I Made A Giant 100-Pound Boba Milk Tea • Tasty

“1000 little bobas, 500 tea bags, PVC pipe, and a hotel vase. I have a lot of work to do.”
Inga's Boba Recipe: uslikes.info/house/Z21oyMp_o4t6gZ0/video.html
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  1. Oboro Shirakumo

    Oboro Shirakumo2 hours ago

    Who else is starving and watching this 😭

  2. Samhitha Vadlamudi

    Samhitha Vadlamudi3 hours ago

    Please make a giant cupcake

  3. Eva H.

    Eva H.6 hours ago

    First try he literally made ublek 😂 like when you mix cornstarch and water

  4. Mc Kinnon

    Mc Kinnon6 hours ago

    He made oobleck

  5. Im Nala

    Im Nala11 hours ago

    My curiosity: Yes! My trypophobia: No!

  6. cassandraa

    cassandraa13 hours ago

    *This is my dream*

  7. puan Dinar

    puan Dinar14 hours ago

    Do you have a dream to meet gordon ramsay

  8. dream fan ;O

    dream fan ;O16 hours ago


  9. Donna Elleanna

    Donna Elleanna17 hours ago

    they look adorable together

  10. Simple Heart

    Simple Heart18 hours ago

    Doctor: you could only have one milk tea at a week Him: ok The milk tea-

  11. Yalie fun crafts and makeup

    Yalie fun crafts and makeup19 hours ago

    Ooblac idk if i spelt it right

  12. Alana Maynard

    Alana Maynard21 hour ago

    I thought the boba was like blueberries at the bottom 😂

  13. Koosh Kothari

    Koosh Kothari22 hours ago

    Would love to see what happens to the tea after the shoot!!!!! Great work!

  14. RoseMary ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    RoseMary ʕ•ᴥ•ʔDay ago

    Wow!~ 好大一个QQ啊~

  15. ITFUNNEH Fan

    ITFUNNEH FanDay ago

    I never had boba tea😢

  16. L V

    L VDay ago

    The first time when he tried to make it the thing looked kinda like mochi ice cream with a harder outer shell and Mel tier inside

  17. Emily Rose

    Emily RoseDay ago

    This is so wasteful

  18. Kase skyper

    Kase skyperDay ago

    Can kids have boba

  19. Yume Ichika Sakamaki

    Yume Ichika SakamakiDay ago

    It's been 2 or 3 years I haven't drink Bubble Tea during Pandemic 😔

  20. federico colombo

    federico colomboDay ago

    2:16 its a non-newtonian liquid

  21. Rie Boe Nielsen

    Rie Boe NielsenDay ago

    Sponsorship=google meet

  22. Makalo Thomas

    Makalo ThomasDay ago

    4:20 thts what she said

  23. Mark Death

    Mark DeathDay ago

    %100 amazing for entertainment and %100 a waste of money and time

  24. potato

    potatoDay ago

    that tea weighs more than me. I am 39.2kg that is around 45-ishkg

  25. potato

    potatoDay ago

    that is 0.76 square metres of teat. Damn.

  26. vVizz_

    vVizz_Day ago

    Alvins worried face is the new poggers

  27. Sophia Smith

    Sophia SmithDay ago

    He made edible oobleck

  28. Bella White

    Bella WhiteDay ago

    Lol the first time he made hard obleck

  29. DR _JAX

    DR _JAXDay ago

    Looks like giant caviar

  30. Harry Tayler

    Harry Tayler2 days ago

    Giant Beef Wellington???

  31. JS - 04MA 839140 Kingswood Drive PS

    JS - 04MA 839140 Kingswood Drive PS2 days ago

    so much qq man i wish i had some

  32. Maisie uttley

    Maisie uttley2 days ago

    When he was making the tea a add came on and it was a coffee add!XD😂😂

  33. Yara Alobidiy

    Yara Alobidiy2 days ago

    The dislikes are from boba haters

  34. sweetcakenoobs roblox vidos

    sweetcakenoobs roblox vidos2 days ago


  35. Aleeza Javed

    Aleeza Javed2 days ago

    Me:wait wait wait i have a question Alvin:?? Me:How do you get the perfect proportions for the ingredients Alvin:Idk GO BIG OR GO HOME >:)

  36. Franky

    Franky2 days ago

    Dani be like: MILK

  37. K_the Cherry

    K_the Cherry2 days ago

    At my highschool at some time during the week they would do boba sales as well :D

  38. DinosaurLova 2005

    DinosaurLova 20052 days ago

    I've always wanted to try boba tea but I'm not a big fan of tea It's an internal dilemma that I go through every time someone mentions boba tea... which isn't often but its sad because its happened a lot

  39. ZenKerepTo

    ZenKerepTo2 days ago

    Your face like IP man 1

  40. Cinnamon Buns

    Cinnamon Buns2 days ago

    The holy boba 🧋

  41. Hi

    Hi2 days ago

    2:20 ITS OBLECK 💀✋🏻 .



    So thats how you make boba bubbles alright time to share this recipe to my mom and nice vid and also a after this ill celebrate 20mil

  43. Jane Geyrozaga

    Jane Geyrozaga2 days ago

    0:43 oh sh*t

  44. Yuri Ancheta

    Yuri Ancheta2 days ago

    u made ooblek

  45. Gerald Pasaribu

    Gerald Pasaribu2 days ago

    Thats so big.... 😏

  46. ItzCrazy Muffin

    ItzCrazy Muffin2 days ago


  47. kikuokillz

    kikuokillz2 days ago


  48. krishnanunni v

    krishnanunni v2 days ago

    Matt stonie wants to know your location.

  49. Molly Ben

    Molly Ben2 days ago

    i was hoping it’d fall...

  50. Wolvaria Studios

    Wolvaria Studios3 days ago

    When he’s pouring the boba it sounds like someone in the bathroom liquidity

  51. Lord Twigo

    Lord Twigo3 days ago

    Badlands chugs....

  52. Muhammed Yousuf Rajput

    Muhammed Yousuf Rajput3 days ago

    This is bigger then my wildest dreams... wow

  53. Chantal Mukansoro

    Chantal Mukansoro3 days ago

    People like not gonna make the giant boba milk tea My ten years old self trying to make it and kinda working but medium cause WHO THE HECK HAS THAT BIG OF A CUP

  54. Haans Koh

    Haans Koh3 days ago

    no offence but us true boba fans know that those boba aint cooked and QQ yet 😬

  55. Not so great Channel

    Not so great Channel3 days ago

    Fun fact it’s bubble tea outside of usa not boba tea

  56. archangel yt

    archangel yt3 days ago

    Madali lang pala gumawa nang sago

  57. C3DR1C

    C3DR1C3 days ago

    2:22 The moment he realized he made oobleck You can tell by the face actually.


    PEPPA WIGG3 days ago

    In the uk if you get boba tea when you eat the boba it’s like candy but it burst immediately when you eat it

  59. DANISH ANG Moe

    DANISH ANG Moe3 days ago

    QQ tansin

  60. Marvi Naich

    Marvi Naich3 days ago

    Give it to Matt stonie he'll finish it😂😂🤣🤣

  61. purplejam

    purplejam3 days ago

    10:21 every asian parent...

  62. real nanyakawaii

    real nanyakawaii3 days ago

    you made a oobleck

  63. Relyx

    Relyx3 days ago

    you made so much oobleck

  64. Anime Weebo

    Anime Weebo3 days ago

    And that’s the tea sis

  65. Rozlin Miyashiro

    Rozlin Miyashiro4 days ago

    legend has it he's still drinking

  66. Zayd Khazouz

    Zayd Khazouz4 days ago

    With the amount of Boba you can fit a whole tub

  67. Eason Cheng

    Eason Cheng4 days ago

    Not a Taiwanese only word let's be clear smh.

  68. Mahdi Hashim

    Mahdi Hashim4 days ago

    Bruh I actually ship Inga and Alvin

  69. Agustin Chipmunk

    Agustin Chipmunk4 days ago

    6:45 Man in the back: Wtf is he doing

  70. Cheryl Robinson

    Cheryl Robinson4 days ago

    Alvin so sooooo awkward I feel like he'd get beat up easily

  71. verthX

    verthX4 days ago

    I am so disappointed He did not make giant boba

  72. Evan Rosario

    Evan Rosario4 days ago


  73. Yimei Cai

    Yimei Cai4 days ago

    the tags are all on the tea bags... stewing in the tea... what the heck?!

  74. ForcedPorridge

    ForcedPorridge4 days ago

    "I made a bunch of food to waste"

  75. Angelsxx

    Angelsxx4 days ago

    If your reading this your Amaizng, You matter and your not alone even if you feel like it whatever your going through give it to God for He cares for you

  76. Skirt skirt

    Skirt skirt4 days ago

    The money part with Mom hahahahha that’s veryyyyy TRUE!!!!!

  77. adorewes

    adorewes4 days ago

    the constipation is real-

  78. lowlifekid YT

    lowlifekid YT4 days ago

    8:46 Me on the toilet after eating taco bell

  79. Martin Moran

    Martin Moran4 days ago

    Really !

  80. Jin’s pink flop HEARTEU

    Jin’s pink flop HEARTEU5 days ago

    I’ve never had boba milk tea 😐 How does it taste?

  81. stxrry. nighttzz

    stxrry. nighttzz5 days ago

    im hungry

  82. Adam Bouda

    Adam Bouda5 days ago

    That's a whole lot o failures ;-;

  83. Sebi0986

    Sebi09865 days ago

    When he adds 500 tea bags. Brits: perfect

  84. Gacha lynn Here

    Gacha lynn Here5 days ago

    The boba kinda looks like pomegranate

  85. Gacha lynn Here

    Gacha lynn Here5 days ago

    Thats like oobleck

  86. Absolute Chips

    Absolute Chips5 days ago

    Diabetes and insulin injections: bonjour

  87. Celery Stick

    Celery Stick5 days ago

    How the hell is this 1 month ago I swear i seen this vid 5 months ago

  88. 01- IX A Shafifa Ahmed

    01- IX A Shafifa Ahmed5 days ago

    Can you make a gint chocolate egg


    NH COFFEE5 days ago

    Next drink 100shots of espresso please

  90. Frances Liese

    Frances Liese5 days ago


  91. Memer Mon

    Memer Mon5 days ago

    Dude if your gonna be pouring that into cups you not gonna get any boba if you have gotten that problem

  92. Clare

    Clare5 days ago

    He turned it into oobleck lol

  93. lil brody

    lil brody6 days ago

    Make a giant cake pop 😁😁😁

  94. Cadence Ivers

    Cadence Ivers6 days ago

    Imagine if @twosetviolin reacted to this

  95. bff show 101

    bff show 1016 days ago

    The curly acoustic systemically wrestle because imprisonment concurrently reply amidst a purple pheasant. enchanting, tense capricorn

  96. apple juice

    apple juice6 days ago

    my guy is gonna be big by the end of this month

  97. Polish Filipino

    Polish Filipino6 days ago

    10:15 That's what happened to me as well. I guess that's just how Asian moms are

  98. APH Evillious

    APH Evillious6 days ago

    The bobas looked like little white...friendliness pellets!

  99. Nara Poling

    Nara Poling6 days ago

    I’m so curious what he did with all that boba tea

  100. hnish 123

    hnish 1237 days ago

    can you make a huge tokoyaki

  101. Louis Hulston

    Louis Hulston7 days ago

    Pouring the boba in sounded like me after curry