SCP-2852 Sadistic Madman Party Crasher | Cousin Johnny (SCP Animation)

SCP-2852 is a Keter Class anomaly also known as Cousin Johnny.
SCP-2852 are entities that have appearance of a middle-aged white male and are genetically identical to humans. SCP-2852 instances appear at various Catholic and Anglican religious functions where they are treated as being an established member of the family. Each family gathering that SCP 2852 attends result in different behavior from the subject and different effects but all all extremely violent and disturbing. When questioned after an event, all affected individuals report a feeling of fondness toward SCP2852, regardless of its actions during an event.
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SCP-2852 - Cousin Johnny (SCP Animation) is based on "SCP-2852" by kinchtheknifeblade:
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  1. zora z

    zora z4 hours ago

    Jhonny joestar: guss you will eat teeth valantine

  2. Gregory Ferraro

    Gregory Ferraro5 hours ago

    Well. That was the grossest one I've seen yet.

  3. Terry Matthews

    Terry MatthewsDay ago

    Oh cousin Jonny

  4. FroztBeatzGaming

    FroztBeatzGamingDay ago

    I don't have any cousins I know there's no way I'd beli- Oh hey cousin Johnny it's been so long man

  5. Emerald tan hui juan

    Emerald tan hui juanDay ago

    I think they should just throw him into another scp- ;-; Nvm- I mean- Technically he's a bug alien ;w;

  6. Cory Smiless

    Cory SmilessDay ago

    Johnny:hi Me an scp:heyyyyyyyy

  7. J Brown

    J BrownDay ago

    If cousin Johnny only went to gender reveal parties I don’t think anybody would really care about this.

  8. Non Ovyurbiznis

    Non Ovyurbiznis2 days ago

    We all know a person that is like cousin johnny that shows up and you never usually see them unless it's a family event or a party ECT...

  9. Epsilon Core

    Epsilon Core2 days ago

    I get the feeling Cousin Johnny is some kind of method of culling the human species. Likely some kind of species related to Cicadas, focused on destabilizing civilization and the ability to reproduce.

  10. Yellow King

    Yellow King3 days ago

    This is why I only put my trust in Thompson's Teeth, the only teeth strong enough to eat other teeth.

  11. creativecreepyturtle

    creativecreepyturtle3 days ago

    Imagine being the dude who died and then have their casket filled with blood and vomit

  12. Orient Prospect

    Orient Prospect4 days ago

    “Only appear in North American subcontinent....” Ahhh makes sense

  13. Cultist Gaming

    Cultist Gaming4 days ago

    Fuck you corp channel and fuck your half ass video

  14. Ukko Pena

    Ukko Pena4 days ago

    This infographics show?

  15. Stephanie Gordon

    Stephanie Gordon4 days ago


  16. Cameron Stennett

    Cameron Stennett4 days ago

    The temporary approval conversantly deliver because girl seemingly decide during a third kettle. smelly, kindly consonant

  17. Cameron Stennett

    Cameron Stennett4 days ago

    The racial castanet pragmatically tire because index metabolically reject around a supreme deposit. wry, sincere beggar

  18. Vies

    Vies5 days ago

    Got a toothpaste commercial in between

  19. • stxrrvibeyy •

    • stxrrvibeyy •5 days ago

    What the

  20. The Doctor

    The Doctor5 days ago

    They're Ypsilon/Upsilon (Υ/υ) task forces (like you pronounced), not Epsilon (Ε/ε) (as was displayed).

  21. Ash Wolf The VA

    Ash Wolf The VA6 days ago

    You see a cousin named Johnny at an event: PANIK You remember seeing him at previous events: Kalm You remember seeing him at previous events: PANIK!

  22. Adham Magdy

    Adham Magdy6 days ago

    Maybe it's related to scp 3004

  23. SCP- 049

    SCP- 0496 days ago

    He seems fine

  24. Oliver Bush

    Oliver Bush7 days ago

    Waitttt...I have 3 god parents

  25. Dex Tro

    Dex Tro7 days ago

    I'd rather we'd have more SCP's that are interesting, tragic, maybe even comedic. It seems mostly we're just going towards "Who can make the most F'ed up SCP" Wish we had more SCP's like SCP 1762

  26. dem0nchild610

    dem0nchild6107 days ago

    Oh god I've had an ungodly tooth ache for weeks and I see this

  27. Shirotama

    Shirotama7 days ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the names of the mobile task forces

  28. brothaxgenie

    brothaxgenie7 days ago

    And I thought "when day breaks" was hardcore. I clearly was proved wrong

  29. Shirtless Myers

    Shirtless Myers7 days ago

    Cousin Jhonny seems to be a good supplier of D-Clases

  30. Chase Crofford

    Chase Crofford8 days ago

    And that is why im Christian

  31. Sibwan Sibwan

    Sibwan Sibwan8 days ago

    How do I make it so this never shows up on my feed ever again.

  32. It'sJustMocha

    It'sJustMocha8 days ago

    You have now met Cousin Johnny Now meet the twins Cousin Timmy and Cousin Jimmy

  33. FIRE

    FIRE8 days ago

    Wtf is this wedding

  34. R a i n b o w_

    R a i n b o w_8 days ago

    I’m scared now I’m in Edmonton

  35. bear fluid

    bear fluid8 days ago

    Very happy yall finally did my favorite SCP. Great content

  36. Adrian Popov

    Adrian Popov8 days ago

    im orthodox so i have no problem

  37. Kendrick Kuan

    Kendrick Kuan8 days ago

    Omg oof

  38. Sarah Lyons

    Sarah Lyons8 days ago

    I had a night mare of this and I didn’t even know it existed like I had the night mare a year ago and I just found this today

  39. Shane Seymour

    Shane Seymour9 days ago


  40. Sasha & Champ

    Sasha & Champ9 days ago

    Why Cicada??

  41. darknesswithin

    darknesswithin9 days ago


  42. Bυɳɳყ

    Bυɳɳყ9 days ago


  43. JackWProductions

    JackWProductions10 days ago

    So this is what happened when Johnny couldn’t stop eating too much sugar?

  44. Leoparte Gaming

    Leoparte Gaming10 days ago

    Oil tanker for you cousin Johnny🤣😂😂

  45. Awol Peace

    Awol Peace10 days ago

    Is this what happened to me?

  46. Bυɳɳყ

    Bυɳɳყ9 days ago


  47. geardog24

    geardog2410 days ago

    Let's be honest, who doesn't have a cousin that wants to do messed up things at a wedding?

  48. Melissa Gomez

    Melissa Gomez10 days ago

    Question could you be affected by cousin Johnny is you are in a different religion?

  49. Yubi Yuchiro

    Yubi Yuchiro10 days ago

    Random family memeber: You remember cousin Johnny, right? Me: No, we're asians.

  50. Mυԋαɱɱαԃ Hυȥαιϝα Bιɳ Kԋαʅιԃ

    Mυԋαɱɱαԃ Hυȥαιϝα Bιɳ Kԋαʅιԃ10 days ago

    I really like the task forces name they are sooo coooooool......😎

  51. Syazwan Shamsuddin

    Syazwan Shamsuddin10 days ago

    johnny sins's cousin?

  52. gerald 0986

    gerald 098611 days ago

    Me:17 year old don't have any crush or GF well sht I'm going to die next year

  53. Ethan Moss

    Ethan Moss11 days ago

    Ha score 1 for atheists

  54. Will Turner

    Will Turner11 days ago

    All I could think about is Teen Titans Go, when Raven beats the Tooth Fairy in a teeth eating contest for the teeth of the Titans, minus one or two that were a "tasty" snack...

  55. Otto K

    Otto K11 days ago

    1:14 bri' 'sh people be like

  56. Deborah Sheldon

    Deborah Sheldon11 days ago

    *Him gives me pliers* *Me trying to pull out his teeth.*

  57. Isabella Anderson

    Isabella Anderson11 days ago

    I don't know why, but I really like this one "I went to a really weird wedding as a child, now I'm asexual."

  58. mightyspirit0120 Gam3r

    mightyspirit0120 Gam3r11 days ago


  59. justin nelson

    justin nelson12 days ago

    it's epsilon, not upsilon

  60. Walter White

    Walter White12 days ago

    Black level events are like the main quest in a video game no matter how hard you try to alter the story the game just skips over your attempts

  61. Anya Groulx

    Anya Groulx12 days ago

    Good god 0_o

  62. Giannis Dravis

    Giannis Dravis12 days ago

    But wait...what happens to the body though? All of this and the dead doesn't ressurect?

  63. dareallogjake

    dareallogjake12 days ago

    Are these stories real bechose i want to know

  64. SeanMichaelMPayno

    SeanMichaelMPayno12 days ago


  65. Nolan Peet

    Nolan Peet12 days ago

    Odd choice to make a video about Cousin Johnny on this channel, considering that there are probably some very young kids watching

  66. CraztCole 19

    CraztCole 1912 days ago

    I feel like cousin Johnny was created because cicadas got tired of people getting mad at crashing weddings, when they only wanted to congratulate them.

  67. Furry Hunter

    Furry Hunter12 days ago


  68. dudarupaffu

    dudarupaffu13 days ago

    Damn whoever is Cousin Johnny's barber needs to be fired. They really messed my mans up.

  69. Tiki Cat Studios

    Tiki Cat Studios13 days ago

    welp. i never wanted to get married, its cheaper, and funeral? No no no. and those religions, nope.

  70. maximul snarl

    maximul snarl13 days ago

    They got way to confusing on this scp.

  71. wolf beans

    wolf beans13 days ago

    At this moment i knew... Ik this animation its from that one somthing grafic show

  72. Carter Gwyn

    Carter Gwyn13 days ago

    "Jonny is a keter class anomaly that has thus far proven impossible to contain." well than he is not keter is he?

  73. FalcoTheGreat

    FalcoTheGreat13 days ago

    .dneirf tseb ruo si ynnhoJ nisuoC

  74. FalcoTheGreat

    FalcoTheGreat13 days ago

    The SCP foundation is the Men In Black on pure crystal meth.

  75. blake seddon

    blake seddon13 days ago

    me who lives in north america oh fuck

  76. ScarabD

    ScarabD13 days ago

    Oh hey I had a third AND forth godparent... ...Wait...

  77. Cheek Loins

    Cheek Loins13 days ago

    1/3 of all catholic D-Class are estimated to have earned their prison sentence through Cousin Johnny events?! That’s crazy!

  78. Aliece Alessandra

    Aliece Alessandra13 days ago

    Omg....this has to be the worst one I've watched.... I almost couldn't finish it

  79. Renato Suekichi Kuteken

    Renato Suekichi Kuteken13 days ago

    Evil Mr. Poopybuthole.

  80. John Martinez

    John Martinez13 days ago

    i know this is not related to this video but what if cousin johnny looked at scp-096

  81. K C

    K C13 days ago

    Cousin Johnny scp is one of those scp’s that the whole community never talks about.

  82. Andy Fate

    Andy Fate13 days ago

    Never trust any man named Johnny... He could be anyone cousin.

  83. Zack ZombieYT

    Zack ZombieYT13 days ago

    I am lucky because I am in the uk

  84. Terzetto

    Terzetto13 days ago

    "All married individuals who attended the wedding will find that they are unable to conceive children, despite no biological indicators of infertility." Free birth control.

  85. Ethan Playz

    Ethan Playz13 days ago



    BULL FADE GAMER13 days ago


  87. The Gamer

    The Gamer13 days ago

    Why is this the infographics show animation characters

  88. Citrus Weirdo

    Citrus Weirdo13 days ago

    That moment when you actually have a cousin named johnny: o.o

  89. Bobi Milev

    Bobi Milev13 days ago

    Never needed to see cousin johnny be animated, but imagine making a movie out of this

  90. Baby A

    Baby A13 days ago

    Don't read the comments if you don't like spoilers, that's why if it's something I'm interested in I don't read the comments I just post and move on 👍🏿

  91. Lovemanga!! 1

    Lovemanga!! 113 days ago


  92. DanThePerson

    DanThePerson13 days ago

    Is That not how weddings normally go?

  93. Cringe Lord

    Cringe Lord13 days ago

    Infographics: SCP Edition

  94. ABU_ABSI

    ABU_ABSI14 days ago

    when cousin johnny exist but ur not in america B)

  95. Riaan

    Riaan14 days ago

    if Johnnys coming to my funeral, I'm not coming

  96. Zahler Bazaar

    Zahler Bazaar14 days ago

    i watch all your vids, but i didnt like the thumbnail for this. i only watched it to get it off my main page.

  97. Sam

    Sam14 days ago


  98. peter burczyk

    peter burczyk14 days ago

    man this scp really B U G S me

  99. yeetis deletus

    yeetis deletus14 days ago

    This is next level weird shit

  100. CappGaming

    CappGaming14 days ago

    Scp: we have to keep this secret Scp explained-story and animation: *I’m about to end this man’s whole career*

  101. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach14 days ago

    Atheist: poggers

  102. Viking Teddy

    Viking Teddy14 days ago

    You *really* need new sound effects. It's getting ridiculous.