Parents threw their daughter into the dog kennel then this happened

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  1. Karen Hughes

    Karen HughesDay ago

    When I was small... I was threatened with that quite a few times.

  2. Ginny Merry

    Ginny Merry9 days ago

    This is not a true story

  3. Michele Travis

    Michele Travis10 days ago

    Wonderful stories are good, we need stories like this, in these days.

  4. Paula Tyson

    Paula Tyson12 days ago

    So sad life is so unfair

  5. Mary Palmer

    Mary Palmer12 days ago

    I fear this is not a unrealistic nor a totally true story. As the girl ages, so must the dog. The life span of a dog is not 15 years or more.

  6. Tunia BJC

    Tunia BJC11 days ago

    a few dogs have been known to last to 19 years old. As my own dog lived to be 19 years old in human years.

  7. peter green

    peter green13 days ago

    what a crock of old shit

  8. Dolly Schwall

    Dolly Schwall13 days ago

    Is this story true ?

  9. Dolly Schwall

    Dolly Schwall12 days ago

    @Mary Palmer Absolutely you are right. .I Support it from Germany.

  10. Mary Palmer

    Mary Palmer12 days ago

    I worry it's not, because the life span of that dog sounds too long. Perhaps 16 years or longer.

  11. Dorma Whyte

    Dorma Whyte13 days ago

    A very interesting story what happen after.

  12. James Barnard

    James Barnard13 days ago

    Some people should. Not have kids.thank GOD FER GRANDMOTHER

  13. Bonnie Gallimore

    Bonnie Gallimore13 days ago

    Too much talk before the story. Just get to the point.

  14. Karen Humphrey

    Karen Humphrey14 days ago

    Love this one

  15. Colleen Vantrease

    Colleen Vantrease15 days ago

    Having the kind of relatives that I did have wasn't the best for me . Meaning that they were hateful, abusive, uncaring,hurtful 💔 😢 😞. In growing up like I did I sure really truly honestly didn't want to become like them. I wasn't the best mom with my 2 kids earlier in their lives but I do know that I had to change for the best . I did change my ways,I am glad that I did .

  16. Tunia BJC

    Tunia BJC11 days ago

    tat describes my siblings perfectly

  17. Colleen Vantrease

    Colleen Vantrease14 days ago

    I sure really truly honestly do feel sympathy for the families 😔 😕 of the victims . May they rest 🙏 in peace. The victims didn't need to be killed by the 3 guys. The 3 that killed them could have left them alone . As I see it they could've been mistreated when they were younger . I sure really truly honestly don't feel that they should be released from prison. Let them rot there .

  18. Colleen Vantrease

    Colleen Vantrease14 days ago

    Awhile back when I was married, I had 2 kids, we lived on a dead end street. I knew this couple 💑 that lived about 5 blocks from us . 3 guys 👦 looking for money 💰 to buy dope came in,killed the couple 💑. Then sometime later the police 🚔 caught them . They were sent to prison for what they done . It's a shame that had to happen . As far as I go I don't open the doors to anyone who I don't know . It's not safe for anyone of us to do that.

  19. Colleen Vantrease

    Colleen Vantrease15 days ago

    Kids don't belong in kennels only animals do . Those parents should be put away for life . Kids are to be treated with respect,love,kindness,caring,understanding,compassion,consideration. Not getting it can hurt Kids 😪 very much . I wasn't put in a kennel but I didn't get what I spoke of like other people got .It turned me against the people who didn't have enough common sense. If I would have been treated like I should have been I would never ever have a reason to be outspoken . Meaning that I am against abuse of any kind .

  20. denise quinby

    denise quinby12 days ago

    nothing belongs in a kennel !! dogs are loved pets belong in houses with us as family pfft

  21. Shelia Jones

    Shelia Jones15 days ago

    Love the story

  22. Clarice

    Clarice15 days ago

    I love this story...Thanks to the Good Hearted lady..and thanks to the young lady..who remain to be a decent and strong individual.💞🌿🌿💞

  23. Lorene Wheeler

    Lorene Wheeler7 days ago


  24. Katie Burke

    Katie Burke15 days ago

    lol...where do you get these stories? who talks like

  25. Donna Vaughn

    Donna Vaughn15 days ago

    Thanks u my friend

  26. Olivia Rajan

    Olivia Rajan15 days ago