Foolio Talks About Beef In Jacksonville, Being Grazed By A Bullet In Houston Recently, New Music

Foolio "Off The Porch" Interview
Last week we sat down with Jacksonville rapper Foolio for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he talked about life in Jacksonville right now, being from the Northside of the city, long 15 friends to gun violence before he turned 20 years old, using music as his therapy to cope with those losses, getting shot when he was 15, detailing that shooting on his song “True Story Pt.1”, speaks on the recent shooting that took place in Houston, explains how he linked with Zaytoven, the music scene in Jacksonville right now, beef among the rappers in the city, his song “Bibby Story” that was dedicated to his 16 year old brother who was killed last year, his new single “Play With Me”, upcoming project ‘Love Me Like I’m Dead’, his music going to a new level this year, explains why he has remained independent, and much more!


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Interview by Haze

Shot & edited by Mark Jones

"Off The Porch" is Dirty Glove Bastard's exclusive interview series where artists, producers, DJs & industry insiders are given a platform to tell their unfiltered story. Dirty Glove Bastard was created in 2007 to shine more light on the buzzing, regional music scenes in the South & Midwest.
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  1. john the saint

    john the saint4 days ago

    one word *future*

  2. Him Over There

    Him Over There6 days ago

    Zaytoven is pretty elite.

  3. Edmund Singh

    Edmund Singh6 days ago

    Holy fuck man stop lighting the blunt. Pissing me off

  4. skoal wackr

    skoal wackr8 days ago

    dealing with all that death how did it effect you mentally especially being so young? " I ain't even cap was turnt bro" this dude is an absolute legend lol

  5. MrBSHAW333

    MrBSHAW3338 days ago

    I'm just waiting on him to do a song with Blade Brown and Duncan Pinderhughes🤣🤣 I swear he got them Doug E. Doug aka "Popsicle" vibes going on about his self😅😅🤣💀

  6. Gabe Polanco

    Gabe Polanco9 days ago

    How many times he Finna light that L 💀

  7. Richard Angulo

    Richard Angulo9 days ago

    Bro just playing with the lighter at this point

  8. Eric Spivey

    Eric Spivey9 days ago

    Damn bro stop lighting the blunt and pass that shit.

  9. trappboy sk7ch

    trappboy sk7ch9 days ago

    Smoking that dead opp


    WNHPWXXP P9 days ago

    Can’t say he’s lying. My grandmama lives on W 31st and my other grandmama lives off of Edgewood. Moncrief connects them. My great-grandmama lives off of W 8th St. Northside Duval is wild as fuck. Never appreciated what my parents did by moving me from there until I got older.

  11. Eric Cohen

    Eric Cohen9 days ago

    Duval needs to unite and get rich together

  12. Ghetto Canuck

    Ghetto Canuck4 days ago

    This right the fuck here is exactly what needs to happen.

  13. 1sexymona

    1sexymona11 days ago

    I remember when RAP was RAP. May the best Rapper win.. Nowadays if U ain't beefing, your rap career is more than most likely nonexistent.

  14. •CJ

    •CJ10 days ago

    Better to pick up a trade, invest in stocks, DO SOMETHING. Entertainment and sports is no the only ways to attain success.

  15. Yungsteve g

    Yungsteve g11 days ago

    Foolio seem a lil solid than ACE if u ask me !

  16. sruth8609

    sruth860911 days ago

    bruhhhhh fifth grade???

  17. Codie Collie

    Codie Collie11 days ago

    Seem like a honest dude

  18. SLIMM901

    SLIMM90111 days ago

    Chief Keef wave

  19. Hood Virals101

    Hood Virals10111 days ago

    His jaw locking 😂😂 that boy love popping perks

  20. King Jake122

    King Jake12211 days ago

    thats how yall smoke backwoods? why not get a swisher

  21. Sco Jackson

    Sco Jackson11 days ago

    Dude got death all over him....he knows it

  22. Sheree Greer

    Sheree Greer11 days ago

    Shut up

  23. Jayden Goodman

    Jayden Goodman12 days ago


  24. Mandy DeLaRosa

    Mandy DeLaRosa12 days ago

    Look a his eyes 4.03 🤣🤣

  25. lil Josaa

    lil Josaa12 days ago

    His thumb is impeccable that shit would’ve killed my thumb

  26. Gotta Haveit

    Gotta Haveit12 days ago

    N honestly bro it seems like like he can’t even explain exactly why dey really beefin with each other

  27. Gotta Haveit

    Gotta Haveit12 days ago

    Got hit in da hip I was straight doe.. but was der in hospital for two weeks. Den in the kneck n repeats it again “but I was straight doe” lool this yung kid’sthete ego N pride gone get em all knocked out the way

  28. Entova

    Entova11 days ago

    @Neva Lyin bro spelled neck with an extra k

  29. Neva Lyin

    Neva Lyin12 days ago

    What’s a kidsthete 🥴

  30. Gotta Haveit

    Gotta Haveit12 days ago

    He keeps on sayin We was young We was Young .. so he grown nah..? He still young as hell. Ain’t even 25 yet if I’m correct

  31. Joanne J

    Joanne J13 days ago

    I almost hate seeing these interviews. These guys are so wise and talented, moving around with a heavy heart. I wish they could let it go and just get money, but the cycle continues. Definitely hoping the best for both sides ❤

  32. Joanne J

    Joanne JDay ago

    @s b specify "y'all " bc I don't

  33. s b

    s bDay ago

    Y'all say this shit but gas up the music.

  34. Chris Dodges

    Chris Dodges13 days ago

    His vibe changed after that Houston shooting question.

  35. Gaming with Deshon

    Gaming with Deshon13 days ago

    Foolio had some wet ass weed lmaoooo

  36. Ra Peautolu

    Ra Peautolu13 days ago

    Love This Nigga Bruh

  37. Nate Nasaa

    Nate Nasaa13 days ago

    lol dude got so much on his mind I think lightning the blunt keeping him focused it’s not nervous just a lot on his mind that he can’t speak on

  38. Nate Nasaa

    Nate Nasaa10 days ago

    @Mari Bandz ??huh

  39. Mari Bandz

    Mari Bandz11 days ago

    I think u reason too deep

  40. Don Sol

    Don Sol13 days ago

    I saw that shit too

  41. Jerrell Johnson

    Jerrell Johnson14 days ago

    He look and sound like a cold Young dude who dont give a fukk


    SKY 3D SOUTHEAST DC15 days ago

    Foolio 😈😈😈🔥🔥🔥🖤🖤🖤

  43. Greddy

    Greddy15 days ago

    Damn Foolio really accepted his fate...He's really smart too hate to see it

  44. Hvrlem Jvmvicvn

    Hvrlem Jvmvicvn15 days ago

    When I see you goes hard

  45. JitfrmDuval #904

    JitfrmDuval #90416 days ago

    Bra if Yu a nigga from duval who grew up in the hood in Jacksonville ykwtf he talm bout im from grand park and I’ll vouch for jit we all was turnt off some gang kutt throat’s sad to say but that’s the way we was all the older niggas getting a bag and the younger generation goin crazy

  46. Jabori staley

    Jabori staley19 days ago

    why is he lighting the blunt so much

  47. joel react

    joel react20 days ago


  48. d alex77

    d alex7720 days ago

    904 Southside Duval!!!

  49. Dejuan Johnson

    Dejuan Johnson24 days ago

    Praying he leave the streets ppl join me

  50. Eli Black

    Eli Black27 days ago

    This nigga got on a guess jacket

  51. fresh bro fresh

    fresh bro freshMonth ago

    So foolio beefin with yungeen ace or what? How ksoo involved?

  52. Jnz Great

    Jnz GreatMonth ago

    Could not understand what he was saying and I’m pretty sure the interviewing his couldn’t understand him nether

  53. SSMG ENT

    SSMG ENT2 months ago

    Most underrated rapper outta Jacksonville

  54. OG Solid

    OG Solid2 months ago

    I wonder how many times he had to re light that blunt?😒

  55. Baggraccin Hitta

    Baggraccin Hitta3 months ago

    That bibby song go hard....n that song he got wit BIG SCARR

  56. Jason George

    Jason George3 months ago

    And back in blood

  57. Patrick Williams

    Patrick Williams4 months ago

    Dat nigga keep lighting dat bih

  58. I Knew I Was The Shit

    I Knew I Was The Shit4 months ago

    Why's the interviewer sound like Vlad?

  59. Pete Sahat

    Pete Sahat4 months ago

    0:29 WTF? Try to bend your thumb like this. I can't do it...

  60. Jay Slat

    Jay Slat4 months ago

    do poppa

  61. Xpect

    Xpect4 months ago

    Great interview. The PTSD these young men are living through is unreal.

  62. Dre Fullwood

    Dre Fullwood4 months ago

    Dam I wish those boyz stayed focus on getting money and saving there family and community I pray God bless Duvall my second city I love it there it ain't that bad like tha News promote 💝🏆🙏🏾

  63. roomstogo

    roomstogo13 days ago

    No cap i fucks wit what you said . Hard bruh. Been in n out of jax for like 20 plus years .after awhile . U know where to go. N where not to go. Plain n simple

  64. ChiChiGotDaYayo

    ChiChiGotDaYayo18 days ago

    Duval isnt a city tho.....

  65. Jameel Henderson

    Jameel Henderson5 months ago

    I’m from someone we’re messed up a lil

  66. El Gringo

    El Gringo5 months ago

    His weed was still wet did a grow rip and he was to impatient to let it dry fully that's all

  67. Кен Нзерибе

    Кен Нзерибе5 months ago

    Ohh New Music i real wait

  68. Moria K

    Moria K6 months ago

    Jacksonville so crazy with a bad reputation in Florida when I go to south Florida and mfs ask me where I’m from I hate to say Jacksonville because they gone say something negative or they’ll say how do u live there 🤷🏾‍♀️ But I love my city Fuck it 💯

  69. ItzTallyville

    ItzTallyville12 days ago

    Damn what they say. Imma always rep the 3rd bih

  70. JitfrmDuval #904

    JitfrmDuval #90416 days ago

    On gang 💯

  71. Jalen Green Stewart

    Jalen Green StewartMonth ago

    @Rawnn got to be

  72. Rawnn

    Rawnn4 months ago

    idk about that cuz broward hood pompano hood miami gardens hood most parts in souith florida hood so is you talkin about like the beach and the nice places

  73. LA_ Rock0uT

    LA_ Rock0uT4 months ago

    Fuck they opinion shawty 💯

  74. jcbull11

    jcbull116 months ago

    Showin love to Tampa yessuh


    DTR MACKAVELL6 months ago

    Bruh aint gon do it but he should get out of Fla. Too talented to be in a box especially when u gotta look ova shoulder

  76. wonky n layla

    wonky n layla6 months ago

    The blunt is fukin littttt

  77. Blickysnfn

    Blickysnfn6 months ago

    Bruh look like he got the shittiest breath anyone could ever smell 🤢🤢

  78. Internet Truth

    Internet Truth6 months ago

    That man relights the gar ever damn hit

  79. Malik Brown

    Malik Brown6 months ago

    Bro the blunt lit leave it alone😂😂😂

  80. Bagchaser Cj

    Bagchaser Cj6 months ago

    He cant roll or sum he keep lighting da wood😭

  81. Fancy Lady

    Fancy Lady6 months ago

    Love me some Foolio😉😘, but; you know your bigger in this rap game than Jax! It’s time for the success! set the example for the ones coming up after you!

  82. Miguel Guevara

    Miguel Guevara6 months ago

    real ass interview actually was asking about him and his music not just his beef

  83. SneakyBlades

    SneakyBlades6 months ago

    I was in ddc back in 2018 wit that boi spottem he used to bang on the walls rappin n shootin dice made outta TP lol

  84. killerkennyas

    killerkennyas13 days ago

    Duval day care

  85. Tien0Rms

    Tien0Rms6 months ago

    I’m an upcoming artist from Charlotte North Carolina and I go by the name Tien0rms and I just post a new video from my performance from yesterday and was hoping if y’all can give me a chance and check it out 🤞🏾🙏🏽

  86. Von Don

    Von Don6 months ago

    back to back , rollin blunt , me and stunt 😂

  87. 904Eli fromDa716

    904Eli fromDa7163 months ago

    Hoppin out ,we gone job dobe , can't trust a soul, cause niggas hoes, a break the code, neva thought my dog a fold, im getting money ,you getting nothing,so why you fronting n claim you real bitch jus keep that shit 100.

  88. Squad4 Bus

    Squad4 Bus6 months ago

    He ain't lying Moncrief, and a few other places on the north got some shit going on every other day. That basketball park be dry asf now by EWC

  89. Fyb Drilltime

    Fyb Drilltime6 months ago


  90. Gboi Thomas

    Gboi Thomas6 months ago


  91. Allashuwa Beatz

    Allashuwa Beatz6 months ago

    Ayyye they got Foolio on here... Respect.

  92. Kmg gamegod

    Kmg gamegod6 months ago

  93. JalameriCarReviews

    JalameriCarReviews6 months ago

    Being from Florida I fuck with Foolio & Ace hard but shit, I understand how shit goes

  94. Gucci Mane

    Gucci Mane6 months ago

    Bruh ik that blunt lit already folks ass nervous 😂

  95. Karl Gordon

    Karl Gordon6 months ago

    Say what you want foolio is a real g 💯💯

  96. FL Qual

    FL Qual4 months ago

    A real G? This nigga dissin ace in every song but never met the nigga and how you claim bodies you never did

  97. J was cgfg Hygfyy

    J was cgfg Hygfyy6 months ago

    Lil wayne was twekin when he was 13 14

  98. MidnightMover

    MidnightMover6 months ago

    Niggas need to start givin Kodak his credit he put this generation on florida niggas he kicked them doors in.. now it’s on 🔥🔥 shoutout to y’all boys from Oakland 🇭🇹💪🏿

  99. Im Dev

    Im Dev6 months ago

    i like u foolio but stop dissing dead homeboys

  100. Joel Dorsett

    Joel Dorsett6 months ago

    I hope he get up outta there 💤💯

  101. IcySensei

    IcySensei6 months ago

    Nigga lit that bih like 30 times

  102. Fatal Havoc

    Fatal Havoc6 months ago

    Real talk love me like I’m dead They don’t know wats real until it gone

  103. YaYa love

    YaYa love6 months ago

    Lil bro be careful doing these interviews the cops is watching the sreets is talking . I fuck with bro tho 100!!

  104. Utopianflackoo

    Utopianflackoo6 months ago

    Foolio don’t sign brah yu doing yo thang no label

  105. 1024Jager

    1024Jager6 months ago

    He letting the lighter hit the blunt

  106. MOB GANG

    MOB GANG14 days ago

    Nahh frl

  107. Aballish

    Aballish6 months ago

    knew you niggas was finna be talking bout how many times he lit the blunt 🤣

  108. Chris Edmonds

    Chris Edmonds6 months ago

    He lit that blunt like 38 times

  109. Kyro iOS

    Kyro iOS6 months ago

    This is how many times he sparked the blunt 👇🏽

  110. Ira Stafford

    Ira Stafford6 days ago

    I looked in the comments just for this one

  111. Ira Stafford

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  115. YRN J0SH

    YRN J0SH6 months ago

    Jit don’t stop sparkin dat wood🤣

  116. TopDolla Chris

    TopDolla Chris6 months ago

    4:26 Houston shooting💯💯

  117. Unbothered Apparel

    Unbothered Apparel6 months ago

    How many times he gone light the joint... must be smoking that tuna

  118. lacey b

    lacey b6 months ago

    Or boonk

  119. Skorezz

    Skorezz6 months ago

    Big 🎋T🅰️

  120. MR.GetRightWitchu

    MR.GetRightWitchu6 months ago

    13:28 he know grandma voodoo gone keep him safe 😂😂😂

  121. Willie Johnson Jr

    Willie Johnson Jr7 months ago

    Foolio stay independent. Don't do it, own your on rights to your music, be your own boss. The industry is a joke. Don't sell your soul for anything, fortune, fame, or money, everything that glitters ain't gold.

  122. Busta Ali

    Busta Ali7 months ago

    Lololz Real Florida Boyz 🔥🔥

  123. Jose MA

    Jose MA7 months ago

    at wat time stamp he talk about getting blammed in texas

  124. JP Cool

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  125. Tre Johnson

    Tre Johnson7 months ago

    This a real interview right here

  126. Marcus Harper

    Marcus Harper7 months ago

    Don’t sign no deal bro.

  127. Gm Visuals

    Gm Visuals7 months ago

    Ain’t no way that blunt wasn’t lit already

  128. Eddie Weise

    Eddie Weise5 days ago

    @Steez 25 shottah that's true ? If my backwoods running just keep lightning on it. Makes sense

  129. Steez 25 shottah

    Steez 25 shottah11 days ago

    He lit it so much kuz he don’t want the wood to run

  130. S P

    S P11 days ago

    for yall saying he dont know how to roll dumb asl lmao yall must not smoke backwoods. i smoke 4-5 Backwoods every day i run through lighters fast asl

  131. Sebastian Bulla

    Sebastian Bulla11 days ago

    Alr but who's gonna say it to Foolio face

  132. Ronnie Hill

    Ronnie Hill11 days ago

    He got something in it mix with weed peace.

  133. Justin Beeber

    Justin Beeber7 months ago

    Ay where da youngin ace interview!

  134. Von James

    Von James5 months ago

    @Delay Vibezz is this nigga serious

  135. Delay Vibezz

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  136. joe dagger

    joe dagger7 months ago

    Yo you need to stop lighting that joint the hell room with you

  137. My Way

    My Way7 months ago

    Alot of the fellas come the the detention center I worked in and some of his closest friends really killed and got killed....