When Customers Say Give me One From The Middle πŸ˜‚ Funny in the hood


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  1. Loyalty is everything

    Loyalty is everythingHour ago

    that's the power of illusion

  2. Tuffy Buffy

    Tuffy Buffy8 hours ago

    what are they even buying i don’t get it

  3. Humble 9300

    Humble 930011 hours ago

    Since Cigarillos are in resealable pouches they shouldn't ever be hard and stale. That's why they switched to resealable packages

  4. Roach 004200

    Roach 00420016 hours ago


  5. The fresh prince of Herford

    The fresh prince of Herford16 hours ago

    Im from Europe can you explain what These things are pls ?

  6. AssassinPro The1st

    AssassinPro The1st18 hours ago

    Lol... Ok, barely even touched it... "oh this one's fresh"

  7. Mosomi80

    Mosomi8022 hours ago

    What is that btw

  8. Senkey

    Senkey22 hours ago

    What are those?

  9. Theheartlessman Neveragain

    Theheartlessman NeveragainDay ago

    What is this product for ????

  10. Eric paul Thompson

    Eric paul ThompsonDay ago

    Blunt experts are not blunt experts

  11. Hunter Zimmerman

    Hunter ZimmermanDay ago


  12. GK

    GKDay ago

    I feel like this is the only thing you sell🀣

  13. McNasty

    McNastyDay ago

    This... I'm... But of course. What the hell is happening to humanity. Next time when you do this again, after they say oh yeah this one is good, just say that's the exact same one and see how they react.

  14. Kody Martin

    Kody MartinDay ago

    I swear ignorant πŸ˜‚

  15. Phil The Thot Destroyer

    Phil The Thot DestroyerDay ago

    the hood science

  16. David Harvey

    David HarveyDay ago


  17. Andrew Tran

    Andrew TranDay ago


  18. Mike Razallo

    Mike RazalloDay ago

    Every damn time when i worked retail lmao

  19. Psikologo Rodriguez

    Psikologo RodriguezDay ago

    Wtf ajajajaja

  20. { Memething }

    { Memething }Day ago

    What is he selling ?

  21. Alex Volk

    Alex VolkDay ago

    I love how he fucks with all these crackheads, knowing full well that they are the pure definition of gullible

  22. numadread1

    numadread1Day ago

    I'm a waiter in Paris and I can't count how many time a pompous costumer complained about the wine being spoiled in front of friends or wives/spouses. Every time I took the bottle or glass away, taste it and 95% of time there was no issue with the wine, pour the wine in another glass and those assholes always say haaaaaa it's better I knew something was wrong. IT'S THE SAME FUCKING WINE !!!

  23. saqib motaz

    saqib motazDay ago

    They. All rolling blunts with it?

  24. cameron thomas

    cameron thomasDay ago

    the idea of getting something β€œfrom the back” at a grocery store is because the ones in the front have been messed with by customers who put it back. In this case it doesnt make sense cuz its all the same box and no ones touching it besides the clerk

  25. cameron thomas

    cameron thomas11 hours ago

    @Sin Sin Garbage Bin youre totally right we do it at my job too i work at panera bread we’ll do something call FIFO, First In First Out. So older tomatoes go on top of newer tomatoes in the pan so they get used first.

  26. Sin Sin Garbage Bin

    Sin Sin Garbage BinDay ago

    Or because of "recovery " which is putting the older stuff in the front and the newer stuff in the back. It sells the almost expired stuff faster if it's in the front yk. I used to do it at my old job lol

  27. cameron thomas

    cameron thomasDay ago

    Swishers ziploc foil package keeps em fresh forever literally keeps the moisture in and its funny to me how he wiggles the pack up there Lol. Woods dry out cuz they in that paper thing which is permeable

  28. 420BooB_Destroyer69

    420BooB_Destroyer69Day ago

    Give me one from behind daddy

  29. Honey Thunder

    Honey Thunder2 days ago

    Blunts don’t go stale just add a little steam if ones giving you trouble then boom problem solved. Ppl are so dumb I bet she uses gorilla glue for her hair too.

  30. Eric paul Thompson

    Eric paul Thompson14 hours ago

    @Honey Thunder English is my third language im sorry .

  31. Honey Thunder

    Honey ThunderDay ago

    @Eric paul Thompson did you ever learn to write in school?

  32. Eric paul Thompson

    Eric paul ThompsonDay ago

    Honey stop it stupid putting steam on blunts some may say

  33. Chris A

    Chris A2 days ago

    You know theres one nigga who started the whole hood on that "The dude at the corner store always tries to sell you the stalest wraps. You gotta ask for one from the middle or back bro"

  34. P80 Ralph

    P80 Ralph2 days ago


  35. Lord Babalu

    Lord Babalu2 days ago

    That's why I smoke grabba

  36. Lord Babalu

    Lord Babalu2 days ago

    I had to subscribe sweet this one smh

  37. VoiDY GaminG

    VoiDY GaminG2 days ago

    to roll weed

  38. Leighton Patrick

    Leighton Patrick2 days ago

    Ha nice

  39. mama of three

    mama of three2 days ago

    You should still give her what she asked for. It's her money. Even if it seems crazy to you

  40. ArrowHead_123

    ArrowHead_1232 days ago


  41. JM 19

    JM 192 days ago

    Its all scripted

  42. sam c

    sam c2 days ago

    works every time

  43. Cole

    Cole2 days ago


  44. Martin Godbout

    Martin Godbout2 days ago

    Sheeot..most b smokin stupid bad and they b worrin abt the dam rap??

  45. Billy The_Kid

    Billy The_Kid2 days ago


  46. Alex Hetherington

    Alex Hetherington2 days ago

    Alot of people seem to smoke cigars that shop at this store. They must be some good shit ha ha ha

  47. Krillen 2X

    Krillen 2XDay ago

    Alotta ppl smoke weedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  48. Dele Gentry

    Dele Gentry2 days ago


  49. Sarah Hennessey

    Sarah Hennessey2 days ago

    She is so gullible do that again but somewhere else like I don’t know like in a shop and get some chewing gum and then like say oh it’s so squishy and then it’s out of date and then pretend to get another and then they will literally and it will just be the same

  50. Mohamad mahdi Pashaei

    Mohamad mahdi Pashaei2 days ago


  51. Christopher Augustyniak

    Christopher Augustyniak2 days ago

    Believe what you can't see πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

  52. Maddin Wakni

    Maddin Wakni2 days ago

    What is this

  53. Aaron Rodriguez

    Aaron Rodriguez3 days ago

    Looks about right for them.

  54. Retog

    Retog3 days ago

    What is that thing they’re buying?

  55. Critical Relax YT

    Critical Relax YT3 days ago

    Joints and bowls I fw w woods and blunts I just like joints more better

  56. Adam G

    Adam G3 days ago

    Bro every swisher u finna get is stale. swishers suck ass dey be dirty n dingy. zig zag wraps, zig zag rellos, zig zag papers, raw papers, and back woods where it at OMM

  57. Dee Habla

    Dee Habla3 days ago

    I worked at a mcdonald's that would grab leftover food out the trash bin and serve it as a fresh breakfast platter just to not pass up on the customer. Careful what' you wish for when you hope they still serving breakfast

  58. Gamithu Arunod

    Gamithu Arunod3 days ago

    What is that

  59. DesAre Pope

    DesAre Pope3 days ago

    I love the fact that he sells those but at the same time every box says that smoking can cause lung cancer🀣🀚🏽

  60. John the 3rd

    John the 3rd3 days ago

    Would be better if they were authentic and not fake ! Listen to what she is saying doesn’t add up states it was stale when she opened the package and it was sealed . If it was open he wouldn’t be able to switch it out. Still funny but only gets a E for Effort.

  61. Teresa Marshall

    Teresa Marshall3 days ago


  62. Alexa Maxine aguilar

    Alexa Maxine aguilar3 days ago

    : I'll give you one from the middle Literally took one from the middle Me: HAHAHA🀣🀣

  63. Huss D

    Huss D3 days ago

    Dude why do like fucking with people?

  64. Jairo Castanon

    Jairo Castanon3 days ago


  65. Joey Zanone

    Joey Zanone3 days ago

    How scams work 🀣

  66. Marilyn Muniz

    Marilyn Muniz3 days ago


  67. Jeremy Hauser

    Jeremy Hauser3 days ago


  68. Christopher Juengling

    Christopher Juengling3 days ago

    Put your old product in the back instead of the front lol

  69. martin m.

    martin m.3 days ago


  70. urek mazino

    urek mazino3 days ago

    I wanna what is that thing exactly

  71. Rontube4

    Rontube43 days ago

    And then she took the same blunts back to her man that told her to ask for the middle. She was never seen again..

  72. Anthony Hallberg

    Anthony Hallberg3 days ago

    If anything fresh inside that gas station, its the Swishers, believe me.

  73. Anti-Social Media

    Anti-Social Media3 days ago

    Fresh or not fresh this cigars are unsmokable

  74. Adamo 2G

    Adamo 2G3 days ago

    So fake bruh

  75. Agi Lara

    Agi Lara3 days ago

    just lick the damn blunt it will freshin it right up

  76. lineal champ

    lineal champ3 days ago

    Why would you do that? why would you not just give them a fresh One

  77. swuave29

    swuave293 days ago

    This is so sad its funny lol

  78. YT VIDS

    YT VIDS3 days ago

    If this video becomes a local sensation, my mans gonna run out of business

  79. Victoria Masters

    Victoria Masters4 days ago


  80. Danzan Sandeev

    Danzan Sandeev4 days ago

    That’s a cigar right? Or something like that? How can it get stale in vacuum sealed package? It’s not a sausage!

  81. sam c

    sam c2 days ago


  82. xXQui3t0n3Xx

    xXQui3t0n3Xx4 days ago

    Customer: "How can I impress the gas station dude, hmmmm what if I could determine if a blunt was stale just by crushing it inside the package" Gas station man: "impressive! now do it again"

  83. moderngod1

    moderngod14 days ago

    Whoever can fart the loudest gets whatever free

  84. Hussein Ta

    Hussein Ta4 days ago

    ايش Ω‡Ψ°Ψ§ Ψ§Ω„Ω‰ ΨͺΨ¨ΩŠΨΉΩ‡ ؟

  85. commander pootis

    commander pootis4 days ago

    She,s just hiding the fact that it's the same and does not want to shame herself by asking again

  86. SheLuvHateMiguel

    SheLuvHateMiguel4 days ago

    I like it from the middle πŸ˜‚

  87. hndmedwnz

    hndmedwnz4 days ago

    Bruh these dummies in there 3 x daily buying blunts and then think they're just sitting going stale? Can't fix stupid.

  88. Akshay Rao

    Akshay Rao4 days ago

    Can someone say what is that product?

  89. Jay.1

    Jay.14 days ago

    You see how people try to play Blacks like we're all stupid and he's recording this like it's really funny if you're listening to this you're just a smartass

  90. red_limey_

    red_limey_4 days ago

    What is it with swishers? Im from the uk they don't have them there

  91. Shelly Daniels

    Shelly Daniels4 days ago


  92. Shelton Poague

    Shelton Poague4 days ago

    Lmfaoooo same pack

  93. WeaseL Logic

    WeaseL Logic4 days ago

    What are those? Blunt papers?

  94. Jairo Kattano

    Jairo Kattano4 days ago

    Do you selling to they Brain. But not to people

  95. Sev Raonic

    Sev Raonic4 days ago

    Congratulations for the success, bro. You deserve it!

  96. Timmy Smith

    Timmy Smith4 days ago

    I used to do this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  97. γ€Šγ€ŠBlanco _ UPNORTH》》

    γ€Šγ€ŠBlanco _ UPNORTH》》4 days ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ dumb arse gyal

  98. killer9317 anonymous

    killer9317 anonymous4 days ago

    Just wanted sum to do

  99. MoFam OG

    MoFam OG4 days ago

    These cigar 🀷 I kinda understand because they not open... but y'all on here talking about wine and food 🀦 need to die... And I hope next time someone spit in your wine and food... You: hey my food cold Them: warm it up spit in it and give it back to you Me: bruh just make me a whole nother plate

  100. DanielDaniel1

    DanielDaniel14 days ago

    Back in my gas station clerk days I always gave the hookup on the fresh rillos but you had to ask.

  101. Paradox Gaming

    Paradox Gaming4 days ago

    I always wonder what even is that

  102. Purple Goldie

    Purple Goldie4 days ago

    This is getting stale like that shit from the "middle" fake ass shit.

  103. Caidon Davis

    Caidon Davis4 days ago


  104. landon cramer35

    landon cramer354 days ago

    The bottom of the shelf was glass wtf

  105. Sade Lee

    Sade Lee4 days ago

    Placebo effects.

  106. Benjamin

    Benjamin4 days ago

    That wasn’t open. So how could she tell it was stale from opening it when the package was sealed.

  107. Scott Dobbs

    Scott Dobbs4 days ago

    I don't understand this mentality of "this one's not good I want something else" shit. These are the same people that complain at a restaurant when there isn't jack shit wrong with the food lmao