Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]

Hear all the marketing points PlayStation gave Rick to say about the new PlayStation 5 console, from Morty.
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  1. Thomas Benito

    Thomas Benito31 minute ago

    "Play has no limits." *But our money has.*

  2. Pablo L

    Pablo L35 minutes ago

    If I could find one that isn’t 1,500 that’d be nice

  3. Keyel

    Keyel36 minutes ago

    Ah yes Rick and Morty the only show where they can make fun of a Playstation 5 ad whilst being in a Playstation 5 ad.

  4. Ahmet Bayram

    Ahmet Bayram45 minutes ago

    Oo paralar yatmış

  5. Cookie

    Cookie46 minutes ago

    I think this is the first time the show has directly referenced Rick being pansexual... Not including unity, but then then he was mostly around women with unity anyway.

  6. Noodles

    Noodles58 minutes ago

    Xbox would’ve been cooler

  7. Ítalo Carlos

    Ítalo Carlos59 minutes ago

    vou comentar aqui so pra salvar

  8. Commander Es Scheppert

    Commander Es ScheppertHour ago

    Ok Sony won😂👌

  9. Raven Lockheart

    Raven LockheartHour ago

    Damn I guess I gotta get the playstation 5😂

  10. Stephen Jensen

    Stephen JensenHour ago

    Everyone missing Rick and Morty episodes go buy the comics like a real fan. It fills the lonely gaps of no Rick and Morty when we had no timeline or even an idea of of the show would continue. Now we know we have a guarantee of 70 more episodes so shove some seeds up your bum and get ready for a wild ride!

  11. Throughtful BrawelerGaming

    Throughtful BrawelerGamingHour ago

    We're are trying but it cost $600.

  12. Çağan Gültekin

    Çağan GültekinHour ago

    sony gave a fat stack of cash for a 30 second commercial not gonna lie

  13. Tarxon

    TarxonHour ago

    I'm gonna have to pull one of Rick's multi universe shenanigans to ACTUALLY get ONE PS5!

  14. Tr4shTV

    Tr4shTVHour ago

    Best 30 seconds

  15. juinor_

    juinor_Hour ago

    Lol that funny


    ГТА ФОРЕВАHour ago

    Sony: Buy a PS5 Everyone: We're trying!!!

  17. Lemuel Heath

    Lemuel Heath2 hours ago

    Xbox one is literally waaay better

  18. Marco Pineda

    Marco Pineda2 hours ago


  19. Jello4433

    Jello44332 hours ago

    Cool wish i can get one 👌

  20. Oreo_fandom_beastars

    Oreo_fandom_beastars2 hours ago

    I like how rick counts the money he got from this video

  21. Jarrell James

    Jarrell James2 hours ago

    Imagine if they did a custom rick and morty ps5

  22. Logan Tokushige5144

    Logan Tokushige51442 hours ago

    ahhhh nice

  23. oleg

    oleg2 hours ago

    What about Jerry with Xbox?

  24. BayEnderman

    BayEnderman2 hours ago

    i can accept that as an unskippable ad

  25. joseph paiz

    joseph paiz2 hours ago

    I think I'll go to the Winchester and have a pint instead and wait for the whole pandemic and PS5 scalpers thing to blow over. LOL 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

  26. Cara Furry

    Cara Furry2 hours ago

    Playstation fast? Nope dont believe it 🤔

  27. VMTforever

    VMTforever3 hours ago

    Sony: Play has no limits 2 hours later: turn off your console because overheating

  28. BenJutsu

    BenJutsu3 hours ago

    Don't forget it's rare.

  29. Mateo

    Mateo3 hours ago

    The perfect commercial doesn't exis-

  30. Desmond Tang

    Desmond Tang3 hours ago

    Yeah, the speed, it's Plash Speed 5 😂😂

  31. Walter Simms

    Walter Simms3 hours ago

    Would've been cooler if it were an Xbox 😢

  32. Vinnie Cross 2005 // Christmas Winter

    Vinnie Cross 2005 // Christmas Winter3 hours ago

    How Come

  33. Fernando Muniz

    Fernando Muniz3 hours ago

    I'm impressed that this PS5 on the AD is not catching fire due to overheat hehe


    MR_ROBLOX4 hours ago

    my uncle was the chief designer of the PlayStation3 chip

  35. isaac franco mahecha

    isaac franco mahecha4 hours ago

    Jajaja *NICE*

  36. Lofi Lee

    Lofi Lee4 hours ago

    yeah if they stop being sold out I’ll buy them *morty*


    COALINGA X44 hours ago

    I got my ps5 November 12 because I actually got my ass up and pre ordered it on September 17 ...... YOU SNOOZE YOU LOOSE

  38. Matthew Brown

    Matthew Brown4 hours ago

    Are we just going to ignore he called him Matt Rick?

  39. Dj Sky

    Dj Sky5 hours ago

    In reality. Yk he doewnt actually care lmao.

  40. quinn lopez

    quinn lopez5 hours ago

    whos gonna tell them we cant get it if they dont restock it

  41. xshixlbye -

    xshixlbye -5 hours ago

    they should make an episode where rick is stupid

  42. The Pan Man

    The Pan Man5 hours ago

    ok now it just seems like theyre trying too hard to be self-aware. Maybe it would be funnier if Morty was just mentioning all the stuff about the PS5 while being super specific, and Rick was just silently counting money in the background, not talking.

  43. Ernest Ross Wyatt

    Ernest Ross Wyatt5 hours ago

    I hate being poor

  44. Xzander Graves

    Xzander Graves5 hours ago

    Jesus #1 no cap all fax. We have to give all the glory and praise to God and fear him. His judgment is coming and you want to be in heaven for eternity. Verse: "He said in a loud voice, “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come. Worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water.” Revelation 14 7 God bless Websites: BibleGateway VerseOfTheDay.

  45. Eric Munson

    Eric Munson5 hours ago

    Xbox 4 life

  46. Oscar Maquin

    Oscar Maquin5 hours ago

    Cute morty

  47. Alejandro Rey

    Alejandro Rey5 hours ago

    Xbox still better without needing ads

  48. Superpope69

    Superpope695 hours ago

    Good luck with your trash system... gezus. Ps5 performance competition is the series S... not the series X

  49. DeathsDream Supernatural

    DeathsDream Supernatural5 hours ago

    Well I still have a ps2 lmfao I'm broke cuh to many bills and sht gotta pay on

  50. LegenDairy

    LegenDairy5 hours ago

    "Go play PS5! F*** my a**!"

  51. Guillermo Zazueta

    Guillermo Zazueta6 hours ago

    Looks like PS5 coulda spent a little less on advertising and a little more on MAKING ENOUGH OF THEM TFFF

  52. Vicen 333

    Vicen 3336 hours ago

    lov u Sony

  53. Dom • 76 years ago

    Dom • 76 years ago6 hours ago

    Way less of those loading screens* my video buffers

  54. VC Rubix

    VC Rubix6 hours ago

    We need new season of Rick and morty

  55. Jurassic Raptor

    Jurassic Raptor6 hours ago

    Sony: buy the new ps5! Me: ya see, id like too

  56. FlipMode

    FlipMode6 hours ago

    70$ a game and outdated pc parts, yea fuck off!

  57. Jose Luis Fuentes

    Jose Luis Fuentes6 hours ago


  58. Lemur

    Lemur6 hours ago

    I don't get it

  59. Malik Daniel

    Malik Daniel7 hours ago

    Even animated characters are flexing their Ps5 now?

  60. boz i

    boz i7 hours ago

    They don't talk about how slow servers are

  61. Sinister Surfer

    Sinister Surfer7 hours ago

    Fuck you playstation, I pre-ordered and STILL don't have mine...

  62. Jc Piring

    Jc Piring7 hours ago


  63. Slava Fedorov

    Slava Fedorov7 hours ago

    Worst commercial from Rick and Morty so far.

  64. Ramazan K

    Ramazan K7 hours ago

    How can i buy it? We live in Turkey.

  65. Peng Win

    Peng Win7 hours ago

    Nice ad. I noticed no games were advertised. Because it has no games.

  66. Diego Vega

    Diego Vega8 hours ago

    If I don't get a PS5 by Christmas the mistletoe won't be the only thing hanging

  67. Josh

    Josh8 hours ago

    It’s the best ad I’ve ever seen

  68. Gerardo Morales

    Gerardo Morales8 hours ago

    Wow ain’t needs the support of Rick and morty for people to buy the ps5 lol

  69. Nicholas Valecnia

    Nicholas Valecnia8 hours ago

    Position wants to talk to Mike about Xbox and look where they're doing

  70. Suleiman Abutu

    Suleiman Abutu8 hours ago


  71. RealisticStudio

    RealisticStudio8 hours ago

    How much if a fuckin sell out does sony need to be?

  72. Sly Mason

    Sly Mason9 hours ago

    It would be nice if you would just sale it in stores. There is no way I’m giving my money to those fucking scumbag scalpers.

  73. Thijs van der Tang

    Thijs van der Tang9 hours ago

    I want to buy the thing, i cant buy the thing.

  74. Mateo

    Mateo9 hours ago

    It's sad to see Rick and Morty like this


    TBS BANDIT9 hours ago

    Convinced now that Rick tells me to buy

  76. Mile High Beer Guy

    Mile High Beer Guy9 hours ago

    too bad nobody can buy one

  77. FuryousD

    FuryousD9 hours ago

    It has limits, those limits right now are actually being able to buy one since they are sold out until next year

  78. Bjuff Biurc

    Bjuff Biurc9 hours ago

    Sony: buy a ps5 Scalpers: we did... all of them.

  79. Lyoko Comic Dubs

    Lyoko Comic Dubs9 hours ago

    Any ad with Rick and Morty is Gold.

  80. Abboniert Raketenjansel

    Abboniert Raketenjansel9 hours ago

    Make a Rick and morty Game for it!

  81. YourPalGeorge

    YourPalGeorge10 hours ago

    Looks like ima buy one now

  82. Chaika Gaz

    Chaika Gaz10 hours ago

    Rick is scamming everyone as he owns millions of futuristic alien scalper bots and selling for quadruple the price.

  83. Alejandro E

    Alejandro E10 hours ago

    Sony: Play has no limits. Scalpers: Hold my bots.

  84. Vladdy Daddy

    Vladdy Daddy10 hours ago

    I just love how blunt Rick is. Kinda makes me want to buy a PS5 on a completely unrelated note.

  85. Xx YeetGod xX

    Xx YeetGod xX10 hours ago

    I wanna know how a Ps5 pro gonna be or a black version of this will look

  86. JCS

    JCS10 hours ago

    If we buy some will you get started on season 3? Or the next season of solar opposites?

  87. Michael Martinez

    Michael Martinez10 hours ago

    What’s the working morning have sp5

  88. Connor The Android sent by Cyberlife

    Connor The Android sent by Cyberlife10 hours ago

    I’m an Android with super fast reaction time and I can’t even get a PS5 LIKE COME ON

  89. maurice meerts

    maurice meerts10 hours ago

    nah ima be a gothic kid and wait a few years or months when its priced off

  90. TheKyki

    TheKyki10 hours ago

    Sony: Play has no limits Me : i want to play PS2 games on discs Sony : You can't just use PS 3 discs on it , but if you want to play you have to give as more mony to subscribe Me : Ok , i will go with Xbox series X them . Sony: But Play has no limits ... Me : i think i just found one . sony : ...

  91. Maciej Różański

    Maciej Różański10 hours ago

    Yes, that sounds convincing. I will return my Xbox SX and buy PS5 for ~1000$

  92. Ba Bassirou

    Ba Bassirou10 hours ago

    I was gonna get a PS5 but now I’m buying two

  93. Sledgemiha _

    Sledgemiha _10 hours ago

    Bet xbox doesnt have a rick and morty add

  94. lndestr1234

    lndestr123410 hours ago

    overpriced crap.

  95. Ryan Fanstone

    Ryan Fanstone4 hours ago

    Blame scalpers for that.

  96. Aussie Arcade

    Aussie Arcade10 hours ago

    At least the ad was more entertaining than the repetitive comments.

  97. Dan Wiley

    Dan Wiley11 hours ago

    You couldn't have fucked up a release worse than you did with the ps5.

  98. Nistar Jack

    Nistar Jack11 hours ago

    😂😂😂🤣🤣😂 I love Rick. "Go play Playstation 5

  99. Frozified

    Frozified11 hours ago

    Going to buy just because of this ad

  100. YouTube Undso

    YouTube Undso11 hours ago

    Wow Finnally people understand how to do comercials

  101. Ravyss Crobelusovsky

    Ravyss Crobelusovsky11 hours ago

    Omg it's Rick and Morty from the S.H.I.T. universe

  102. YurXire

    YurXire11 hours ago

    Nice! Right now this has 5.3 Million views, 408K likes 7.2K dislikes and 9.8K comments.