Building (and testing) an EPIC Mini-ITX Gaming PC in the Tower 100!

Building (and testing) an EPIC Mini-ITX Gaming PC in the Tower 100!
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0:00 Intro
1:29 Key Parts: Tower 100 Case, Colorful RTX 3080
2:22 The Rest of the Parts and Testing Setup
5:09 Colorful RTX 3080 iGame Vulcan Graphics Card Overview
8:18 Initial Overview of The Tower 100 case
10:02 Building the PC! Case Disassembly and Internals
14:57 Motherboard and AIO Cooler Installation
17:44 RGB lighting plans, cable management
18:54 GPU Installation
19:43 Build Complete! Notes on RGB Software and Assembly
21:20 Performance - Testing Results
24:59 Conclusion and Closing Thoughts
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-core AM4 CPU -
Thermaltake Tower 100 Mini-ITX Case -
Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 3080 Vulcan OC 10G-V -
ASUS ROG STRIX B550-I Gaming AM4 Mini ITX Motherboard -
Thermaltake TH120 ARGB Sync 120mm AIO CPU Cooler -
Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB DDR4 4000 16GB (8GBx2) Memory -
Thermaltake Toughpower GF2 ARGB 850W 80+ Gold Power Supply -
Gamers Nexus Thermaltake Video from Computex 2020:
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  1. Young Jimi

    Young JimiDay ago

    Paul needs to do an ncase m1 build

  2. Rei Matsuo

    Rei MatsuoDay ago

    Will all these fit inside an older case like Thermaltake Tsunami Dream case? Thanks

  3. b6s4shelter

    b6s4shelter2 days ago


  4. Slick Rich Da Producer

    Slick Rich Da Producer2 days ago

    Have got to have it... Excellent...

  5. eMDe

    eMDe2 days ago

    Overheat GPU :) It is the fault of the card and heatpipe arrangement.

  6. Viewing Sky

    Viewing Sky2 days ago

    it is confusing case xd

  7. Damien Robles

    Damien Robles2 days ago

    Cool case

  8. OscarCharlieZulu

    OscarCharlieZulu3 days ago

    Nice fish tank, er pc case. This looks like a 5-13YO’s dream case

  9. discocrisco

    discocrisco4 days ago

    I appreciate the quality of your reviews. I appreciate the editing skills of Joe. I appreciate you for reading my comment.

  10. Watery Steve

    Watery Steve4 days ago

    The petite door behaviourally reply because jam ideally remain amidst a sedate cultivator. silent, grubby gruesome cherries

  11. gck86

    gck864 days ago

    i like this casing too. look like it can make 3d printer. looks cool

  12. Jeff Bankston

    Jeff Bankston4 days ago

    A graphics card you have to get financing for nice

  13. Dale Marcell

    Dale Marcell4 days ago

    This case is what happens when the case manufacturer hires new hardware designer from that fish tank company. 🐠 🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠

  14. ᕦò_óˇᕤ

    ᕦò_óˇᕤ5 days ago

    RGB power supply seems pointless since it’s completely hidden unless maybe can you see it through the bottom vents?

  15. TitaniumEye

    TitaniumEye5 days ago

    That turbo button gave me flashbacks.

  16. Максим Прокопьев

    Максим Прокопьев6 days ago

    Hi Paul, could you please tell the size of mesh on the side panel? Looks like this should be able enough space for 240 or 360 radiators if width is more than 12 cm between mesh holes .

  17. symbolsandsystems

    symbolsandsystems6 days ago

    Why does AMD include a Wrath cooler with it's CPU if it is so inadequate?

  18. Rob Haney

    Rob Haney6 days ago

    Wow, I really like this as an upgrade from my Elite 120 build I've had for many years. It sits in the living room and is also connected to a 55" for gaming (Skyrim in 4K👍) . Bought all my upgrades for a new build (except GPU) as soon as I saw things about to go crazy. My 1080 will just have to do for a long while. Thanks for showing us this build, I may have to send back my Lancool 2.

  19. Thomas Martin

    Thomas Martin7 days ago


  20. Glen Risk

    Glen Risk7 days ago

    Quite like this case but I want full ATX.

  21. Drew S

    Drew S7 days ago

    I gotta admit, thats a pretty rad build! I love thats colorful GPU espescially

  22. tans117

    tans1177 days ago

    Man I just realized Micro Center is the main store chain in US for PC components now that Fry's is going out of business. It kinda makes me sad but it was inevitable just like Pauls head with Steve's hair XD

  23. ssddsquare

    ssddsquare7 days ago

    23:23 temperature without max fan right?

  24. Tyler Cummings

    Tyler Cummings7 days ago

    17:58 Wait what? You can simply snip one of the middle pins and turn a 12v 4pin splitter into a 5v 3 pin splitter? I'm shocked that this is something that would work.

  25. Anthony Angotti

    Anthony Angotti7 days ago

    Paul I have an issue. I upgrade my MoBo to an Asus Rog strip b550-f and now my LEDs on my computer don’t work everything I have is plugged in. Do you have any ideas? If anyone has any ideas I’m open to the help

  26. JoeVSvolcano

    JoeVSvolcano7 days ago

    Biggest Mini ever...

  27. KazYual

    KazYual7 days ago

    I just got mine yesterday and I love it!

  28. Only U Cambodia

    Only U Cambodia8 days ago

    Nice Build

  29. Delistd

    Delistd8 days ago

    It is not passive when fans are pulling air.

  30. jacob s

    jacob s8 days ago

    hey paul i know you were using high end hardware for the test but my thought would be use lower tier stuff like a 5600x/3700x cpu to see what stress temps would be. the higher end cpu's are still a little hard to get a hold of along with possibly swapping in a 3060ti and 3070 to see those temps. it gives a good idea for those of us running lower tier things. ive been wanting this case but those temp make me question it

  31. Max Spicer

    Max Spicer8 days ago

    I want one to put next to my tower 900.

  32. Jeremy Barber

    Jeremy Barber8 days ago

    Good looking rig, I like how the flip out screen aligns with the “front” window.

  33. Olaf Mikli

    Olaf Mikli8 days ago

    Can you also fix an SFX PSU in there too?

  34. Ziv Zulander

    Ziv Zulander8 days ago

    You could do it with an SFX to ATX bracket. I'm doing this with mine so I can fit a lot more watercooling stuff in there than is strictly supported.

  35. Trust Mubaiwa

    Trust Mubaiwa8 days ago

    The case revision really looks way better than the one reviewed in June 2020 by a "USlikesr" whose name we will not mention.

  36. David Nicholas

    David Nicholas8 days ago

    I don't understand huge ITX cases. My ATX mid tower is less obtrusive than this thing

  37. Trust Mubaiwa

    Trust Mubaiwa8 days ago

    Please provide the playlist, there is a particular track at 15:00

  38. nolan loewen

    nolan loewen8 days ago

    I only you could fill that case with oil.

  39. Zachary Atkinson

    Zachary Atkinson9 days ago

    Great Video. Pls send me the build. Thanx.

  40. Tina Bates

    Tina Bates9 days ago

    This is the end of pc gaming all fall of hackers when all games are cross play it will be the end of consoles

  41. David McManus

    David McManus9 days ago

    Ordered the case after watching this video, same motherboard and will be ready to build in soon.

  42. Scott Fuller

    Scott Fuller9 days ago

    Hi Paul - can I buy it? :)

  43. The Zapper

    The Zapper9 days ago

    Great video! I really like that case (and Thermaltake cases in general). That GPU is fantastic, wish I could buy it.

  44. Johnny Wallace

    Johnny Wallace9 days ago

    that looks hot Paul, and doable minus the GPU. I liked this so much I'm now looking at that tower for a home theatre build case. thanks for this Paul.

  45. Feronanthus

    Feronanthus9 days ago

    Here I am hoping the Turbo button underclocks the card

  46. Brian Strunk

    Brian Strunk9 days ago

    Case is a cool aesthetic, I tend to prefer ATX builds but this case looks pretty cool.

  47. Lazerbolt

    Lazerbolt9 days ago

    I love that case! Looks great

  48. Max Cantu

    Max Cantu9 days ago

    Its a really nice looking pc, not a fan of tt logos but its easy to fix that. Id build that pc if i was due for a new build. I dont mind giving up a little performance for a way more aesthetically pleasing look.

  49. licksore stockpile

    licksore stockpile9 days ago

    perfect! i was thinking about building a mini form factor just for the heck of it

  50. 12412303 12344

    12412303 123449 days ago

    Would be a better case if they somehow made a bigger radiator fit in there , it’s a nice looking case

  51. Matthew L.

    Matthew L.9 days ago

    Paul, Thanks for showcasing the case. This is what Im looking for for my wife build im planning on (not buying till the rush is over). Thanks

  52. Hakkim Hamzah

    Hakkim Hamzah9 days ago

    the itx im looking for T.T at last, itx with atx psu n 320mm gpu

  53. Chang Ye

    Chang Ye9 days ago

    i looks like a 3D printer. XD

  54. Kyle White

    Kyle White10 days ago

    I wish you could rotate the logo plate on the AIO block. The TT logo being sideways there but right-side-up on the case is ticking my OCD lol.

  55. Kyle White

    Kyle White10 days ago

    20:11 Nice.

  56. Kyle White

    Kyle White10 days ago

    Okay, dumb question time: Shouldn't that Phanteks fan on the "floor" of the case be pointing the other way? PSU fans draw in air from the top and exhaust it out the back, right? So with the Phanteks fan mounted the way you have it, wouldn't it create turbulence because the 2 fans are both pulling air in opposite ways? Idk, might just be me overthinking it lol.

  57. Sadman1471

    Sadman147110 days ago

    I did the same thing last week and make my own ARGB cables and connectors for the cooler master controller.... now i just need some software to control the rgb 4 pin 12v header, gpu rgb and argb because JackNet RGB Sync will not detect them all :(

  58. Dividion

    Dividion10 days ago

    The vents on the rear of that card are all blocked. It won't exhaust any heat that way. /poke Colorful.

  59. Dilandau Albatou

    Dilandau Albatou10 days ago

    I'm glad youtube kept suggesting your videos. Lot more chill than the channel you mentioned in this video.

  60. Dennis Rigdon

    Dennis Rigdon10 days ago

    I just want to point out that we've come full circle. First we stopped using retail cuz they didn't have good pricing and availablity, now we use it because it has good availability and pricing.GJ Microcenter, you freaking get it!

  61. Georg F

    Georg F10 days ago

    With this case a proper air cooler for the CPU will probably be the better choice over the 120mm rad.

  62. myriadcorp

    myriadcorp10 days ago

    That's one of the biggest ITX cases I have ever seen. What's the point in ITX if you put it into a mid tower looking case?

  63. Todd Mclaughlin

    Todd Mclaughlin10 days ago

    Glad to see a review of something I could buy, & something diffrent. So many chases never get seen.

  64. Kazymedic

    Kazymedic10 days ago

    Great job!

  65. Last Second Bloomer

    Last Second Bloomer10 days ago

    Thermaltake (and many others) still didn't get the memo that having a 30+ liter ITX cases defeat the whole purpose of having an ITX system...

  66. LVX Magick

    LVX Magick10 days ago

    "Is that a 30 series graphics card;!!!?" Aww man it's only big foot.

  67. Colton Mitchell

    Colton Mitchell10 days ago

    the version GN checked out looked way lower quality, but it was also pre-production right?

  68. Seirodor

    Seirodor10 days ago

    CPU Looks kinda too spicy under that 120mm aio might as well try and fit big Chromax Noctua or Scythe in there

  69. Ray Spencer

    Ray Spencer10 days ago

    Really enjoyed the music selections during the time lapse segments. Might have been mixed a little on the quiet side. They were so good I was turning them up and then Paul would come blasting in.

  70. ItsMy GamingSeat

    ItsMy GamingSeat10 days ago

    Aight now give it to Jay so we can see a custom loop in this lmfao.

  71. powderedwater67

    powderedwater6710 days ago

    if i could put a micro atx in id buy it

  72. Zifan Zen

    Zifan Zen10 days ago


  73. Tudor

    Tudor10 days ago

    So it seems until now Evga and only them has own store and they have an auto-notify button as well. But they work with Nvidia unfortunately. What brand works with AMD and has an auto-notify button close to MSRP prices do you guys know? I opted for a freesync monitor. And I will go only with AMD. I do not care too much about their encoder, I just want a 6800 bought at MSRP to play games.

  74. Adam Hoch

    Adam Hoch10 days ago

    Actually not a bad case

  75. Lubos Maly

    Lubos Maly10 days ago

    Mini ITX should not be the size of a fridge :)

  76. LiK

    LiK10 days ago

    Paul building again. Happy.

  77. Masa Fulgur

    Masa Fulgur10 days ago

    Wait where does the motherboard up go? Or is that inaccessable?

  78. Andrew Beer

    Andrew Beer10 days ago

    All I want is a small case that fits an atx psu. This one does that. But still concerned about airflow.

  79. Kin

    Kin10 days ago

    Steve's critique wasn't over the top. It only had mesh holes on the bottom.

  80. Clau GM CMG AND PC STUF !!!

    Clau GM CMG AND PC STUF !!!10 days ago

    very nice cool bild mini frigi !!! but I would avoid it ITX FORMAT !!! MATX ATX ATX XL ! EY

  81. Liam Copeland

    Liam Copeland10 days ago

    Pretty sure the H1 is the best ITX case, great for a flame aesthetic build

  82. SciPunk215

    SciPunk21510 days ago

    Why isn't uATX the standard? I wish it was more widely adopted.

  83. Ronin 117

    Ronin 11710 days ago

    Hey Paul, can a DTX motherboard fit in there?

  84. Moustafa Baroud

    Moustafa Baroud10 days ago

    That’s a huge case for a SFF

  85. Curtis young

    Curtis young10 days ago

    Well did some shopping and all the prices or jack all the way up for example the case is now 250.00 now on Amazon far from 99.00 just saying dam I wonted this build

  86. denvera1g1

    denvera1g110 days ago

    I've been seeing Ryzen 5000 on sale on AMD's website at MSRP, though that might just be because no-one noticed Great video, thanks Paul I agree that people buying this case are probably only going to be buying a 5600x, 5800x, 10850K, or 5900x, but an argument could be made to test this case with the hottest pocessors and video card. as the higher the total heat load, the more likely you are to find problems.

  87. RedBearded Viking

    RedBearded Viking10 days ago

    would be cool but 89 c is way to hot imo for cpu or is it just me?

  88. Teh 0wnz0r

    Teh 0wnz0r10 days ago

    this case looks great. i love thermaltake core v1, this looks like an evolution.. if i ever do another itx build i mite look for this case

  89. Cassanova OK

    Cassanova OK10 days ago

    Thanks for uploading in 4K!

  90. Alex R

    Alex R10 days ago

    nice build , Paul , love this case , tad sad for the cpu temps but overall it was extreme , love the GPU . Hope it will serve you well . Cheers 👍

  91. MAV3RICK2

    MAV3RICK210 days ago

    This makes me want to build another pc and I havent even finished my first one

  92. UnknownUser

    UnknownUser10 days ago

    Screw thermal take. They copy everyone and make shit cases.

  93. jjay8319

    jjay831910 days ago

    Well I'm wondering what happened to two fan 3080s. Triple fan cards or nice but can I get a two fan card similar to the msi 1080ti.

  94. Hans Landa

    Hans Landa10 days ago

    If it does not spontaneously combust then it sucks, mini itx cases are supposed to burn according to NZXT.

  95. Divine

    Divine11 days ago

    Imagine being able to “choose” a 30 series card

  96. Nick Pilney

    Nick Pilney11 days ago

    At 10:35, I'm envisioning Joe saying "Here goes Paul making me edit the video again to make it longer" 😂

  97. John Groen

    John Groen11 days ago

    Would have been interested in seeing how the cables run, power cord, video, keyboard etc. Great to see this unique design put together. I like the rotated MB design. I have a silverstone raven that does this. Good for hanging gpu with no sag issues

  98. Adriaan Fourie

    Adriaan Fourie11 days ago

    Would a thick 4 slot 3080 (I have an Aorus Geforce 3080 Master) have breathing issues in this case as it would sit too close to the side panel ? Can you reverse fit the side panels so that you could move the vented piece to the front part of the case ? (Putting the left panel on the right side and the right side panel on the left side )

  99. Jon Hill

    Jon Hill11 days ago

    Already bought it and exactly the vid i needed for support. Thanks, got my sub!

  100. jgdpsu

    jgdpsu11 days ago

    I like the look of this case. Could be a contender for my son's next build.


    RAMBOLOGY11 days ago

    Hate the case but want all the parts inside it