WWE's Most Wanted Treasures: Undertaker Spots His Purple Gear And Mask In Storage Unit | A&E

The Undertaker spots his famous purple gear and mask in a storage unit in this clip from Season 1, Episode 2.
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  1. A&E

    A&E11 days ago

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  2. Johan Jaziel

    Johan Jaziel20 hours ago

    @Leonardo London Yea, I've been watching on flixzone for since december myself =)

  3. Leonardo London

    Leonardo London20 hours ago

    Pro trick : you can watch series at flixzone. I've been using it for watching lots of of movies lately.

  4. Big Sarge

    Big Sarge5 days ago

    Ive watched every biography so far. Its freaking awesome. I was a teenager in the 80s and i lived this era.


    AL BOOGIE6 days ago

    Can y'all look for The JUNK YARD DAWG'S CHAIN???

  6. Raul Torres

    Raul Torres6 days ago

    What’s it called

  7. Gixxer 667

    Gixxer 66759 minutes ago

    I loved in the attitude era when all you heard was kid Rocks American badass and taker rolls out on a Harley .. the late 90’s were awesome for wwf

  8. JustAGuyfromLDN

    JustAGuyfromLDN2 hours ago

    You know something's of true value (better than saying "old") when Undertaker says "This stuff outdates him (HHH)."

  9. Luis M

    Luis M2 hours ago

    Coming soon to a pawn star episode

  10. Troy McClure

    Troy McClure3 hours ago

    It was last worn at Buried Alive 1996 two months later. Do your research.

  11. vzmnithin

    vzmnithin3 hours ago

    Undertaker hall of fame ceremony, He should wear that purple coat one last time, in that attire he look so beautiful stylish and terrifying


    ATUL JAIN VLOGS3 hours ago


  13. Steve Jacobs

    Steve Jacobs4 hours ago

    The undertaker is the american badass in Real life

  14. Max Inpains

    Max Inpains5 hours ago

    I didn't know Undertaker was a decent guy .... LMAO 🤣

  15. Paul Kersey

    Paul Kersey6 hours ago

    And this is why the undertaker is a legend in and out of this ring

  16. J M

    J M6 hours ago

    The Undertaker vs Unabomb

  17. Nakharin Wareesuwan

    Nakharin Wareesuwan7 hours ago

    that phantom mask is fckin RARE !!

  18. Milton Maynard

    Milton Maynard7 hours ago

    The dead man was the best of all times

  19. Scottie pippen 33

    Scottie pippen 338 hours ago

    No words

  20. Jason Brand

    Jason Brand8 hours ago

    Black leather mask

  21. SDS Overfiend

    SDS Overfiend9 hours ago

    “THE DEADMAN” Living Legend. NUFF SAID

  22. TriVos Ahren

    TriVos Ahren10 hours ago

    2:24 just how bad can a wrestler perform a move? and why on earth does wwe/wwf let him keep wrestling after that injury.

  23. The Fitness Life

    The Fitness Life10 hours ago

    Where is his ministry of darkness gear at though?

  24. Daniel Drayet

    Daniel Drayet10 hours ago

    Undertaker only wore the phantom mask for about 2 months

  25. KK

    KK11 hours ago

    Really need to use more words other than iconic

  26. Kyle Merson

    Kyle Merson13 hours ago

    This was so cool to watch

  27. Grease Wizard

    Grease Wizard14 hours ago

    Undertaker is a genuine human ⚡️🤙🏽

  28. Scottyyy B

    Scottyyy B15 hours ago

    WWE isn't the same anymore I watched it threw the 90s early 2000 that's when it was at its best 👌

  29. The Traveling Rapper

    The Traveling Rapper15 hours ago


  30. That guy from Aggretsuko

    That guy from Aggretsuko15 hours ago

    I'm also asking myself why he possess some peculiar stuff like the phantom mask, I mean I can understand they gifted him something but since I'm not really informed about the business I always thought most of the dresses were property of the WWE, created by their creative tailoring team that you find them ready in the locker room already cleaned and ironed like NBA attire and you left them back at the end of the day. Are those dresses his to begin with? Or is something that was common back in the day, performers keeping their gear in-between shows

  31. Rzxkp7 I

    Rzxkp7 I16 hours ago

    Thank you.

  32. Charley Bea

    Charley Bea17 hours ago

    I like that it appears the concept art for the phantom mask was reused for Mankind's mask

  33. Super Haga

    Super Haga17 hours ago

    This is why ilikethe UNDERTAKER

  34. Mark

    Mark17 hours ago

    Show feels staged

  35. HamadPSV

    HamadPSV18 hours ago

    He's not the man, He's The DEAD MAN!

  36. Giuseppe Pennelli Ferrara

    Giuseppe Pennelli Ferrara18 hours ago

    I pay everything you want for see him with that costum in the ring one last time

  37. cureable 7890

    cureable 789022 hours ago

    Watch my undertaker 1990 tribute.subcribe. I'm doing kane 1997 next. Don't miss out.

  38. Madhan Raja

    Madhan Raja22 hours ago

    That time, it was Kane, the Undertaker.

  39. Vasu kumar

    Vasu kumarDay ago

    My favourite wrestling Hero looking for Ded man Undertaker sir

  40. Moto Robo

    Moto RoboDay ago

    Stone cold; undertaker; Eddie Guerrero ❤️

  41. Kareem topboss

    Kareem topbossDay ago

    Undertaker is awesome

  42. B P

    B PDay ago

    Is anyone who worked for the WWE in the past considered a "legend"? Michelle McCool a WWE legend? Where do we draw the line...

  43. STALKER Entertainment

    STALKER EntertainmentDay ago

    Hopefully they will be careful with these relics of the legendary years of WWE and Undertaker's legacy, because if they don't I know what will rest in peace six feet under.

  44. Brandon Dansby

    Brandon DansbyDay ago

    The phantom mask prequel to kane

  45. Itz JP

    Itz JPDay ago

    Should never sell these rare pieces 😭

  46. sebastian martins

    sebastian martinsDay ago

    Aj Francis in NXT.

  47. Lucas Norton

    Lucas NortonDay ago

    Lukewarm to

  48. C Monster7D

    C Monster7DDay ago

    I love how the mask was important until the purple coat was spotted. 😆

  49. Sporkenstein

    SporkensteinDay ago

    The fact that he can look so intimidating one second then switch back to being this gracious nice guy the next is a testament to how talented he is.

  50. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu8 hours ago

    Undertaker,Shawn Michaels and Stone cold show make a trio Adventure series on Discovery channel.

  51. Andre Boyd

    Andre BoydDay ago

    That man is his own history book

  52. Crybaby

    CrybabyDay ago

    why is he spotting these things this is all stuff that he should have already owned and having his possession better question he should be answering is how did somebody get his stuff

  53. UndertakerEraBeats2000

    UndertakerEraBeats2000Day ago

    That’s all they had for this episode or is there more?

  54. Jason Brand

    Jason BrandDay ago

    He needs to check the calacool e mail ! Important !

  55. Rid

    RidDay ago

    3 Mil views in a week ! The GOAT 🐐 🔥

  56. Salman Fazil

    Salman FazilDay ago

    As a fan it brought tears to my eyes seeing my idol . 😭 Love from india 💕🙌

  57. Florida Boy. / California Man .

    Florida Boy. / California Man .Day ago

    Undertaker ! .

  58. Luis Sigala jr

    Luis Sigala jrDay ago

    I’m happy he is good in real live

  59. Hypn02

    Hypn02Day ago

    4:37 wrong, last time he wore it was at the Buried Alive PPV in October 1996, about 2 months later.

  60. Cristian Roth

    Cristian RothDay ago

    Stop putting prices on priceless things. They belong in a museum, or the WWE Archive at least.

  61. Siddhant Yadav

    Siddhant YadavDay ago

    There should be a gritty comic series based on these iconic characters.😈😈

  62. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuDay ago

    for when he gets home from work. I miss you, dad and I wish we could watch Summerslam once more like we did before. 💜

  63. Diesel

    DieselDay ago

    02:36 They eventually used this mask design a half a year later as part of the Mankind gimmick outfit.

  64. Diesel

    DieselDay ago

    Purple/black outfit was Undertaker's best outfit, in my opinion, Grey and black wasn't bad, either.

  65. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuDay ago

    Bruh when he did the hat tilt and the white eyes....

  66. Prafulla Jani

    Prafulla JaniDay ago

    Luv uhh tang

  67. BDM BORO

    BDM BORODay ago

    Rusev...... haaaa haaaa

  68. Farmer Joe FF 🔥

    Farmer Joe FF 🔥Day ago

    5:54 first time I see you wearing this on Instagram I am coming to look for ya lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  69. Synx Fc

    Synx FcDay ago

    Jesus Christ loves you

  70. Joey Cage

    Joey CageDay ago

    I was really hoping they would open the locker and the ministry of darkness symbol would be in there - it seems like undertaker kind of distances himself a bit from that stage of his career these days

  71. Oli_R

    Oli_RDay ago


  72. Сергій Пилипенко

    Сергій Пилипенко2 days ago

    Тейкер самий класний, самий вдалий і бомбезний персонаж, якого зіграв неймовірно талановитий реслер. Тейкер мій улюблений герой.

  73. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt2 days ago

    Seeing this stuff in a museum would peak my interest more than seeing T-Rex bones or the Mona Lisa.

  74. Peechit Manuel

    Peechit Manuel2 days ago

    It's like were in a time machine, travel back in the past. Old School is cool😊😊😊

  75. strawhat luffy

    strawhat luffy2 days ago


  76. strawhat luffy

    strawhat luffy2 days ago

    For me the purple gear thing mrbeast can afford

  77. Money# definesMAN

    Money# definesMAN2 days ago

    Undertaker,Shawn Michaels and Stone cold show make a trio Adventure series on Discovery channel.

  78. Superior Snake

    Superior Snake2 days ago

    I always considered McCool to be the most beautiful Diva in WWE. I wasn't wrong.

  79. Jose Jose

    Jose Jose2 days ago

    Undertaker is a super hero

  80. Sens Fortress

    Sens Fortress2 days ago

    Bruh when he did the hat tilt and the white eyes....

  81. yasin Ahmad

    yasin Ahmad2 days ago

    The best wrestler character in world wrestling

  82. bullet club

    bullet club2 days ago

    1:10 Jeepers Creepers

  83. JuanGuillermoCarlos ArevaloMaldonado

    JuanGuillermoCarlos ArevaloMaldonado2 days ago

    Quien da mas version wwe? Version undertaker ??? ....... ME APUNTO TRAIGANLO A A&E MEXICO PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  84. Patrick Johnson

    Patrick Johnson2 days ago

    Drinking Game: How many times can they say "Iconic" (Buy a F***ing Thesaurus)

  85. Ikhsan YT 008

    Ikhsan YT 0082 days ago


  86. Ikhsan YT 008

    Ikhsan YT 0082 days ago


  87. Captain Edgar Jaquez

    Captain Edgar Jaquez2 days ago

    Now those are treasures from WWE legend Undertaker

  88. shamar storm

    shamar storm2 days ago

    Imagine if the undertaker was your father and you sneak out the house to go to a party when you trying to sneak to come back to the house at 1AM in the morning and the undertaker sitting on couch by the door wearing the all purple on plus the mask waiting for you angry

  89. Christian Jackson

    Christian Jackson2 days ago

    GROW UP!! Try watching real sports instead of their physical acting!!

  90. The Life of HolyElk

    The Life of HolyElk2 days ago

    This is awesome! Undertaker was my favorite WWE superstar growing up!

  91. wwe and scheich fan

    wwe and scheich fan2 days ago

    At 0:49 when the undertaker looked at the camera I was like hi undertaker!!!!

  92. Lps Honey bee

    Lps Honey beeDay ago

    Me too!!! Lol 😂

  93. Doug Scalia

    Doug Scalia2 days ago

    Ummm Mcool a legend ok? Lmao lmao wow

  94. Romain Lavoie

    Romain Lavoie2 days ago

    No question the Best character in all of professional sports ever ! Something of this magnitude can't hardly be duplicated ! In terms of overall impact I can only think of the 1975 Philadelphia Flyers, The 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates and the 1987 Four Horsemen. Every sports fan recalls The Hammer Dave Schultz, The Cobra Dave Parker and The Nature Boy. But with The Undertaker it's unanimous! He stands alone. What legacy!

  95. Jesse Ruiz

    Jesse Ruiz2 days ago

    I like to get that purple outfit

  96. rusty bawls

    rusty bawls2 days ago

    Wwe star in training, gets gassed walking down a hill. Ngmi

  97. Unknown Assassin

    Unknown Assassin2 days ago

    He was the best at keeping to the rules of Kayfabe true legend of the sport of professional wrestling

  98. WWrEstling Vault

    WWrEstling Vault2 days ago

    Stop blurring the WWF logo

  99. Haroon paul

    Haroon paul2 days ago

    Undertaker s wife looks like his daughter lol

  100. Ronald Garcia

    Ronald Garcia2 days ago

    That's very kool 😎

  101. venomws6

    venomws62 days ago

    Eye Roll = Goosebumps like always, The most Iconic Character in wrestling history.

  102. Superfranco

    Superfranco2 days ago


  103. Pierre The Alpha

    Pierre The Alpha2 days ago

    your video awesome and great i like the undertaker purple gear and duster this my favourite color

  104. Zahari Awgcool

    Zahari Awgcool2 days ago

    Undertaker the ministry of darkness 1999.. very best🙂👍👍👍

  105. Tristan Maertens

    Tristan Maertens2 days ago

    Aj francis. Omg never knew he hosted this

  106. Paul Cowlishaw

    Paul Cowlishaw2 days ago

    The Undertaker wife is so hot. Very lucky guy.

  107. JohnsGamingAndMore

    JohnsGamingAndMore2 days ago

    With him being my favorite wrestler as a child, this is absolutely amazing

  108. Anthony Michael Hall

    Anthony Michael Hall2 days ago

    What the heck happened at 4:32? That was a gnarly looking chokeslam!!!