Honda Made A Real Truck?

Wow at this rate I could hit 20k soon! My mustang exhaust coming soon btw.


  1. Tony Hall

    Tony Hall12 hours ago

    Honda will never make a real truck. Unibody front wheel drive based off the pilot. Very low towing capacity.

  2. Ty

    Ty21 hour ago


  3. Chris Builds

    Chris BuildsDay ago

    Dude it’s still a minivan with a birth defect


    JOHN RUSSODay ago

    Its still a unibody so who cares

  5. Hunter Cantrell

    Hunter CantrellDay ago

    you are a freaking disgrace to USlikes

  6. Unkle LumpY

    Unkle LumpY2 days ago

    Excellent. Obvious troll and it's working

  7. iOnyx

    iOnyx2 days ago

    Are you a car salesman?

  8. Quaky Bird

    Quaky Bird2 days ago

    still gay

  9. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday2 days ago

    stupidest, ugliest, and most useless truck ever created. ain’t even a truck, it’s a car.

  10. David Brown

    David Brown2 days ago

    This car is ass cheeks and so was this car review

  11. Miguel Cabrera

    Miguel Cabrera2 days ago

    Get a real truck!

  12. Jimmy Pham

    Jimmy Pham2 days ago


  13. wheredidileavemycell

    wheredidileavemycell3 days ago

    HPD Honda Police Department

  14. Justin W.

    Justin W.3 days ago

    Did Honda do a collaboration with Subaru with them wheels? Didn’t think the ridgeline could get gayer. I stand corrected.

  15. diesel truck owner

    diesel truck owner3 days ago

    The defintion of you cant by a real truck honda ridgelines are the most piss poor truck ever made

  16. Shikaze_Vomi

    Shikaze_Vomi3 days ago

    you suck at telling about car

  17. MegaTrainer X

    MegaTrainer X3 days ago

    I'll give you this: Of all your reviews, this one sucks the least. You kept it simple enough to where you couldn't get anything major wrong(those are fender flares, not a widebody), and your overall conclusion wasn't outrageous, and I think a lot of people would agree with you. Unless the Ridgeline sells big, Honda probably won't dedicate money to developing a 4×4 platform specifically for the Ridgeline.

  18. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke3 days ago

    This truck name in GTA 6 : DONGA PDH

  19. The Terminator

    The Terminator4 days ago

    dam a honda ridgeline GAYYYYY

  20. Dark Tobi

    Dark Tobi4 days ago

    It’s not even a fucking truck. 😩

  21. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi4 days ago

    Awd is just as good, not much of a difference when that truck has the clearance. And wide body????? Wtf???. Is this the same guy doing the "supra" videos????

  22. Tan_Boi Industries

    Tan_Boi Industries4 days ago


  23. Remy Ché

    Remy Ché4 days ago

    Flares =wide body I got a huge wide body nissan patrol Only 300hp on 33" mud tyres from an engine swap iv put in, a rb25det neo And you can buy this car with just under 300hp, what a shit box

  24. snark

    snark4 days ago

    "It's 280 horsepower but I wish they went to 300." Okay what difference would that make for you.

  25. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi4 days ago

    Awd is better than 4x4 tho

  26. Slim

    Slim4 days ago

    You can not be in truck gang!

  27. Corey Schwanke

    Corey Schwanke5 days ago

    Dodge has a 5.7 v8

  28. Corey Schwanke

    Corey Schwanke5 days ago

    Still not a real truck. Leave the trucks to Dodge.

  29. Corey Schwanke

    Corey Schwanke5 days ago

    And AWD is better than 4×4

  30. Corey Schwanke

    Corey Schwanke5 days ago

    Front f150? Looks like a Honda front end

  31. Mustang Mark

    Mustang Mark5 days ago

    "Widebody"? Those are called fender flares, numb nuts...

  32. Mustang Mark

    Mustang Mark5 days ago

    Stop with the hand, its annoying

  33. Gary Chambers

    Gary Chambers5 days ago

    Man you guys !!!! There is a difference in four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive Do some research before you make yourself look stupid

  34. Bleach

    Bleach5 days ago

    We'D lOve To seE a 4x4 as if its impossible to have both

  35. Marvin Cruz

    Marvin Cruz5 days ago

    That's a truck for an Oriental or a woman.

  36. David Reza

    David Reza5 days ago

    He said wide body 😂😂😂😂😂

  37. votekyle3000

    votekyle30005 days ago

    I’m sorry, but putting HPD on a black and white truck makes you look like a cop. Imagine being in Houston driving this.

  38. SAVAGE -777-

    SAVAGE -777-5 days ago

    Awd is 4x4 lmao someone get this man some help he aint got a damn clue on what hes talking about

  39. David Francisco

    David Francisco2 days ago

    Negative they're completely different all wheel drive is better than 4x4

  40. Nabil S

    Nabil S5 days ago

    Looks like a mini Chevy Avalanche

  41. Mr. Holmes

    Mr. Holmes5 days ago

    Awd is better than 4x4 tho

  42. Cocogoat

    Cocogoat5 days ago

    He's the type of person to think that looks give more power

  43. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo5 days ago

    Be American, Buy American

  44. noobpro 97

    noobpro 975 days ago

    Do you even drive bruh?

  45. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo5 days ago

    I love Hondas but that truck is for yuppies

  46. FxRT Box 3.8

    FxRT Box 3.85 days ago


  47. Cory Ward

    Cory Ward5 days ago

    Is the exhaust actually duel? Or just the tips? And it's not a widebody, they're barely fender flares

  48. Michael Mackey

    Michael Mackey5 days ago

    If it's awd it's also called a 4x4 how do you think a 4x4 works all 4 wheels work a the same time 🤔🤦🤦 I think you should not make no more videos about vehicles

  49. Luna392SCAT

    Luna392SCAT5 days ago

    To say honda made a good car let alone a good truck, we don't accept you in the car community

  50. Aidan Casper

    Aidan Casper5 days ago

    Still shit

  51. CorvetteStinger

    CorvetteStinger5 days ago

    No. Not a real truck. It’s a real honda pilot with a bed it can’t pull crapp Buy Ford people

  52. dirtydan

    dirtydan5 days ago


  53. Neev Dash

    Neev Dash5 days ago

    When he said he would prefer a tacoma over this, I immediately gagged. That's unnerving to even think that there are actually people who buy the tacoma and enjoy how they drive

  54. Tanner G

    Tanner G4 days ago

    Tacomas are selling like hot cakes so idk what you’re talking about

  55. Director M

    Director M5 days ago

    Front looks like F150?.. oh fuck off😂

  56. Jetmech0417

    Jetmech04175 days ago

    2 exhaust tips doesn't always mean dual exhaust. Probably just a split exhaust.

  57. Connor Mackey

    Connor Mackey5 days ago

    Still looks like an suv

  58. Grand Gochez

    Grand Gochez5 days ago

    More plastic for your more money. Weak upgrade.

  59. devin g

    devin g5 days ago

    I love Hondas but that truck is for yuppies

  60. MrFixit Ga69

    MrFixit Ga695 days ago

    Be American, Buy American

  61. Jacob Phillips

    Jacob Phillips5 days ago


  62. Jackson Waffleman

    Jackson Waffleman5 days ago

    The front end looks like a honda crv and wait its still a HONDA.

  63. Michael Burnette

    Michael Burnette5 days ago

    It's not a truck and never I mean never will be

  64. real MrAnonymous

    real MrAnonymous5 days ago

    I hope they send all the foreign cars back home American-made or nothing

  65. Jay Stone

    Jay Stone5 days ago

    Out tows a Tacoma FYI

  66. Troy Mihalicz

    Troy Mihalicz5 days ago

    Still not even close to a truck. Anyone who buys it is just plainly...

  67. Xotic_Reaper

    Xotic_Reaper6 days ago

    Are you stupid? Awd is 4x4! Edit: you act like you know so much about cars when you really don’t.

  68. Dakota John

    Dakota John6 days ago


  69. dark matter

    dark matter6 days ago

    It’s still a car

  70. Liam Sweeney

    Liam Sweeney6 days ago

    Him: Kind of reminds me of an F150 Every truck person: *stops bitching between gm dodge and ford* what did you just say?

  71. Toaster Fwend

    Toaster Fwend6 days ago


  72. Johnny Rico, Male Escort

    Johnny Rico, Male Escort6 days ago

    What if Chrisfix huffed whippits before every video

  73. Joey Festa

    Joey Festa6 days ago

    That piece of shit ain’t no truck 🤮

  74. Juaan Keither

    Juaan Keither6 days ago

    What a terrible truck. Pulled up with my 6.2 silverado and just absolutely embarrass whoever's in the baby ridge line. That thing doesn't even have 6 in of ground clearance. My silverado from high school had the horsepower as this brand new "truck" that isn't a truck at all

  75. Xx-fran_PR-xX 06

    Xx-fran_PR-xX 066 days ago

    “It’s awd, I wish it was 4x4” it like saying I wish my Honda Civic was vtec

  76. fever dream

    fever dream6 days ago

    why didnt u say "and of course they gotta tell us its a ridgeline" like u did with ur kia soul video

  77. Arnold Agrees

    Arnold Agrees6 days ago

    Awd and 4x4 lol what's the difference ?

  78. Matt Scully

    Matt Scully6 days ago

    them wheels look like manhole covers, eew

  79. Madness YT

    Madness YT6 days ago

    Bruh, stop looking at people cars

  80. Jake Baumberger

    Jake Baumberger6 days ago

    Was it hard telling your parents your gay

  81. Nathan Teix

    Nathan Teix6 days ago

    Honda pilot with a bed

  82. Dominik Hajek

    Dominik Hajek6 days ago

    It’s still not a real truck it’s a little sissy tampon truck that can’t pull shit gets stuck in the tiniest amount of snow or mud they’re all around just pieces of shit and will never be a real truck

  83. shaun halfacre

    shaun halfacre6 days ago

    Definitely still not a real truck

  84. BeAsTy BiGgY

    BeAsTy BiGgY6 days ago

    Is this supposed to be a review? Very poor quality content

  85. jp 6

    jp 66 days ago

    you’re beginning to make content that i can like

  86. Peter Mingus

    Peter Mingus6 days ago

    How does this get views????????

  87. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo6 days ago

    So this dude totally isn’t a car guy, but he’s trying. Maybe one day he’ll be describing a flat plane crank setup on a custom LS build. Keep at it kiddo

  88. Präsentia Dei

    Präsentia Dei6 days ago


  89. Captain

    Captain6 days ago

    Thats not a real mens truck tho, made for sensitive men trying to save gas and not haul anything heavy

  90. ImStarblitz

    ImStarblitz6 days ago

    Looks shit

  91. Lime Kool Aid

    Lime Kool Aid6 days ago

    Why would they put that much plastic on a vehicle

  92. Jax Jones

    Jax Jones6 days ago

    Or “Houston Police Department” nice try Honda, nice try.

  93. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo6 days ago

    Fugly! buy American sellouts. That Honda is good at cutting grass

  94. Jared F.

    Jared F.6 days ago

    I thought the previous looking Ridgelines looked far better than these styles (not saying i would purchase one) but they looked like the Chevy Avalanches which were more attractive. These things are just ugly.

  95. Wyatt Mericka

    Wyatt Mericka6 days ago

    Mini van with a bed 🤣

  96. Crazy Chris

    Crazy Chris6 days ago

    Y’all keep complaining and yet you continue to watch his videos and give him the views so who is the real criminal here? And honestly I don’t see a problem with his content, he’s a kid for fuck sakes. Let him talk whatever he wants. It’s not like anyone can do a fucking thing about it anyway so if you don’t like it…. DON’T WATCH.

  97. Winston

    Winston6 days ago

    Omg. This kid needs to find something else to do. "Widebody" No. Those are fender flares "Looks like a ford" Also no. It looks nothing like a ford. And the wheels. BARF! No those suck.

  98. dvdjkaufmn

    dvdjkaufmn6 days ago

    HPD sounds like an STD

  99. Jake Patchett

    Jake Patchett6 days ago


  100. ruts 126

    ruts 1266 days ago

    So they ditched the coupes for this bullshit

  101. Brodacious Boi

    Brodacious Boi6 days ago

    It won’t ever be a real truck

  102. William Labombard

    William Labombard6 days ago

    They are so ugly!!

  103. ken diley

    ken diley6 days ago

    Looks like garbage

  104. Savvy P Q

    Savvy P Q6 days ago

    The front looks like a Honda passport

  105. Savvy P Q

    Savvy P Q6 days ago

    That's a mini van with the back cut off

  106. John k

    John k6 days ago

    Fugly! buy American sellouts. That Honda is good at cutting grass

  107. Sinaloa Cartel

    Sinaloa Cartel6 days ago

    “ A new front end “ Bruh it’s a dressed up pos Honda CR-V front end