Why We Joined Bon Appétit

New leadership Editor-in-Chief Dawn Davis, Executive Editor Sonia Chopra, and Global Brand Advisor Chef Marcus Samuelsson talk about why they joined Bon Appétit and what they have planned across print, social, and video.
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Why We Joined Bon Appétit


  1. Bon Appétit

    Bon Appétit11 days ago

    Hi, we’re the new leaders of Bon Appétit. We know it's been a while since we've posted a video, and we are really excited to welcome you back and share the next chapter of BA with you. We are listening, learning, and building something together that showcases our best. We're building a team that is empathetic, respectful, and open to being challenged; that is paid fairly for their contributions; and that represents the audience we hope to serve. You're going to see new shows, new and familiar faces, and a whole lot of new recipes. And get ready for more from inside the Test Kitchen in the new year. We can’t wait to show you what we've been up to, and we really hope you love our new vision for Bon Appétit. Sonia, Marcus, & Dawn

  2. chromiumjade

    chromiumjade11 hours ago

    Is Chris Morocco is still director of the Test Kitchen? He had responsibility for keeping PoC underpaid and under-represented He’s the one who promoted the mediocre folks.

  3. Kevin Williams

    Kevin WilliamsDay ago

    You just reinforce the fact that ur run by non people of colour (Canadian I know). You would have made more of a statement by standing by the people who left BA. This just shows that all 3 of you care more about money rather than making a statement surrounding this cause. You are all jokes stop pretending to be more than you are

  4. aloof

    aloofDay ago

    The bonappetit machine

  5. Nora

    Nora2 days ago


  6. shahnaz vatankhah

    shahnaz vatankhah2 days ago

    Gross. We like Sohlae, Rick, Christina, and Priya, gaby and hunzi too dude. And we do care what goes on behind the scenes. Not everyone likes white washed content like u

  7. Ben

    Ben2 minutes ago

    it seems like bs, but to be honest im not really sure how else they would've handled this. If they just jumped right into more recipes people would start complaining and question, if they had a white editors people would say nothing has changed. So, Im really not sure how else they could've continued. Maybe by clearing the air by discussing the context of what happened with apologies instead of just playing it off with POC in the video?

  8. lonelyplanet79

    lonelyplanet7935 minutes ago

    What is this mess? LMAOOOOOO

  9. Sadie

    Sadie41 minute ago

    I mean it's good they're becoming more diverse but their motives are messed up and they lost claire so I cannot support this channel anymore

  10. Kyle Thomas

    Kyle ThomasHour ago

    Yeah y'all are cancelled with me. If you can't educate yourselves read the room, adding more to the negativity then you failed. This is just more of an insult. You're choice that you're adding is more salt to the wound for people who were on your show previously. And we are all guessing these new people won't get paid right either let alone at all. Tokenism is real and this just proved it. Thanks for ruining yourself with this comback.

  11. Andrew Wong

    Andrew WongHour ago

    this...this is a joke right? i cant even process this, its like something you'd see in a comedy/satire about a company doing very poor damage control. i cant decide whether to laugh or cry.

  12. Tony De

    Tony De2 hours ago

    I hope they actually pay them for being on video.

  13. Daniel Bontje

    Daniel Bontje2 hours ago

    Well, its sad but clearly time to unsubscribe and find out where the cast ends up, support them there.

  14. Taylor G

    Taylor G2 hours ago

    marcus an actual for real chef...still none in the kitchen.. channel still sucks

  15. Inuyasha Fan girl

    Inuyasha Fan girl3 hours ago

    Bon appetite- I don’t see color

  16. You're Art Okay

    You're Art Okay3 hours ago

    sonia was literally reading off of a script- try to change my mind

  17. Miri Lina

    Miri Lina4 hours ago

    this is so embarrassinggggg

  18. Shredded Cheese

    Shredded Cheese8 hours ago

    Cuz everyone else quit, you mean.

  19. 1234coolman

    1234coolman8 hours ago

    Lmao I love seeing the left eat themselves up with their own bs.

  20. Double Retard

    Double Retard8 hours ago

    Just here to dislike👎

  21. Kevin Dato

    Kevin Dato9 hours ago


  22. Dylan Stefiuk

    Dylan Stefiuk9 hours ago

    Won't be subbing unless Claire and Brad are on your show. I might watch occasional brad videos otherwise, but without claire, brad loses a lot of his spark.

  23. Dylan Stefiuk

    Dylan Stefiuk9 hours ago

    Tone deaf much?

  24. bloxmaker5900

    bloxmaker590010 hours ago

    I had unsubscribed after the fiasco during the summer only to be reminded this channel exists by David Seymour

  25. E B

    E B10 hours ago

    Bon Appetit is now bowing to the left. Unsubscribing!

  26. david vazquez

    david vazquez11 hours ago


  27. King Jucifer

    King Jucifer11 hours ago

    Marcus samuelsson.... Your definitely paying him. But didn't pay the last set of brown people that left....

  28. Rouck CR

    Rouck CR12 hours ago

    Please address your s***, then maybe, just maybe, we can talk about food.

  29. ritas619

    ritas61913 hours ago

    I am confident these three people are amazing. I still find it infuriating that they’d rather pay new hires (probably substantially more, Chef Marcus is well known) rather than do right by the staff they had for YEARS. The message they’re sending to their employees is clear, shut up or leave. So disappointing.

  30. Joel Thomas

    Joel Thomas13 hours ago

    Am I the only person that thinks the term POC is ridiculous?

  31. Delvon

    Delvon14 hours ago

    Please unsubscribe

  32. Edward Li

    Edward Li15 hours ago

    Haha why did you join? Because of the money they pay for your salaries?

  33. GameReaper95

    GameReaper9515 hours ago


  34. Skittlessour

    Skittlessour15 hours ago

    Now tell us what their salaries are, and the salaries of all their white coworkers.

  35. D H

    D H15 hours ago

    This is just disappointing.

  36. Min Gle

    Min Gle16 hours ago

    "I'll just hire three new POC and all my troubles will go away." Sincerely, Bon Appetite.

  37. Katherine Knecht

    Katherine Knecht18 hours ago

    I'm so glad to see this, and also I hope you guys understand that you have Sohla thank for the fact that this exists at all.

  38. S V

    S V19 hours ago

    Wow I hope they got paid as much as everyone else.

  39. Noa Entertainment

    Noa Entertainment19 hours ago

    "We didn't pay our former employees fairly, so we hired for diversity reasons and most likely paid them more than the people who helped build our brand" Literally the message this gives. Unsubscribed.

  40. Kay Geniesse

    Kay Geniesse21 hour ago


  41. Ritaki

    Ritaki22 hours ago

    Dear BIPOC employees, The dislikes aren't for you they're for BA and CN.

  42. Chode Blowsonn

    Chode Blowsonn21 hour ago

    No they're for the blacks. Deal with it.

  43. sam Y

    sam Y22 hours ago

    I came for the food.

  44. Allen Jolley

    Allen Jolley22 hours ago

    We want you to own up to your mistakes. Acknowledge that what you did was wrong. For you to try and sweep your behavior under the rug only reinforces the fact that you either did it knowingly, or just didn’t care until it affected your $$$. Please make a video looking us in the eyes.

  45. Chode Blowsonn

    Chode Blowsonn21 hour ago

    What is your ethnicity, please?

  46. Rama Hiba

    Rama Hiba23 hours ago

    All you had to do was PAY your employees! Its not that complicated

  47. JJ

    JJ23 hours ago

    they really said "round up anybody that isn't white chuck them in the video!!!!!"

  48. beautyisntperfect

    beautyisntperfectDay ago

    You didn't need a new and more diverse team. YOU NEEDED TO LISTEN TO AND PAY FAIRLY THE POC ON YOUR TEAM PREVIOUSLY. This reads as highly disingenuous and honestly I'm not even sure that I will continue to watch BA content even though it was previously one of my favorite channels.

  49. azix

    azixDay ago

    This has same energy as Jeffree Star's apology.... "so anyways Breonna Taylor". yeah no thanks you corporate slugs

  50. Mykasan

    MykasanDay ago

    just pay your employee... -_-

  51. Nerdy_Jr.2737

    Nerdy_Jr.2737Day ago

    They probably recorded this at gunpoint

  52. Immanuel Arriaga

    Immanuel ArriagaDay ago

    Call me an optimist, call me an idiot, but this may be a step in the right direction. On one hand, after four months of no activity and doing the bare minimum of addressing the issue of racism and unequal pay at BA, this instead of a formal apology and address comes off as “Look at us! We have black friends!” It addresses the lack of representation yes, but not some of the many other ways BA is guilty of that. It still hasn’t addressed the whole sickness. But on the other hand, maybe this’ll serve as a good reset button to the company. We’ll see in time 🤷🏽‍♂️

  53. Jeremy bingwa

    Jeremy bingwaDay ago

    hope you asshats actually look at the comments and realize people wont just forgive and forget your past issues (which you refuse to resolve) just because you hired new BIPOC

  54. Alex Paul

    Alex PaulDay ago

    Bring all Black People and People of colour just go get attention! This is like look we have Black People too !

  55. michael donnan

    michael donnanDay ago

    They've always had black people. Always. And if they brought in a white person to run it you'd lose your mind. So what, exactly, would you have them do?

  56. Native Civilian

    Native CivilianDay ago

    Bon appetit you're still going to the pits

  57. andrewrocks10

    andrewrocks10Day ago

    Lmao yikes............

  58. aloof

    aloofDay ago


  59. Max Bianco

    Max BiancoDay ago

    Jesus... U don't have to earn OUR respect... Your Companie has to acknowledge the fact it's (was) f-ing with that very "diversity" they try to picture in this video... It's a shame to see how "different" people are seen in this "very divers" State of America

  60. Max Bianco

    Max Bianco20 hours ago

    @michael donnan are u sure you understand what's written up there?

  61. michael donnan

    michael donnanDay ago

    You're just upset because brown people are in charge now.

  62. misa

    misaDay ago


  63. Aisha Productionsss

    Aisha ProductionsssDay ago

    This is the worst way to handle this, all of the good employees are gone, bon appetite isn’t iconic anymore it’s over, everybody un subscribe

  64. Josh .W

    Josh .WDay ago

    It’s not the same, not watching bon appetit anymore fake af

  65. Gaspar

    GasparDay ago

    Don't hate on the new guys They are trying their best

  66. Jose Reyes

    Jose ReyesDay ago

    I regret giving out this view, but I needed to read these comments. This is incredibly disingenuous and just cringy overall. Completely wack.....

  67. Sivusek147

    Sivusek147Day ago

    Look at us we are so diverse

  68. ga acct

    ga acctDay ago

    y’all are better than this. every poc here. y’all deserve better.

  69. Aki - Lucky

    Aki - LuckyDay ago

    These poor people probably weren't even cared about by the white people on top and were hired for damage control of the company this is disturbing

  70. Aki - Lucky

    Aki - LuckyDay ago

    This is embarrassing and disturbing

  71. Renlish

    RenlishDay ago

    Look... it's a step in the right direction, but this wasn't the point. You missed the point by a long shot. The problem was the BA cooks who happened to be any other colour but beige weren't being paid properly. That's what needed addressing. I am all for cultural diversity and I love that there are more POC coming into the team but come on... This all has very "we have black friends" vibes about it and it's not really cool.

  72. Dominique Porchi

    Dominique PorchiDay ago

    So sorry to the new people, y’all are being duped lmfao

  73. Zai-ra_2k20

    Zai-ra_2k20Day ago

    How pathetically predictable.

  74. Zai-ra_2k20

    Zai-ra_2k20Day ago

    @michael donnan address the issues they had with paying relatively previously unknown POC

  75. michael donnan

    michael donnanDay ago

    You're right, it is predictable. They had to put somebody in charge but it couldn't have been a white person for PR reasons... what should they have done?

  76. JuNGLe

    JuNGLeDay ago

    BA is clownin 😳 it’s too late guys

  77. F9

    F9Day ago

    And in the most obvious PR move ever... A leadership team of diversity hires was made in attempts to pull BA out of it's racially charged tailspin.

  78. LawlessDarkness

    LawlessDarknessDay ago

    Hilariously out of touch. Unsubbed

  79. createausernametrue

    createausernametrueDay ago

    Hey man at least they are doing something

  80. random channel

    random channelDay ago

    Top 10 worst anime comebacks

  81. Andrew Rosado

    Andrew RosadoDay ago

    How much do you wanna bet that these new BIPOC are probably underpaid?

  82. michael donnan

    michael donnanDay ago

    Then why would they take the job?

  83. Rachel S

    Rachel SDay ago

    Unsubscribed. What a load

  84. michael donnan

    michael donnanDay ago

    good, I don't want to see your posts on here anymore. You're very negative.

  85. Ben Cusack

    Ben CusackDay ago

    What a wildly obvious ploy!

  86. michael donnan

    michael donnanDay ago

    They should have surprised everyone and put white people in charge. That would have gone over great, right?

  87. Michelle English

    Michelle EnglishDay ago

    Oh look, we replaced good people with annoying people.

  88. jesus saves anus

    jesus saves anusDay ago

    Is it possible to retract a view?

  89. michael donnan

    michael donnanDay ago

    No. Best you can do is go away and don't come back.

  90. Hayley03

    Hayley032 days ago

    “I want to ask uncomfortable questions” you mean like “why am I not getting paid?”

  91. 1822138

    18221382 days ago

    All you clowns had to do was make a video acknowledging what you did wrong, apologizing, and presenting a plan to solve the issue. Also, why do the new members look so uncomfortable? Do they have a gun pointed at them by Conde Nast corporate goons? Did Adam do the Get Out surgery into one of them?

  92. michael donnan

    michael donnanDay ago

    "...make a video acknowledging what you did wrong, apologizing, and presenting a plan to solve the issue..."? That would be corporate malpractice that would open them up to lawsuits and public ridicule. No one would ever run another ad on their channel. It would be the dumbest thing they could do.

  93. hockeygirl1435

    hockeygirl14352 days ago

    Also it doesn't matter if Chris is the next video, he was part of the original team so why is it so important that he actually had a video lined up for the release

  94. hockeygirl1435

    hockeygirl14352 days ago

    Ok so they had an executive editorial and a editor in chief and yall are butthurt about everything that happened. At least they are trying to make things better. It doesn't matter what all of you think at least they are putting someone who is available to talk about their struggles in the forefront.

  95. foni646

    foni6462 days ago

    just give the minorities the whole channel! hahahaha i cant believe you guys decided to go with the decision the white men on the top decided absolutely tone deaf

  96. Gelo Aguilar

    Gelo Aguilar2 days ago

    BA proves they belong in USlikes by giving a standard youtuber apology. Doesn't address anything, isn't really an apology, and with no indication they will change after this

  97. illn0r

    illn0r2 days ago

    They can bring in whatever token hires they want as most the people who left weren't worth the screen time, Claire's was the only one of value that's gone. I'll just stick to Chris, Andy and Brad in the mean time. Hopefully they got a nice juicy payday out of it for sticking around through it all.

  98. Jared Wagner

    Jared Wagner2 days ago

    Without Claire, I don't care. I'm done with BA. I joined because I liked Claire doing Gourmet Makes.

  99. Lucas

    Lucas2 days ago

    Why did I join Bon Appetit? I don't understand equity pay yet

  100. Marisol Lopez

    Marisol Lopez2 days ago

    This is outrageous, you failed so many people, you are terrible Bon Apetit. Deep down you could’ve handled this way better but you decided to replace the people who asked for respect and pay and pushed out this apology . You failed and you’re a terrible company. I cannot fathom how you handled this.

  101. Man of Rice

    Man of Rice2 days ago

    I mean at least we got Marcus now

  102. James Nuernberg

    James Nuernberg2 days ago

    Here the thing about all the criticism below, you can call out someone for making mistakes, but if you don't allow them to find a path towards redemption, if every path they attempt gets met with equal criticism, them you stop being an "agent for good". To condemn without offering the chance for reconciliation is morally wrong.

  103. Diego Vega

    Diego Vega2 days ago

    wait, so claire isn’t here???? she was the best

  104. Tim the Enchanter

    Tim the Enchanter2 days ago

    Ah yes, the classic "we made a mistake and we're gonna address it by not really addressing it"... nice one BA

  105. Almat Sailaukhan

    Almat Sailaukhan2 days ago


  106. Thysen B.

    Thysen B.2 days ago

    Using colored people as a cover-up. It is 2020, and you thought us people with brains would not figure that out? Yikes...

  107. maev _

    maev _2 days ago

    so did sohla, priya, christina, and other poc editors get paid?? no ones answering the question. theyre accting like we'd forget

  108. maev _

    maev _2 days ago

    no because wtf is this.. you guys really couldve done better.

  109. Megan Mitchell

    Megan Mitchell2 days ago

    Oh good , token brown people makes it all better...

  110. michael donnan

    michael donnanDay ago

    Tokens are never in charge. These new people are running the channel.

  111. Areum

    Areum2 days ago

    As much as I'm up against the whole notion of this video, Dawn has some beautiful bone structure.

  112. Juan Mazon

    Juan Mazon2 days ago

    Is everyone getting paid is the REAL question here.. Y’all could have used the “why we joined” as an anecdote while they cooked.. Instead, this seems like a “we got new minorities” showcase.. Definitely lost a viewer because of everything, but this is officially the last view.. It is better to address the elephant in the room than to push it aside for another elephant to fit.. BOO Appétit is more like it..

  113. michael donnan

    michael donnanDay ago

    Good, go away and don't come back. Nobody needs your negative attitude, cooking videos are supposed to be fun.

  114. Brian Arrington

    Brian Arrington2 days ago

    So now everybody in black or brown face??.

  115. Lake Stephenson

    Lake Stephenson2 days ago

    Oh honey, no, this is not taking accountability.

  116. Brian Arrington

    Brian Arrington2 days ago


  117. Sienna Austin

    Sienna Austin2 days ago

    *lmao* the like to dislike ratio

  118. clorofemully

    clorofemully2 days ago

    "americans having a big conversation right now in terms of... identity and culture" YIKES "race" is the word youre looking for.... obviously identity and culture also play huge roles, but the omission of that word was deafening.

  119. michael donnan

    michael donnanDay ago

    Yes, shame on them for not using the exact words you want to hear. What were they thinking?

  120. queen bee

    queen bee2 days ago

    Are we going to talk about what happened? or are we just going to pretend like nothing happened? Your staff had a protest. some of them are gone, because of the way you treated them...