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  1. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock6 months ago

    437,871 views later Thank you everyone and thanks for all the likes and subs and code SHOCK uses!!!!!!

  2. Ace Isaac

    Ace Isaac2 months ago

    Just came back to this video and that’s crazy, I remember when it came out

  3. Real_Trixzy

    Real_Trixzy4 months ago

    Can u buy me gfuel pleasee my mom doesnt have enough so does my dad please i would be really happy😔🥺😞

  4. ion

    ion4 months ago

    You should do a updated part

  5. Guardians of the Gaming

    Guardians of the Gaming6 months ago

    I used code shock for the new sonic gfuel

  6. the Fastblaster NL

    the Fastblaster NL6 months ago

    I think i'll buy hype sauce or sour chug rug and i will for sure use your code! And This is the 4th time i am watching this video!

  7. Alex Croft

    Alex CroftMonth ago

    bought your shaker bro

  8. Joe Suggitt

    Joe SuggittMonth ago

    Where is fazeberry

  9. Hand_Emoji82

    Hand_Emoji82Month ago

    11 ads in a 30 minute video holy crap

  10. DylanRocks

    DylanRocksMonth ago

    Anyone think guy on left look like the guy from the chickmunks

  11. cameron.

    cameron.Month ago

    anyone see his whiteboard

  12. Christopher Kurosaki

    Christopher KurosakiMonth ago

    coming back to this video after a year and noticing the idea board💀💀💀

  13. ツShxftyz

    ツShxftyzMonth ago

    A lot of ads

  14. KDspark

    KDsparkMonth ago

    Ur my fav youtuber

  15. KDspark

    KDsparkMonth ago

    @ElectricShock pls respond discord

  16. ElectricShock

    ElectricShockMonth ago

    Thank you!

  17. Jack Cermak

    Jack CermakMonth ago

    This is my first time watching this channel so I dont know if this is always there but look at the to do list

  18. Ollie Beaver

    Ollie Beaver2 months ago

    No one cares that this man has 12 adds

  19. Ollie Beaver

    Ollie BeaverMonth ago

    Omg he replied

  20. Turbochilyman

    Turbochilyman2 months ago

    filled to half lol, lookin like almost full to me

  21. Staxy

    Staxy2 months ago

    My sour faze berry makes me feel sick anyone know why

  22. Daniel Jun Uehara

    Daniel Jun Uehara2 months ago

    Wtf read the idea board

  23. William Foged

    William Foged2 months ago

    pink lemonade and fazeberry are my favs

  24. zBotify

    zBotify2 months ago

    sour blue chug rug is my favorite gfuel flavor😁


    MR. SHREKTASTIC3 months ago

    Has any body noticed the sign above him

  26. Kail Langford

    Kail Langford3 months ago

    Is hype sauce a good flavor?

  27. 7ΓOY

    7ΓOY3 months ago


  28. BustyBagel

    BustyBagel3 months ago

    Bro stop influencing his opinion keep ur mouth shut. “It TaStEs LiKe MeDiCiNe” stfu cherry is a legitimate good flavor and your bitching is affecting his opinion

  29. Antonio Portillo

    Antonio Portillo3 months ago

    This was supposed to be unbiased but you are voicing your opinion on everything before he even tries them

  30. Gaming with jay Johnson

    Gaming with jay Johnson3 months ago

    Talking of the freind trying all the flavors:me:woah this guy has alot of shakers

  31. wOe

    wOe3 months ago

    USlikes: How many ada u want? Elctricshock: YES.

  32. Adrianna Alvarez

    Adrianna Alvarez3 months ago

    i liked this video! but i would say some of these flavors will be 10x better with milk. sooo maybe do this again but with milk. !!!! and vote which milk flavors are the best i actually wanna know what flavors tatse good with milk tbh.

  33. Brite

    Brite3 months ago

    Is no one gonna talk about what he wrote on the whiteboard that says ideas

  34. Astro1k

    Astro1k3 months ago

    are we gonna talk about the idea board in the back if not read it

  35. coraltracker

    coraltracker3 months ago

    You are the best youtuber ever dude

  36. Zirkho

    Zirkho3 months ago

    i’m going to order peach iced tea, is it good?

  37. Rj

    Rj4 months ago

    I wish I had a friend who owned every g fuel flavor

  38. PiNk P_P

    PiNk P_P4 months ago


  39. Hyper Hitman

    Hyper Hitman4 months ago

    Theres a video in you ads

  40. emordnilap backwards

    emordnilap backwards4 months ago

    They shouldn't of made so much gfuel 😭😭😭 Legendary video thoe.

  41. Khloe-rose Gray

    Khloe-rose Gray4 months ago

    I would love to try pink grapefruit but unfortunately i can't have grapefruit anything because it messes with my meds 😞

  42. Frostyy

    Frostyy4 months ago


  43. Ansh Kalavadia

    Ansh Kalavadia4 months ago

    did anyone see his board like damm is that real or for video?

  44. Joey Shelton

    Joey Shelton4 months ago

    i want coconut'

  45. Kayne Woolley

    Kayne Woolley4 months ago

    The fact that they do not like golden apple pear pretty much shows these kids can not be trusted with their flavor recommendations. Golden apple pear is one of the most underrated flavors of gfuel out there

  46. AwzomeOpenz

    AwzomeOpenz4 months ago

    Your friend probably started bouncing around the walls when the vid was done

  47. tacosFN

    tacosFN4 months ago

    He is so lucky my mom won’t let me drink some

  48. Hot Tamales

    Hot Tamales4 months ago

    It’s not meant for water it’s meant for anything that is the point you have to experiment with it

  49. Sev

    Sev4 months ago

    Now i wanna be your friend lol

  50. techyougo

    techyougo4 months ago

    Ooh I like orange popsicles I always hated getting those at summer camp

  51. aeBandz

    aeBandz4 months ago

    You should of got him to taste Sour pixel Potion

  52. Mason Abreu

    Mason Abreu4 months ago

    I think there gay

  53. bruh CSTMF

    bruh CSTMF4 months ago

    Man must be seizing just trying to go back home

  54. XE LF

    XE LF5 months ago

    I’m drinking chug rug right now and tbh it’s not that great I thought it’d be better

  55. the redstoneminecart

    the redstoneminecart5 months ago

    He seems so nice ur lucky to have him as a friend

  56. Darien Thomson

    Darien Thomson5 months ago

    Did no one look at the ideas board in the back😂

  57. Zvyxxx

    Zvyxxx5 months ago


  58. Retroboy

    Retroboy5 months ago

    i use code shock! can you heart me?

  59. Retroboy

    Retroboy5 months ago

    thanks, code shock only

  60. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock5 months ago


  61. Zayan Sami Choudhury

    Zayan Sami Choudhury5 months ago

    Does he still have energy? Thats soooo much bro!! @ElectricShock

  62. ScotchDeCart _

    ScotchDeCart _5 months ago

    The question is:"who drank those gfuel shakers then?"

  63. Admetus

    Admetus5 months ago

    this guy sounds and looks like Ben Shapiro

  64. griggy_

    griggy_5 months ago

    He looks like the male version of lana roades😭😭😭

  65. Oliver Anderson

    Oliver Anderson5 months ago

    my mans has like 6o3ou769058934609348908599 shaker cups

  66. Juggernaut Plays

    Juggernaut Plays5 months ago

    Holy ads

  67. DrakeFruit

    DrakeFruit6 months ago

    all of the g-fuel he drank barely made up 1 cup of g fuel if anyones wondering

  68. Ra Wr

    Ra Wr6 months ago

    I think the newer green apple is way better

  69. gickyman

    gickyman6 months ago

    Hype sauce os the best in my opinion

  70. Aiden Cantrell

    Aiden Cantrell6 months ago

    he kinda looks like ethan from Unus Annus/ Crank Gameplay

  71. Aiden Cantrell

    Aiden Cantrell6 months ago

    i tried the blue ice flavor for the first time yesterday i’m not a big fan of it.

  72. Lestickman

    Lestickman6 months ago

    the ideas board says upload sex tape

  73. Ghost_12

    Ghost_126 months ago

    If u look at ideas it said

  74. Shannon Short

    Shannon Short6 months ago

    Come on dude 13 ads!! Cant even enjoy the video

  75. Youw1lllaughtodeath_GTR

    Youw1lllaughtodeath_GTR6 months ago

    Shock code is better than SONIC20 code

  76. TRG Flinty 文

    TRG Flinty 文6 months ago

    who is here when theres 439 thousand views

  77. The_Best_Game013

    The_Best_Game0136 months ago

    I really want to drink gfuel but my mom won’t let me and I’m to young

  78. alone

    alone6 months ago

    Zhg_boi gfuel is a energy formula it’s completely safe it has no. sugar or calories in it your uncle probably went to the hospital because it was a normal energy drink and normal energy drink contain so much sugar and caffeine but gfuel is completely safe id recommend getting a started pack comes with a shaker and 7 flavors to try

  79. The_Best_Game013

    The_Best_Game0136 months ago

    alone my uncle went to the hospital cuz he drank an energy drink

  80. The_Best_Game013

    The_Best_Game0136 months ago

    alone same age as you

  81. alone

    alone6 months ago

    Zhg_boi how old u? i’m 13 n i drink it i’m bouta buy some more

  82. RiksaBoi

    RiksaBoi6 months ago

    Cotton candy your favorite? In my opinion its the worst

  83. GrimReaperNA

    GrimReaperNA6 months ago

    Peach ice tea is over rated imo

  84. LazyJet

    LazyJet6 months ago

    Lol the ideas in the background

  85. techyougo

    techyougo6 months ago

    Scribbles dude he said it might not be mixed as we’ll stop saying watered down lemonade lol just joking your so lucky

  86. Aaryan Khan

    Aaryan Khan6 months ago

    My mom done at let me get gfuel

  87. x_SiMuS_x

    x_SiMuS_x6 months ago

    So if I wanted half a scoop should I use 8 or 10 ounces of water

  88. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock6 months ago


  89. shortyz YT

    shortyz YT6 months ago

    Hes not going to sleep tonight

  90. WD Is radical

    WD Is radical7 months ago

    The sexual tension is real

  91. Giveaway Central

    Giveaway Central7 months ago

    He sounds like Kermit

  92. RTX Jacko

    RTX Jacko7 months ago

    Think about how many times he had to shake every single bottle 😁😂

  93. NUKE MRG

    NUKE MRG3 months ago

    3 times dang bro 😂

  94. Feelings OffPodcast

    Feelings OffPodcast7 months ago

    i was gettin tight, shake the damn cup before you drink it!!!

  95. Wxvyy Chøppa

    Wxvyy Chøppa7 months ago

    Can u give a tutorial on how to make it i keep making it wrong

  96. Kringe

    Kringe7 months ago

    Not all of the

  97. Classicbread

    Classicbread7 months ago

    text Brennan

  98. Classicbread

    Classicbread7 months ago

    Just ordered sour blue chug rug can't wait

  99. Vexis

    Vexis7 months ago


  100. Jason Arvizu

    Jason Arvizu7 months ago


  101. ًalex

    ًalex7 months ago

    Reviewbrah’s brother

  102. ozr1x

    ozr1x7 months ago


  103. NoBro321

    NoBro3217 months ago

    I don’t know why but this Zach seemed really nice

  104. douglas bell

    douglas bell7 months ago

    This video is so disappointing it makes me sad

  105. Toast

    Toast7 months ago

    please make him do a vid acting like kermit

  106. Redux On Gfuel

    Redux On Gfuel7 months ago

    Can we just look at how many shaker cups he had. That’s how u know he is partnered with Gfuel. 😜

  107. Stry & Ny

    Stry & Ny7 months ago

    ...and dies

  108. paco8512

    paco85127 months ago

    He probably didn’t get any sleep 😂😂😂

  109. Dragonized

    Dragonized8 months ago

    I feel for this mans stomach

  110. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock8 months ago

    424,000 VIEWS LATER! Thank you everyone for watching!

  111. megabound21

    megabound217 months ago


  112. Dragonized

    Dragonized8 months ago

    Yeah man thanks for making great content and you got a sub :)❤️🙏🏻

  113. MizTea

    MizTea8 months ago

    ElectricShock Congrats!

  114. computer tips & tricks

    computer tips & tricks8 months ago

    my favorite is cotton candy because it taste like strawberry mocha drink from starbucks😋

  115. Swedrift

    Swedrift8 months ago

    Am i the only one who saw the ideas on the wall ( renew PH premium membership and upload sex tape 😂)

  116. ProffesorOnionz_007

    ProffesorOnionz_0078 months ago

    um may I ask why the 6th thing on your ideas chart says that on ur wall lol

  117. Joseph Miller

    Joseph Miller8 months ago

    What is in the back upload sex tape ??

  118. SteinRoger Johansen

    SteinRoger Johansen8 months ago

    I want g-fuel but its banned in norway :C

  119. Darcy ROTHE

    Darcy ROTHE8 months ago

    At 2:10

  120. Pro 1v1 lol play George

    Pro 1v1 lol play George8 months ago

    what G Fuel should I try because i have never had G Fuel before

  121. alone

    alone6 months ago

    George Griffiths get a starter pack it comes with 7 flavors and a shaker cup and if you like one then you can buy a tub

  122. AlpineAnimates

    AlpineAnimates8 months ago

    Am I the only one uncomfortable by the “IDEAS” board in the background