Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

Which do you pick - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro Max?
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  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox TherapyMonth ago

    iPhone 12 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?

  2. Bus Of Mauritius

    Bus Of Mauritius20 days ago


  3. LateNight Rituals

    LateNight RitualsMonth ago


  4. Bojhon Flavier

    Bojhon FlavierMonth ago

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra omg 😲

  5. Patrick O'Neill

    Patrick O'NeillMonth ago


  6. Roccos Videos

    Roccos VideosMonth ago

    @Μαριος Δεμπης noooo Apple much better Samsung looks like my crap

  7. bayboo69

    bayboo692 hours ago

    Samsung is not going to make iPhone cameras Better than theirs 😹🤦🏾‍♀️💯 and yes Samsung do put iPhones camera

  8. 호나우두

    호나우두3 hours ago


  9. Kuya Mo Cis

    Kuya Mo Cis4 hours ago

    well I was wrong

  10. ShawnManh

    ShawnManh6 hours ago

    A $1200+ phone struggling with flickering in video mode is unacceptable. There is no excuses that can be acceptable.

  11. Godz29

    Godz297 hours ago

    From s10+ i went to iphone 12 pro max as my wife uses an iphone and i got an ipad and a macbook...i was having a hard time sending pictures and videos through my samsung so i made a change and really loving it BUT dont expect it to be better than a samsung cause its not...but it will give you a good reliable phone that will last you years of life and very good ecosystem... samsung on the other hand tends to be good only around 1 to 2 years....both phones are great tho👌

  12. Springkle Stuff

    Springkle Stuff8 hours ago

    I don't understand how Apple has aloud Samsung to catch up and even surpass them on many phones. Apple invented this stuff... come on Apple get it together. It's unacceptable that you are not light years ahead of all other competitors. This is coming from someone who has never used an iPhone in his life but does understand that back in 2007 you guys changed phones forever.

  13. Ryan Lawson

    Ryan Lawson8 hours ago

    I loved this! Do more!!!

  14. Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan11 hours ago

    This was so so helpful. I’m stuck between which one I should buy.

  15. Francis Shiliwa

    Francis Shiliwa11 hours ago

    Hey sir.... Need second hand iphone 12 pro max

  16. Tamer Aghbar

    Tamer Aghbar11 hours ago

    I wish I have a phone with this massive camera to start vfx shooting from perfect camera phone😭

  17. Gerard Rivera

    Gerard Rivera12 hours ago

    Please dude... I’ve been so loyal since day one....I really need a phone....PLEASE!!!!!🙄

  18. GhezHBC

    GhezHBC13 hours ago

    title: iphone vs galaxy video: iphone camera vs galaxy camera we really need more tech reviewers that dont focus 95% on the cameras and more on everything else that makes up the phone experience

  19. Myles Petersen

    Myles Petersen14 hours ago

    Thought it was Samsung on the left and iPhone on the right. Crazy how natural the colors are on the S21 Ultra.

  20. Zuriel Richards

    Zuriel Richards14 hours ago

    I knew it from the beginning !! Lol the portrait mode confirmed it for me

  21. kiki wyche

    kiki wyche16 hours ago

    Here because I wasn’t to upgrade my iPhone XR 🥺

  22. Varad Yazdan

    Varad Yazdan17 hours ago

    Should be called which camera is better

  23. Bach Rattler

    Bach Rattler18 hours ago

    samsung is killing iphone

  24. ทศธน โพธิ์ทอง

    ทศธน โพธิ์ทอง18 hours ago


  25. Wolfgang VonBerke

    Wolfgang VonBerke18 hours ago

    I have to admit in the end I was wrong. I flipped my choice a couple times. Samsung has really closed the gap in Camera quality

  26. Himanshu Mondal

    Himanshu Mondal21 hour ago

    I phone is better lolait cemara

  27. xCestLaVie1

    xCestLaVie121 hour ago

    Snow would look naturally darker or blueish if it was cloudy that day.

  28. bon2yan88

    bon2yan8822 hours ago

    dude that venue is mindblowing (batman)

  29. Nay Love

    Nay Love22 hours ago

    I just laughing at the comments and the replys, is it just me?🤣

  30. Monsi Time

    Monsi Time23 hours ago

    This year Apple phone feels like I’m holding a phone from the 2000s ... 🥱

  31. Mobile Freelancer

    Mobile Freelancer23 hours ago

    This guy what would we do without this guy.

  32. YzarcMW

    YzarcMWDay ago

    Fuck! I betrayed the samsung for 12 pro max for the first time and this is the first video i damn men! Demn!

  33. Luca Yousif

    Luca YousifDay ago

    The sedate star naively settle because gore-tex oppositely object above a elfin evening. stereotyped, grandiose packet

  34. Leon Duggan

    Leon DugganDay ago

    I would watch this after I got the 12 pro 🤦🏼‍♂️

  35. Ti Ti

    Ti TiDay ago

    I always think that the apple lovers likes to pay more for less. But is more safe to have an iPhone than a Samsung.

  36. L1

    L1Day ago

    Great, great, great camera test!

  37. Faysal Kiyani

    Faysal KiyaniDay ago

    I wish I can have one of them ba at the moment a21s is mine...hit the like if ur Samsung user

  38. Shady S

    Shady SDay ago

    The background music is a major depression

  39. 96Lady

    96LadyDay ago

    so unexpected that flickering was on iPhone... because usually, it is on Samsung.. I am impressed! they step up the game

  40. J D

    J DDay ago

    Whats crazy is apples 12 mp is competing with the 108mp sensor i dont get that.

  41. Spaceinvader2.0

    Spaceinvader2.0Day ago

    It’s more of matter of preference like filters idk.

  42. Kyle Stanfield

    Kyle StanfieldDay ago

    Except the iPhone has mostly Samsung internals.

  43. Usivile Giyose

    Usivile GiyoseDay ago

    The portrait mode and the close up picture gave it away for me

  44. Ali Omar

    Ali OmarDay ago


  45. JESUS

    JESUS2 days ago

    Fun fact: apple used samsung parts for some of their products WHAT KIND OF BULLSH** IS THIS

  46. Nelly Unique

    Nelly Unique2 days ago

    Remember to Pray today everyone Repent and Seek The LORD Before it's too late. GOD Bless You🙏🏾

  47. Dan S

    Dan S2 days ago

    I feel like the casual user will prefer better portrait mode and nice 'yellow-tinted' tones especially on pale skin. For this reason I think Apple wins. How often will you be taking a picture of a dollar bill pressed against the lens? How often will you be using the 100x zoom? I feel this maybe comes down to casuals vs photographers

  48. Pual William

    Pual William2 days ago

    Iphone is nuts, end of the talk.

  49. iqbal Shaikh

    iqbal Shaikh2 days ago

    I think iPhone is better in India , bcs we are getting Exynos processors in India , rather than snap dragon

  50. saleh_heh

    saleh_hehDay ago

    exynos is getting better so i dont think you should switch phones

  51. Kenny Joe Inos

    Kenny Joe Inos2 days ago

    My Samsung S9 is still killing it!

  52. ON Three

    ON Three2 days ago

    Excellent video!

  53. Thodoris Siorikis

    Thodoris Siorikis2 days ago

    Τέλειο - Perfect!!!!!

  54. Shawn Austin

    Shawn Austin2 days ago

    The Low Light & Portrait mode image gave everything up. iphones perform brilliantly in low light, while Galaxy goes into beast mode in Portrait mode

  55. Navatron321

    Navatron3212 days ago

    I feel as if the the video with the running was recorded differently and I have both Samsung s21 ultra and iPhone 12 Pro Max... and the iPhone was way better when it comes to video recording... so I’m confused

  56. Alfredo Aguirre

    Alfredo Aguirre2 days ago

    The past geography resultspreviously shock because libra hooghly waste versus a orange lipstick. simple, fresh toe

  57. SanRoz Lifestyle

    SanRoz Lifestyle2 days ago

    Samsung Samsung Samsung... yes I am a huge Samsung fan 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️💗

  58. Pablo Savala

    Pablo Savala2 days ago

    Samsungs video looked like a movie

  59. Junior Awi

    Junior Awi2 days ago

    i dont really think you used the 108mp main camera on the samsung with photos. This is because samsung normally sets the 12mp as a default for photos. Try it unbos therapy dude it is amazing.

  60. Emon & Esha's Vlog

    Emon & Esha's Vlog2 days ago

    wow just amazing details explained in more professional way 😃

  61. Gabriel Mugo

    Gabriel Mugo2 days ago

    Samsung all the way

  62. H2O- FPV

    H2O- FPV3 days ago

    Yeap cool way of checking wich one did better great video.

  63. Jesse James

    Jesse James3 days ago

    I know some people who chose the iPhone over Samsung because of the tiktok camera quality 😂

  64. Jesse James

    Jesse James3 days ago

    I immediately knew the right was samsung when they did the macro comparison.

  65. Journei Jenkins

    Journei Jenkins3 days ago

    Samsung has more bells and whistles but the Apple security is unbeatable and is why I could never leave

  66. James Smith

    James Smith3 days ago

    As soon as the showed the video of the fall, I know which one was the Samsung. Was so clear on which is which

  67. Thanoseid

    Thanoseid3 days ago

    If you dont have the option to watch in 2160 quality. What are you really doing with your life??

  68. Terence Stewart

    Terence Stewart3 days ago

    Unbox Therapy seems biased towards apple.

  69. Jamie Nunez

    Jamie Nunez3 days ago

    Can I have Samsung 21

  70. Gday Osandu

    Gday Osandu3 days ago

    Samsung is better go cry about it🤷‍♂️

  71. Saleem Raza

    Saleem Raza3 days ago

    I don't know what to write...but i love samsung in terms of display and obviously iphone in terms of processing

  72. IStayHighI

    IStayHighI3 days ago

    I have been watching this channel for a while now. This is my first time watching in a few months tho and i noticed the new place. I thought this place looked very familiar and realized we installed those black acoustic panels. This place is sick and congrats.

  73. MidiFire

    MidiFire3 days ago

    iPhone 12 Pro > Max, max is too big imo

  74. Harssht Shah

    Harssht Shah3 days ago

    I go with you iPhone - Photo Samsung - Video

  75. Toxodic

    Toxodic3 days ago

    Getting the iPhone the thanks

  76. Czar R.

    Czar R.3 days ago

    Me watching this video on my old ass iPhone7 🤔

  77. chingo bling

    chingo bling3 days ago

    Samsung all day

  78. Botir Jurayev

    Botir Jurayev3 days ago

    Phone in left better, his camera better than right

  79. Lilly Keule

    Lilly Keule3 days ago

    iPhone is bad and people are brain washed to keep buying. I still here with mine old 7 plus with cracked screen but I won’t buy the new one I was excited to get the 12 max but seriously no way I guess for the first time I will get this Samsung. iPhone camera quality has been since the beginning of their history an struggle. Let’s weak up Apple minions stop buying this bad products until they really come up with a quality worth product

  80. ZooDar Official

    ZooDar Official3 days ago

    Before seeing the results, right one is samsung left is iphone I was right 😁

  81. MisterMax Mod

    MisterMax Mod4 days ago

    wow didn't think Samsung would win in video usually where it sucks the most wow. I guess they learned to improve from last years comparisons.

  82. wesDragon 123

    wesDragon 1234 days ago

    Is this guy in the batcave?😂😂

  83. Dy-lente Photography

    Dy-lente Photography4 days ago

    S21 ultra plss

  84. heng taing

    heng taing4 days ago

    Samsung baby!!!

  85. quinn fabray

    quinn fabray4 days ago

    as an iphone user i can confirm that samsung is far better than iphone lol

  86. Ken Grand

    Ken Grand4 days ago

    Samsung for me all the way

  87. Gary Brown

    Gary Brown4 days ago

    Can't shoot sports , wild life , or action (kids playing) so what good is it ?

  88. Gary Jaime

    Gary Jaime4 days ago

    I think because of angle positions they both had ups and downs. Especially on that log comparison, if ultra took pro max angle, it would pick up same or better detail of snow.

  89. zack

    zack4 days ago

    Its crazy that they think its ok to charge 1200$ or whatever for 'the best phone camera' and still give u blue snow

  90. tamaki kusaka

    tamaki kusaka5 days ago

    The homely harbor serendipitously bolt because utensil internationally save amongst a spiffy slope. jumbled, new claus

  91. Rami Abram

    Rami Abram5 days ago

    I wish Samsung wasn't Android


    DENYS MALYSHKIN5 days ago

    Jeeze! It's a smartphone we're talking about, not a camera

  93. Amir

    Amir5 days ago

    Conclusion: Samsung wins in video mode and Apple in photos

  94. rflx

    rflx5 days ago

    Ive used 2 phones for the last few weeks now: iphone 12 pro max and s21 ultra, and from a non biased perspective, they are as good as each other, however the s21 does outdo the iphone in a few departments: vivid, crystal clear screen that is pixel dense, and 120hz support, the battery is a tad bit better and the camera blows the iphone out of the water. However the iphone is more secure because of its propietary software, whereas the s21 uses android, which is excellent, however it is open source, this is what makes it less secure. I find ios quite a bit more aesthetically pleasing, and its much simpler. So my verdict is if you care about a simple, clean experience, go for the iphone, however if you are a professional who appreciates every little detail, the s21 is for you.

  95. Pretty Boy

    Pretty Boy5 days ago

    IPhone is always the KING.

  96. Keanu Estrada

    Keanu Estrada5 days ago

    better photos-apple better for film-samsung

  97. Pc Online

    Pc Online5 days ago

    Good video. It's a pity that I can't buy these smartphones , because of the high cost and salary of 200 dollars per month (

  98. Arun Kalya Pranesh Rao

    Arun Kalya Pranesh Rao5 days ago

    Very awesome comparison 👍

  99. Samuel Bastidas

    Samuel Bastidas5 days ago

    this video helped me a lot to decide, I will keep my redmi note 7 cause Im pour.

  100. Adventure Angling PNW

    Adventure Angling PNW5 days ago

    Just got an s21 ultra yesterday. So far liking it. Broke my note 10 by slamming my car door on it by accident :(

  101. BRYAN

    BRYAN5 days ago

    For Apple to still use Face ID as if the entire world can even show their faces, is the most dumbass shit ever 🙄

  102. donkey gamer donkey

    donkey gamer donkey5 days ago

    Pls gift me

  103. BLUDxYT

    BLUDxYT5 days ago

    I'm using iPhone 12 Pro max but will switch to Samsung when its not exynos its AMDxExynos

  104. BLUDxYT

    BLUDxYT5 days ago

    I prefer iPhone because samsung is still sticking to exynos its still a heater I will switch from my iPhone 12 Pro max to Samsung when the exynos will be Exynos*AMD

  105. hello

    hello5 days ago

    I used to have samsung for ever. But i got a Iphone 11 last year. I prefer apple devices.

  106. Technology is Awesome

    Technology is Awesome5 days ago

    If I am to pick one of these devices, I will pick the Samsung galaxy S21 ultra because I am a fan of Samsung 😁😁. The camera zoom of the phone is the best in a smartphone. 👍🏾👌🏾