Ayla has a stalker...

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  1. douz mec

    douz mec20 hours ago

    So desperate how an insecure man always tries to be the center of attention, think he s so funny, like the world moves around him, a true narcissistic behaviour, yes George you are so awesome and amazing 🙄

  2. Melanie Grunert

    Melanie GrunertDay ago

    You guys hiding on the room os some 15yo mood #goodtimes

  3. Spiritz_Lyricals

    Spiritz_LyricalsDay ago

    Ur content is going up 🛗

  4. B'Linda Meria

    B'Linda MeriaDay ago

    😩😩😩 this editing. Will take me some time to get used to.

  5. Matthew Richards

    Matthew Richards2 days ago


  6. Bogart Mares

    Bogart Mares2 days ago

    This is a Logan Paul style blog edit

  7. Bogart Mares

    Bogart Mares2 days ago

    New editor makes all the difference

  8. Diangelo Movilla

    Diangelo Movilla2 days ago

    Has he acknowledged what’s up with him and Justin? Bc it seems shady.

  9. Jassa Aujla

    Jassa Aujla2 days ago

    the guy behind intros and outros, if he just shoot hours long videos of that style without music, i would watch everyday. so relaxing and soothing...

  10. Hiba Al omrani

    Hiba Al omrani3 days ago

    Anasala family is here😃💛

  11. Kevin Villa

    Kevin Villa3 days ago

    Dude i like George, but HOLY FUCK can he be so fucking annoying. Had to put the phone down.

  12. Crypto Panda

    Crypto Panda3 days ago

    Number 1 content right now!

  13. Morris Blaq

    Morris Blaq3 days ago

    George is my new best friend

  14. Ryan

    Ryan3 days ago

    dam, is she gona make an onlyfans, well count me in

  15. oliverp444

    oliverp4443 days ago

    OMG waaaaay too many youtube ads on this video

  16. yung_ jerry

    yung_ jerry3 days ago

    It would be funny if he said 70k likes to follow around oga then instead he gets 70k dislikes 😂😂

  17. X BSSAM

    X BSSAM3 days ago

    60 fps is needed

  18. Tanishq Raut

    Tanishq Raut3 days ago

    Loving the new vibe moments in the video

  19. FRC Nebula

    FRC Nebula3 days ago

    Biggest of brains, complete five head: "See I told you this was the roof!"

  20. 504CURT

    504CURT3 days ago

    George, love you and the videos but one question. What is the square footage of her studio apartment? I just got one and that set up is immaculate 😂

  21. vance ruiz

    vance ruiz3 days ago

    Yo I don’t ever comment on anything but love the new format. Definitely has me watching for longer! Keep it up.

  22. Arnold Jr. Javier

    Arnold Jr. Javier3 days ago

    anyone know the title of that one video where logan ayla Brendan and dwarf mamba or the old maverick squad?

  23. Fatima Khan

    Fatima Khan3 days ago

    This is the second bubba town video I’m watching and i love how George is friends with literally everyone i watched years ago that I don’t anymore but it brings back memories


    KING BEE STACKER3 days ago

    I'm a 46 year old man who would put a ring 💍 on Olga. She is a very beautiful lady 😍. Bubba town rocks. 🤘✌️✌️✌️✌️

  25. William •

    William •3 days ago

    The rooftop aesthetic was awesome

  26. cincosauce

    cincosauce3 days ago

    Get it to 70k likes

  27. Owen Gerry

    Owen Gerry3 days ago

    the way he jumped to the other side of the building looked like a low-budget action movie.

  28. David Horneman

    David Horneman3 days ago

    I missed olga

  29. Ryan Wilkinson

    Ryan Wilkinson3 days ago

    OOOOOLLLLLGGGGAAAA!!!! Olga ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!! We want more Olga!!!!!

  30. Damien Grey

    Damien Grey3 days ago

    George always hangs shit on Olga in every vlog I think he’s really in love with her he just hangs shit on her to hide it 😂😂😂

  31. momo abad

    momo abad3 days ago

    yo! dude said 70k likes for an OlgaFest ... c'mon chop chop people

  32. George Flores

    George Flores3 days ago

    Yo so is like George not gonna address what’s going on with him and Justin we deserve that

  33. Zisco Productions

    Zisco Productions3 days ago

    When George said "well there's my drill", he legit sounded like Jo Koy lol

  34. M Scheiner

    M Scheiner4 days ago

    George thinks cause he comedian he can say whatever he wants and Roast people All the people at the end don't care cause he's actually funny but some people would

  35. Greatest Ever

    Greatest Ever4 days ago

    George... I sincerely actually care about you. You remind me of me but I'm not we successful yet. Keep doing what your doing. You're just a genuine person man.

  36. c ditzler

    c ditzler4 days ago

    ayla looks good for mid 40s

  37. Detonator Man

    Detonator Man4 days ago

    Wait I'm almost 43 was that a hint she likes older men lol

  38. Job Freelancer

    Job Freelancer4 days ago

    The way how she slaps you 😂

  39. Koln Music

    Koln Music4 days ago

    I think Olga is cute 😊

  40. Toxic Alien

    Toxic Alien4 days ago

    Bro u killed me wit dat power wash 😩😩😂😂 poor roomy

  41. Toxic Alien

    Toxic Alien4 days ago


  42. jahnemann

    jahnemann4 days ago

    Love the stand up

  43. Ahmer Aslam

    Ahmer Aslam4 days ago

    George your girlfriend is too adorable 😻

  44. Ban Nsabin

    Ban Nsabin4 days ago

    I like this style of vlogs and editing. Now boys let's run up the likes to 70k

  45. Michael Crawford

    Michael Crawford4 days ago

    i liked for the dope ass outro music.

  46. Dee Kahakua

    Dee Kahakua4 days ago

    Ayla!! Oh how I missed ya Lil Mama.. Glad to see your still gorgeous as ever and in good health...

  47. jesus0617 Salgado

    jesus0617 Salgado4 days ago

    Hey George can you do a freestyle video again where you rap about stuff I wanna see that again if it possible

  48. jesus0617 Salgado

    jesus0617 Salgado4 days ago

    George always gotta play a prank on ayla...I feel bad now...love you ayla

  49. jesus0617 Salgado

    jesus0617 Salgado4 days ago

    Ayla is so cute 🥰

  50. Randol Aoun

    Randol Aoun4 days ago


  51. Denzel Dw

    Denzel Dw4 days ago

    I’m disappointed cause I’m late ☹️

  52. saigeethaa shanmugaraja

    saigeethaa shanmugaraja4 days ago

    Mike iis single? Wtg

  53. Riyen Patel

    Riyen Patel4 days ago

    Run those likes up

  54. D24 ODamer

    D24 ODamer4 days ago

    its the same with human piss. 12:21

  55. Giuseppe Amato

    Giuseppe Amato4 days ago

    You’re literally my role model in every way. I wanna be an entertainer too and every vlog of yours has been worth watching. Keep fighting the good fight in Jesus’ name my dawg! Hope to meet you one day 😊


    NEW GAMER4 days ago

    Did Ayla remove her dog's testicals just like what she did to Kong????

  57. Aric Ilbeig

    Aric Ilbeig4 days ago

    Only 55k more likes to go! Let's get it to 70k lol

  58. HesCrazyShesCrazy

    HesCrazyShesCrazy4 days ago

    im glad i watched this video i wouldnt have known there was a new mortal combat coming out

  59. Everest trucker

    Everest trucker2 days ago

    What’s up twinz how you all been

  60. tumatauenga

    tumatauenga3 days ago

    Nice to know im not the only one with their finger off the pulse

  61. Drifting Away

    Drifting Away3 days ago


  62. Astoria Reese

    Astoria Reese4 days ago

    The intro was so peaceful!

  63. Mohammed sa'ad Mansoor

    Mohammed sa'ad Mansoor4 days ago

    Cmonnnn 70000 likes

  64. Daniel Fernandes

    Daniel Fernandes4 days ago

    Olga's a cutie pie

  65. Rylan Birkbeck

    Rylan Birkbeck4 days ago

    Haha George I like you so much more than the man bun guy before you

  66. Wian Nieuwoudt

    Wian Nieuwoudt4 days ago

    comedic genuis

  67. Wian Nieuwoudt

    Wian Nieuwoudt4 days ago

    click on my profile for knivemaking

  68. Bobby Garner

    Bobby Garner4 days ago

    Ketchup is king. And there is no limit to how much you can use!

  69. Pratyush Singh

    Pratyush Singh4 days ago

    things have changed so much.... 3 years ago ,kong was alive,maverick was alive,logan was immature,ayla was fed up,george was(of the jungle)....

  70. wolf gang

    wolf gang4 days ago

    Fr I remember that George of the jungle was what logan called him I wish he would one last time

  71. Dat boi Ethan

    Dat boi Ethan4 days ago

    Where’s Justin

  72. Benjamin Marrero

    Benjamin Marrero4 days ago

    Unpopular opinion but Idk why but I don’t find George that funny. Hate on this comment all y’all want. I just don’t find him funny

  73. Aryadeep S. Ruhil

    Aryadeep S. Ruhil4 days ago

    i have my jee mains exam tomorrow and i am watching george because he helps me relieve stress and makes me feel good. (for those of you who dont know what jee mains is, google it out, it is one of the most toughest exams in india.)

  74. landon shea

    landon shea4 days ago

    george would be great on a kids show. hes got dad jokes and WB jokes for days

  75. shavez siddiqui

    shavez siddiqui4 days ago

    Music at the end?

  76. Isabella Fallon

    Isabella Fallon4 days ago

    “The asshole whose going to jail is George” hahah shes the best

  77. Ghassan SD

    Ghassan SD4 days ago

    Please make it happen 70k likes 😂😂😂

  78. alex kristjansson

    alex kristjansson4 days ago


  79. SunnyD

    SunnyD4 days ago

    George haliorus

  80. Colin Clarke

    Colin Clarke4 days ago

    You have too many ads man this is a joke

  81. Seancummins

    Seancummins4 days ago

    Explain the justin situation

  82. Jkila25

    Jkila254 days ago

    “I said I wanted to get yogurt, you said no!” 😂😂

  83. mag24_s

    mag24_s4 days ago

    How she drive she so short 😂but short girls 👌🏻George so happy he got a short girl so he looks tall

  84. Lawrence The Difference

    Lawrence The Difference4 days ago

    Your production is awesome

  85. Kenny Peckham

    Kenny Peckham4 days ago

    I am purposely not liking it so olga doesn’t end up in another video 🤣🤣

  86. Mike-Greninja

    Mike-Greninja4 days ago

    Is ayla under 5ft?

  87. Brittney Posternock

    Brittney Posternock4 days ago

    Liking for more Olga.

  88. Jso 漫

    Jso 漫4 days ago

    what happend to justin?

  89. Adam J. Davidge

    Adam J. Davidge4 days ago

    Run up the liiiikes!!!!! 😂

  90. Jordan

    Jordan4 days ago

    George set me up with Ayla, I’ve been crushing on her for years lol

  91. MANolis Vout

    MANolis Vout4 days ago

    70.000 LIKE LETS GOO

  92. Jair N. Irizarry

    Jair N. Irizarry4 days ago

    “70k likes and I’ll follow Olga for a week” Nobody wants to torture you George

  93. Alex Caceres

    Alex Caceres4 days ago

    I see y niggas hated bro in high school 😂😂bruhman be sayin som lul outta pocket shit

  94. Alex Caceres

    Alex Caceres4 days ago

    I’m just keepin it uh buck no hatin

  95. Alex Caceres

    Alex Caceres4 days ago

    I feel lik he a coo person but tries too hard to be funny

  96. sp0okyman

    sp0okyman4 days ago

    i love this channel, its much more down to earth and personal than most of the LA content that we are all so used to

  97. Liam Twine

    Liam Twine4 days ago

    Everyone like , I wanna see him do that😹😹

  98. Dilip

    Dilip4 days ago

    im gonna say it, your videographer is underated af.

  99. Kapil Batra

    Kapil Batra4 days ago

    George's videographer is capturing some really cool shots there.

  100. Andrew G

    Andrew G4 days ago


  101. Julian Haddad

    Julian Haddad4 days ago

    nio is better than tesla

  102. Dwayne Smith

    Dwayne Smith4 days ago

    Sorry George....don't you mean a 42 yr old 😆

  103. mohammed alawdi

    mohammed alawdi4 days ago

    If ayla announces her only fans on the George janko channel she’d make millions

  104. Ali Virani

    Ali Virani4 days ago

    Hate seeing so less subscribers here

  105. Rolling Loud Trucks

    Rolling Loud Trucks4 days ago

    run it up to 70k lol

  106. Rolling Loud Trucks

    Rolling Loud Trucks4 days ago

    George is a comedic genius

  107. The Sound Of Souls

    The Sound Of Souls4 days ago