron has played 260 games and he has 6900,and to you lebronn is more impresive?

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    Maybe I'm so dorky, but the graphs are my favorite thing about your content, Jxmy

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    Lebron 1044 and counting...

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    Iain Graham18 days ago

    Wilt Chamberlain has on off court record you forgot to mention...

  42. Mike Baker

    Mike Baker18 days ago

    Miami Dolphins went 10-6 and miss the playoffs. I'm so pissed you can have a winning record and not make it. Sorry for bringing up the NFL but damn.

  43. Jacklikestrees

    Jacklikestrees19 days ago

    If you watch closely you will notice that he in some way, shape, or form he expresses his love for lebron

  44. YOUR DAD

    YOUR DAD22 days ago

    Russell Westbrook had 20-20-21 on my birthday I didn’t even realize that


    OCTAVIO DEL CID22 days ago


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    dood stats pads.westbroke

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    LeBrons durability up on display scoring double digits up until now! 2021 #facts

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    Hi jimmy, kindly make a video on LeBron james

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    This video should be flagged with safety concerns : some LeBron James haters might choke up on their food or get convulsions when watching this. Come on people! stop hating on the man, appreciate greatness. 😂

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    I love this channel

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    byron XD28 days ago

    I could imagine MJ's contract if he played today

  52. Peter McReynolds

    Peter McReynolds28 days ago

    Fast forward a year.. Lebron's streak over 1k now 🥶

  53. Tyler Johnson

    Tyler Johnson28 days ago

    Now that Lebron James thing is now over 1,000 games in a row

  54. AC A

    AC A29 days ago

    Lmao. Spent two and half quarters running back and forth. When you put it that way it’s hilarious

  55. Lou, Sir

    Lou, SirMonth ago

    Sorry, gotta call you out on one. "MJ was more valuable to the Bulls than any other player"? The year after MJ retired the Bulls made it to the finals. The year after Magic retired the Lakers didn't even make the playoffs. Who was more valuable to his team? Also, you might mention that when Pistol Pete was in college, they didn't let freshmen play basketball. So his accomplishment is even that more impressive with one year taken away.

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  59. Nick Scheidt

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  60. Al-amin Odunola

    Al-amin OdunolaMonth ago

    Watching this again after lebron passed a 1000 consecutive games, I don’t think that man will get a single digit, unless his injured at the start of the game

  61. Vichie

    VichieMonth ago

    Lebron on a 1000+ now

  62. Matthew Kittleson

    Matthew KittlesonMonth ago

    Do you not understand how "averages" work bruh? 31-10-10 would LITERALLY be his most expected stat line for that season hahahaha

  63. SC

    SCMonth ago

    Green is for GSW defense what Curry is for offense.

  64. Jackson Sovercool

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    68 1:45

  65. Reuben Hayward

    Reuben HaywardMonth ago

    That Lebron stat was cold af man

  66. I gotchu

    I gotchuMonth ago

    “I’ll pay em 100k a year to shut up”~Draymond Green

  67. Jaiden Patel Year 9

    Jaiden Patel Year 9Month ago

    What about wilt chamberlain on the last chart his lowest season average of points ever was 30 ppg

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    are we gonna act like Westbrook didnt just travel 2:59

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    He's straight up M. Night Shyamalan

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  75. silviz 23

    silviz 23Month ago

    That proves that Lebron is the GOAT. It also proves HARDEN is third in GOAT conversation.

  76. Jayden Heu0482

    Jayden Heu0482Month ago

    Other people- NBA players are so athletic Me- Wow that ref is so athletic

  77. Ben Wilkinson

    Ben WilkinsonMonth ago

    Don't matter being a playoff juggernaut if you barely win!

  78. Echem Izakahr

    Echem IzakahrMonth ago

    And now lebron have 1000+ double digit score

  79. Renjolo Bagunu

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    13:00 o yah made 1k

  80. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuMonth ago

    kawhi pass draymond

  81. Spicyboi Viper

    Spicyboi ViperMonth ago

    Intro is fire but its sad that he cant use it anymore

  82. Matheus Vercellino

    Matheus VercellinoMonth ago

    Lebron officially reach 1000 games with at least ten point

  83. Whacked out Cookie

    Whacked out CookieMonth ago

    The flex though

  84. Hermès

    HermèsMonth ago

    It seems like Jimmy is reminding us that LeBron is the goat in every single video he makes

  85. Ajir Gandepuun

    Ajir GandepuunMonth ago

    The outro. I was like, "Damn!"

  86. Night

    NightMonth ago

    Oh yeh there it is... Love that line.

  87. norain bagilad

    norain bagiladMonth ago

    i like your vid. but your conclusion is???? maybe you are trying to convince me that, he? i mean he is the king of flop

  88. Dhanvin Kola

    Dhanvin KolaMonth ago

    who's here after lebron crossed 1000 consecutive double digit games

  89. Regie Orang

    Regie OrangMonth ago

    Lebron has 1000 consecutive games now with double digit score 😁

  90. Imdb Truth

    Imdb TruthMonth ago

    The 1996-97 Phoenix Suns are the only team in NBA history to have both a losing streak of 10+ games, and a winning streak of 10+ games in the same season... This happened because on 12/27/96 the 8-19 Suns, who had already endured a 13 game losing streak, traded Michael Finley to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for Jason Kidd... Kidd made an immediate impact but suffered an injury that caused him to miss much of January, but shortly after his return the Suns went on an 11 game win streak and won 16 of their last 20 games to sneak into the Playoffs. The Suns got bounced in the first round, but they did push the 2nd seed Sonics to decisive game 5... And that would start a run for Jason Kidd of being a starting PG in the NBA Playoffs for 18 consecutive seasons, of which only Stockton and Malone had playoff streaks that long.

  91. Imdb Truth

    Imdb TruthMonth ago

    Karl Malone and John Stockton went to the playoffs together in 19 consecutive seasons, an NBA record. But the next longest streak belongs to Jason Kidd who was a starting Point Guard in the NBA Playoffs for 18 consecutive seasons, but Kidd did it with 4 different franchises (Suns, then Nets, then Mavs, then Knicks)... Stockton and Malone made it to the Finals once, Kidd made it to the Finals three times and won one ring. Of the four franchises Kidd took to the Playoffs, only the Mavericks were a playoff team prior to Kidd's arrival, and none of Kidd's former teams ever made the Playoffs in the season following his departure.

  92. Pygmalion Aprilis

    Pygmalion AprilisMonth ago

    Here to remember that fire outro after Bron made 1000 consecutive 10+ point games.

  93. K1awhi

    K1awhiMonth ago

    Westbrook all about the stats though, I've seen videos of players on OKC giving up the ball for westbrook to grab so he could rebound it.

  94. Nico Arcilla

    Nico ArcillaMonth ago

    And now, lebron streak is 1000 straight games, just ridiculous.

  95. hoarbo boarace

    hoarbo boaraceMonth ago

    and now lebron is at 1,000 games... it’s great to see greatness everynight

  96. Tengah Main

    Tengah MainMonth ago

    I mean, Yao became a minister in China tho. That would bring bags to the NBA just because of him.

  97. Andrej

    AndrejMonth ago

    Well, this aged well LeBron now has over 1000 games with double digit scoring wow

  98. Leonardo Pedicone

    Leonardo PediconeMonth ago

    just come back here in 2021 to tell everyone "the goat did it, 1000 consecutives games with double digit points"

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    2:35 everybody was kung fu fighting! HOA!

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    you should work with ESPN or somethin. You are really really good in this field. well done fella

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    Lebrons streak is over 1000 now 1017 games with double digit scoring

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    also: for wilt to catch that many rebounds then, shooting % must have been atrocious on good nights, cus how was he gonna get so many chances and makes for a rebound if they were not missing so much? wait, i forgot he shoot the ball he catch the rebound from, which was was an immediate 1-2 combo, making this…nevermind, carry on

  106. Flight Time

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    Now LeBron made it to 1000 and still going

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