When Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley Roasted Each Other on Oprah.

Hilarious! From the Oprah Show 2005, back when the two NBA legends were still friends.
I was given permission from Harpo Studios to air this publicly as long as time-code window is displayed at the top.
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    Marvin TV22 hours ago

    Jordan: chuck is !!!! Shaq: I got 3 finals mvp! Google me mj

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    Great chemistry between them !

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    Robert Haizlip3 days ago

    Stupidity of talking about the homeless. Acting like ALL homeless are able bodied cuz they can stand and ask for help...

  15. Joseph Streko

    Joseph Streko3 days ago

    100$ for alcohol he didn’t lie 😂😂 love it

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    B Patel4 days ago

    Maybe the Monstars stole Barkley's golf talents as well and never gave em back.


    PAOLO ATENADRU4 days ago

    Oprah was hot...

  24. Éliot Boucher-Rioux

    Éliot Boucher-Rioux4 days ago

    I have to watch this at least once a year

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  28. JulienB

    JulienB4 days ago


  29. Colton Butler

    Colton Butler4 days ago

    Couldn't find the time where they start roasting each other in the comments... Moving on...

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    AndrewLifts6 days ago

    0:10 who remembers this meme?

  33. Sam Watkins

    Sam Watkins6 days ago

    You can't take the fight out of the fighter. Look at their body language, they are ready to go to war with each other immediately

  34. addy1231

    addy12316 days ago

    A lot of youngsters here don’t understand how difficult was it to win a title back then. Barkley was a fantastic player he just didn’t have enough support from his squad

  35. JCD

    JCDDay ago

    Nothing's changed.. you still need a good squad to win now, just like you did back then. What is it somehow easier to win a chip now?

  36. Tim Buktu

    Tim Buktu4 days ago

    Yep...Barkley, Jordan, and Pippen were all great players. Jordan had Pippen. Charles had..... Kevin Johnson and Dan Majerle, Dumas, and West? (for Phoenix). So it was Charles by himself.

  37. Mabawa Vocal

    Mabawa Vocal6 days ago

    Those Jordan shoes are cool,one day Im gonna buy them....

  38. Mabawa Vocal

    Mabawa Vocal6 days ago

    I wish everyone was like these two,make fun of each other them complement each other,

  39. Mabawa Vocal

    Mabawa Vocal6 days ago


  40. James Dean

    James Dean6 days ago

    How come Michael don’t talk

  41. C. Alan Sharlow

    C. Alan Sharlow6 days ago

    He talking about Zion

  42. frankg196

    frankg1966 days ago

    Damn that bit from MJ about how early contracts and sponsorships end up giving young players a bad work ethic is a 100% true, just goes to show that MJ know ps what he’s talking about

  43. lexy Daniel

    lexy Daniel7 days ago

    Someone please make a meme at jordan 0.10 seconds

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    One of the few ppl who know what it's like to be living God

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    Clorox Bleach8 days ago

    Chuck forgetting he played with Scottie on the rockets

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    Taylor Allen9 days ago

    Charles is a national treasure. He truly is one of a kind.

  52. Tyler Lopes

    Tyler Lopes9 days ago

    Chuck wearing Jordan clothes Mike: I took that personally

  53. BrankDaTank

    BrankDaTank9 days ago

    M.J has amazing charisma! Thats why people just want to stare at him.

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    Angela Innis10 days ago

    I wonder how many times during Barkley talking, Jordan thought, "OK, so I took it personally."

  56. Devin Gu

    Devin Gu10 days ago

    Jordan and Barkley, they can easily host a most watched talk show.

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  59. David Bana

    David Bana10 days ago

    We earned what we got!!!!

  60. Ab Gr

    Ab Gr10 days ago

    Charles always gives you the truth ..awesome

  61. Lodrick Mwambene

    Lodrick Mwambene11 days ago


  62. Corey A. Moore

    Corey A. Moore11 days ago

    Charles Barkley is a TRUE friend ... he's going to tell you exactly what you need to hear and he doesn't give a damn how you feel about it

  63. Mukheza Mukheza

    Mukheza Mukheza6 days ago

    I love friends like that.But you need to have a very strong mind to be able to handle that.

  64. Jacob Allen

    Jacob Allen11 days ago

    The sad thing is the reason we love Chuck is the reason they are no longer friends. Chuck can take criticism and jokes. As much as I love Jordan, he can’t. Chuck was brutally honest about how he’s handled Charlotte.

  65. Thomas Just

    Thomas Just10 days ago

    18:58 MJ has this side of him, I don't know if its arrogance or competitive nature about him, here he almost seemed to look down on Oprah!! I have heard the same thing about doormen at hotels were he has stayed in...I don't know what to make of him

  66. mark our time short

    mark our time short11 days ago


  67. KKanite

    KKanite11 days ago

    19:05 totally not shade thrown toward lebron.....

  68. Rashad Smith

    Rashad Smith11 days ago

    I guess this is what broke up their friendship... Damn!!!

  69. Derrick Powell

    Derrick Powell5 days ago

    Nope, not even close. They friendship ended about 5 years after this

  70. sam Love

    sam Love11 days ago

    oprah idiot

  71. Luca Tizzi

    Luca Tizzi12 days ago

    My life is like Charles Barkley's golf swing.

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  73. True Story

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    It's TRUE ‼️ what Mike said about Young players getting paid for their potential 👈🏼

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  75. Fearlessflyer3

    Fearlessflyer312 days ago

    ...And just like that, a GIF was born.

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  78. Ben Myatt

    Ben Myatt13 days ago

    “I know when to eat and when not to eat”💀😂

  79. money8521

    money852114 days ago

    Charles hasnt changed at all

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    Max Latour14 days ago

    Man can someone please build a time machine and take me back

  82. Kuwabara Kuwabara

    Kuwabara Kuwabara14 days ago

    05:03 Oprah doesn't like, being THAT honest!! Such a hypocrite from way back..

  83. Darelle Harper

    Darelle Harper15 days ago

    they used to be sooo close

  84. joseluis beltran

    joseluis beltran15 days ago

    Charles a hater

  85. Yesteban

    Yesteban15 days ago

    ahhh USlikes algorithm bringing us together again

  86. stephen k

    stephen k15 days ago

    Absolutely no filter on Charles' consciousness. lol

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  99. Benjamin Jaskoski

    Benjamin Jaskoski18 days ago

    Jordan's sentiments about being paid off of potential, followed by Barkley's bit about his dealings with the press, were the most starkly honest revelations about what's wrong with the world.

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    Chris George19 days ago

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  105. Anton De la Cruz

    Anton De la Cruz20 days ago

    'Especially black folks.' Damn the man got no filter!

  106. Kip Kir

    Kip Kir20 days ago

    Its hard to hate a MF that you’ve tried unsuccessfully to roast and then genuinely praises you