KEVIN CAN F**K HIMSELF Official Trailer | Coming to AMC & AMC+ Summer 2021!

This is a story about a woman who keeps playing a perfect housewife. Then, one day she realizes what she wants: to kill her husband. Emmy winner Annie Murphy (Schitt's Creek) stars in KEVIN CAN F**K HIMSELF, coming to AMC Summer 2021.'
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  1. ms Stephie Amanda

    ms Stephie Amanda13 hours ago

    How is I’m watching Schitts creek rn on tv and this come on my phone

  2. Bricc

    Bricc21 hour ago

    Kevin if your watching this, this is a warning

  3. cynthia rouse

    cynthia rouse2 days ago


    CUZ LIGHTYEAR2 days ago


  5. Erin Hodgkins

    Erin Hodgkins2 days ago


  6. Uncle Fjester

    Uncle Fjester3 days ago

    This looks Fj*#kin Good

  7. Reversed

    Reversed3 days ago

    Ah yes. Why don't we stur up more hateful feelings in this political climate. Good on you.

  8. Sonyapeach

    Sonyapeach5 days ago

    This looks so dumb.

  9. Bill Tucker

    Bill Tucker5 days ago

    Seems like a show that a girlfriend will make you watch because she watched The Walking Dead with you.

  10. i22dina

    i22dina5 days ago

    Ew Annie

  11. GI Jack

    GI Jack5 days ago

    This was one of Wanda's neighbors in Westview.

  12. Ichiban Moto

    Ichiban Moto5 days ago

    will give it a shot

  13. Miss Fitz

    Miss Fitz5 days ago

    I can't get past the laugh track. Never could watch a show that had it. It's brutal on this trailer. Too bad. I love Annie Murphy.

  14. Shinsoo Graves

    Shinsoo Graves3 days ago

    But the point of it being there is because it is being meta about the stereotype of sitcom shows and it probably will only be there when Kevin is there

  15. Jesse Hatch

    Jesse Hatch5 days ago

    a movie about a crackhead who wants to murder her bf instead of finding a new one rofl

  16. RL K

    RL K6 days ago

    The Script A Mafia Story! Read The Movie For Your Mind...

  17. discman15

    discman157 days ago

    Definitely what the world needs right now, another movie about how murder and torture is perfectly acceptable as long as a man was mean to you

  18. Christian Bekele

    Christian Bekele7 days ago

    This could be really cool! Outside of seeing more of Murphy, it could be an interesting look at sitcom cliches and how we kind of look over a lot of implications about gender roles in these shows

  19. Douglas Toomer

    Douglas Toomer7 days ago

    “Previously on WandaVision....”

  20. Muoyrico9

    Muoyrico97 days ago

    Like the premise.

  21. Andrew Oliver

    Andrew Oliver8 days ago

    Like the concept more than how it looks the execution is going to play out. Way too early to tell but seems like a brilliant idea that will misfire. Hopefully I am wrong and its fantastic

  22. Rick Tyman

    Rick Tyman8 days ago

    This looks more interesting than it actually is.

  23. Hoover72

    Hoover727 days ago

    You’ve watched it?

  24. Corona Airlines

    Corona Airlines8 days ago

    So disappointed. This looks awful! Every time I work on a TV set I end up regretting it. What a psychotic shitstorm.

  25. Dustin Winkler

    Dustin Winkler8 days ago

    This looks amazing.

  26. Brandon Royce

    Brandon Royce8 days ago

    This show looks like it doesn't know what it wants to be. I don't know if it's the execution or the marketing. Either way-Hard pass.

  27. Dr. Green Bricks

    Dr. Green Bricks8 days ago


  28. m0sqos The Gallant

    m0sqos The Gallant8 days ago


  29. K. A. Louderback

    K. A. Louderback9 days ago

    Wandavision ?

  30. hothatchpa

    hothatchpa9 days ago

    I want GREAT things for Annie and this is somethig I think her fans will be onboard with. I can’t wait!

  31. STILL

    STILL9 days ago

    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates ♦️

  32. cynthia rouse

    cynthia rouse9 days ago

  33. Craig Nelson

    Craig Nelson9 days ago

    That's why Annie was in MA!!! She's a true talent. To be fair, this Kevin guy looks like every other guy from Worcester. Good work on the casting

  34. Josh Brak

    Josh Brak9 days ago

    Fuck yeah, more Annie!

  35. arrowguy173

    arrowguy1739 days ago

    Classy thumbnail right there. Why can’t millennials say anything with class? We stop caring the second you demonstrate your level of communication.

  36. ImoogiYangofLight

    ImoogiYangofLight9 days ago

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  37. Moni

    Moni9 days ago

    I know it's irrelevant to the video but I love this thanks for sharing :)

  38. Badman3000

    Badman300010 days ago

    The Twist is going to be there is no Kevin. And their never was.

  39. saturncrush

    saturncrush7 days ago

    I hope so. The fight club angle could work here.

  40. John Nguyen

    John Nguyen8 days ago

    That would explain alot

  41. Eduardo Martins

    Eduardo Martins10 days ago

    Are you serious? Do we still have shows with the laugh tracks?

  42. Eduardo Martins

    Eduardo Martins9 days ago

    @kittyprydekissme I am glad you said that. I can’t stand laugh tracks lol

  43. kittyprydekissme

    kittyprydekissme9 days ago

    Yeah. This one and WandaVision.

  44. Jenn Terry

    Jenn Terry10 days ago

    Wandavision meets King of Queens

  45. rRobert Smith

    rRobert Smith10 days ago

    To bad AMC is out of business.

  46. BruffDaddy

    BruffDaddy10 days ago

    This Would Have Been "Kevin Can Wait" Season 2 If They Kept Erinn Hayes!!

  47. We Need Rent Money

    We Need Rent Money10 days ago

  48. sereyna scott

    sereyna scott10 days ago

    .. somebody didn't like KEVIN HART maybe .. loll? .. ! ..

  49. If_YouMean_GreenPaprika_YesSir

    If_YouMean_GreenPaprika_YesSir9 days ago

    Kevin james

  50. the_big_iron

    the_big_iron10 days ago

    or just get a divorce

  51. roshin varghese

    roshin varghese11 days ago

    wanda vision vibes

  52. Danioton

    Danioton11 days ago

    Wow. This looks like it emerged from some woke dudette's nightmare.

  53. Bunmi

    Bunmi11 days ago

    A little bit ALEXIS

  54. ben montes

    ben montes11 days ago


  55. PowerHouse

    PowerHouse11 days ago


  56. Sebastian Morales

    Sebastian Morales11 days ago


  57. karson bollinger

    karson bollinger11 days ago

    AMC’s response to Wandavision

  58. Christopher C

    Christopher C11 days ago

    I have heard about this since an article about the pilot which was produced last summer. And the title is a play on certain existing sitcoms with studio audiences, with a particular one in mind.

  59. Jessica Cheramie

    Jessica Cheramie11 days ago

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  60. Kevin Thornberry

    Kevin Thornberry11 days ago

    As the president of the local chapter of prevention of cruelty to Kevins, I officially must object to this travesty! Millions of Kevins have been ruthlessly and mercilessly abused throughout the world. Now is the time to unite! Please join me in the million Kevins march on Washington DC tentatively planned in June! TBD. Say my name....Kevin.

  61. Christopher C

    Christopher C11 days ago

    The number of boys named Kevin in the future is going to plummet.

  62. deepblue812

    deepblue81212 days ago

    soo... WandaVision minus the superheroes?

  63. LEG13N LEG13N

    LEG13N LEG13N12 days ago

    Stop,I'm one of the best artist of today, you'll love me soon

  64. Fomorian Fritter

    Fomorian Fritter12 days ago

    I love Annie and hope this show isn't hurt by having a somewhat similar gimmick to Wandavision.

  65. Chris Santos

    Chris Santos12 days ago

    This looks awful

  66. Eduardo Martins

    Eduardo Martins10 days ago

    It really does

  67. clipobserver

    clipobserver12 days ago

    I hoping for an Alexis spinoff but can't blame Annie doing something different.

  68. kramercapriati

    kramercapriati12 days ago

    Looks Fantastic!!!

  69. WillsPracticalYoga

    WillsPracticalYoga12 days ago

    oh, this is gonna be gooooood....Love Annie Murphy. Brilliance just beginning...:)

  70. Matthew Gonzales

    Matthew Gonzales12 days ago


  71. Riverotter

    Riverotter12 days ago

    The dads/husbands in modern cit coms are always dumber and more immature than the women, yet somehow, this is seen as a knock against femininsm? How about instead of making fun of sit coms where a shlubby, bumbling, oaf of a guy is marreid to a hot wife who is the smarter more mature one, make a sit-com where the opposite is true. Feminists should NOT be upset over modern sit-com marriage tropes as they are anti-dad/husband.

  72. Spyjams08 The Robloxian

    Spyjams08 The Robloxian11 days ago

    I believe it has something to do with the idea of a woman who slaves over a man's work, however, I am not sure, and have no formal experience with the subject in question.

  73. black mamba

    black mamba12 days ago

    Excitttted 😍😍😍👏👏👏🌹

  74. Jessica Victoria Carrillo

    Jessica Victoria Carrillo12 days ago

    OmG something that makes fun of everything I hated in sitcoms

  75. Coda Greene

    Coda Greene12 days ago

    She's an icon, she's a legend, and she is the moment

  76. Traveler Volkriin

    Traveler Volkriin12 days ago

    Gives me Dexter vibes. She's being made into darkness. 😳

  77. Only Jesus Can Save Us

    Only Jesus Can Save Us12 days ago

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  78. Spyjams08 The Robloxian

    Spyjams08 The Robloxian11 days ago


  79. Darvis00

    Darvis0013 days ago

    This new trailer for Wandavision looks weird

  80. Kevin Nelson

    Kevin Nelson13 days ago

    Love it!!! can F**K MYSELF... LOL!!!

  81. Brian Vaira

    Brian Vaira13 days ago

    Between this and Wandavision, it seems that making laugh track sitcoms more creepy and surreal is becoming a trend.

  82. screenwriterjohn

    screenwriterjohn13 days ago

    You can't satirize satire.

  83. Michael Knight

    Michael Knight13 days ago

    Friend of mine is in this. Anybody big fan of Nurse Jackie? Edit: Because the guy who gets punched in this trailer is the first patient to die on Nurse Jackie, the bike messenger. Justin Grace killed me in a Romeo and Juliet and I carried him in The Tempest.

  84. Kenneth Michaels

    Kenneth Michaels13 days ago

    This looks like an absolutely brilliant way to follow up the perfection that was "Schitt's Creek." I love that she will always be known as Emmy winner Annie Murphy. The show looks like subversive fun reminiscent of "Dead Like Me."

  85. No One

    No One13 days ago

    “Just swear.” Oh wait, you can’t because it’s AMC.

  86. No One

    No One11 days ago

    Yeah, I think they limit it to one or two F-bombs per season, depending on how prestigious the show is.

  87. Christopher C

    Christopher C11 days ago

    Shows on USA and FX have had f bombs. I'm not sure about TNT or tbs, which have had at least a PG13-ish level of profanity.

  88. Locked In A Vacancy

    Locked In A Vacancy12 days ago

    Actually, you CAN swear on AMC now. F-bombs and all have been uttered in recent seasons of: Better Call Saul, Nos4A2, The Walking Dead, and Fear the Walking Dead.

  89. Phillip Baquera

    Phillip Baquera13 days ago

    EMMY WINNER ANNIE MURPHY is such a flex. I am so proud 🥺🥲

  90. Amanda B

    Amanda B13 days ago

    LOVE this journey for her

  91. Carlos Silva

    Carlos Silva13 days ago

    So excited for this! Love Annie Murphy!

  92. WrenchNinja

    WrenchNinja13 days ago

    Dude looks like Jeff Gerstmann lol

  93. Katherine Alvarez

    Katherine Alvarez13 days ago

    Okay, I already have a theory: None of this happening, sort of. The sitcom switch, and even some of the ‘real world’ is happening in her head, because she’s having a mental breakdown or has an illness that’s causing these delusions. Kevin can still go eff himself because he’s oblivious to the fact that his wife is in danger.

  94. Katherine Alvarez

    Katherine Alvarez13 days ago

    @Matthew Mitchell it does. I’m just spitting out theories.

  95. Matthew Mitchell

    Matthew Mitchell13 days ago

    I think the sitcom-y POV is how she saw things (or really wanted to). It looks really good!

  96. Jeff23

    Jeff2313 days ago


  97. Blothhundr

    Blothhundr13 days ago

    I just stumbled upon this and now I'm hyped, this looks amazing

  98. Katherine Alvarez

    Katherine Alvarez13 days ago

    Huh, another sitcom trope deconstructed.

  99. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson11 days ago

    not like sitcoms have been an American mainstay for half a century or anything lmao. plenty of material to deconstruct

  100. MB 0610

    MB 061013 days ago

    So I’ve been excited about this show ever since the concept for it was announced. I didn’t know Alexis was in it and I didn’t know it ACTUALLY got made and this brilliant title stuck. I can’t wait.

  101. Cameron Kok

    Cameron Kok13 days ago

    Should have been Erin Hayes. Looks cool regardless.

  102. Christopher C

    Christopher C11 days ago

    Her departure worked out in the end.

  103. Rrrr Ssss

    Rrrr Ssss13 days ago

    A bit on the nose, but I love the sitcom subversion angle... fuck Kevin James & CB(ull)S(hit)

  104. Michael McMillan

    Michael McMillan13 days ago

    Exactly, just swear. "F**K" is so much worse. Just say FUCK. AMC listen to your own trailer.

  105. D M

    D M13 days ago

    I love this journey for her! Looks perfect. Exactly what Annie needs to show the world she is more than Alexis. Cannot wait.

  106. ms Stephie Amanda

    ms Stephie Amanda13 hours ago

    I agree and Yas she’s such a good actress I think, can make me laugh too!

  107. spderweb

    spderweb12 days ago

    Alexis was a pretty complex character. She already showed how diverse her acting ability is with that show. The range of emotions she went through in the the show was quite big. I have no doubt she'll be great in anything she does.

  108. K Vel

    K Vel13 days ago

    I can't wait to see this... This is because of Annie. She is a great actress!!!! I am so excited to see this.

  109. Adolfo Pena

    Adolfo Pena13 days ago

    Looks like Alexis Rose decided to get serious.

  110. Patch McPatch

    Patch McPatch13 days ago

    You had me at "Annie Murphy..."

  111. a

    a13 days ago

    whatttttttt.....she trippin'

  112. Walt Manasse-Latham

    Walt Manasse-Latham13 days ago


  113. Patrick K

    Patrick K13 days ago

    we have no choice but to stan annie murphy!!

  114. PoonSlayer69

    PoonSlayer6913 days ago

    the premise of this is that a non-aggressive partner deserves death as a result of their ability to inconvenience you mildly? my fucking wife does this weird thing where she sips water loudly and I want to rip her head off and shit down her neck, can you make a show about me please.

  115. GachaJustin PlayZ

    GachaJustin PlayZ13 days ago

    This Is Going To Be The Best Show

  116. Hardcore Bunny

    Hardcore Bunny13 days ago

    A feminist series where women who instead of taking responsibility for her dreadful choice in men, decides its best to do drugs, commit assault and murder her husband in a conspiracy with her enabling friend. Gee what a great concept, it's not like women do that all the time.

  117. Ian Rastall

    Ian Rastall12 days ago

    @Hardcore Bunny _Optimism has left the chat_

  118. Hardcore Bunny

    Hardcore Bunny12 days ago

    @Ian Rastall it's just USlikes man. I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't even comment if the like button didn't exist.

  119. Ian Rastall

    Ian Rastall12 days ago

    @Hardcore Bunny You're right about that. It's how it looked to me, because to me this stuff symbolizes the times. I knew where you were coming from, though. I was trying to do two things at once. Stop the pile-up and also express my own opinion.

  120. Hardcore Bunny

    Hardcore Bunny12 days ago

    @Gabriel wright I'm very calm, I think you're just projecting your own discomfort with my comments.

  121. Gabriel wright

    Gabriel wright12 days ago

    @Hardcore Bunny how can you even form a critical comment on the premise of the show if you have literally only seen a minute and a half of it. You are just someone seeking attention by finding something to complaining about. You dont have to get your panties in a bunch over a damn tv show trailer. Take a chill pill.


    DAMANIQ PHILLIP13 days ago