Shapiro Reacts to Gina Carano Getting Canceled by Hollywood

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Disney has FIRED actress Gina Carano from their hit show 'The Mandalorian' for an Instagram post they deemed to be "abhorrent and unacceptable.”
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  1. Ben Shapiro

    Ben Shapiro25 days ago


  2. GeniesAsses es!

    GeniesAsses es!4 days ago

    Is it just me or do others also think this guy looks and sounds like the result of spock and captain kirk having had a kid together?

  3. Rada asdlkalsd

    Rada asdlkalsd5 days ago

    What you say really does make sense, never stop.

  4. ThePhDScientist

    ThePhDScientist8 days ago

    Not controversial - just the big lie or non-existent voter fraud meant to radicalize the Trump cult into terrorist White supremacist extremism

  5. Max Hoselton

    Max Hoselton10 days ago

    Because it makes a leftist tear.

  6. Ramikan Imperador

    Ramikan Imperador11 days ago


  7. Nicholas Koh

    Nicholas Koh7 hours ago

    theres cancel culture everywhere tbh if ben shapiro didnt think someone who doesnt share his views is working with him, he also would fire exact same thing lol

  8. Sampson

    Sampson23 hours ago

    This sucks cause Bill Burr is on this show and he said he feels like he needs to watch what he says now for the sake of his job

  9. Ben Fletcher

    Ben Fletcher23 hours ago

    Pedro didn’t get fired cause he’s both the star of the show and he’s a political star. If he got fired, so many people would go and try boycotting Disney and Disney+ especially

  10. K

    KDay ago

    of course Ben Shapiro is gonna defend Israel .

  11. Daniel Ramirez

    Daniel RamirezDay ago

    Soon they will go and freeze your bank accounts. Leftists already anounced that the want that for conservatives.

  12. kkonsti

    kkonstiDay ago

    This is why you need better worker protection laws. In the US you can pretty much fire anyone over anything, as this also shows. Correct me if I am wrong.

  13. kkonsti

    kkonstiDay ago

    You make it seem like the Dems are the only party that manipulates media...

  14. Gameslord

    GameslordDay ago

    Right, and when the corporations serve Republican Party interests, then they are wonderful public servants and everything is very paradisy.

  15. Mark Lindstrom

    Mark LindstromDay ago

    Ben Shapiro is just an absolute legend.

  16. Elliot Kwasek

    Elliot Kwasek2 days ago

    a reasonable point of view with an un-reasonable hat

  17. NoeraZ

    NoeraZ2 days ago

    Disney: let's fire this woman because she made a "bad" comparison to the holocaust Also Disney: thank you, the chinese government who are basically excecuting "The holocaust 2.0" at the moment

  18. Tim Fercho

    Tim Fercho2 days ago

    completely f off

  19. Tim Fercho

    Tim Fercho2 days ago

    I chanced them for cancelling her. f them.

  20. Charles De Rosas

    Charles De Rosas3 days ago

    She was also in deadpool which she was also known for lol.

  21. Icthru You

    Icthru You3 days ago

    Boycot Disney , cancel your subscription if you have one.

  22. Pedro Gomez Rodriguez

    Pedro Gomez Rodriguez3 days ago

    She worked for a private company, she should keep her mouth shut. Simply like that

  23. Oguer Fernández

    Oguer Fernández3 days ago

    An empowered woman appears, and immediately they attack and censor her ... and where are the feminists? ... The men of the left have silenced them. Hahaha

  24. V King

    V King3 days ago

    I do not support Trump-era Conservative views but I think people have a right to freedom of speech without fear of being fired as long as it does not incite violence. As a Liberal-leaning person, it concerns me that we cannot speak anymore. Even when I say something, leftists will attack me, cancel me, or block me. Leftists views aren't even any better than any other problematic political views. I've seen leftists spew SJW propaganda and no one bats an eye. Even I, as a Liberal, feel comfortable speaking up. Authoritarian leftism is a problem in the US that everyone is blind to right now. All this self-censorship bothers me. I'm not allowed to enjoy books by white authors apparently.... Yep.

  25. citizenghosttown

    citizenghosttown3 days ago

    I don't care for authoritarian leftists any more than I care for authoritarian right wingers. But she wasn't exactly fired. Disney chose not to renew her contract because they decided that working with someone who publicly trivializes the Holocaust is more trouble than it's worth. That's not authoritarian leftism or censorship -- it's capitalism.

  26. GeniesAsses es!

    GeniesAsses es!4 days ago

    I will never again watch anything made by lucas films... I hope enough people will do the same so those evil people will open their eyes

  27. SuperTrustFall

    SuperTrustFall4 days ago

    The 4k of people that clicked the dislike button, really were clicking "the truth hurts" button.

  28. Timothy Bernardi

    Timothy Bernardi4 days ago

    If you reference Mr. Shapiro's comments at 5:09, you'll find the moment where his logic seems to collapse. At that point he says "With that said, this post is an overwrought Holocaust comparison, it is not a firable offense. It is not even close to a firable offense". What might be problematic about Mr. Shapiro's assertion is that Ms. Carano was actually working under contract. That would mean the question is not whether or not Disney/Lucasfilm was being fair or unfair. Rather the question should be did Disney/Lucasfilm violate the terms of the contract? I could be wrong, but If Disney/Lucasfilm violated the terms of her contract when they parted ways with her, then she could/should sue them for breach. However, if Disney/Lucasfilm were actually empowered by the terms of the contract (an agreement that she [an adult] willingly signed) then this is a business decision and the company would seem to be well within its rights to exercise the decision to end the relationship.

  29. Timothy Bernardi

    Timothy Bernardi3 days ago

    @citizenghosttown I think there's reason to assume Mr. Shapiro is only raising this topic because it's a controversial situation associated with a popular television show (The Mandalorian) produced by an internationally known brand (Disney) and he wants to piggyback off of it to garner some attention for himself. He seems to be exploiting someone else's circumstance for his own professional gain. I mean, go for it, young man. You won't be the first person to attempt to profit off of another person's loss.

  30. citizenghosttown

    citizenghosttown3 days ago

    ​@Timothy Bernardi Fair enough. For me, the main point is that Disney was under no obligation - and certainly no legal obligation - to continue working with her. And that makes Shapiro's hysteria all the more misleading.

  31. Timothy Bernardi

    Timothy Bernardi3 days ago

    @citizenghosttown I'm not sure that the word "renew" is the right word. I would suggest that Disney paid out her first contract and decided not to extend a second contract.

  32. citizenghosttown

    citizenghosttown3 days ago

    I'm pretty sure she wasn't under contract. Disney owed her nothing. They simply decided not to renew.

  33. GeniesAsses es!

    GeniesAsses es!4 days ago

    We must not watch the mandaloian in protest of their extreme evil bullying

  34. GeniesAsses es!

    GeniesAsses es!4 days ago

    Thank you Bill Burr

  35. GeniesAsses es!

    GeniesAsses es!4 days ago

    Is it just me or do others think this guy looks and sounds like the result of spock and captain kirk having had a kid together?

  36. citizenghosttown

    citizenghosttown4 days ago

    Don't be such snowflake, Ben. Disney didn't fire her. They chose not to renew her. Stop pretending that this celebrity millionaire who trivialized the Holocaust was entitled to something.

  37. citizenghosttown

    citizenghosttown4 days ago

    Here is Ben doing what he does best -- whining. Here's a suggestion. If you don't like how Lucasfilms or Disney conducts business (i.e. choosing to not work with entertainers who trivialize the Holocaust or insult or offend others) don't consume their entertainment. Ain't free markets great? What do you have against capitalism?

  38. citizenghosttown

    citizenghosttown4 days ago

    Gina who?

  39. Christophe Gerard

    Christophe Gerard4 days ago

    It is sad that in a modern society, we have to watch every single word we say, or we can get canceled because of it. Especially if we are on the right side.

  40. Fruity Toots

    Fruity Toots4 days ago

    Off topic. I think the reason why a lot of people don't like Ben Shapiro, is because he is speaking way too much truth. Ben 'The Legend" Shapiro.

  41. Vaughn Spight

    Vaughn Spight5 days ago

    What I don't get it #CANCELCULTURe

  42. noeljdf

    noeljdf5 days ago


  43. Justin Tahair

    Justin Tahair5 days ago

    its unexepatable you should not get fired for this and that goes for the real world as well thats because disney is so hypiccritical walt was anti semetic as well if i was her would take legal action against disney

  44. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler5 days ago

    Gasp. What a shock... you think a negative view on Israel is terrible. Ya don’t say. Btw should I be canceled for my name? Maybe I’m mocking him. Maybe I love him. You’ll never know. But trust me, Benji would cancel me.

  45. Samson Gihoul

    Samson Gihoul5 days ago

    I love how your views are so balanced, long live the center! only the center sees whats in front!

  46. Nigel Marwa

    Nigel Marwa6 days ago

    Ben shapiro is racist

  47. Frankyyy 97

    Frankyyy 976 days ago

    If Gina carano was the other way around they praise her

  48. Tim Pieper

    Tim Pieper6 days ago

    Just liked and subscribed, then after the video I get a Disney + advert. Happy to never purchase a subscription from them ever. The only way to end cancel culture is fight fire with fire. Disney; canceled!

  49. Lynn Carpenter-Bennet

    Lynn Carpenter-Bennet6 days ago

    Wow. Didn’t think that someone could be fired from the guardian for being stupid. I mean, like, Julie Bindle, am I right? Her views border, if not actually support gender genocide.

  50. Christopher the Great

    Christopher the Great6 days ago

    It does make sense why Disney fired her though because if they didn't they would be receiving backlash from the democrats and the liberal media, but in the process, the republicans are going to boycott Disney + for firing her. It is really unnecessary and forces people, companies, and media outlets to take sides. People should be hired, fired, and employed based on their ability to do the contents of their job description.

  51. Stone Slider

    Stone Slider6 days ago

    The Mandalorion is a stupid show anyway. Who, in any world, walks around with a helmet on constantly. I hope she finds a better gig.

  52. Microwave

    Microwave6 days ago

    Irrelevant but the Mandalorian was kinda bad

  53. Ken Lamella

    Ken Lamella6 days ago

    Thank you Bill for taking a stand!!!!?😃 You are amazing!!!!

  54. Ken Lamella

    Ken Lamella6 days ago

    This interview was awesome! Gina Carano is a sweetheart!

  55. bam bam

    bam bam6 days ago

    Lmfao 🤣😂🤣😂

  56. Mr. Tee

    Mr. Tee6 days ago

    It’s not the fact that Disney fired her for speech they found offensive. It’s more the double standard of conservatives only getting cancelled for saying things that aren’t even really offensive while leftist get away with the most disgusting comments. It’s obvious that cancel culture started as an excuse to censor conservative ideas and limit their exposure. But it will soon affect those who condone and support it.

  57. citizenghosttown

    citizenghosttown3 days ago

    @V King Jonny Depp is pretty far to the Left so I'm not sure how that works. And the court found that he was abusing her.

  58. V King

    V King3 days ago

    As someone who considers myself progressive, I agree. I've heard awful things from the left. The left is also the one who cancelled Johnny Depp before knowing that it was his ex-wife abusing him. I was too scared to say out loud that something seemed fishy about her story and that we should wait for more information...

  59. Timothy Bernardi

    Timothy Bernardi4 days ago

    Why did she sign a contract that gave Disney the power to treat her this way?

  60. nicholas gakuu

    nicholas gakuu6 days ago

    what happened to freedom of speech?..just because somebody says something you dislike its not enough to ruin their carrers.

  61. citizenghosttown

    citizenghosttown3 days ago

    Her career is in fine shape. She's more famous now than she ever was.

  62. Lego Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Lego Obi-Wan Kenobi6 days ago

    The snowflake generation

  63. Aigars Kreicis

    Aigars Kreicis7 days ago

    Man i love this guy😅... #canceldisney🤣🤣🤣

  64. Aigars Kreicis

    Aigars Kreicis7 days ago

    JK... But this still messed up🤷🏻‍♂️

  65. j .0

    j .07 days ago

    I got cancelled at school for calling Kamala Harris a hoe😂

  66. Gerard Landry

    Gerard Landry7 days ago

    I am a big fan Shapiro but they are not the democratic party, they are the democrat party. Words mean things. "democratic" is an adjective describing a political ideology, "Democrat" is a noun specific to a political liberal/socialist political party.


    CRUMP MAN7 days ago

    What people should do is cancel (stop paying for) anything Disney or the lame Starwars series! The liberals get away with this is because all we conservatives do is complain and move on. Stop giving them your money, they will feel that!

  68. fernando alarcon

    fernando alarcon7 days ago

    We all know if she was a man she would have been cancelled on her first instance of saying dumb shit. She got a shit ton of chances to STFU and she did not get the hint.

  69. Ronan Hodgson

    Ronan Hodgson8 days ago

    It's modern day McCarthyism in action.

  70. Bønzëaux Błëuxgrēn

    Bønzëaux Błëuxgrēn8 days ago

    While I’m against cancel culture, I do think the word “canceled” is being overused. The concept of boycotting has been around forever, so the idea of companies bowing down to consumer pressure is nothing new. Disney did what they wanted to do, and you would think free-market conservatives would support that right. It seems Mr. Shapiro has been partaking in the same “selective outrage” that he claims to be so against. Same thing with abortion. He’s all for individual responsibility and he wants the government to mind their own business, except when it comes to his deeply held ideological beliefs. The hypocritical conservatives are the most selectively outraged demographic in America.

  71. citizenghosttown

    citizenghosttown3 days ago

    Exactly right. Shapiro was silent when a Republican President used the power of the office to boycott, bully and "cancel" businesses and individuals with the "wrong" opinions. But when Disney makes a business decision in the free market, Shapiro gets his panties in a twist.

  72. Larry Wheeler

    Larry Wheeler8 days ago

    Disney is a private company. This is the free market. If they feel protecting their brand against ignorant comments from a cage fighter is their right. Maybe she can run for president now that she has Trump street cred. Lol

  73. Storminmormn6

    Storminmormn68 days ago

    Is Ben Shapiro not considered, “The media?”

  74. Олена Паламарчук

    Олена Паламарчук8 days ago

    А, Мандалорец все ровно скатился. Как раз вовремя ушла.

  75. perryandy2

    perryandy28 days ago

    The wackos are in charge...common sense is gone.

  76. Evan Strat

    Evan Strat8 days ago

    Wow me and my family are liberal and I can even tell that this is messed up

  77. JAG

    JAG8 days ago

    take a breath dude - inhale deep - you are short stroking your sentences and you talk to fast !! LOL - Chipmunk speed

  78. Right Honorable Devonian

    Right Honorable Devonian8 days ago

    That Iron triangle doesn’t exist Ben.

  79. jimi71smw

    jimi71smw8 days ago

    What bugs me about this whole story and Kathleen Kennedy is that so called large Twitter Mob that got Gina fired have gone strangely quiet. you would have thought that they would have jumped in to help their "woke" hero Kathleen Kennedy but they have gone silent, not a word from them, especially when "they" were so vocal about Gina. Now Kathleen Kennedy has gone into hiding and has gone silent and is not making any comment or statements just like the "twitter mob" could they be one and the same? Kathleen Kennedy certainly had the motive, as she wanted rid of anyone that didn't follow her agenda, she certainly had access to enough computers and I.T. specialists that could have used all those assets at Lucasfilm as a lot of their work is CGI and based on computers to create numerous twitter accounts and bots to perform such an action and she certainly has an over baring and ruthless manner to force people to go along with this plan or else they would be fired and if those I.T. experts have signed a non disclosure agreement then there would be nothing they could do to report this breach of power and Kathleen Kennedy would never be held accountable for this action....someone needs to investigate the computers at Lucasfilm as this could very well be a real possibility.

  80. Louise Delorche

    Louise Delorche8 days ago

    'Don't try to ruin my life with lies, when your life can be ruined with the truth.' I am Gina

  81. Dave Hills

    Dave Hills8 days ago

    Gina carana an i love her as an actress

  82. Rex Paul

    Rex Paul8 days ago

    Who are the Uyghurs?

  83. Josh T

    Josh T8 days ago

    I love how Disney give more of a s### about people who will never watch Star Wars and destroy a complete franchise so they can push a message. Mandolorian is now going to be weird without her.

  84. williard billmore

    williard billmore9 days ago

    You are fired, Benny boi. No one wants to listen to a Cartman sound alike spewing Trumptard rhetoric.

  85. Big Doug’s Commentary

    Big Doug’s Commentary9 days ago

    She tried to cancel an election. Good riddance.

  86. Andrea Espinoza Abasolo

    Andrea Espinoza Abasolo9 days ago

    Here in Chile the same us so sad we are not allowed to have an opinión

  87. Jane Blonde

    Jane Blonde9 days ago

    China is basically the new Nazi Germany. I'm saying this and I'm Jewish.

  88. Joel Trussler

    Joel Trussler9 days ago

    Me: I'm really starting to like Disney Plus Disney: (Fires Gina Carano from The Mandalorian Me: (cancels my subscription)

  89. Joel Trussler

    Joel Trussler8 days ago

    @Caleb Hall Pretty much yeah

  90. Caleb Hall

    Caleb Hall8 days ago

    Wow that extreme

  91. Kadavergehorsam

    Kadavergehorsam9 days ago

    So Disney is the empire and Carano is a rebellion? What a weird irony

  92. j** tee

    j** tee9 days ago

    Nobody cares.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🍭

  93. MichaelAussie05

    MichaelAussie059 days ago

    Great content thanks to everyone who helped produce this.

  94. Bilge Pump

    Bilge Pump9 days ago

    Gina Carano marry me!!

  95. skemsen

    skemsen9 days ago

    “I wear the hat and everything” 😂😂😂

  96. Logan Moutardier

    Logan Moutardier9 days ago

    Thanks LibTards

  97. Angelo Crossbones

    Angelo Crossbones9 days ago


  98. J S

    J S9 days ago

    Cancel culture is great. I cancelled Disney plus. 1st amendment means more.

  99. Arthur Brown The UNCANNY KODIAK

    Arthur Brown The UNCANNY KODIAK10 days ago

    I made this comment on Abba And Preach but felt it reminded me of what Ben said here: Love your show, Ben. "Wait! I keep hearing that people don't "like" comparisons to the holocaust. We are all saying this because its safe. We need to stop that. What ever happened to the very real saying, "those who forget (or dont speak about) the past are destined to repeat/relive it." So what if you are uncomfortable with the comparison, the fact is this was not some fictional bad guy hear and the reality of it is that it could and will(without prevention) happen again.. THIS REALLY HAPPENED! Its happened to 11 million Jews, the Africans (im talking by their own people even before sold to the slave trade.) The native Americans. There have been MANY perpetrator: Rome, Mongols (they murdered 40 million!!!), Italy, Ussr, god the list goes on. Hell, Its happening in China right now. No! I argue that the comparison to a reality that has happened is necessity and a responsibility!"

  100. Jo p

    Jo p10 days ago

    Imagine a country where you can't post what you like, your opinions, or basically anything that doesn't agree with other's. Sounds like a communist country, but it's the US, "land of the free"

  101. Justin Moore

    Justin Moore10 days ago

    WTF... Just finished season 1 of The Mandalorian, I liked it and hoped to see her character throughout the show. Turns out Disney is as terrible a company as they say, and show it in EVERYTHING they do. How unfortunate. Unless she was given a proper end in Season 2, what Bullshit this is. An actress for a character of a well liked show, just because of social media posts. What the hell for? Is Disney stupid enough to think that her posts actually do significant damage to viewership? Or, finding an excuse to cancel them is a plus in some way?

  102. Scott R.

    Scott R.10 days ago

    So Kathleen Kennedy has had one screw up after another for close to ten years now, where is the mob calling for her to be fired?

  103. Dritzz Darkwood

    Dritzz Darkwood10 days ago

    This is Echo Base #3 Scandinavia🇩🇰🇳🇴🇸🇪 We stand with Gina and Freedom of Speech! Ion Cannon standing by /...

  104. Harmonic

    Harmonic10 days ago

    I just started watching the Mandelorian a week or two ago because I got a free 6-month sub to Disney+ from my cell phone plan. I will likely not continue when my 6 months runs out. Disney doesn't need my money.

  105. Isaiah Smith

    Isaiah Smith10 days ago

    Disney is a platform for left wing agendas.

  106. James Lee

    James Lee10 days ago

    I hate Trump. I hate Biden. more than that I hate star wars. That being said I hate the attack on freedom of speech. I'm tired of. The emo cry baby cancel culture sheep expecting Holly weird actors and rappers and singers and sports personality to be a moral compass. Just because someone is " famous " doesn't mean they have to speak what you want to hear. There's way more important things to worry about in this country rather than getting all heated about what some no talent hack said in her personal life outside of a no talent hack show.

  107. cleverest

    cleverest10 days ago I have to cancel Disney+ - Why can't fools keep personal politics out of entertainment? Cancel-culture sucks.

  108. Yu Jiun YUAN

    Yu Jiun YUAN10 days ago

    In the thumbnail I saw to Ben Shapiros. Just saying.

  109. Sean Moore

    Sean Moore10 days ago

    Stop blaming everything on people! Even bosses don't create culture and get caught by surprise by it. There are always those who look around and want to generalize the behavior they see onto everybody, and call it "human nature". Behavior changes, nature changes, so there goes that argument. The left should know better: Systematic incentives lead to a mode of interaction -- a common experience. When people come together and recount their common experiences, we call it culture.

  110. Sean Moore

    Sean Moore10 days ago

    The above is exactly what people are replicating outside of the workplace: "Make me uncomfortable?? I'll put pressure on you until you go away! Put pressure on me?? I'll just leave!" How are people supposed to hold onto families with these mentalities? How are they supposed to organize? [crickets]

  111. Sean Moore

    Sean Moore10 days ago

    Now every sector is dominated by a de-facto monopoly of a few "too-big-to-fail" giants. Since bosses no longer compete, they prioritize their own comfort. Rather than getting fired (the old way of loosing work), employees are quitting. The people who are quitting are not the ones who can't work. They are "anybody who makes the boss uncomfortable". You can be the best employee, but if the GM happens to dislike you or prefer somebody else, they'll cut your hours or make your life miserable until you quit.

  112. Sean Moore

    Sean Moore10 days ago

    The only thing to change in the last two decades is the form of cancel culture. Bosses used to compete and America had a labor shortage. In this period, bosses "fired" the weaker, older, and less productive employees to increase their profits. That's how we did things economically. What did we do politically in this time period? Reaganism. The canceling of social welfare and the promotion of market economics -- Reaganism -- is cancel culture against the weak and vulnerable. Some still carry this culture by inheritance, but current interactions are withering it out -- this era is done.

  113. Sean Moore

    Sean Moore10 days ago

    ""Cancel Culture" Why is there mystery on the left about where cancel culture comes from? I though we solved this with Marx: The right thinks culture comes from "the people", which is why they always oppose groups of people whom they believe is causing whatever they don't like. The left knows that culture derives from economics -- from interactions at work. Gee, let's think about what workplace interaction might spring on cancel culture, shall we? Oh, how about the fact that unions died and bosses went ahead and fired everybody that said/did something that they don't like. Yeah, that probably has something to do with it.

  114. Outback Spaceradio

    Outback Spaceradio10 days ago

    Okay so 0.75x speed on

  115. HookNLineHarrison

    HookNLineHarrison10 days ago

    Talking fast doesnt build credibility

  116. Peter Martin

    Peter Martin10 days ago

    This is the dumbest shit ever

  117. rayyan09

    rayyan0910 days ago

    We love Gina. Boycott Lucasfilm and Disney.

  118. Aj Sky

    Aj Sky10 days ago

    Love Shapiro but he's got the nervous system of a chipmunk. He needs less caffeine and more yoga!